Samuel Purchas - geograf, udgiver og redaktør


H = Richard Hakluyt preacher
HS. = Hakluyt Society (foretrukne udtale [Hacklit] JM)
PN. = Principall Navigations, 1589
SP. = Samuel Purchas (foretrukne udtale [Purkas] JM)
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Denne tekst er skrevet med baggrund i de udgivelser, som geografen og historikeren Richard Hakluyt samlede, udgav og delvis forfattede. Teksterne om Richard Hakluyt og mine indledende bemærkninger om sammenhæng og eftertid er samlede i artiklen om Hakluyts første bind af Practical Navigation, 1598.

Hakluyts "efterfølger" Samuel Purchas og hans 20-binds værk om samme emner som Hakluyts værk introduceres i artiklen (filen) Purchas1 her.

De i Purchas' Hakluyt Posthumus indsatte kort er registreret i kortbasen. De kan findes med strengen "PUR-X-" i fritekstsøgning (feltet Regnr HS).

Efter at have annoteret de første fire bind af Purchas' værk vil resten af værket (bind 5-20) kun blive præsenteret her med en indholdsoversigt per kapitel, idet den totale digitaliserede tekst kan læses her.

Den digitaliserede udgave afviger i visse tilfælde på retsskrivningen - særlig kan der være forskelle i brugen af I - J, U - V, V - W - VV.

Contayning Navigations, Voyages and Discoveries of the Sea-Coasts and In-land Regions of Africa, which is generally called Æthiopia, by Englishmen and others; with Peregrinations and Travels by Land into Palestina, Natolia and Syria.

Navigations, Voyages, and Discoveries of the Sea-coasts and In-land Regions of Africa, which is generally called Æthiopia : by Englishmen and others.

Chapter V.
The Voyage of Sir Francis Alvarez, a Portugall Priest, made unto the Court of Prete Janni, the great Christian Emperour of Ethiopia.

Paragrafferne 1 og 2 er de sidste afsnit i det foregående bind 6.

§. 1. Matthew the Ambassadour of Prete Janni, is conducted by the Portugals unto the Haen of Maczua in the Red Sea, and what hapned to his death.
§. 2. Of the manner and scituation of the Monasteries, and of their holy Rites, Times, Places, and Things: And first of this of Saint Michael.

Siderne 517-543.
§. 3. Of the Husbandry of this Countrey, and how they preserve themselves from wilde beasts, and of the Revenues of the Monasterie. Their departure, strange Rivers, Mountaines, Apes: Barnagassoes entertainment. Barua. Polygamie, Marriages, Divorces, Baptisme, and Circumcision. Their Branding, and Burying.
§. 4. Of the scituation of Barua, the chiefe Towne of the Kingdome of Barnagasso, and of their Houses, and of the wilde Beasts, and Fowles. Of his Dominion and Government; of their two Winters, Churches, Church-yards, and Priests marriages: Their departure to Timei, and qualitie of that place.
§. 5. Of the infinite number of Locusts, and of the harme which they doe, and how wee made a Procession, and the Locusts died. The incredible hurts done by them. Of Tigremahon, Marabon, and of Charuma, the Queene of Sheba, and the Eunuch. The rare Buildings and Pillars at Caxumo.
§. 6. Departure from Saint Michael, to a place called Bacinete: Their visiting Tigremahon. Of divers Monasteries and other places in the way which they passed.
§. 7. Departure from Corcora, the pleasant Countrey which wee passed through, and of another Forrest: how the Tygres set upon vs. Dofarso, the Moores of Dobas: Ancona, Angote; Salt, and Iron money. Other Monasteries and Churches.
§. 8. Of the stately buildings of the Churches which are in the Countries of Abugana, which King Lulibella made, and of his Tombe in the Church of Golgota. Angoteraz his entertainement.
§. 9. Of the exceeding huge Mountaine, whereupon the Sonne of Prete Janni are kept, where wee were almost stoned to death: The greatnesse, guard, manner of sending, punishments: Of the Pretes Kindred.
§. 10. Of the end of the Kingdome of Angote, and of the beginning of the Kingdome of Amara, and of divers Lakes; the Church Machan Celacen; Endowments of Churches: of Abraham. Strange trenches and gates in the entrance to Xoa: and what happened before the Prete called for them.
§. 11. How the Embassadour and wee were called for by the commandement of Prete Janni, and of the order which wee found, and of the State and Majestie of Prete Janni. His conference, a|lowance, remove. The Embassadours Audience.
§. 12. Of the Questions moved to the Ambassadour, by the appointment of Prete Janni, at severall times by Interlocutors, and lastly, in presence wherein many points of their Religion are opened.
§. 13. Of the Progresse of Prete Janni. Their Wrestling, Baptisme, Masse passage: of the dangerous Straits comming to Saint Georges Church. Many other Questions. The Pretes preparations in his Travell.
§. 14. How the Prete came to the Church of Machan Celacem, and of the Procession wherewith they received him: Divers Messages: Their twelfth Baptisme of the Abunas Circumcision, Orders, Consecration af the Church and Translation of Nahu. Divers Questions and Discourses.
§. 15. A Discourse of Peter Couillan: of the Pretes gifts and presents, and the Portugals quarrels, and their licence to depart out of the Countrey.
§. 16. Of the time and day when their Lent beginneth in the Countrey of Prete Janni; and strange abstinences, and other bodily exercises, with other their holies. Of the Troglodites, and Goraises.
§. 17. Don Lewis de Meneses Letters: King Emanuels death: Their Rites of mourning, Fatigar and Xoa. Mafudi his many mischiefes and death in battell.
§. 18. Death of Queene Helena. Tributes of Goiame, and other Prouinces. Succours given to the Queene of Adea. Apprehension of the two Betudetes and Tigremahon: their sentence, and the execution. Expedition of the Negus to Adea. Strange Oxen. The Pretes Tent-court, and manner thereof; Places, Courts, and courses of Justice, with other parts thereof described. His Treasuries.
§. 19. Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Of the Countries which border on Prester John, Moores, Gentiles, Amazones, Cafates, Damute, Goiame, Bagamidri, Nubia. Of Salomons Officers.
§. 20. The Frier-Ambassadours Signiories. Their departure and arrivall at Ormuz, & after at Goa? at Lisbon. Briefe Notes of Ethiopia.
A Copie of the Letter which Prete Janni writ to Don Diego Lopez de Sequiera, which was delivered to Lopez Vaz of Saint Paul, his successor in the government of the Indies.
The Letters of David, the mightie Emperour of Aethiopia, unto Emanuel King of Portugall, &c. Written in the yeere 1521. as also to King John and Pope Clement.

Siderne 1-236.

Chapter VI.
A Rutter of Don John of Castro, of the Voyage which the Portugals made from India to Zoez, Dedicated to the most Illustrious Prince, the Infant Don Luis, and here abbreviated: shewing the state of Socatora, and the parts on both sides the red Sea, as they were above eightie yeeres since, with the Harbors, Ilands, Depths, Shelves, & other things pertaining to the Historie of the Sea, Land, and People. The originall of which is reported to have beene bought by Sir Walter Raleigh, at sixtie pounds, and by him caused to be done into English out of the Portugall.

§. 1. The sailing from Goa to Socatora, and into the red Sea, as farre as Mazua.
§. 2. Relations of Ethiopia sub Aegypto, and Prester John: of Nilus, and the Abassine Customes and Neighbours. The cause and meanes of the decay of that great Empire, neuer since recouered. Of Marate and Suaquen.
§. 3. Mountaines of Sand on the Coasts of Dradate, Doroo, Fuxaa, Arequea, Farate, Quilfit, and Igidid.
§. 4. A description of the Coast, that is contained from the Port of Igidid vnto Comol, Raselnaxef, Xuarif, Gadenauhi, Xermeelquiman, Gualibo, Tuna, Alcocer, and Toro.
§. 5. A Description of the Nooke or Bay beyond Toro, and how by it is understood the Gulfe Elaniticus. Of Soez, and of their returne homewards. Of the Badois, and of their customes, and why this Sea is called Red.

Siderne 236-309.

Chapter VII.
A briefe Relation of the Embassage which the Patriarch Don John Bermudez brought from the Emperour of Ethiopia, vulgarly called Presbyter John, to the most Christian and zealous of the Faith of Christ, Don John, the third of this Name, King of Portugall: Dedicated to the most High and Mightie King of Portugall, Don Sebastian of most blessed hope, the first of this Name. In the which hee reciteth also the death of Don Christopher of Gama: and the successes which happened to the Portugals that went in his Compa|nie. H.

§. 1. Don John Bermudez elected Patriarch of the Presbyter, and sent to Rome: His returne into Ethiopia: Arrivall at Maczua; the death of the Negus, entertainment of him and Christopher of Gama, with the Portugall Forces by the Queene Regent.
§. 2. Don Christopher and the Portugals Warre on the King of Zeila, and having in two Battels prevailed, in the third are ouerthrowne. A new Captaine appointed. Don Christophers resolution and death. Mountaine of the Jewes.
§. 3. Comming of Gradeus the yong Negus, his rejecting the Patriarch and Pope: their reconciliation and battaile with the Moores, in which Gorania was slaine, and after him the King of Aden.
§. 4. Disgusts betwixt the Negus, and the Portugals: Arias Diz his trecherie. Battell betwixt the Abassines and Portugals. Their exile; Arias his death.
§. 5. The comming of another Patriarch. The Calide killed. Of the Gallas and other Provinces, subject and bordering on the Negus, and rarities there observed. The escape and returne of the Author.

Siderne 310-378.

Chapter VIII.
Late changes of State and Religion in Ethiopia, with other remarkeable Observations.

§. 1. Relations of John Nunnez (or Nonius) Baretus sent for Patriarch of Ethiopia, and Andrea Oniedo his Successor.
§. 2. Description of the Countries, and the severall Regions, Religions, and Abassine Opinions.

An Armenian his report of Sussinus, the Emperour of the Abaxins, by us vulgarly called Prester John, who came from the said Emperours Court twelve daies since. H

Siderne 379-419.

Peregrinations, and Travels by Land into Palestina, Natolia, Syia, Arabia, Persia, and other parts of Asia.

Chapter I.
THe Historie of the first Expedition to Jerusalem, by Godfrey of Bullen, Robert of Normandie, and other Christian Princes: written by Robert, whom some call the Englishman, a Monke of Saint Remigius, which was present both at the Councell of Claremont, and in the said Expedition: translated and abbreviated.

Om det første Kortstog. Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 420-452.

Chapter II.
The Acts of the Pilgrimes in their Expedition to Jerusalem, before and after the taking thereof, extraected out of Fulcherius Carnotensis, which went thither with Robert, Earle of Normandie.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 452-476.

Chapter III.
A supplement of the Holy Land Storie, gleaned out of the large Historie of William Archbishop of Tyrus.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 476-489.

Chapter IV.
The Continuation of the Jerusalem Expedition and other Additions, gathered out of Matthew Paris, chiefly relating the Acts of English Pilgrimes in that Employment.

§. 1. Templers beginning and degeneration. Huge slaughters of Christians. Saladines taking Jerusalem and the Holy Land.
§. 2. The Emperour and two Kings take the Crosse. King Richard the First his Expedition, his Noble Exploits in Sicil, Cyprus, and the Holy Land. His imprisonment: and the great miseries which happened to England, generally by that Expedition.
§. 3. Prosecution of the Holy Land warres: English Nobles crossed: Richard Earle of Cornwall his Acts there: William de longa Spata. and other English men. King or Saint Lewis of France his doings and sufferings: Prince Edward.

Siderne 490-527.

Chapter V.
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, written in very old English Rime.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 527-572, slut på bind VII. Kapitlerne VI til XIII følger i bind VIII.

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