Samuel Purchas - geograf, udgiver og redaktør


H = Richard Hakluyt preacher
HS. = Hakluyt Society (foretrukne udtale [Hacklit] JM)
PN. = Principall Navigations, 1589
SP. = Samuel Purchas (foretrukne udtale [Purkas] JM)
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Denne tekst er skrevet med baggrund i de udgivelser, som geografen og historikeren Richard Hakluyt samlede, udgav og delvis forfattede. Teksterne om Richard Hakluyt og mine indledende bemærkninger om sammenhæng og eftertid er samlede i artiklen om Hakluyts første bind af Practical Navigation, 1598.

Hakluyts "efterfølger" Samuel Purchas og hans 20-binds værk om samme emner som Hakluyts værk introduceres i artiklen (filen) Purchas1 her.

De i Purchas' Hakluyt Posthumus indsatte kort er registreret i kortbasen. De kan findes med strengen "PUR-X-" i fritekstsøgning (feltet Regnr HS).

Efter at have annoteret de første fire bind af Purchas' værk vil resten af værket (bind 5-20) kun blive præsenteret her med en indholdsoversigt per kapitel, idet den totale digitaliserede tekst kan læses her.

Den digitaliserede udgave afviger i visse tilfælde på retsskrivningen - særlig kan der være forskelle i brugen af I - J, U - V, V - W - VV.

Contayning Peregrinations and Travels by Land into Palestina, Natolia and Syria; Peregrinations and Discoveries by Land of Assyria, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, and other Inland Countries of Asia by Englishmen and others, Modern and Anient.

Peregrinations, and Travels by Land into Palestina, Natolia, Syia, Arabia, Persia, and other parts of Asia.

Chapter VI.
The Churches Peregrination by this Holy Land way, and warre into mysticall Babylon: or a Mysterie of Papall iniquitie reealed, how the Papall Monarchie in and over Christendome, was advanced in that Age and the following, and principally by this Expedition into the Holy Land.

Kapitlerne I-V er de sidste afsnit i det foregående bind 7.

§. 1. The Historie of the Normans, and their proceedings. Of Urban and Boamunds policie, abusing the zeale of Christendome in these warres: and of Satans loosing after one thousands yeeres.
§. 2. Of the foure meanes which Popes have to get monies: Of the two first, their Temporalties and Collations of Benefices.
§. 3. Of Dispensations.
§. 4. Of Indulgences.
§. 5. Superstition aduanced in and by the Holy Land Expeditions, and the Christians Christianitie in those parts worse then in other. Divers Sects of Christians in the East.

Siderne 1-79.

Chapter VII.

Monuments of Antiquitie, taken out of ancient Records, to testifie the quondam commerce betwixt our Kings and their Subiects, and those Easterne Princes.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 80-87.

Chapter VIII.

A Relation of a Iourney begun, Anno Dom. 1610. written by Master George Sandys, and here contracted.

§. 1. His journey from Venice to Constantinople, and observations by the way.
§. 2. Constantinople described, the Turkes Seraglio, Pera; the Turkish Empire and Gouernment: Some observations of the Turkish Religion.
§. 3. The Muftie, Cadileschiers, Divans: Manners and attire of the Turkes. The Sultan described, and his Customes and Court. The Customes of the Greekes. Sir Tho. Glover.
§. 4. The Holy Land described, the Countrie, Cities, Inhabitants, holy Places, and memorable rarities of Jerusalem.
§. 5. Visiting of Emaus and Bethlehem, and other places: Also other obserations of the Jerosolymitan Holies.
§. 6. His returne. Observations of memorable places by the way. Of Mount, Carmel, Acon, Sidon, Tyrus; of Facardin, Emer of Sidon his Greatnesse.

Siderne 88-248.

Chapter IX.

Part of a Letter of Master William Biddulph from Aleppo.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 248-304.

Chapter X.

The journey of Edward Barton Esquire, her Majesties Ambassadour with the Grand Signior, otherwise called the Great Turke, in Constantinople, Sultan Mahumet Chan. Written by Sir Thomas Glover then Secretarie to the Ambassadour, and since employed in that Honourable Function by his Majestie, to Sultan Achmet. Two Letters are also inserted, written from Agria, by the said Ambassadour Barton.

A Letter written by Master Edward Barton Ambassadour, to Master Sanderson; inscribed Al Molto Mag. Sig. Gio. Sanderson, &c.

Part of another Letter written likewise by the said Ambassadour from Agria, to Master Sandy the English Consull at Aleppo.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer og indeholder de to breve.
Siderne 304-320.

Chapter XI.

The Travels and Adentures of Captaine John Smith, in divers parts of the World, begun about the yeere 1596.

§. 1. His travels thorow France, Italie, and on the Sea coasts of Europe, Africa, and Asia: His entertainment and exploits in the Emperours warres against the Turke: his subtile stratagems, valerous combats, applause, advancement, honour.

Extracts of Captaine Smiths Transylvanian Acts, out of Fr. Fer. his storie.

§. 2. Divers valiant English men in this battell. Captaine Smith taken, sold, sent into Turkie, and over the Black Sea to Tartaria. His admirable escape and other travels in divers parts of Christendome.

Siderne 321-342.

Chapter XII.

The death of Sultan Osman, and the setting vp of Mustafa his Uncle, according to the Relation presented to His Majestie.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 343-359.

Chapter XIII.

Mount Sinai, Oreb, and the adjoyning parts of Arabia, described out of the foure Journals of Breidenbach, Baumgarten, Bellonius, and Christopher Furer of Haimendorf.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 359-374.

The Discoveries by Land of Assyria, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, and other In-land Countries of Asia, by Englishmen and others; Moderne and Ancient.

Chapter I.

A Briefe Compendium of the Historie of Sir Anthonie Sherleys traels into Persia: And employed thence Ambassadour to the Christian Princes; penned by himselfe, and recommended to his brother Sir Robert Sherley, since that sent on like Ambassage by the King of Persia.

§. 1. The Causes of his going to Persia, and strange accidents in the way.
§. 2. Of Abas King of Persia, his Person, vertues, perils, escapes, advancement, goernment, and conquests.
§. 3. The Kings triumphant entrie into Casbin, entertainment of the Authour and his companie. Other remarkable observations of the Kings justice, bountie, treatie of warre, and Mustaphas embassage.
§. 4. The Kings condescending to Sir Anthonies motion, employing and furnishing him in Ambassage to Christian Princes. Two Friers.

Siderne 375-441.

Chapter II.

Sir Anthonie Sherley his Voyage over the Caspian Sea and thorow Russia: taken out of W. Parry his discourse of the whole voyage of Sir Anthonie, in which he accompanied him; published 1601.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 442-449.

Chapter III.

Two voyages of Master John Newberie, One, into the Holy Land, The other to Balsara, Ormus, Persia, and backe thorow Turkie.

Kapitlet er ikke opdelt i paragraffer.
Siderne 449-481.

Chapter IV.

Observations of Master John Cartwright in his voyage from Aleppo to Hispaan, and backe againe: published by himselfe, and here contracted.

§. 1. Of Euphrates, Orpha, Caraemit, the Curdi, Armenians, Bithlis, Van, and Arraret.
§. 2. Of Araxis, Chiulfal, Sumachia, Derbent, Sechieres, Aras, Tauris, Soltania, Casbin, Argouil, and Gilan.
§. 3. Of Cassan and Hispaan. Of the Persian King and governement. Of Sir Anthonie Sherley.
§. 4. The returne of the Authour by the way of Persia, Susiana, Chaldaea, Assyria, and Arabia.

Siderne 482-523.

Chapter V.

The Peregrination of Benjamin, the sonne of Jonas, a Jew, written in Hebrew, translated into Latin by B. Arias Montanus, discovering both the state of the Jewes, and of the World, about foure hundred and sixtie yeeres since.

§. 1. Of the Jewes and their Synagogues, Schooles, or Universities, and other his observations in Europe.
§. 2. The estate of the Jewes, and relations of the World in the higher parts of Asia, Syria, Palaestina, Damascus, and the parts adjoyning.
§. 3. Of Mesopotamia, Mosul, Bagdat; the Calipha; the numbers, Synagogues, and Priviledges of the Jewes in it, and the places adjoyning.
§. 4. Strange reports, if true, of the Aliman Jewes. Of Persia, and Dauid Elroi. Of the Nisbor Jewes, and some places of India.
§. 5. Of India, Ethiopia, Egypt, his returne into Europe: Sicilia, Germanie, Prussia, Russia, France.

Siderne 523-593.

Kapitlerne VI til XIX er trykt i denne udgaves niende bind.

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