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... but for marking Submarine Telegraph cables the colour shall be green, with the word Telegraph painted thereon in white letters telegrafkabeltønde
"Coboose, a sort of box or house to cover the chimney of some merchant-ships. It somewhat resembles a centry-box, and generally stands against the barricade on the fore-part of the quarter-deck. It is the place where victuals are cooked on board merchant-ships." kabys
"The boatswain acts as foreman, arranging and supervising the work in accordance with the chief officer's instructions. As the timekeeper he turns the deck-hands to and knocks them off, is in charge of sail lockers, paint lockers, cable-room, and keeps a list of all kind of deck stores." bådsmand
"Three types of frames are in general use [1946]: the built-up frame, consisting of two bars riveted together; the solid frames consisting of a bulb angle, channel, or Z bar; and the web frame , composed of a web plate with bars riveted to each edge. Web frames are widely spaced, with either built-up or solid frames between them spant
»... most experienced stand in the slings« (or middle of the yard) borg
»… the cure for a misjudgement was to furr and girdle the hull around the waterline« brænde
»a Cock-pit is a Plat-form on the Orlop Abaft, where the Steward Room, Purser and Chirurgeon's Cabbins are built«. cockpit
»An artificial bank or wall set up outside a harbour or along a coast to break the violence of the sea and create a smooth shelter bølgebryder
"... and made the bunt of each sail fast by the jigger, with a man ... bugstreg
"Bobstay piece. A term applied to the forward projecting edge timber of the stem directly below the bowsprit." mantelstag
"Goring. Describes any sail, such as a topsail, that widens towards its foot vinge
"Jimmy green or jamie green. Four-sided fore-and-aft sail set under the bowsprit and jib-boom by clippers in light airs. The upper side is attached to a rope running from the end of the jib-boom to the cat-head, the lower end stretched down to the tip of the dolphin striker." sejl - 1.
"Keelage - Toll on vessels entering a port havneafgift
"Pricking the sails. Practice of sewing a middle seam between the two side seams joining two overlapping pieces of canvas. This was usually done when the sails were worn, though it would be done at the start with storm sails, which needed the extra strength sejlsyning
"pudding boom: A spar lashed to the bend of a pair of davits when outboard against which a lifeboat may be griped. In the center of the spar is a puddening to prevent chafing the side of the boat. On Naval vessels a pudding boom is called a strongback david, devis
"pump bucket. This term is sometimes used synonymously with the plunger. More correctly, it is the cylindrical piston in vertical single acting pumps where the water is lifted from the bottom to the top of the cylinder. The term bucket should be used only when both top and bottom sides of the piston come into operation in the performance of the pump. Where one side of the piston only comes into operation, the term plunger should be used pumpe
"Sea anchor. A conical-shaped canvas bag required to be carried in each lifeboat. When placed overboard it serves a double purpose, i.e., it keeps the boat head on to the sea and also spreads a vegetable or animal oil which is supplied by a conical-shaped container placed inside the bag. Sometimes called an oil spreader." drivanker
"slum is a stew of meat, potatoes and onions, mostly potatoes and onions slum
"8 plait rope combines the strength and tenacity of a durable single braid Nylon Rope with a firm square braid..." tovværk
"A certain amount of weight can be saved by fitting at intervals skeleton floor plates consisting of bracket plates at the centre keel, side frame, bottom frame and reverse frame. It may be sufficient to fit a floor plate for each third or fourth frame, or to insert longitudinal frames at the bottom and tank top skeletbundstok
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"a degaussing ship fitted a copper cable along its outer hull—projecting a 'north pole up' field that neutralized the ship’s magnetic signature...
The fleet couldn’t fit the cables fast enough, and many small coastal vessels that carried cargo from port to port lacked the power to degaus on the go. Goodeve had a solution to that too — 'deperming'.
Instead of fitting ships with a cable of their own, the Royal Navy would use a high-powered cable to 'wipe' the accumulated magnetic field from a ship. This procedure left ships demagnetized for up to six months at a time.
"A plan of a vessel outlining the spaces available for cargo, and containing capacity lists for such spaces and a gage showing deadweight capacities for the vessel at varying drafts and displacements kapacitetsplan
"A-1: A term used to signify a first-class vessel. The letter A specifies the class in which the hull is scheduled, and the numeral 1 has reference to the stores and equipment. The mark originated with the British Lloyds, who, in their register, rate vessels A.1, A.2, and so down. In the American system the registry descends from A by fractions, A.1, A.1¼, 1½, etc." A1
"angle collar: A collar or band made of one or more pieces of angle bar and fitted tightly around a pipe, trunk, frame, longitudinal, or stiffener intersection projecting through a bulkhead or deck for the purpose of making a watertight or oiltight joint." krave
"Annular piece of hard wood with a hole for a line or rope to pass through and a score or groove around it for slicing into a strap. It is frequently termed a lizard klåde
"arming the lead. The filling of the hollow end or cavity with tallow or soap before it is cast. To this tallow or soap a specimen of the bottom sticks when the lead strikes, which is examined and compared with the description of the bottom as shown on the charts." lod
"ballasted condition. A condition in which it becomes necessary to fill all or part of the ballast tanks in order to secure proper immersion, stability, and steering qualities. The condition may be the result af the consumption of fuel, stores, and water; or the absence of part or all of the designated amount of cargo ballastkondition
"Billethead. Ornamentation at the bows of a vessel not fitted with figure-head."
Fiddle head: Decorative figure or moulding resembling the scroll-work on a violin.
"Club. UK more often boom. A short spar at the foot of a self-trimming staysail or boom-jib. The sail moves to leeward automatically like the mainsail when the boat is tacked or gybed, and the sheet can be left permanently cleated." fokkebom
"cross timber. That part of the frame which crosses the keel at right angles with its centre fixed upon it: a floor-timber." The floor head is the upper end of the floor timber bundstok
"deep ocean current are driven by density and temperature gradients. Where significant vertical movement of ocean currents is observed, this is known as upwelling and downwelling." dødvande
"Deep tank, portion of a hold constructed to carry water ballast or cargo as required. Its purpose is to increase a vessel's light draft and also raise her center of gravity..." højtank
"Deep tanks - In some ships deep tanks are installed, used for carrying bunker oil, ballast water, and liquid cargo. In the deck above the deep tank there should be large, water and oil-tight hatches so that on other voyages the tank can be used to carry grain or general cargo.
The deep tank, which is usually considerably smaller than a cargo hold, is distinguishable from a hold by its being additionally supported by strong webs, stringers or girders which are fitted as closed-in horizontal or vertical frames
"Depth is the vertical distance from the chart datum to the bottom...
The controlling depth of a channel is the least depth within the limits of the channel; it restricts the safe use of the channel to drafts of less than that depth...
The midchannel controlling depth of a channel is the controlling depth of only the middle half of the channel
"In large, broad ships the floor plates will be long, and they must consequently be supported by lateral keelsons made of section or plate sidekølsvin
"In the cargo holds of normal cargo ships a tight ceiling of heavy planks is laid on the tank top and the tank side brackets. This ceiling serves to protect the tank top plates and also to prevent grain, coal etc. from falling into the bilge at the side of the ship lastrumsbund
"Joggled timber: Frame shaped in such a way that each attached strake slopes outwards, giving the planking the appearance of being clinker-built, though the planks do not overlap joggle
"length of timber mounted along the fore side of the stern-post, strengthening the stern and holding the transom" agterstævn
"length of timber mounted along the fore side of the stern-post, strengthening the stern and holding the transom" inderagterstævn
"Lubber's hole. Space between the head of the lower mast and the inner edge of the top. An alternative route into the top to the futtock shrouds for the timid climber, and frowned on by seamen" bjørn
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"room and space, or timber and room. The distance between the moulding edges of two adjoining frames, which must always contain the breadth of two frames and sometimes two or three inches between them spanteafstand
"Ropes toggled to the foot of a square sail some distance from the center, used in hauling the foot of a sail up to the yard for convenience in furling. They reeve through blocks at the masthead and thence down to the deck forward of the sail gårding, gording
"Shell or skin planking and inner planking often called ceiling or lining consists of planks which, so that they can be adjusted to the frames, are rendered pliable by heating for a couple of hours in a special wooden box - steaming pit or box - fed with steam. The planks for the shell generally vary a little in thickness, the lower strake - garboard - , the bilge strakes, and those immediately below the deck being of a somewhat stouter construction than the remaining planking klædningsplanke
"Spencer. Gaff sail on any mast of a square-rigged ship except the mizen gaffelsejl
"stern walk. Balcony constructed across the stern, level with one or more of the upper decks galleri
"That part of a vessel's structure constituting the horizontal, or nearly horizontal, bottom arrangement, considered in a broad sense as the foundation or base of the whole; thus, a rising floor or a flat floor describes general bottom form. The term floor is simply a shortened form of floor-timbers or floor-plates..." flak
"That property of a ship by virtue of which she tends to throw her head up into the wind. Ships having this characteristic must be held on their course by keeping the helm aweather. The reason for this tendency is found in the resultant lateral resistance of the vessel before or ahead of her resultant wind pressure. luvgerrig
"the block coefficient is obtained by dividing the displacement volume by the volume of a box of the same length and breadth and height to the draught of the ship.
The block coefficient indicates the ratio between the displacement volume of the ship and the volume of the circumscribed box."
"The bow and the forepart are re-inforced by several tiers of stringers and beams one over the other. The stringers are a kind of longitudinal web frames laid with their edges towards the shell palting. They are connected to the tiers of beams positioned transversely and so prevent the whole of the forepart from being squeezed together when the ship cuts its way through large waves. Right forward on the bow, horisontal stem brackets are fixed between the stringers bov
"The captain enters, in the Master's Order book instructions for navigation during his absence from the bridge, the entries to be read and signed by the relieving officer at the beginning of each watch ordrebog
"The cargo hatch can be made watertight by first placing shifting beams transversely from hatch side to hatch side. They are strong steel beams whose cross-section is shaped like an H lying on its side. Thereafter the wooden hatch covers are positioned so that they rest on the shifting beams and the hatch coaming, and their surface is level with the upper edge of the coaming. Finally some tarpaulins are placed over them and the hatch is battened down watertight with hatch battens and wedges all around luge
"The centre keel runs through from fore to aft and is generally water-tight and oil tight over the greater part af the length of the ship. From the centre keel the floor plates extend outwards towards both sides centerkøl
"The double bottom in the engine room is formed so that it provides a bed for the main engine. Because of the great weight and other forces, high longitudinal engine girders afre fitted carrying the actual base plates to which the engine unit is bolted dobbeltbund
"The forecastle improves the seaworthiness of the ship by taking the brunt of those seas which would otherwise roll the whole way along the fore-deck." The covered spaces of the forecastle are used for stores, paint locker, lamp room and were in former times also used for crew accommodation bak
"The foremost cant-frames, in the ship's bows bundstok
"The inclined anchor bed fitted at the intersection of the forward weather deck and shell. On some ships a tripping device is fitted on the billboard so that by turning a rod the anchor will slide off into the water." ankerforing
"The iron-hulled AVANTI ( "The latitudes where these calms chiefly reigns are named horse-latitudes by mariner ... because they are fatal to horses and other cattle which are transported to the last mentioned continent (America) hestebredde
"There are three kinds: white, red and black. It is used for thwarts, sidebenches, gratings, stretchers, stern benches and other interior fittings of small boats; oars, accommodation ladders, mess tables, built-in tables in galleys and sculleries etc., where woodwork is scrubbed without painting or varnishing. Ash is very hard and tough; its grain is coarse and it resembles oak somewhat in texture, strength and hardness ask
"They are so called from the circumstance that vessels formerly bound from New England to West Indies with a deck-load of horses, were often so delayed in the calm belt of Cancer, that, for the want of water for their animals they were compelled to throw a portion of them overboard hestebredde
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"tuck. That part of a ship where the ends of the bottom planks meet under the stern or counter agterstævn
"Tyzack's anchor, stockless patent type which, in place of a shoulder at its crown for throwing the arms downward, has a third fluke which tilts and assists the others in holding." Tyzack's anker
"Under the rules of the International Sanitary Convention of Paris, all ocean going vessels must be in possession of a certificate of deratization or fumigation, which is valid for a maximum of 6 months.
As a rule sulphur dioxyde is used for fumigation of ships
"Until comparatively recent times the medical assistant was known as a sick berth attendant, a special rating equivalent to that of able seaman which was introduced in 1833 to assist the surgeon." krankevægter
"water sail, or save all. Small fairweather sail, sometimes set under the lower studding sail or driver boom." save-all-sejl
"We will first consider the hand lead, or blue pigeon, as sailors call it." lod
"web-frames may be employed; that is to say particularly strong frames built of plate steel whose free edge carries a face section webspant
"When the anchor is weighed, it is pulled up by means of the windlass. This is provided with a cable pulley which grips the chain links. From the windlass the chain is led into the chain locker ankerspil
rail. In steel ships: Channel bars, shapes or flat pieces of wood fitted at the top of bulwark plating or at the top of rail stanchions. Also applied to the tiers of guard rods running betwwen the top rail and the deck rælingsliste
"hack watch - a good watch with a second hand, used in taking observations to obviate the necessity of constantly moving the chronometer. A deck watch or a comparing watch observationsur
Admiralty court "A court having jurisdiction over controversies arising out of the navigation of public waters." admiralitetsret
American Bureau of Shipping Rules: The molded depth in feet measured at the middle of the vessel's length on the estimated summer load line, from the top of the keel to the top of the deck beams at the side of the freeboard deck. In cases where watertight bulkheads are carried to a deck above the freeboard deck and it is desired to have them recorded in the register as effective, depth is to be taken to the bulkhead deck. dybde
American grommet is a eyelet of brass or other metal stitched or pressed into a sail or other piece of canvas grommetring
Auxiliary machinery. The most important auxiliary machinery are the lubricating-oil pumps, the cooling-water pumps, filters, coolers, oil centrifuges and air compressors hjælpemotor
awning deck. A deck fitted from bow to stern on a light superstructure. The space below it is completely closed in, and may be used for passengers or for the stowage of small or light cargo awningdæk
backrope - guys to sail carrying booms are sometimes known as backropes gerd
boat deck = uppermost deck of light construction, on which lifeboats are stowed. It is allso used as a promenade space for passengers. brodæk
bridge deck = a deck extending from side to side of a vessel over a comparatively short length amidships, forming the top of a bridge house or partial superstructure brodæk
bullwanger nokbændsel
clinker system plating: The edges of the outside plating form lap joints so that one edge of a plate is inside, while the other is outside. In this case tapered frame liners are used.
flush system plating: The edges of the outside plating form butt joints so that a flush surface is formed. The connections between plates are made by seam straps and butt straps.
in and out system plating: The edges of the outside plating form lap joints so that both edges of the plates are alternately inside or outside
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Coasting vessels Ships trading between ports of the same country along the same coast are termed 'coastwise' or 'coasting' vessels. This is the definition in the USA. In Europe the term is used without reference to national boundaries kystfart
cringle. "A ame often applied to a wire rope or oval thimble by members of the old school. This is poor usage, as a cringle is a rope eye worked into a sail løjert
cutwater. A timber bolted to the forward side of the stem in wooden ships cutwater
dead load. The weight of cargo and stores carried by a ship dødvægt
Dead-reckoning. "The bearings are taken to check the dead-reckoning whereby one understands the tracing on the chart all the courses steered and the distance run on each course, taking into consideration also the estimated drift by winds and currents." bestik
drag: The designed excess in draft aft over that forward amning
Dulcimer used on board ships to call passengers to meals. It consists of a row of 4 or 5 graduated flat metal bars. Soft harmonious tones are produced by a padded hammer or beater, with which the bars are alternately struck måltid
fathometer or echo sounding machine is an instrument for determining the depth of water. The fathometer consists of an oscillator that produces a sound, a hydrophone for receiving the echo, and a time measuring element giving the elapsed interval of time between the emission of sound and receiving of the echo ekkolod
final diameter. The diameter of a ship when turning, is the diameter of the circular path which the ship traverse if the helm is kept over. When the path becomes a circle it can be measured between any two opposite points drejecirkel
flush deck vessel is constructed with an upper deck extending throughout its entire length without a break or a forecastle, poop or similar structure glatdækskib
Fore-and-after. Portable beams running fore and aft in a hatchway which support the covers and in turn are supported by athwartship cross beams skærstok
Fumigation. "The disinfecting of ships by filling them with hydrogen-cyanide or prussic acid gas. This fumigation is primarily to extinguish rats, mice, insects, lice, fleas, bug etc. It does not disinfect the plague bacillus but kills the rats that are the carriers fumigering
Galley. A low flat-built vessel with one deck, propelled by sails and oars. The larger ones, called galleasses, were formerly used by the Venetianean II Also a rowboat, larger than a gig, for the use of the captain of a British man-of-war galej
grain cubic maximum space for cargo in a hold, measured in cubic feet or metres, the measurements being taken to the inside of the shell plating of the ship or to the outside of the frames and to the top of the beams or under side of deck plating.
bale cubic the space available for cargo measured to the inside of the cargo battens, on the frames and to the underside of the beams, generally the space possible for stowing bales, crates, cases, and other sorts of containers
gudgeons are lugs, cast or forges, on the stern post for the purpose of hanging and hinging the rudder. The rudder pintles are the bolts or pins which hinge the rudder to the gudgeons ror
guess warp. A hawser carried out in a boat and bent to a distant fixed object in order to warp the vessel toward it varpe
hatch carrier. The supports which are attached to the inside of the coaming to take the ends of the hatch beams skærstokspor
hatch cross beam. "A term applied to the portable athwartship beams in a hatch that support the fore and afters, which in turn support the hatch covers.
Also applied where these beams support the hatch covers directly without fore and afters, in which case the hatch covers must run fore and aft
head. The crew's toilet on board a naval vessel, so called because it is in the bow or "head" of a ship toilet
helm port - the hole in the counter of a ship through which the rudder stock passes rorbrønd
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hogging. "A distortion of a vessel's form in which the bow and stern drop below their normal position relative to the midship portion of the vessel. Structural weakness, grounding, or improper loading may result in this condition kølbrudt
hogging. "A distortion of a vessel's form in which the bow and stern drop below their normal position relative to the midship portion of the vessel. Structural weakness, grounding, or improper loading may result in this condition hogging
horse latitudes. "A belt of calms and light airs in the North Atlantic which borders the northern edge of the North East trade winds hestebredde
kapok. "A soft cotton-like down growing in the seed-pods of trees of the Bombacacea family. The true kapok of commerce is a product of the tree Ceiba Pentandra. Fibres produced from the seed-pods of other trees of the Bombacacea are much inferior in quality. The Ceiba Pentandra kapok is produced chiefly in Java kapokflydemiddel
Lloyd's Rules: The depth at the middle of length from the top of keel to the top of deck beams at the side of the uppermost continuous deck, except in awning or shelter deck vessels, where it may be taken to the deck next below the awning or shelter deck, provided the height of tween decks does not exceed 8 feet. When the height of tween decks exceed 8 feet, the depth is to be taken from the top of keel to a point 8 feet below the awning or shelter deck dybde
messenger - a line sent out to lead a heavier line, such as leading a mooring line throught the shackle of a mooring buoy; or to lead a hawser to a disabled vessel forbindelsesline
mooring post or mooring piles or cluster piles or dolphins or Duc d'Albe. All names for a cluster of piles, usually in a series, to which vessels may be moored or tied up, fore and aft, not swinging with changes of wind and current duc d'albe
nave line: tackle rigged from the afterpart of the lower mast and holding the middle af the parral in a position parallel to the yard when the yard is hoisted or lowered rakketalje
painter - a length of rope secured at the bow of a small boat for use in towing or for making it fast fangeline, fangline
poppets. "Those pieces of timber which are fixed perpendicularly between the ship's bottom and the bilgeways at the foremost and aftermost parts of the ship to support it when being launched. They are parts of the cradle afløbningsstøtte
propeller blades: Radial arms, attached to the propeller hub, the faces of which forms portions of an approximately helical surface, the axis of which coincides with that of the propeller shaft.
Blades are either cast in one piece with the hub or cast separately and designed to be attached to the hub with bolts. In this latetr case, provisions is usually made for a slight adjustment in pitch by means of the shape of the bolt holes
propeller boss: The central portion of the screw propeller which carries the blades and forms the medium of attachment to the propeller shaft skrue
quay. A term used in Europe for a wharf. Strictly speaking a quay is an artificial wall or bank, usually of stone that is parallel and contiguous to the shore of a harbor or the bank of a river. It will accomodate ships only on one side. Roads, railways, warehouses, sheds, etc., are parallel to a ship loading or unloading at its berth. In the US this type of structure is called a wharf.
A quay pier is a structure extended from the mainland or lying between two docks or basins, of sufficient dimensions to permit all the elements of terminal equipment to be arranged parallel with the ship; accomodating vessels on both sides but at two distinct quay units
rebate. The grooves in the side of the keel for receiving the garboard strake of plank. Commonly called the rabbet spunding, spunning
Register of ships. A vessel must be registred in the merchant marine of a country after inspection, rating, measurements etc.
American vessels in foreign trade are "registered".
Vessels in coast and Great Lakes trade are "enrolled" and
vessels under 20 tons are "licensed".
They are all referred to as "documented"
rider plate. A continuous flat plate attached to the top of a center line vertical keel in a horizontal position. Its under side is attached to the floors, and when an inner bottom is fitted, it forms the center strake køl
round line. Made in the same manner as houseline but is of a larger size. Used for the same purposes as marline and houseline where a larger cord is necessary. It is loft laid. Runs 92 feet to the pound hyssing
rudder bearding is the forward edge of a rudder, or that part of the rudder stock that corresponds to the bearding line on the stern post ror
rudder frame - a vertical main piece and the arms that project from it which form the frame of the rudder ror
rudderbands are placed on each side of a rudder to help brace it and tie it into the pintles ror
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save-all - a net placed between the vessel and the wharf to prevent cargo from falling into the water while loading or discharging lossenet
scaling hammer - hammer used in scaling or chipping paint and rust from metal. The hammer has two sharp ridges set at right angles to each other rustbankning
Scotchman - a piece of wood, hide or metal fitting seized to a shroud or other rigging to prevent chafing by the running gear skamfiling
shade-deck vessel. "A vessel constructed with a continuous upper deck of light scantlings and fitted with openingsin the side between the main and upper decks" shadedæk
Sliding gunter - light upper mast fitted behind the mast to carry royals, skysail and the like skysail
sunk forecastle and a sunk poop - a deck which is raised only a partial deck height above the level of the upper or weather deck bak
0 = calm
1 = smooth
2 = slight
3 = moderate
4 = rough
5 = very rough
6 = high
7 = very high
8 = precipitous
9 = confused
Douglas skala
0 = no swell
1 = low swell, short or average
2 = low swell, long
3 = moderate swell, short
4 = moderate swell, average
5 = moderate swell, long
6 = heavy swell, short
7 = heavy swell, average
8 = heavy swell, long
9 = confused swell
Douglas skala
1) an opening for inspection the interior of a furnace, 2) a hiding place for valuables, 3) a cupboards for domestic utensils, 4) a storeroom or lazaret, 5) the steward's department quarters glory hole
1426, "Poem on Agincourt in Hazel", E.P.P. (1866) 11, 97, "Every shyp wayed his anker ..., They hoysed theyr sayles a lofte". 1676, "Streynsham Master Diaries" (1911) II. 93, "Wee mett a great Dutch ship neare Nassapore point. He wore a flagg". Applied to the State, Feb. 1913 "Century", 305, "The Ship of the State of China is still labouring in a storm-swept ocean". skib
15- or 18-thread ratline 77 ratline is three stranded tarred hemp used mainly for heaving lines kastegods
1878. [R. B. Smith Carthage 93] The drawbridge could be swung round the mast towards the point where the danger threatened, and let fall with its heavy weight upon the deck of the attacking ship landgang
1949 the British Corporation ceased to exist as a separate society and was merged with Lloyd's Register of Shipping Lloyd's
22,5 to 38 pounds per brake horsepower bugserhestekraft
24 hour measured by the mean sun middelsoldøgn
24 hours døgn
3-masted fore-and-aft schooner etetet
3. Now spec. The wind that blows constantly towards the equator from about the thirtieth parallels, north and south; its main direction in the northern hemisphere being from the north-east, and in the southern hemisphere from the south-east. passat
32 points of a compass streg
6 yarns line linegods
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7/8 fractional rig 7/8-del rig
7/8 rig rig
a 65 foot, six ton, shallow draft, inflatable boat used as a tender for diving operations Amfitrite
a bar laid across a hatchway to support the hatch cover skærstok
A Bill of Lading has the following functions:
1. It is a receipt for goods, signed by the master on behalf of the carriers.
2. It is a document of title to the goods described therein.
3. It serves as evidence of the terms and conditions of carriage agreed upon between the two parties
a bitter of the cable beddingsslag
a blast tone
a bluff bowed ship bov
a board slag
a bonnet furnished with chopped oakum to be used in the act of fothering bonnet
a book or collection of charts, bearings, distances, soundings and perspective views of the coasts søkortbog
a book which contains a practical seamanship sømandskab
a bow or instrument employed by shipwrights to draw on paper the sheers of the whales and such curve lines bue
A bulkcarrier differs from a tanker adskille
a cable veered out to the end tov
a calm, that the vane hang right up and down vind
a canvas canopy spread over a vessel's decks, bridges etc., for protection against rain and sun solsejl
a carrick bend knob
a case-hardened or weather-beaten tar, a downright sea-man sværmer
a cat's paw let
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a circular transparent plastic protractor marked in degrees and 1/2 degs mounted with three bevel-edged, brass, black painted arms; the two outer arms are adjustable stationpointer
a clear spot in a cloudy sky or thick fog klaring
a cloudy horizon bænk
A commission of X % on all freight, dead freight and demurrage and the customary freight brokerage is due on shipment of the cargo skibsmæglerprovision
a common seacompass kompas
a complete suit of sails belonging to any ship sejlads
A contractual agreement for the use of a vessel over a specified period of time, at a rate of hire agreed upon between the owner and the charterer. Unlike Bareboat Chartering the owner remains responsible for the operating of the vessel, the charterer assuming responsibility for the ship's voyage employment, bunkering and port-agency etc. time charter
a course crossing or intersecting the meridians skakfart
a crawl afdæmning
a crow to remove large pieces of timber sæthage
a deck open in the middle dæk
A delusive appearance, of land, a mirage. Also quasi-proper name, Cape Flyaway anduvning
A deplacement curve is one from which the displacement of the ship at any particular draft can be found, and vice versa. The draft is plotted on the vertical axis and the scale of displacement on the horizontal axis nedtrykningskurve
a deviation from the right course Cours
a document by which the master of a ship acknowledges having received a certain goods to deliver them in the same condition at the destination to the person who present him with the same document properly endorsed konnossement
A document issued and/or signed by surveyors of certain flags (eg British, Cypriot) certifying that a vessel's name, official number and tonnage have been cut-in aboard kendingsbogstav
A document which provides evidence of title to ownership, and a copy of the entry in the flag state's register book. Usually kept in a ship's safe. certificate of registry registreringscertifikat
a double wall knot knob
a Dutch dogger or dogger-boat Dogger Banke
a fagot mønstring
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a false muset mønstring
a fire has started brand
A flag showing the canton or union of the national ensign without the fly. It is hoisted on a jack staff at the bowsprit cap when in port Union Flag
a flat calm vind
a flat low and sandy shore fiere
a flat piece of boards with holes in, to spread the ends of a hammoc skærtræ
a fleet drawing into one of the lines close hauled running close upon the wind on the other tack order de march
a fleet of forty sail of the line into a line of battle in variable winds which weather and other circumstances which most occur (Nelson's despatches) sejlskib
a fleet of forty sails sejlskib
a flush deck ship is one which has no superstructure on the freeboard deck. glatdækskib
a following wind agter
A formation of troops in which each unit is positioned successively to the left or right of the rear unit to form an oblique or steplike line echelon
a fothered sail læksejl
A frame built up transversely with a plate or plates to give greater stiffness webspant
a fresh water jack ferskvandsmatros
a full and complete cargo ladning
A full square rigged vessel skib
A fundamental law of electromagnetics states that any conductor which moves in the vicinity of a magntic field will have induced into it an electro motive force - emf log, loggeapparat
a general name for all the brails of a ship comprehending the clue-lines, bunt-lines, leech-lines &c givtov
a general name for fir timber, or masts, yards, booms and spars rundholt
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a general name for the planks, clamps, and thick-stuff used in the ceiling of a ship væger
a good offing afstand
a good sailing vessel sejlbar
a good sea-boat magelig
a good sea-boat sejlbar
a great sea høj
a great semi-circle joining the true-north and the true-south poles meridian
a griping ship luvgerrig
a grouping of star, usually with pictorial or mythical associations, that serves to identify an area of the celestial sphere. Also on of the precisely defined areas of the celestial sphere, associated with a grouping of stars, that the International Astronomical Union has designed as a constellation konstellation
a grown sea hulsø
a Guinea man slavehandler
a gulf = a portion of the sea partially enclosed by a sweep of the coast bugt
a gunner's ladle laderedskab
a gust of wind kastevind
a half tub or a kind of cage on each side of the quarter-deck of several ships, to coil in them the remaining parts of the main-top haliards and keep them out of the way balje
a half-deck folks logi
a hand to the helm ror
a hard work travade
a heavy breaking sea striking a ship violently and rushing in over the deck styrtning
A heavy ocean wave which breaks esp. in passing over reefs or shallows brænding
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a heavy sea breaking søstyrtning
a heavy sea broke over aour bow bølge
a Helgoland pilot-boat snekke
a hog or large brush, to scrub the ships bottom under water skibsskrubbe
A hollow bottom filled with tallow blylod
a holsom ship skib
a jack-stay on which a sail is hauled out lejder
a jury mast is a temporary mast set up in place of a mast carried away in a storm, or it may in a new ship be a temporary mast put up until the permanent mast is fitted. A jury mast can be made of any suitable timber, e.g. a yard nødmast
a kind of high companions around the hatchways in small vessels lugekarm
a kind of spilling-line to sustain the main sail in a storm svigtsarving
a kind of transom upon which stands the mizzen mast of a Dutch smack hæk
A knighthead, esp. one having its top projecting and used as a bollard apostlene
a knot of a line knob
A land station in the maritime mobile service kyststation
a lapsided ship slagside
a large coasting boat on the coast of Norway fragtbåd
a large lighter furnished with wheels and large spoons by means of which they heave the mud or gravel from the bottom, in order to deepen or clean a port in a manner similar to that of the ballast-heavers on the Thames bagge, baggemaskine
a large mat used to close an aperture in a vessel's side resulting from collision. The mat is constructed of a double thickness of canvas quilted together, body roped, and thrummed on one side with hemp thrums kollisionsmåtte
a large ring-rope, or stopper in the cable-tiers svayenhals
A large wavelike sediment feature in very shallow water composed of sand. The wavelength may be up to 100 m the amplitude about 0.5 m. Also called megaripple sandbølge
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a lashing of one hawser upon one other helling
a lee lurch gire
a lee lurch lægerrig
a lien on the cargo ladningspant
A lifebuoy used in connection with a rocket apparatus or lyle gun by mean of which the person to be recued from a stranded vessel is brought to the shore. A pair of canvas breeches is attached to the lower part of the buoy redningsstol
A lifeline of 12 mm cordage extends around the periphery of the boat, secured at beckets spaced at intervals and forming loops which are approximately 15 centimetres above the waterline håndline
a line on the surface of a planet which has a constant true direction kompaslinje
a little flat bottomed boat, to bring the workmen aboard ships in the dock-yard or a punt lorje, lorge
a little wind or breath of wind laring
a lively ship leve, levende
a lock sluse
a loft til
A long curved overhanging bow such as was characteristic of the fast wooden sailing ships built in USA during the middle of the 19th century klipperstævn
a long wave rolling in from the ocean beach-comber
A low wall-like structure, generally of wood or stone to prevent coast erosion. Groin and groyn are both especially in UK obsolete spellings of groyne høfde
a machine for ramming piles down in the ground rambuk
a machine to setting-up top-mast-shrouds rakkespil
a made mast is made from several pieces of timber slotted together mast
a magnetical needle which has lost its virtue and is become erroneous and defective kompas
a makeshift purchase consisting of a rope, a post or roller and a lever. One end of the rope is attached to the object to be moved, a turn is taken around the post and the other end secured to a fixed object spansk vinde
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A manifest is a document containing complete specifications of the goods loaded by a vessel... cargo manifests are based upon the bills of lading manifest
A marine traffic regulating system is in effect in the approaches to and in X Harbour. Vessels must be fitted with VHF capable of operating on 156.7 MHZ and 156.6 MHZ trafikregulering
a mariner who has the care of the flags flaggast
a mariner who has the care of the pennant vimpelgast
a maritime education for a career søvej
a massive structure esp. of stone serving as a pier or breakwater, or joining two places separately by water mole
a mean solar day beginning at midnight is called a civil day middeldag
A mean solar day commencing at midnight borgerlig
a midships midtskibs
a mirror called the horizon glass, the left half of which is unsilvered rude
a moon shaped or a ship whose upper works rise very high høj
a moon sheered ship skib
a most important item in their design was the heavy zosteres, belts or wales which extended from end to end outside of the vessel and performed the most necessary function of binding her together and preventing bow and stern from sagging barkholt
a mounted pivoting hook hage
A movable bridge or gangway on a ship landgang
A narrow, portable platform used as a passage by persons entering or leaving a vessel moored alongside a quay or pier. Indgang el. adgang itl et skib i toppen af en lejder. Stål- el. træbro, der forbinder et skib med kysten el. andet skib. landgang
a naval expedition søtogt
A nimbostratus cloud is characterized by a formless cloud layer that is almost uniformly dark gray. "Nimbo" is from the Latin word "nimbus", which denotes precipitation. It is generally a stratiform cloud of moderate vertical development (family D1) that produces precipitation, developing cloud bases between the surface and about 10000 ft (3000 m). This cloud typically forms from altostratus in the middle altitude range then subsides into the low altitude range during precipitation.[1] Nimbostratus usually has a thickness of about 2000 m. Though found worldwide, nimbostratus is found more commonly in the middle latitudes. nimbostratus
a North nordenvind
A North Atlantic Ocean current setting northeastward of the east coast of The United States. A segment of the Gulf Stream system extends from the region off Cape Hatteras to an area southeast of the Grand Banks from where itt flows in east-north-east across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europa Golfstrømmen
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a northerly storm nordenvind
a nozzle that discharges water in small droplets under low pressure lavtrykståge
a package of soft or non-rigid material material wrapped in fibrous material or other flexible material like plastic; often secured with wires, ropes or other fastings. Pulp paper, cotton etc. are often packed in bales balle
a pair of dividers passer
A pallet is a flat portable double-decked platform constructed to sustain the load and permit handling by mechanical equipment palle
a parameter that specifies the shape of a conic section; one of the standard elements used to describe an elliptic orbit ekscentricitet
a passage stedforandring, stedsforandring
a peak op
a peak pik
a peek op
a permanent state of heeling is called a list hive
a piece of cordage trosse
a plate of lead or copper, perforated with holes, to cover the bottom of a pump pumpekedel
a pointed rope katte
A poorly defined ship of the Middle Ages nef
A portable platform used as a passage for persons entering or leaving the ship falderebsrepos
a Portuguese Indiaman karak
a press of sail sejl - 1.
a purchase on the mainstay for hoisting hundefok
A ramark transmit radar signals independently of ships' radar emissions ramark
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a receptable or compartment used for storing liquids or gasses tank
a receptacle for coal on board ship brændselsrum
a reinforced timber boltes to the after side of the stem forstævn
A relatively large stream of water flowing towards the sea. Greater than a creek or rivulet, flowing or in a bed or channel between defined banks. flod
a road protected from the reighning winds and the swell of the sea red
a roader skib
a roller for passing the cables from one place to another rullebænk
a rope for a sail to travel on, also called traverse-horse lejder
a rope serving to take hold of the heel of a top-mast, to help the top rope, while the mast is hoisting up. borgtov
a rope to bear up the above cable, when a ship is laying for two anchors, and it happens that the cables are coming across hallandsfarer
a rope's end for punishment dag
A rotten carcass of a boat … the very rats instintively have quit it rotte
a round sheered ship skib
a round turn. In maritime vocabulary all connecting line between an anchor and the vessel is called anchor cable ankerkæde
a sail lowered half down halv
a sail to leeward
a sailor's hire hyre
a sailor's pay hyre
A scooner let her be skonnert
a scuttled cask, to contain the beer and water for the ship-crew to drink rançonfad, ransonfad
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a sea shove in the bulwark brække
a second ladder skeed or the like, which is put under the first in order to make it the longer bonnet
a second lining of the bow, to prevent the ship from great flakes of ice buslap
a second preventer stay stampestag
a seizing of ropes syning
a set of magnitudes defining a point in space koordinatsystem
a set square transportør
a shake langskøre
a shallow flak, flakvand
a shallow plade
a sharp bottomed ship skarp
a sharp-floored ship skib
a sharp-trimmed ship skib
a ship båd
a ship disabled ramponere
a ship high and dry grundstødning
A ship is built on a slipway, which is a sloping platform erected on the foreshore of a deep river or estuary and extending well beyond and below the water's edge byggebedding
a ship that steers well styre
a ship which carries a weatherly helm luvgerrig
a ship which is too much by the stern styrlastig
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a ship with lean bow skib
a ship with three decks tredækker
a ship with two decks todækker
A ship would go fastest when the tangent of the angle between wind and sail was double that between keel and sail Bouguer's teori
a ship's poulterer menagerivogter
a short piece of rope tamp
a short piece of rope or cable vurst
a single knot burknob
a sinical quadrant used by the French pilots fransk figur
a slack helm ror
a slope that runs downward from a fortification stenglacis
a sluice sluse
A small anchor with four to six hooks or claws radiating from the crown dræg
A small boat used for communication between vessels in a fleet patache
a small gale kulingsvejr, kuling
a small indentation in a coast (usually a cliffy one), frequently with a restricted entrance and often circular or semicircular in shape vig
a small stuff of untarred hemp or cotton used in odd jobs around a ship line
a small triangular sail, extended on a little mast on a ship's stern. The lower part of this sail is stretched out by a boom, which projects from the stern horizontally. This sail is only used in light and favourable winds.
Ringtail is also a name given to a sort of scudding-sail, hoisted beyond the after-edge or skirt of those main-sails which are extended by a boom and gaff
a small vessel with sail and oars navigated in the Mediterranean fuste
A small, single-masted vessel, clinker- or carvel-built, furnished with a straight running bowsprit, and rigged much like a sloop, carrying a fore-and-aft main-sail, gaff-top-sail, stay-foresail, and jib; a style of building and rigging now much used in yachts motorkutter
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a solar eclipse in which the solar disk is never completely covered but is seen as an annus or ring at maximum eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs when the apparent disk of the moon is smaller than that of the sun formørkelse
a sort of bank thrown up by the waves upon any coast tangbed
a sort of Dutch vessel kuf
a sort of flat-bottomed clincher-built pram of Schweden klinkert
a sort of flat-bottomed lighter employed on the Elbe elbkahn
a sort of half pike employed to defend a ship from the assault of boarding matrospik
a sort of hulk pram
a sort of netting to cover a ship's waist and prevent the impression of boarders dæk
a sort of sledge or cradle laid under a ship's keel to draw her ashore slæde
a sort of vessel navigated in the Mediterranean with two masts and two lateen sails, and a very small mizzen pink, pinke, pinkskib
a space of the sea strøg
a span round the cap on the top-mast head, for the standing part of the top-sail-yards lifts, when they are top-gallant sheets hundeøre
a splice with an eye and a rope end with a thimble stilkøje
A spring balance of peculiar construction for ascertaining the depth of water without measuring the sounding line batometer
a squall of wind accompanied with hail byge
a squall of wind accompanied with rain byge
a squall of wind accompanied with thunder and lightnings byge
A square mainsail with two bonnets bonnet
a square rigged ship skib
a stealer bladskæring
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a stem right down upon the keel agterstævn
a step and partners peculiar to the masts of some small vessels being open at the afterpart, so that the mast may occassionally be lowered over the stern mastekogger
a stiff topgallant breeze torebetmærssejlskuling
a straight sheered ship skib
a strait sheered ship skib
a strand in a rope tot
a strap-bound block indstropning
a strong roller in the manger for the cables in some ships klysrulle
a strop in the neck of a tackle-block for the standing part of the runner hundsvot
a stropped block blok
a stropped block indstropning
A structure extending approximately perpendicular from a shore to protect the shore from erosion by tides, currents, or waves or to trap sand for making a beach høfde
A structure projecting from the shore and designed to break the current and thereby check erosion and build out the shore by a deposit of material høfde
a sudden and violent squall of wind vind
A sudden increase of wind speed by at least 16 knots or by at least three stages of beaufort Scale, the speed rising to force six or more and lasting for at least one minute byge
a sudden squall of wind mostly accompanied with rain byge
a sum which covers or includes a number of items lumpsum
a superstructure deck provided for the stowage af the lifeboats and also generally used for staterooms or quarters båddæk
a superstructure is a decked structure on the freeboard deck extending from side to side of the ship. A raised quarter deck is considered a superstructure. overbygning
a swab to cool the guns kølekost
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a system of protection of ships against magnetic mines and torpedoes by means of electric cables carefully placed within the shell of a ship. It essentially prevents the steel of the ship from disturbing the direction of and intensity of the earth's magnetic flux, the disturbance of which initiates the action of the mines and torpedoes afmagnetisere
a tackle composed of two double blocks firløber
a tackle with a pendant-rope coming from the head of the main-mast, and a block or pulley strongly fasten'd to the mainstay, to hoist all the casks into a ship, and such goods as are not over-weighty karnat
a term used in navies to denote the most important type of warship in the national fleet hovedskib
a thin wooden filling to fill out a seam, who happens to be too large for caulking hallandsfarer
a thundergust travade
a tight ship digt
a tow is a vessel or a number of vessels which are being towed bugsere
A transient magnet is an induced magnet, one which is dependent for its magnetism upon the proximity of another external magnet, whether this be the Earth itself or a true artificial magnet nearer to it. flygtig
A trapezoidal shell plate of about double width at one end, located near the stem or stern. It takes the combined butts of a through strake and of a drop strake. Also called a stealer plate ger, geer
A tropical revolving storm is a roughly circular atmospheric vortex, originating in the tropics or subtropics, wherein the winds which blow in converging spiral tracks reach or exceed gale force storm
a turbulent short sea krap
A two- or three-masted vessel of various sizes, used esp. in the Dutch herring-fishery; in 1794 identified with a fly-boat bøjse
A unit load is one or more packages secured to a pallet or skidded in such a manner that the entire unit may be received by the ocean carrier, safely loaded, stowed in the vessel and delivered at the port of discharge by mechanical equipment enhedsladning
a vagrant who frequents beaches and wharves in a seaport beach-comber
a vessel chartered on lumpsum basis implies that a fixed lump sum is payable by charterers for the capacity put at their disposal regardless of the quantity of cargo actually shipped lumpsumfragt
A vessel is arrived and the laydays - allowed under the charter-party - begin to count as soon as the master has given notice of readiness to the charterers that the ship has berthed according to the clauses of the charter-party, is ready to load or discharge ankomst
a vessel navigated in the canals of Holland damloper
a vessel planked in the common way or carvel-work kravelbygning
a vessel shipping much water over its sides and on the deck vandvogn
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a vessel straining its timbers when labouring in a heavy sea arbejde
A vessel when engaged in trawling, by which is meant the dragging through the water of a dredge net or other apparatus used as a fishing appliance, shall exhibit:
1. two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being green and the lower white, or a shape consisting of two cones with their apexes together in a vertical line one above the other;
A vessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, shall exhibit:
1. two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being red and the lower white, or a shape consisting of two cones with apexes together in a vertical line one above the other;
2. when there is outlying gear extending more than 150 metres horizontally from the vessel, an all-round white light or a cone apex upwards in the direction of the gear
a violent gale of wind bilægger
A voyage charter will normally cover shipment of a full cargo, or as some charterparties still quaintly phrase it, give the charterer the benefit of - the full reach and burthen - of the ship helbefragtning
a wallow ship let
a walt ship let
A watertight structure capable of being submerged by admission of water into pontoon tanks …
… a large vessel made with watertight compartments, and used as a graving dock
a weather bit tørn
a weatherly ship bidevindsejler
a wet-dock provided with flood-gates for restraining the water bassin
A winding tackle block with three sheaves blok
A wooden frame to bear up tables, deals, scaffolds, &c. skrave
a yacht begins to gybe at the moment when, with the wind aft, the foot of her mainsail crosses her centre line, and completes the gybe when the mainsail has filled on theother tack bomme
a yacht finishes when any part of her hull, or of her crew or equipment in normal position, crosses the finishing line in the direction of the course from the last mark fuldføre
a yacht is on a tack except when she is tacking or gybing halse
a yacht is racing from her preparatory signal until she has either finished kapsejle
a yacht is tacking from the moment she is beyond head to wind until she has borne away to a close-hauled course stagvende
a yacht starts when any part of her hull, crew or equipment first crosses the starting line in the direction of the course to the first mark starte
A yellow admiral admiral
a-bout ship klar
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A-bracket akselbærer
a-burton tværskibs
A-burton. Cargo stowed athwartships instead of fore and aft. When a barrel's axis is at right angles to the keel and its head parallel with it, it is stowed 'a-burton'. stuvning
A-frame A-ramme
a-hoy ahøj
a-hoy holla
a-hull tov
a-loft vejr
a-long shore langs
a-longships langskibs
a-peak stagvis, stagsvis
a-stern agter
a-trip top
a-weather the helm ror
A.B. matros
A.M. A.M.
a.m. formiddag
A) bed or sleeping place. Berths are mormally permanently built into the the structure of the cabin.
B) cabin or stateroom.
C) position or rank, e.g. "He has the berth of captain".
D) a place where a vessel dock or is tied up alongside a quay.
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A/Amax A/Amax
A1 A1
A1 area.
»Within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one VHF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available«
A1A. Continuous wave telegraphy, Morse code A1A
A2 area.
»An area, excluding sea area A1, within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one MF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available.«
»Telegraphy by the on-off keying of a tone modulated carrier. Morse code«
A3 area.
»An area, excluding sea area A1 and A2, within the coverage of an Inmarsat geostationary satellite in which continuous alerting is available.«
»Telephony using amplitude modulation; double sideband.«
A4 area A4-område
»Composite emission, double sideband e.g. a combination of telegraphy and telephony.«
AB konstabel
abaca abaca
aback sail bakke
abaft agten
abaft agten
abaft agter
abaft (opposite to before) agter
abaft the beam agten
abaft the beam agten
abaft the beam agterlig
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abaft the beam tværs
abaft the mast agten
abaft the starboard beam agten
abandon abandonnere
abandon = relinquish a claim to underwriters (1755). To cease to hold, use, or practice [OSD] forlade
abandon ship ladder udskibningslejder
abandoned cable opgive
abandoned ship skib
abandoned submarine cable abandonnere
abandonment abandonnering
abate bedage
abeam tværs
abeam = in the direction of the transverse axis or in the opposite direction. Beam = the direction of the transverse axis or the opposite direction tværs
abeam of tværs
abeam on the port side bagbord
aberration aberration
aberration of the needle deviation
aberration of the wind. aberration
abioseston abioseston
ablation ablation
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ablation zone ablationszone
able bodied helbefaren
able bodied = AB ubefaren
able body befaren
able seaman befaren
able seaman konstabel
able seaman matros
able seaman matros
able-bodied sailor sejlskibsmatros
able-bodied seaman fuldbefaren
able-bodied seaman matros
able-sailor helbefaren
ablebodied seaman befaren
aboard bord
aboard main tack ride
aboard the main tack hals
abounding with shakes and sents, expressed of planks or timber when they are split opskinnet
about noon middagstid
about the ship ror
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abrasion abrasion
abrasion abrasion
abrasion abrasion
abrasion platform abrasionsflade
abreast tværs
abreast of ret
abreast of tværs
abreast of a cape tværs
ABS-resin ABS-plast
absolute absolut
absolute classification klassifikation
absolute humidity fugtighed
absolute, geodetic or predictable accuracy nøjagtighed
absorb absorbere
absorbent absorbent
absorption absorbering
absorption dehumidifier absorptionsaffugter
absorption plant absorptionsanlæg
abyssal bundløs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
abyssal hill abyssal slette
abyssal plain abyssal slette
abyssalbenthic abyssal
abyssobenthal abyssal
abyssobenthic abyssal
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration data buoy accelerationsbøje
accelerometer accelerometer
Access Defence Infrastructure ADI
access hatch nedgangsluge
accident investigation board havarikommission
accidential error fejl
accidential spillage udtømning
accommodate akkomodere
accommodation aptering
accommodation kammer
Accommodation is provided for a crew of 8, in the forecastle there are 4 steel bunks, wood table and wood forms, food lockers and a coal stove. There is no saloon on board and the forward accommodation is used by the whole of the officers and crew as a mess room. On the starboard side there is a wooden provision locker built in, and at the forward end abaft of the hawse pipes a wood transverse bulkhead has been erected to provide a store space for ropes etc. The Master and Mate are accommodated in separate rooms under the bridge, these are fitted out with wood bunk settee, wardrobe etc., but no washing facilities are provided aptering
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accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder falderebstrappe
accommodation ladder falderebstrappe
accommodation ladder screen falderebsklæde
accommodation structure apteringshus
accomodate accomodere
accomodation aptering
accomodation beboelse
Accomodation and Support Vessel ASV
accomodation deck kahytsdæk
accomodation ladder badelejder
accomodation ship accommodation-skib
accompanying wife during a voyage. medsejlads
According to Article IV sub 5 of the Hague Rules neither the carrier nor the ship shall in any event be or become liable for any loss or damage to or in connection with goods in an amount exceeding £ 100 per package or unit or the equivalent of that sum in other currency unless the nature and value of such goods have been declared by the shipper before shipment and inserted in the Bill of Lading ansvarsbegrænsning
account bestik
account bestikregning
account gisning
account book afregningsbog
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account of a seaman's wages hyreblanket
account of wages rendered hyreopgørelse
accretion accretion
accumulator akkumulator
accumulator room akkumulatorrum
acetylene flare acetylenblus
acetylene flare calciumkarbidlys
acetylene flare vandlys
acetylene lamp acetylengaslampe
Achenar Achenar
achromatic akromatisk
Achterhang bock
aclinic line akline
acorn flagknop
acorn of a vane-head fløjknap
acorn og a mast-head fløjknap
acorn, railing, piece of metal shaped like an acorn, used to finish off the top of a vertical pipe in a railing. fløjknap
acoustic akustisk
acoustic cloud akustisk
acoustic log akustisk
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acoustic mine akustisk
acoustic sounding akustisk
acquire function acquirefunktion
acquisition overvågning
acquisition function acquirefunktion
acquisition, means the process of selecting a target or targets and initiating their tracking målopfangelse
acrab spil
acrostolion acrostolium
acrostolium acrostolium
acrostolium akrostolion
Acrux Sydkorset
acrylnitrile butadiene styrene ABS-plast
act and manner of bringing a boat alongside tillægning
act and manner of rigging takling
act of veering kovending
acting officer månedsofficer
actinograph aktinograf
actinometer aktinometer
action søslag
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action station muster klartskibsrulle
activate the alarm alarm
active cold front aktiv
Active Heave Compensation AHC
active radar responder radarresponder
active rudder aktivror
actual heeling moment krængningsmoment
Actual Time of Departure ATD
actuaria navis actuaria navis
ad valorem ad valorem
adaptability force indstillingskraft, indstillingsevne
adaptation adaptering
adaptive circuit adapteringskredsløb
additional freight fragttillæg
additional gaff stormgaffel
additional payment tillæg
addressee adressat
addressee adressat
adhesion between ship's bottom and sea floor vedhængning
adiabate adiabat
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adiabatic adiabatisk
adjacent sea: a single semi-closed sea with free-running connection to the ocean. E.g. North Sea, North Polar Ocean, Mediterranean, Caribbean bihav
adjacent waters tilstødende
adjust rette
adjust - compass adjustment korrigere
adjust compass timber tilstikke
adjustment afretning
adjustment component korrigeringslegeme
adjustment magnet kompensationsmagnet
adjustment means kompensationsmiddel
adjustment means korrigeringsmiddel
adjustment of a compass kompensere
adjustment of general average opgørelse
adjustment of the compass deviationsbestemmelse
adjutant math
admeasurement skibsmåling
admiral admiral
admiral admiral
admiral admiral
admiral admiral
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Admiral Elliott's eye splice splejs
Admiral of the Fleet rigsadmiral
admiral shell admiral
admiral ship flagskib
admiral-ship admiralskib
admiral's (broad) pendant admiralstander
admiral's barge admiralsslup
admiral's commanding flag topflag
Admiral's Cup Admiral's Cup
admiral's flag admiralsflag
admiral's rank admiralsrang
admiral's ship admiralskib
admiral's watch admiral's watch
admiralty admiralitet
Admiralty marineministerium
Admiralty anchor admiralitetsanker
Admiralty chart admiralitetskort
Admiralty chart BA-kort
Admiralty commissioner admiralitetskommisær
Admiralty Court overadmiralitetsret
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Admiralty court - under high court of justice søret
Admiralty Court (US) admiralitetsret
Admiralty High Courts (UK) admiralitetsret
Admiralty inspector søfiskal
Admiralty List of Radio Signals ALRS
Admiralty Men admiral
admiralty pattern anchor admiralitetsanker
Admiralty pattern anchor admiralitetsanker
admiralty pilots designate the volume of Sailing Direction lods
Admiralty rule admiralitetsregel
Admiralty Tide Tables Beaufortskala
Adriatic Sea Adriaterhavet
adrift forlade
adsorb adsorbere
adsorption adsorption
advance avancere
advance fremdrift
advance opskud
advance udredningsgage
advance (for 90°) advance
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
advance at sea løbe
advance on the wages hyreforskud
advance part talje
advancing bows skyde
advection advektionståge
advection fog advektionståge
advent advent
adventure aventure
adventurer kontrabander
adverse current modgående
adverse wind modvind
advice advis
advice note advis
advice note forhåndsnotice
advice-boat advise-fartøj
advice-boat paketbåd
advice-boat recognoserfartøj
Advisory Committee on Fishery Management ACFM
Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea ACOPS
adze dissel
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adze skarvøkse, skarøkse
adze skarvøkse, skarøkse
adze økse
Aegean Sea Ægæiske Hav
Aeneid Æneiden
Aeolus Æolus
aerial antenne
aerial halyard antennestag
aerial network antenneanlæg
aerial plug antenneudtag
aerial socket antenneudtag
aerial stay antennestag
aero RC luftradiofyr, luftfartsradiofyr
aerodynamics aerodynamik
aeronautic aeronautik
aeronautical radio beacon luftradiofyr, luftfartsradiofyr
AES beskyttelsesdragt
affirm the colours bekræfte
affirmative C
affirmative R
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
affreight affragte
affreight bortfragte
affreight. To hire a ship for the purpose of transporting freight. fragte
affreightment affreightment
affreightment befragtning
afloat flot
afore forefter
AFRAMAX Describes a tanker in the range of 80,000-120,000 dwt which is one of the ranges used in Average Freight Rate Assessment, q.v. A ship of this measurement is of advantage economically to the oil shipper aframax-type
aframax type aframax-type
African trader kystfarer
African trader slavehandler
aft agten
aft agter
aft agter
aft agter
aft (opposite to forward) agter
aft breast line fortøjningsline
aft companion agterkappe
aft deck dæk
aft hatchway luge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
aft leech rope agterlig
aft of amidships agten
aft sail agtersejl
aft spring line fortøjningsline
aft stay hækstag
aft thruster hækthruster
aft-castle agterdæk
aft; to go aft agter
after agter
after balance timber spant
after balance timber spant
after brace agterbras
after brace bras
after breast agterbreast
after breast line agterbrystfortøjning
after breastline fortøjning
after castle agterkastel
after compass agterkompas
after end agterende
after fish bagstykke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
after glow aftenrøde
after guy and fore guy bomslæber
after hatchway agterluge
after hatchway luge
after leech rope agterlig
after mast agtermast
after mast mast
after part agterdel
after peak agterskarp
after peak (tank) agterpeak
after peak tank skarptank
after perpendicular agterperpendikulær
after perpendicular perpendikulær
after perpendicular is a line perpendicular to the base line, intersecting the after edge of the stern post at the construction waterline. perpendikulær
after piece of a rudder hæl
after piece of the rudder opklodsning
after piece or chock ror
after runner agterløber
after sail sejl - 1.
after saloon agtersalon
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
after tossing dønning
after-backstay bardun
after-body agterpart
after-deck skanse
after-fish mast
after-guard agtergast
after-guy to the davit devis
after-hold agterlast
after-hold last
after-leech of a stay sail lig
after-piece of the rudder klik
after-sails sejl - 1.
after-side-fish stykke
afterbody agterdel
afterbody agterskib
aftercabin agterkahyt
afterchock ror
afterdeck agterdæk
afterglow afterglow
afterglow efterglød
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
afterguy agterhaler
aftermost agter
afternoon aften
afternoon eftermiddag
afternoon watch kvældsvagt
afternoon watch. vagt
afterpart agterpart
afterpiece ror
afterside agterkant
afterward agter
aftmost agter
aftward agter
agate agat
agave agave
age of diurnal inequality alder
age of parallax inequality alder
age of phase inequality alder
age of the moon alder
age of the moon månealder
age of tide alder
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agency agentur
agent agent
agent victualer proviantgård
agent victualler proviantkommissær
Ageton's method Agetons metode
Ageton's tables Agetons metode
agonic line agone
agreement hyrekontrakt
aground grund
Agulhas Current Agulhasstrømmen
ahead forefter
ahead forud
ahead frem
AHR gnidningsmodstand
Ahrents's scale Ahrents skala
AHTS = Anchor Handling Tug Supply AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
AHTS = Anchor Handling Tug Supply PSV
Aids to Navigation AtoN
aids to navigation navigationshjælpemiddel
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aim sigte
aim stråge
aim at bære
air luft
air a ship lufte
air bag ballon
air bubbles ejected below the waterline to enforce the icebreaking process Luftboblesystem
air course luftrang
air cushion skirt boblegardin
air cushion vehicle luftpudebåd, luftpudefartøj
air draft airdraft
air draught dybgang
air duct aftrækskanal
air funnel luft
air mass luftmasse
air pipe luftrør
air port. An opening in the side or deck house of a vessel, usually round in shape and fitted with a hinged frame in which a thick glass is secured. The air port can inside also be fitted with an additional metal hinged cover for protection of the interior should the glass be damaged. koøje
air receiver luftkasse
air receiver luftkedel
air resistance luftmodstand
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
air resistance vindfang
air shaft aftrækskanal
air tank luftkasse
air vessel vindkedel
air-course board luftbord
air-course board luftplanke
aircraft carrier hangarskib
alarm alarm
alarm alarmere
alarm alarmering
alarm bell alarmklokke
alarm signal alarmsignal
alarm system alarmsystem
Alaska Criteria Alaska-kriterierne
Alaska Current Alaskastrømmen
Alaska Stream Alaskastrømmen
Albano system albanosystem
albedo albedo
alburnum splint
alcidae alkefugl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Aldebaran Aldebaran
Aldis lamp Aldislampe
Aldis lamp dagslyslampe
Aldis lamp signallampe
alert alarmere
Aleutean Current Aleuterstrømmen
Aleutean low Aleuterlavtryk
alga, algae alge
alhidade alhidade
alkyd paint alkydmaling
all day rain dagregn
all hands bemanding
all hands down entre
all hands high mand
all hands high overalt
all hands hoay mand
all hands step-up! entre
all hands to quarter post
all in the same boat båd
all in the wind ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
all in the wind skib
all in the wind vind
all kind of dead-eyes and dead-blocks, excepting those which are employed for setting up the shrouds which are called in German Jungfern blok
all kinds of barnacles or shell-fish which fasten to a ship's bottom skæl
all kinds of bunt-lines and leech-lines gårding, gording
all kinds of ratling and lines linegods
all movable ballast shall be properly stowed under the floorboards or in the lockers and no dead weight shall be shifted ballast
all oceangoing vessels must be fitted with a collision bulkhead, which is carried up to the maindeck in full scantling vessels and up to the shelterdeck in shelterdeck vessels. The bulkhead must be fitted minimum 5 % of the vessel's length from the stem kollisionsskot
all round the clock døgn
all sails out sejl - 1.
all sails out til
all sails set fuld
all sails set sejl - 1.
all sails set sejl - 1.
all sails set sejlføring
all sails set til
all sails standing sejl - 1.
all sails standing til
All Saints allehelgensdag
All Saints' Day allehelgensdag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
All Souls' Day allesjælesdag
all the 24 hours døgn
all the masts of a ship masteværk
all the planks of the outer sides of a ship hud
all welded / fully welded helsvejst
all well aboard alt
all's well alt
all's well alt vel!
all's well vel
alla sensile alla sensile
Allhallows day allehelgensdag
allotment note trækseddel
allowance dagpenge
allowance kost
allowance ranzon
allowance ration
allowance tillæg
almacantors-staff gradstok, gradestok
almanac almanak
almucantar almucantar
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
almucantar almucantar
almucantar staff almucantar
aloft vejrs
along the coast land
alongside bord
alongside bord
alongside side
alongside side
alongside quay bolværk
alpha alfa
Alpha Crucis Sydkorset
Alpha Pegasi Markab
alphabetic flag bogstavflag
alphabetical flag bogstavflag
Alpheratz Alpheratz
alt-azimuth instrument azimuthalcirkel
Altair Altair
altar step altertrin
altazimuth altazimuth
alter forandre
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
alter ændre
alter / change course ændre
alter cours kurs
alter course kurs
alter the course Cours
alter the course forandre
alter the course masqvere
alter the speed fart
alter the stowage in the hold omstuve
alteration of course kursforandring
alteration of course kursændring
altering course away from the wind until a yacht begins to gybe falde
altering course towards the wind luffe
alternate alternere
alternating light blinkfyr
alternating light fyr
altimeter altimeter
altitude højde
altitude error barometri
altitude of a celestial body himmellegeme
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
altitude of a star stjernehøjde
altitude of the moon månehøjde
altitude of the pole pol
altitude of the pole polhøjde
altitude of the sun solhøjde
altitude parallel højdeparallel
altitude. The angular distance above the horizon højde
altocumulus altocumulus
altostratus altostratus
aluminium aluminium
aluminum aluminium
alveus / canoe alv
always afloat a.a.
always safely afloat ligge
Amalphitan Code Amalfikoden
ambergris ambra
America liner amerikabåd
America passenger ship amerikabåd
America's Cup America's Cup
American Bureau of Shipping ABS
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
American Cup Race America's Cup
American Petroleum Institute American Petroleum Institute
American Shipmasters' Association ABS
American Society of Testing Materials ASTM
amidship midtskibs
ammunition kugle
amount of cargo ladningsmængde
amphibious boat amfibiebåd
amphidrome - a point of zero amplitude of tide amfidromisk punkt
amphidromic amfidromisk
amphidromic point amfidromisk punkt
Amphitrite Amfitrite
amplifier amplifier
amplifier forstærker
amplitude amplitude
amplitude compass amplitudekompas
amplitude compass kompas
amplitude modulation AM
Amsler's integrator Amslers integrator
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
An accumulation of spongy white ice lumps, a few cm across, formed from grease ice or slush = shuga isklump
an adopted captain sætteskipper
an anchor which has no buoy blindt anker
an archipelago of small islands and rocks along a coast skærgård
An area of water where ships can anchor or moor alongside quays etc. and be protected from wind and sea havn
an armour of a lower sail, to prevent the bunt of the sail to burst by the violence of the wind svigtning
An average adjuster is a kind of arbitrator, with an expert knowledge of the law and practice relating to insurance and average... The outcome of his findings, is called the average statement groshavariopgørelse
an eclipse in which the moon passes through the shadow cast by the earth. The eclipse may be total, i.e. the moon passing completely through the earth's umbra; partial, i.e. the moon passing partially through the earth's umbra at maximum eclipse; or penumbral, i.e. the moon passing only through the earth's penumbra formørkelse
an enclosed area of water separated from the open sea by some more or less effective but not complete obstacle, such as low sand banks. A shallow sound, pond or lake generally separated from the open sea. A body of water enclosed by reefs and islands of an atoll lagune
An expression employed speaking of an old ship, the straining of which in a heavy sea expells the oakum out of the seams værk
An imaginary sphere of arbitrary radius upon which celestial bodies may be considered to be located. As circumstances require, the celestial sphere may be centered at the observer, at the earth's centre, or at any other location." himmelkugle
An indentation of the sea into the land with a wide opening bugt
An inferior planet has an orbit smaller than that of the earth nedre
An inside strake of planking or plating, secured to the ribs and supporting the ends of the beams stringer
an instrument, operated electrically from the master compass, that makes a permanent record of the exact courses steered. Earlier, it was recorded on a length of paper. Today it is recorded digitally in a computer kursskriver
an oblong dead eye with three holes blok
an officer who chastises the criminals which is performed in English by the boatswain profos
an officer who has the charge of whatever relates to the equipping, mooring or securing of ships; as well with regard to rigging, arming and fitting them for sea, as to the careening and floating them out of the docks equipagemester
An organic compound consisting exclusively of the elements carbon and hydrogen. Derived principally from petroleum, coal tar and vegetable sources gas
an outside area on a vessel's hull from bow to stern between certain waterlines to which special air-, water-, and grease-resisting paint is applied boottop
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
an over and knot knob
an overmasted ship skib
an uneasy ship vreden
an unexperienced sailor slutholt
anabatic wind anabatisk
Anadyomene. [epithet of Aphrodite] Anadyomene
analemma analemma
analemma analemma
analogic analog
analogic steering gear analogstyremaskine
analogical analog
analysis chart analysekort
anchor anker
anchor anker (mål)
anchor ankre op
anchor fad
anchor kaste anker
anchor ligge ankret = ligge opankret
anchor svær
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor sværanker
anchor ball ankerkugle
anchor barge ankerkran
anchor bearing ankerpejling
anchor bed ankerbeslag
anchor bell ankerklokke
anchor bend ankerstik
anchor bend ankerstik
anchor berth ankerplads
anchor bill ankerrulle
anchor bill-board ankerplanke
anchor bites ankeret har fat
anchor bites ankeret har fat
anchor bits fat
anchor buoy ankerbøje
anchor buoy ankerbøje
anchor buoy bøje
anchor buoy (connected to the crown by a buoy rope or tripping line) ankerbøje
anchor by the starboard anchor ankre op
anchor cable svær
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor cable sværtov
anchor cable marks ankerkædeafmærkning
anchor cable stopper svaggerhals
anchor cable survey ankerkædeinspektion
anchor cat ankergie
anchor cat ankerkat
anchor chain ankerkæde
anchor chain kæde
anchor chain stopper rugbrød
anchor chock ankerklods
anchor chock svineryg
anchor clinch ankerstik
anchor comes home ankeret går med
anchor command ankerkommando
anchor crane ankerkran
anchor crane kran
anchor crown kryds
anchor D-shackle samleled til kæde
anchor davit ankerdavid
anchor davit ankerkran
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor davit david, devis
anchor deck ankerdæk
anchor deck bak
anchor detail ankervagt
anchor drags ankeret går med
anchor drags ankeret ripper
anchor drags rippe
anchor escapement ankergang
anchor fisher ankerfisker
anchor gimbletes ankeret hopper
anchor ground ankersæt
anchor ground holdebund, holdegrund
anchor handling ankerhåndtering
anchor has got hold of the botten ankeret holder
anchor hitch stik
anchor hold ankerbund
anchor holds the bottom ankeret har fat
anchor hoops ankerstok 1
anchor ice ankeris
anchor ice bundis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor is a-cock-bill ankeret er for kranen
anchor is a-trip let
anchor is awash ankeret er i overfladen
anchor is clear ankeret er klar
anchor is dredging ankeret ripper
anchor is foul klar
anchor is foul, or the cable gets foul of the fluke, or the anchor is fouled by the cable få et anker uklart
anchor is ready klar
anchor is ready (to drop) ankeret er klar
anchor is to the bow ankeret er for klysset
anchor is under the foot ankeret er under skibet
anchor key ankersplit
anchor knot ankerstik
anchor lashing ankersurring
anchor leading marks ankermærke
anchor light ankerlanterne
anchor lining ankerforing
anchor lining svineryg
anchor maneuvre ankringsmanøvre
anchor muster list ankerrulle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor muster list / bill ankringsrulle
anchor plate ankerforing
anchor pocket where the crown and flukes are stowed without any part portruding ankerreces
anchor purchase ankergie
anchor purchase ankerkat
anchor ring ring
anchor ring puddening røring
anchor rode ankertov
anchor roller ankerrulle
anchor shank painter ankerrøstline
anchor sling ankerslæng
anchor sling længe
anchor stock ankerstok 1
anchor stock ankerstok 1
anchor stock stok
anchor tackle talje
anchor towards the offing søanker
anchor tripper ankerslipapparat
anchor watch ankervagt
anchor weight ankervægt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchor well ankerbrønd
anchor which is a cockbill ankeret er ret op og ned
anchor winch with pawl-bitts nikkespil, nikkepumpespil
anchor winch.
With cable drum wheel also called gypsy wheel for the chain
anchor with a movable stock afstokke
anchor with a spring ankre med spring
anchor with the sails standing ankre for stående sejl
anchor-deck dæk
anchor-fluke stopper fligstopper
anchor-handling tug AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
anchor-handling tugs AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
anchor-stopper at the cat-head pertyrline
anchor(ing) ground ankerbund
anchorage ankerbund
anchorage ankergrund
anchorage ankerhold
anchorage ankerpenge
anchorage ankerplads
anchorage sætteri
anchorage duty havnepenge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anchorage limit grænselinje
anchorage mark ankermærke
anchorage range ankermærke
anchorage transit bearing ankermærke
anchored opankret
anchored vessel ankerligger
anchoring opankring
anchoring ground ankergrund
anchorring plads
anchorstock planking bordlægning
anchovy ansjos
ancient, ensign or colors of any nation flag
and for the first time they were described as »Admirals« admiral
and new rigging rove in its place takkelage
Andromeda Andromeda
anemometer anemometer
anemometer vindmåler
aneroid barometer aneroidbarometer
aneroid barometer barometer
angel type clutch vinkelklo
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
angle angle
angle vinkel
angle band stålemne
angle bar. A bar of angle-shaped sections used as a stiffener and for attachment of one plate or shape to another. vinkelskinne
angle of collision kollisionsvinkel
angle of heel krængningsvinkel
angle of incidence indfaldsvinkel
angle of leeway afdriftsvinkel
angle of repose skridvinkel
angle of the dip dale, daling
angler's loop fiskerøje
angler's loop fiskerøje
angling krogfiskeri
angular distance measured in degrees or radians afstand
angular distance on the celestial sphere deklination, declination
anhauler indhaler
anhauler indhaler
anneal afhærde
annealing rekrystallisering
annealing of a chain varmebehandling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
annealing. "In order that steel may be soft enough to file or work easily in a machine, it is annealed... Annealing consists of heating the steel red hot and allowing it to cool off slowly udgløde
annotinae annotinae
annual aberration aberration
annul a signal signal
annul a signal tilbagekalde
annular ringformet
annular solar eclipse solformørkelse
Annunciation Day Bebudelsesdag, Mariæ-
Annunciation Day Maria Bebudelsesdag
Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary Maria Bebudelsesdag
anode offeranode
anomalistic month anomali
anomalistic period anomali
anomalistic revolution anomali
anomalistic revolution omløbstid
anomalistic year anomali
anomalistic year år
anomaly anomali
anquilae B
anqvina anqvina
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ansa gubernaculi ansa gubernaculi
answer a signal signal
answer a signal signal
answer the helm lystre
answer the helm ror
answering pennant svarstander
antarctic circle polarcirkel
antarctic circle polarkreds
Antarctic convergence antarktiske konvergens
Antarctic Current Antarktiske Strøm
Antarctic Zone polarzone
Antares Antares
antemon antemon
antenna antenna, antemna
antenna antenne
antenna network antenneanlæg
anti balloon guns A-B skyts
anti exposure suit beskyttelsesdragt
anti pirate radar antipiratradar
Anti Submarine Detection and Investigation Committee. ASDIC
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anti-circumpolar anticirkumpolær
anti-collision radar antikollisionsradar
anti-corrosion paint AC-maling
anti-corrosive paint primer
anti-fouling paint AF-maling
anti-heeling system antirullesystem
anti-heeling tank antirulletank
anti-mine device minesikringsanlæg
anti-rolling devices. antirulletank
anti-rolling tank slingretank
anti-rolling tanks antirulletank
anti-skid helicopter net helikopternet
anti-trade wind antipassatvind
anti-twist stabiliser unit persontransportkurv
anticlutter birefleksspærrer
anticlutter glitterspærrer
anticlutter gain anticlutter
anticlutter rain anticlutter
anticlutter-sea anticlutter
anticyclonal curvature anticyklon
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
anticyclone anticyklon
anticyclone high anticyklon
antifouling bottom painted bundsmurt
antifouling paint antifouling
antifouling paint boottop
Antilles Current Antillerstrøm
antipode place antipodepunkt
antipode point antipodepunkt
antiscorbutic antiscorbutic
antlion antlion, antlia, antlon
antoeci antipodepunkt
anvil shaped clouds ambolt
Any deviation in saving or attending to save life or property at sea or any reasonable deviation shall not bed deemed to be an infringement or breach of these Rules or of the contract of carriage and the carrier shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom deviation
Any vessel such as a steamship, motorship or sailing ship suitable for navigationg in deep water.
Ships are now personified as feminine [1942], but usage has varied. The use of the masculine pronoun in the 17th and 18th centuries was probably suggested by the application of man to a ship in Dutchman, merchantman, man-of-war, etc.
apartments kammer
apeak lette anker
aperiodic aperiodisk
aperiodic compass aperiodisk
aperture: "The space provided between the propeller post and stern post for the propeller." skruestævn
aphelion aphelium
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
aphlaston aphlaston
Aphrodite Afrodite
API (unit) API-grad
API-gravity API-gravity
apiring tube sugerør
apobathrai apobathrai
apogean tidal current apogæum
apogean tide apogæum
apogee apogæum
apogeia apogeia
apostis apostis
apostles. The two large bollards fixed to the main deck near the bows ... around which hawsers or anchor cables were belayed apostlene
apparel udrustning, udrustningsgenstand
apparent afstand
apparent altitude apparente højde
apparent altitude højde
apparent distance distance
apparent horizon apparente horisont
apparent horizon kiming, kimming
apparent horizon søkant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
apparent midnight sand
apparent noon sand
apparent noon sanddag
apparent position apparente højde
apparent semidiameter apparente halvdiameter
apparent solar day dag
apparent solar day sand
apparent solar day soldøgn
apparent time apparente tid
apparent time sandklokke
apparent time sandklokkeslæt
apparent time sandtid
apparent visible horizon apparente kiming
apparent wind apparente vind
apparent wind tilsyneladende
appear dry tør
appear dry tør
appendage fremspringende
appendix tonnage certificate appendixmålebrev
application / requisition for survey or inspection besigtigelse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
apply the sheathing-hair to a ship's bottom forhudning
appointment udkommando
apportioning of losses tabsfordeling
apprentice aspirant
apprentice befalingsmandselev
apprentice kadet
apprentice styrmandsaspirant
apprentice styrmandslærling
approach anduve
approach anduvning
approach ansejle
approach indløb
approach indsejling
approach nærme
approach buoy anduvningstønde
approach channel indsejlingsrende
approach direction indsejlingsretning
approach from leeward nærme
approach light anduvningsfyr
approaching storm optræk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
approaching traffic in opposite direction modgående
approval approbation
approximate position omtrentlig
April april
apron bundsikring
apron forstævn
apron forstævn
apron inderstævn
apron mellemstævn
apron platlod
apron slemholt
apron stævn
apron of the gate sluse
apside apside
aquaculture akvakultur
aquaculture plant akvakulturanlæg
aquamaster aquamaster
Aquarius Aquarius
aqueduct akvædukt
aqueous film forming foam AFFF
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Arabian Gulf AG
Arabian Gulf Arabiske Bugt, Den
Arabian Gulf Golfområdet
Arabian Sea Arabiske Hav, Det
aramid fibre aramidfiber
arc illumination = The altitude graduations along the limb, are called the arc skalabelysning
arc intercepted between meridian a + b måle
arc measurement buemål
arc of visibility synlighedssektor
arc transmitter buesender
arcform vessel ark
arch bue
archboard navnebræt
arched bridge bro
arching - the same as hogging hogging
archipelago arkipelag
archipelago skærgård
archipelago øhav
architalassus architalassus
arcon arcon
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
arctic circle polarcirkel
arctic circle polarkreds
Arctic Current Arktiske Strøm
Arctic Ocean Arktiske Ocean
arctic skua bådsmand
Arctic Zone polarzone
Arcturus Arcturus
area fartsområde
area covered dækningsområde
area for navigation lanes gennemsejlingsområde
Area forecast farvandsoversigt
area of possible position stedbælte
area of the midship section middelspantareal
areometer aræometer
areometer flydevægt
Argand burner rundbrænder
Argand lamp argandlampe
Argonaut argonaut
Argonite argonite
argosy argosy
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Aries Aries
ark ark
arke arke
arm ankerarm
arm arm
arm arm
arm armere
arm armere
arm (a mine) armere
arm a lead DNT armere
arm a prize prise
arm a ship udruste
arm cleat klampe
arm cleat nokklampe
arm earing nokløjert
arm of a yard nok
arm the capstan bom
arm-gasket beslåsejsing
arm. arm
armada armada
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
armadilla armadilla
armadilla armadilla
armament bestykning
armature anker (mål)
armature armatur
armature armatur
armature coil anker (mål)
armed mast mast
armed mast sammenlaske
armed mast: Mast made from more than one piece of timber mast
armed merchant ship defensionsskib
armed ship skib
armed with bow and stern guns - bow chaser andstern chaser stævnbevæbnet
armillar armillary
armillary sphere armillary
armillary sphere astrolab
armour-clad frigate panserfregat
armour-clad shell-plating panserklædning
armour-clad skin panserklædning
armoured cable armeret kabel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
armoured door dør
armoured trunk brønd
armoured vessel panserskib
armoured-deck dæk
arms or horns krydsholt
arms' chest geværkiste
Around 30° in both hemispheres air begins to descend toward the surface in subtropical high-pressure belts known as subtropical ridges passatbælte
arpax arpax
arrangement of the guns kanon
arrest beslag
arrival ankomst
arrival condition ankomstkondition
arrival day ankomstdag
arrival place plads
arrival position påkommende
arrival report ankomstrapport
arrive ankomme
arrive at ankomme
arrive safe and sound behold
arse blok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
arse grundgang
arse of a block blok
arsenal lieutenant tøjløjtnant
artemon formast
artemon mast artemonmast
articles of war krigsartikler
articles of war søartikel
articles of war søkrigsartikel
artificer håndværker
artificial day dag
artificial horizon horisont
artificial island ø
artificial lightning kornmod
artilleryman's knot artilleristik
as applied to beam, keel length and overall length et-to-tre proportioner
as is as is
As slack holds create the largest upsetting moments, in order to comply with stability criteria and stay within the maximum angle of heel of 12 degrees, it may be necessary to secure the free surface of the grain.
This may be done by strapping or overloading with bagged cargo.
As soon as this signal is seen, the shore party will then set the jackstay taut, and by means of the whip will haul the breeches buoy out to the ship. The person to be rescued should get in to the breeches buoy and sit well down redningsstol
as the days grow longer the cold grows stronger dag
ascend to the Channel opgang
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ascending celestial body opgå
ascending node knude
ascending node måneknude
ascending node opstigende
Ascension Day bucento
Ascension Day Kristi Himmelfartsdag
ascension or hour angle deklination, declination
ascertain the depth of the sea bund
ascoma ascoma
asdic ASDIC
ash ask
ash bucket askepøs
ash ejector. askeejektor
ash hoist askehejs
ash hoisting askehivning
ash pit askegrav
ash port askeport
ash port asketragt
Ash Wednesday påske
ashore land
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ashot of cable ankertov
askr ask
aspect aspekt
aspect aspekt
aspect aspekt
asphalt carrier asfaltskib
asphalt cement asfaltcement
asphalt paint asfaltmaling
asphalt tanker asfaltskib
asphalt. asfalt
aspiration psychrometer aspirationspsykrometer
aspiring pump pumpe
ass blok
ass grundgang
assembling method forbindelsesmåde
assess the loss skade
assessment assessment
assistant cook ungkok
assistant harbour master havneassistent
assisted by tugs slæbebådsassistance
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
assisting pilot hjælpelods
associate as messmates bak
Associated Danish Ports ADP
associated member of the ship's company medsejlads
Associated Rescue Co-ordination Centre ARCC
Association of Danish Rescuers Foreningen af danske Redningsmænd
assumed position sted
astatic astatisk
astern agten
astern agter
astern agter
astern agterlæns
astern of agten
astern of agter
astern of the ship agten
astern off agter
asteroids planetoide
astigmatic lens natglas
astro compass; an instrument or equipment that indicates direction in the horizontal plane from astronomical information astrokompas
astrolabe astrolab
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
astronomic latitude bredde
astronomical aberration aberration
astronomical day astronomisk dag
astronomical day dag
astronomical latitude geografisk
astronomical line of position astronomisk stedlinje
astronomical navigation astronomisk navigation
astronomical navigation navigation
astronomical position astronomisk sted
astronomical position sted
astronomical ring solring
astronomical time astronomisk tid
astronomical triangle astronomisk trekant
astronomical twilight astronomisk tusmørke
astronomical twilight tusmørke
astronomical year år
at a distance of afstand
at a distance of distance
at a long peak stagvis, stagsvis
at an angle about 50 degrees under
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
at any point, the direction of that part of the horizontal component of the magnetic field of a planet which runs towards the north magnetic pole meridian
at close quarters klos
at high tide højvande
at new flood flod
at night the presence of background light such as from shores lights or from back scatter of her own lights genskin
at sea
at sea
at sea til
at six bells glas
at the break of the poop forkant
at the entrance indsejling
at the helm ror
at the last moment faldereb, faldreb
at the mast head top
at the mercy of the wind and waves vind
at the same distance afstand
at the tail end agterhånd
Atehena Athene
ater streak plankegang
athwart tværs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
athwart tværs
athwart the fore foot passage
athwart the ship tværskibs
athwart us on the beam tværs
athwartship tværskibs
athwartship intermediate double stacker containerbeslag
athwartships beam bom
Atlantic bunks atlantkøje
Atlantis Atlantis
atlas atlas
atlas atlas
atlly clerk tallymand, taljemand
atmosphere atmosfære
atmosphere atmosfære
atmospheric pressure lufttryk
atmospheric radio wave rumbølge
atoll atol
atomic clock atomur
atrip lette anker
attach fastgøre
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
attach a hawser to the runner stikke
attach the ratlings to the shrouds vævle
attachment for the shrouds afsætning
attachment rudder påhængsror
attamannafar ottemandsfarer
attamannafar ottring
attempt at salvage bjærgningsforsøg
attempted rescue redningsforsøg
attenuation of radar waves dæmpning
atterage atterage
attractive force tiltrækningskraft
Attwood's formula Attwoods formel
audible alarm alarm
audit audit
augmentation augmentation
August august
aurora aurora
aurora australis sydlys
aurora borealis nordlys, polarlys
Australian eye splice splejs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
auteretai auteretai
authorization / license autorisation
auto alarm by radiotelegraphy radiotelegrafi
auto-alarm autoalarm
automatic fire alarm brandmeldeanlæg
automatic frequency control AFC
automatic gain control AGC
automatic identification system AIS
Automatic Radar Plotting Aids ARPA
automatic radio direction finder ADF
automatic steering selvstyreanlæg
automatic steering selvstyring
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV
autophortoi holkades autophortoi
autopilot autopilot
autopilot selvstyrer
autopilot steering selvstyring
Autoridad del Canal de Panamá ACP
Autoridad del Canal de Panama Panamakanal
autumn efterår
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
autumn equinox efterårsjævndøgn
autumnal equinox jævndøgnspunkt
autumnal equinox or first point of Libra jævndøgn
auxiliary craft hjælpefartøj
auxiliary engine hjælpemotor
auxiliary engine maskine
auxiliary light bifyr
auxiliary pilot hjælpelods
auxiliary powered sailing vessel sejlskib
auxiliary sail hjælpesejl
auxiliary scale hjælpeskala
auxiliary station bistation
auxiliary steering system reservestyreanlæg
Avadepth now incorporates the latest Web technologies for user functionality and interactivity. It allows users to quickly and reliably calculate transit windows for minimum and maximum draughts, view current and historical bottom soundings in an easy-to-read graphical format, assess predicted water levels throughout the river and view current detailed data on channel conditions in shallow areas in the channels transitvindue
avast stå
average havari
average adjustment dispache
average adjustment havarifordeling
average adjustment havariopgørelse
average certificate havariattest
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
average claim havarifordring
average commission havarikommission
average contribution havaribidrag
average damage havariskade
Average Hull Roughness AHR
Average Hull Roughness gnidningsmodstand
average percentage havariprocent
average report havarirapport
average speed fart
average statement dispache
average statement havariberegning
average statement havariopgørelse
average-stater dispachør
avoirdupois weight avoirdupoisvægt
away from klar
away the cable stikke
away to starboard styrbord
aweigh let
aweigh lette anker
awl pren
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
awning sejl - 1.
awning solsejl
awning solsejl
awning soltag
awning deck awningdæk
awning deck dæk
awning deck overdæk, fuldstændigt
awning deck vessel orkandæksskib
awning of a boat sundække
awning stanchion solsejlsribbe
awning-deck dæk
awning-deck dæk
awning-deck dæk
awning-decked vessel awningdækker
awning-decker stormdækker
ax afbindingsøkse
axe afbindingsøkse
axe beenøkse
axe benøkse
axe bindeøkse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
axe retøkse
axe økse
axes akse
axial ramp aksialrampe
axiometer rorviser
axis akse
axis blok
axis of the earth jordakse
axle aksel
axle blok
axle bearing bæreleje
axle-driven generator akselgenerator
axle-trees rappert
azimuth azimuth
azimuth - a bearing is customarily applied to the direction of terrestrical objects whereas azimuth is used about celestial bodies pejling
azimuth bar azimuthspejl
azimuth circle azimuthspejl
azimuth circle pejlering
azimuth circle vertikal
azimuth compass azimuthkompas
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
azimuth compass kompas
azimuth compass kompas
Azimuth compass normalkompas
azimuth curve azimuthkurve
azimuth instrument azimuthspejl
azimuth mirror azimuthspejl
azimuth motor azimuthmotor
azimuth observation azimuthobservation
azimuth pit azimuthgrav
azimuth prism azimuthspejl
azimuth propeller azimuthpropeller
azimuth ring prismecirkel
azimuth signal azimuthsignal
Azimuth Stern Drive ASD
Azimuth Stern Drive Azimuth Stern Drive
Azimuth Stern Drive tug ASD
azimuth table azimuthtabel
azimuth thruster azimuththruster
azimuth thruster propulsion unit azimuthpropeller
azimuth torquer azimuthtorquer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
azimuth-compass Compas
azimuthal compass kompas
azimuthal map projection azimuthalprojektion
azipod azipod-propeller
Azorean high pressure azorerhøjtyk
B.O.M admiralitetsregel
B/L Connossement
BA chart BA-kort
baby stay babystag
babycontainer babycontainer
BACAT-ship BACAT-skib
back bakgang
back bakke
back skage
back a-stern skodde
back a-stern or to hold water with the oars skodde
back all astern skodde
back an anchor dublere et anker
back an anchor katte
back and fill bakke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
back astern skodde
back board rygbræt, rygstød
back letter back letter
back manoeuvre bakmanøvre
back of the post agterstævn
back of the rudder forhudning
back of the rudder ror
back of the stern post stævn
back of the stern-post agterstævn
back rope / guy agterhaler
back splice hunderumpe
back splice kronesplejs
back the anchor katte et anker
back the foresail bakke
back the main top (gallant etc.) bakke
back the sails brase
back water skodde
back water with the larboard oars skodde
back-board båd
back-staff Davis' kvadrant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
back-steam damp
back-sweep of the waves bagsø
back, backing bakke
backbone of a ship køl
background lighting disturbing or interfering background lighting baggrundslys
backhanded knot baghåndsknob
backrush. bagsø
backshore: the portion of the shore covered by water during exceptional storms only. kyst
backsplash bagvand
backstaff bagstok
backstaff observation bagobservation
backstay agterstag
backstay agtertakkel
backstay bagstag
backstay bardun
backstay - a stay which extends from all mast levels, except the lower mast, to the ship's side abaft the mast. Backstays serve as additional supports to prevent the mast from going forward, and at the same time contribute to the lateral support, thereby assisting the shrouds. bagstag
backstay collar bardunøje
backstay crosstree bardunstræber
backstay lever / adjuster bardunstrammer
backstay outrigger bardunstræber
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
backstay sail bagstagsejl
backstay spreader bardunstræber
backstay stool bardunrøst
backstay strut bardunstræber
backstay whisker bardunstræber
backstay-stool røstskinne
backwards agterlæns
backwash bagsø
backwash tilbageskyl
backwash tilbageslag
backwash. bagsø
backwind bagluft
backwind bagluft
backwind bagvind
bad anchoring ground ankergrund
bad sailer sejler
bad stowning stuvning
bad trimmed sail kant
bad weather hård
bad weather uvejr
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
badge galleri
badges sidegalleri
baffle bulkhead skvalpeskot
baffle plate skvalpeplade
baffleplate brændplade
baffling wind vind
bag filled with langrel skrot
bag-bolt bolt
bag-reef strækreb
baghla baghla
bagpipe the fore stay sail brække
bags Bgs
baguio baguio
Bahama Current Bahamasstrømmen
Bahn's floating magnets Bahnske flydemagneter
bail balje
bailer bailer
bailer øsekar
bails jern
bait agn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bait agne
bait agne
bait bede
bait bejte
bait ese
bait fish agnfisk
baize or kersey to line the gun-ports portklæde
balance balance
balance balance
balance ballast
balance ligevægt
balance a mizen svigte
balance a mizzen rebe
balance a sail svigte
balance axis balanceaksel
balance band and shackle balancering
balance bolt bolt
balance lugger balancelugger
balance of wages hyreregnskab
balance pipe balanceledning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
balance reef reb
balance rudder (pivots about a point abaft the leading edge) balanceror
balance sheet for a port call pladsregnskab
balance the mizzen mesan
balance the mizzen rebe
balance weights stabilisatorklods
balance wheel balancehjul
balance-reef diagonal
balance-reefed trysail and svigtningsreb
balanced rudder balanceror
balanced rudder balanceror
balanced rudder ror
balancela balancela
balancelle balancelle
balancing band and shackle ankerbalancebeslag
balandra balandra
balandra balandra
balcony vægtergang
Balcony projecting from the stern or quarter. The bulkhead with windows at the forward side, is called the screen-bulkhead and is the partition to the cabin. The arched roof over the gallery is the cover galleri
Baldt anchor Baldt anker
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bale balje
bale balle
bale bl(s)
bale øse
bale a boat læns
bale a boat øse
bale capacity bale capacity
bale capacity kapacitet
bale capacity. The balespace is the capacity of cargo spaces expressed in cubic measurement. The balespace is obtained by multiplying length and breadth measured to inside of cargo battens at half lengt of the hold and the product multiplied with the depth measured from top of ceiling to underside of beams ballekapacitet
bale capicity lastrumskapacitet
bale goods ballegods
bale out balje
bale-sling længe
baleen barde
balener balener
balener balinger
baler øsekar
bales bl(s)
balinger balener
balk tværsent
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ball ballon
ball kugle
ball skarp
ball lightning kuglelyn
ball valve kugleventil
ball valve skydeventil
ballakou ballakou
ballam ballam
ballast baglast
ballast ballast
ballast ballast
ballast ballaste
ballast ballastere
ballast ballastindtagelse
ballast last
ballast last
ballast basket ballastkurv
ballast board ballastskot
ballast bonus ballastbonus
ballast breaker ballastfad
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ballast discharge ballastlosning
ballast heaver ballastlosser
ballast heaver muddermaskine
ballast heaver muddermaskine
ballast hold ballastrum
ballast iron ballastjern
ballast jetty ballastbro
ballast keel ballastkøl
ballast lighter ballastbåd
ballast lighter ballastpram
ballast line ballastlinje
ballast line ballastlinje
ballast load ballastmængde
ballast loading ballastindtagelse
ballast mark ballastlinje
ballast passage ballastrejse
ballast pea ballastsand
ballast pier ballastbro
ballast pipe ballastrør
ballast pipe system ballastrør
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ballast port ballastport
ballast port ballastport
ballast pump ballastpumpe
ballast pump. " One vertical self-priming centrifugal pump, having a capacity of about 150 tons of water per hour when discharging over board from the tanks, at 15-17 m W.C ballastpumpe
ballast ratio ballastratio
ballast sailing ballastrejse
ballast scoop ballastsskuffe
ballast shell ballastgranat
ballast shingles ballastgrus
ballast shoot ballastrende
ballast shovel ballastskovl
ballast space ballastrum
ballast stanchion ballaststøtte
ballast stones for manual stowage. The stones can be equipped with rope handles for easier handling lempesten
ballast tank ballasttank
ballast trim ballastkondition
ballast trip ballastrejse
ballast unloading ballastlosning
ballast voyage ballastrejse
ballast water ballastvand
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ballast water convention ballastvandkonventionen
Ballast water task force sets to work on alien invaders. Shipping moves over 80% of the world's commodities and transfers around 10 billion tonnes of ballast water each year. ... The problem arises when ballast water contains marine life. There are literally thousands of species that may be carried in ships' ballast; anything that is small enough to pass through a ship's ballast water intake pumps. This include bacteria, smal invertebrates and the eggs, cysts and larvae of various species ballastvand
ballast weight ballastmængde
ballast wharf ballastbro
ballast-basket ballastbalje
ballast-boards ballastskot
ballast-port port
ballastage ballastafgift
ballastage ballastpenge
ballasted vessel ulastet
balling balling
ballock block drejerebsblok
balloen balloen
balloon head-sail ballonfok
balloon jib genakker, gennaker
balloon-jib ballonklyver
ballooner ballonklyver
bally balling
Ballyhoo (of blazes) bally
balmer balmer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
balone balone
balsa balsa
balsa (wood) balsatræ
balsa raft balsa
Baltcon baltcon
Baltic and International Maritime Council BIMCO
Baltic bow isbryderstævn
Baltic Capesize Index Baltic Capesize Index
Baltic Dry Index Baltic Dry Index
Baltic Icebreaking Meeting Baltic Icebreaking Meeting
Baltic Pilot Organization BPO
Baltic Sea Sinus Codanus
Baltic Sea: is called an arm of the North Atlantic ocean bihav
Baltimore clipper baltimoreskonnert
Baltimore schooner baltimoreskonnert
balustrade lændværk
banana feeder bananfeeder
banana feeder ship bananfeeder
band bånd
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
band bånd
band beslag
band bolt
band stålemne
band brake båndbremse
band of position stedbælte
band width båndbredde
banding bolt
banian day kummerdag
banjo frame banjoramme
bank banke
bank banke
bank bred
bank bænk
bank bænk
bank dige
bank grundsætte
bank fisherman bankefisker
bank of a dock dokbænk
bank of a river or the shore kant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bank of a river or the shore kant
bank of oars båd
bank ship bankskude
bank the fires bakke
bank up the fires bakke
banker banker
banker fisker
banking schooner bankskonnert
banner banner
banner flag
Bannian day fastedag
baptize dåb
baptize dåb
baptize døbe
bar bar
bar barkune
bar barre
bar barre
bar gangspil
bar nothspade
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bar rev
bar sandbanke
bar holes capstan
bar keel kølrang
bar keel skinnekøl
bar magnet stangmagnet
bar of the capstan spilbom
bar port barre
bar stem skinnestævn
bar swell barresø
bar type chain cable stopper kædestopper
bar wave barresø
bar-pump pumpe
bar-shot skarp
barad barad
barb of a rag-bolt tand
barb on a hook agnhold
barb-bolt bolt
Barbary States Barbaresk
Barbary States Barbarien
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barber barber
barber hauler barberhal
barber-surgeon badskærer
barbette barbettetårn
barbette tower barbettetårn
barca barca
barcalong barcalong
barcalonga barcalong
barcarole barcarole
barco barca
Barden's method Bardens metode
bards bards, bardse
bareboat bareboat
bareboat charter bareboat
bareboat charter charter
bareboat register bareboat-register
Barents Sea Barentshavet
barge båd
barge barge
barge barge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barge barge
barge barge
barge barge
barge bark
barge chalup
barge chefchalup
barge ligter
barge lægter
barge pram
barge pram
barge skude
barge skøjte
barge slup
barge storslup
barge aboard catamaran BACAT-skib
barge boat types båd
barge carrier lægterskib
barge compass Chalups-Kompas
barge container pramcontainer
barge crane flådekran
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barge for dredged materials klappram
barge for longer voyages; lighter for shorter voyages båd
barge-carrier barge-carrier
bargeman bådfører
bark bark
bark havrebark
bark sejlskib
bark or boat barke
bark rigged barkrigget
bark rigging on mizzen mast barktop
Barke rudder barkeror
Barkemeyer rudder barkeror
barkentine barkentine
barkentine barkentine
barkerole barkerole
barkerole barkerole
Barlow's plate barlowsplade
barnacles langhalse
barnacles musling
barnacles rankefod
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barocyclonometer barocyclonometer
barograph barograf
barometer barometer
barometer error barometerfejl
barometer observation barometerobservation
barometric gradient barometrisk gradient
barometric tide barometerets daglige gang
barometry barometri
barong barong
baroto baroto
barque bark
barque bark
barque bark
barque havrebark
barque built barkbygget
barque provencale barque provencale
barque rigged barkrigget
barquentine barkentine
barquentine barkentine
barqueta barqueta
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barquette barquette
barra barra
barra barra
barracoota barracuda
barracouta barracuda
barracuda barracuda
barrage dæmning
barrarra barrarra
barratry baratteri
barratry forlis
barrel barrel
barrel barrel
barrel capstan
barrel fad
barrel fad
barrel fadtønde
barrel ratstamme
barrel spil
barrel tønde
barrel hitch tøndestik
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
barrel hook tøndekrog
barrel knot blodknude
barrel man barrel
barrel of a capstan stamme
barrel of the windlass bradspilsstamme
barrel or spherical chamber at end of gun bådsmandspibe
barrel parrel rakke
barrel pump pumpe
barrel sling tøndesling
barricade brystværn
barricading bastingage
barricado barricado
barricoe barricoe
barrier tærskel
barrier reef Barrier Reef
Barrow's dip circle Barrow's dip circle
barse bars
bartz bards, bardse
barycenter barycenter
barza barza
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bascule broklap
bascule bridge basculeringsbro
bascule bridge bro
bascule bridge bro
bascule bridge klapbro
bascule light vippefyr
bascule light of unknown construction papegøjefyr
base basis
base frequency basisfrekvens
base line basislinje
base line basislinje
base line basislinje
base rate basisrate
base ring and ogee Canon
base-plate bundramme
base-ring and ogee kanon
base-ring and ogee kanon
baseline BL
basic wages grundhyre
basin bassin
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
basin bassin
basin indre
basin of a dock dokbassin
basin of a port havn
basin of a port or that part of the harbour which is shot by a boom bindenhavn
basin port bassinhavn
basket bak
basket head ring persontransportkurv
basking shark brugde
bass bars
bass horn bassirene
BaSSy BaSSy-Toolbox
bateau bateau
bateloe bateloe
bath bade
bathing beach badestrand
bathing establishment badeanstalt
bathing pontoon badeflåde
bathometer batometer
bathymeter Rungs Universal Bathometer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bathymetric chart batymetrisk kort
bathypeagic zone bathypelagium
bathyscope bathyscope
battela battela
battelo battelo
batten batten
batten bræt
batten sejlpind
batten skalke
batten tømmer
batten tømmer
batten down skalke
batten down a hatch luge
battening forskalkning
battening skalkning
battening bar and wooden wedge skalkejern
battening screw skalkeskrue
battening wedge skalkekile
battens ribbe
battens skåling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
battens and wedges are to be efficient and in good condition skalkejern
battens for the sheer-line and battens for the mould-loft ribbands liste
battens of the hatches liste
battens of the tarpaulin presenningsliste
battens of the top mærseribbe
battery batteri
battery compartment akkumulatorrum
battery is a general term for a number of accumulator cells connected and working together batteri
battery ship batteriskib
battle of the line linjeslag
battle order linje, linie
battle-axe entrebil, emtrebil
battleship slagskib
baud baud
Baumé Baumé
baw-burd bagbord
bawley bawley
bay bai
bay bay
bay brofag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bay bugt
bay havbugt
bay rum
bay skib
bay sømærke
bay - smaller than a gulf, bigger than a cove bay
bay or kersey used for lining the gun ports, or wood-meil = vadmel portlagen
bay plan bayplan
Bayer's name Bayer navn
Bayeux tapestry Bayeuxtapetet
BB dinghy BB-jolle
Bé - °bé
be a lee
be a sailor
be a-stern of one's reckoning bestik
be abreast of højde
be adrift drive
be afloat flot
be afloat flyde
be aground grund
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be aground stå
be ahead of the dead reckoning bestik
be ahead of the dead reckoning forhånd
be ahead with one's work forhånd
be all in the wind ligge
be all in the wind vind
be anchored ligge ankret = ligge opankret
be ashore grund
be ashore grundstøde
be ashore stå
be astern of one's reckoning land
be astern of the reckoning bestik
be at anchor ligge
be at anchor ligge til ankers
be backed ligge
be beached bedding
be beached indstrande
be becalmed in the through of the sea
be becalmed in the trough of the sea
be beneaped by the bar skib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be berthed / moored at the pier lægge
be berthing port side kaj
be brought up by her anchors svaje
be buoyant vage
be buoyant vage
be buried in the sea ride
be by the head ligge
be by the stern ligge
be captain føre
be cast away strande
be close hauled ligge
be close reefed reb
be close-reefed mærssejl
be closehauled sejle
be dismasted miste
be down by the stern agter
be dredging the anchor drive for ankeret
be drowned drukne
be embayed forfaldet
be embayed læger
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be embayed læger
be embayed upon a lee shore læger
be embeyed forfaldet
be engaged for the run fare
be engaged in a trade fart
be engaged in the African trade fart
be heading ligge
be heading for kurs
be high built ligge
be home støt
be homebound rejse
be in anger because of weather or damaged vessel havsnød
be in balance balance
be in port land
be in the Far East trade sejle
be in the hollow of the sea tværs
be in the latitude of something højde
be in the trough of the sea tværs
be in the wake of a ship kølvand
be in the West or East Indies trade rejse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be laid a-back bakke
be launched vand
be leaky læk
be listed slagside
be lost forlise
be lost tilsætte
be low built ligge
be low in the water lav
be moored ligge ankret = ligge opankret
be moored with three anchors ligge
be neaped stå
be off
be off watch frivagt
be on a lee shore læger
be on contrary tack bout
be on duty vagt
be on even keel ligge
be on fire brand
be on fire brænde
be on her beam ends ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be on the beach bedding
be on the dole dagpenge
be on the nose or be on the heel ligge
be on the port tack bagbord
be on the same tack hals
be on the slip bedding
be on the slip bedding
be on the soundings lodskud
be on the starboard tack ligge
be on the starboard's tack hals
be on the stocks stå
be on watch vagt
be out of sight sigte
be out of trim amning
be overraked brådsø
be peggy bakstørn
be pooped
be pooped by a heavy sea styrtning
be put in charge of kommando
be ready for sailing ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be ready for sailing sejl - 1.
be rendering skære
be resplendent with sail and flags prange
be riding (to two anchors) opankret
be riding between stream and wind svaje
be round sheere ligge
be seasick søsyge
be sewed ebbe
be sewed sætte
be shipwrecked forgå
be single-anchored ligge for et anker
be slipped frastikke
be spent forløbe
be steady on a course ligge
be straight sheered ligge
be stranded forlise
be stranded grund
be stranded indstrande
be stranded komme
be stranded stå
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be swamped bordfylde
be swamped vand
be thrown on her beam ends side
be tide-rode strømret
be to leeward
be to windward luvart
be too much by the stern hæl
be two points off the course kurs
be under sail sejl - 1.
be under sail sejl - 1.
be under sail sejl - 1.
be under small sail
be under the lee of something
be under way fart
be under way skyde
be under way stævn
be under way stævne
be upright ligge
be waiting because of congestion in a port tørne
be washed overboard bord
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
be water lodged ligge
be waterborne flot
be wind bound modvind
be wind- or weather-bound modvind
be windbound ligge
be windbound ligge
be within gun shot skud
be within hailing distance prajehold
be wrecked skibbrud
be wrecked strande
beach beach
beach grund
beach havstok
beach kyst
beach kyst
beach landsætte
beach landsætte
beach strandbred
beach strandkant
beach sætte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
beach mine havstok
beach wave stoksø
beach-comber beach-comber
beach-comber beach-comber
beachcomber beach-comber
beaching landing
beaching strandsætning
beaching place strandsætningssted
beacon båke
beacon bavn
beacon bundmærke
beacon dagmærke
beacon dagmærke
beacon kabe
beacon kendemærke
beacon mærke
beacon racon
beacon sømærke
beacon tønde
beacon varde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
beacon vartegn
beacon with a broom risprik
beaconage bøjepenge
beaconage prikkepenge
beaconage vagerpenge
beaconage vardepenge
beak næse
beak-head bak
Beak-head: the ship's head forward of the forecastle, forming a small deck built over the stem. Ancient warships often had a strong and pointed projection - a kind of break bak
Beak-heads bak
beaked whale bottlenose
beam ankerstok 1
beam ås
beam barkune
beam bjælke
beam dokoi
beam dæksbjælke
beam clamp bjælkevæger
beam compass passer
beam direction strålegang
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
beam end bjælkehoved
beam grab bjælkeklo
beam knee bjælkeknæ
beam space bjælkeafstand
beam trawl bomtrawl
beam trawler bomtrawler
beam width strålevidde
beam wind tværsvind, tværvind
beam-compasses stangpasser
beam-filling karmfylding
beamy bred
bean-cod bean-cod
bear bjørn
bear away afholde
bear away bære
bear away bære
bear away dreje
bear away falde
bear away falde
bear away holde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bear away holde
bear away holde
bear away holde
bear away opduve
bear away ror
bear away = bear up...mean the same thing, viz., to put the helm up« referencen er altså til rorpindens el. rattets bevægelse mod (op mod) vindsiden.
»To bear down
bear away 2 points lade
bear away right before the wind holde
bear away right before the wind plat
bear away two points falde
bear down afholde
bear down falde
bear down on holde
bear down on styre
bear down upon bære
bear from bæring
bear in for anløbe
bear in with a harbour ankerplads
bear in with the land holde
bear in with the land sejle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bear in with the land stå
bear in with the land styre
bear of holde
bear off holde
bear off sætte
bear off from land stå
bear off from the land styre
bear off the anchor sætte
bear out brække
bear to windward lovere
bear up afholde
bear up bære
bear up falde
bear up holde
bear up holde
bear up holde
bear up holde
bear up lette
bear up op
bear up opduve
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bear up ror
bear up stævne
bear up for a port of refuge nødhavn
bear up round falde
bear up round opduve
bear up round plat
bear up round ror
bear up the helm ror
bear up the helm all ror
bear up to a ship stævne
beard of a comet stjerne
bearding rue
bearding of the rudder ror
bearding of the stern agterstævn
bearding of the stern skjønsning
bearding of the sternrope agterstævnsskjønsning
bearding-line spundingslinje
bearer bill of lading ihændehaverkonnossement
bearing bæring
bearing leje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bearing pejling
bearing pejling
bearing accuracy pejlenøjagtighed
bearing bar lineal
bearing bar pejlelineal
bearing card pejlerose
bearing circle pejlering
bearing compass kompas
bearing compass pejlekompas
bearing cursor pejlelineal
bearing deck pejlebro
bearing dial pejleskive, pejlskive
bearing dial solsten
bearing direction pejleretning
bearing mark pejlemærke
bearing object pejleobjekt
Bearing of the coast beliggenhed
bearing platform pejlebro
bearing platform pejleplatform
bearing point pejlemærke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bearing point pejlepunkt
bearing repeater pejlerepeater
bearing ring pejlering
bearing rpism pejleprisme
bearing sight pejlediopter
bearing surface bæreflade
Bearings. These are true, and expressed in degrees from 000° to 359°, measured clockwise pejling
bears bønnebog
bears down upon us afholde
beat krydse
beat vende
beat a person violently beg
beat all the other ships holde
beat frequency oscillator beat-oscillator
beat frequency oscillator BFO
beat or ply to windward by boards slå
beat out bovte
beat rust banke
beat the quarters slå
beat to sea bovte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
beat to windward bovte
beat to windward vende
beat to windward by boards lavere
beat up boute
beat up bovte
beat-frequency-oscillator stødtoneoscillator
beating to windward krydse
Beaufort notation Beaufort notation
Beaufort Scale Beaufortskala
Beaufort Sea Beaufort Hav
becalm bedage
becalm bedare
becalm a ship tage
becalm a ship vind
becalm a ship going close to windward of her tage
becalmed by a ship dødvind
becasse bekasse
Because of the characteristics of the simple loop antenna, a 180 degrees ambiguity exists... This ambiguity can be resolved by using a vertical sense antenna in connection with the loop hjælpeantenne
Becker rudder Becker flapror
Becker rudder ror
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
becket jern
becket knebel
becket knævle
becket kuglekrans
becket of a block hundsvot
becket of the pointing hundsvot
beckon virre
become a total loss totalforlis
become a wreck vrag
become cambered katryg, katterygget
become waterlogged vand
becue, to ankertov
bed afsprosse
bed bedding
Bed bund
bed halstræ
bed klods
bed stilholt
bed stilleskammel
bed bolt bolt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bed for the cable on the deck tovklods
bed frame sygeseng
bed of a cannon skammel
bed of a gun, or piece of wood laying across the carriage to support the breech of the gun stilholt
bed of a river flodseng
bed of the bowsprit kæbeklampe
bed plate bundplade
bed-clothes køjetøj
bed-frame ramme, sengeramme
bed-frame seng
bedding bedding
bedding køjetøj
bedeni bedeni
bedplate. "The bedplate, welded of mild Siemens-Martin steel, to be built up of cross girders and longitudinal girders. However, the central part of the cross girders, which contains bearing housings and staybolt pipes, to be made of steel castings bundramme
beds and quoins stuvholt
beds in a ship for the sick and wounded standkøje
beds in which a boat rests when stowed on deck bådklampe
beduang beduang
bee bigat
bee vinge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bee-block bigat
bee-block blok
bee-block skildpadde
bee-block violinblok
bee-hole bigat
beech bøg
beechwood bøg
beef-wood casuarina
beer jug køjtekande
beetle rambuk
before for
Before imposing a deduction from a seaman'a wages for a breach of the crew agreement, the following procedure, upon request by the seaman, shall be followed...
the alleged breach shall be entered in the official log book and shall be read to the seaman by the master, who shall record therein that it has been so read."
deduct from wages
lokke, logge
before the beam forlig
before the beam tværs
before the bow bov
before the mast bak
before the wind vind
beginning of the ebb forebbe
being a ground and lying dry at low water ligge
being be-calmed ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
belan belan
belay fast
belay kaste
belay tilkaste
belay a rope belægge
belay a rope gøre
belaying cleat hornklampe
belaying cleat klampe
belaying cleat at the inner side of a hawsehole hornklys
belaying cleat of the lower mast klampe
belaying cleats klampe
belaying pin kofilnagle, kufnagle
belaying pin kop
belaying pin kufnagle
belaying pin trækofilnagle
Belfast bow Belfast bov
Belfast rigging Belfast rigning
belfry galje
belfry klokkegalje, klokkeophæng
bell klokke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bell buoy bøje
bell clapper-line klokketov
bell om funktionen glas
bell rope klokketov
Bellatrix Bellatrix
Bellini-Tosi aerial Bellini-Tosiantenne
Bellini-Tosi antenna pejleramme
bellows blæsebælg
belly bus
belly = bag part = the swelling part of a wind filled sail.1
bunt = the middle part of a sail stowed
bellyrobber - the chief steward on a merchant vessel hovmester
belonging to a ship fare
below bord
below deck dæk
belt boat bæltfartøj
belt boat bæltsbåd
belt smack bæltsmakke
bench mark nivelleringspunkt
bench or seat in the stern sheets of a boat agtersæde
bench placed on the quarter-deck in some ships vagtbænk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bend brænde
bend bøje
bend helle
bend istikke
bend knob
bend knobning
bend krumning
bend spant
bend stik
bend stik
bend - two ropes together knobe
bend a cable gøre
bend a plank or make it pliant by boiling it koge
bend a rope gøre
bend a sail sejl - 1.
bend a sail slå
bend a sail slå
bend a sail slå under
bend a sail underslå
bend a sail to its yard anslå
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bend a wire gøre
bend saw sav
bend the anchor to the anchor cable irøre
bend the cable stikke
bend the cable tov
bend the cable to its anchor stikke ankertovet på
bend the dead eyes to the shrouds indbinde
bend the hawser ankertov
bend the sails besejle
bend the sails close to their yards sejl - 1.
bend two ropes together sammenstikke
bend-plank stikplanke
bend(s): the streaks of thick stuff, or strongest planks in the ship's sides, on the broadest part barkholt
bending bøjning
bending sammenknobe
bending moment bøjningsmoment
bending stress bøjningspåvirkning
Bends are the thickest outside planking, extending from a little below the water-line up to the lower deck ports barkholt
beneaped ship skib
Benguela Current Benguelastrømmen
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bent frame svøb
bent frame svøbespant
bent timber svøbetømmer
bent timbers svøb
benthal benthal
benthonic plants benthal
benthos benthos
bentinck bentingssejl
Bentinck - a triangular sail with the foot extended by a boom. The bottom of the sail or boom pivots about its centre, making it particularly easy to go about bentingssejl
Bentinck boom bom
bentinck shroud vant
bentinck-boom bentingsbom
bentinck-shroud bentingsvant
bergantine bergantine
bergantine bergantine
Bergen dinghy bergensjolle
bergenfahrer bergenfarer
bergensjolle bergensjolle
bergfisk bergfisk
bergy bit kalvis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Bering Sea Beringshavet
Berlengas Archipelago Barlinges
Bermuda Bermuda
Bermuda cat Bermuda cat
Bermuda cutter Bermuda cutter
Bermuda ketch Bermuda ketch
Bermuda Race Bermuda kapsejlads
Bermuda rig bermudarig
bermuda rig bermudatakling
Bermuda rigged sejlskib
Bermuda sail bermudasejl
bermuda sail bomsejl
Bermuda schooner Bermuda skonnert
Bermuda sloop Bermuda slup
Bermuda Triangle Bermudatrekanten
Bermuda yawl Bermuda yawl
Bermuda-sloop Bermuda slup
bermudos-sail sejl - 1.
Bern list Bernlisten
bernoulli numbers Bernoullis læresætning
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Bernoulli's effect Bernoullis læresætning
Bernoulli's theorem Bernoullis læresætning
berth ankergrund
berth anlægsplads
berth berth
berth bolværksplads
berth dok
berth fortøjningsplads
berth kahytsplads
berth kaj
berth kajplads
berth kammer
berth køjeplads
berth liggeplads
berth lugar
berth officerskammer
berth svajerum
berth / anchorage leje
berth in a ship lukaf
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berth of the mess baksplads
berth-curtain køjegardin
berth-lamp køjelampe
berth-light køjelampe
berthed bolværk
berthing at anløbe
Berthon Bertonsbåd
Besselian year Besselsk år
Besselian year. The period of one complete revolution in right ascension of the fictitous mean Sun, as defined by Newcomb år
best bower tøjanker
best bower anchor dagliganker
best bower anchor dagliganker
best bower cable dagligtov
best bower cable tov
best bower og small bower krananker
bestow bestuve
beta beta
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse
Betelgeux Betelgeuse
Bethel flag betelflag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Bethel ship betelskib
bette bette
between decks
between decks tviskendæk
between the devil and the blue sea djævel
between the jetties havnehul
between wind and water vandgang
between-deck mellemdæk
between-decks tveskendæks
betweendeck dæk
bevel mahl, malle
bevel skævning
bevel tilhugge
bevel vinkelmåler
bevel off afrejfe
bevel-rule smigstok
bevel-square mahl, malle
beveling skævning
bevelling (timber) behugge
bevelling a piece of timber afline
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bevelling board bræt
bezaanjacht bezaanjacht
Bherton boat Bertonsbåd
BHP bremsehestekraft
bibb klampe
bible ship bibelskib
bibles bønnebog
bicatch bifangst
bicatch per cent bifangstprocent
bichannel receiver tokanalmodtager
bichones bichones
bifurcation buoy skillepunkt
big-boy sail big boy sejl
bight bugt
bight bugt
bight havbugt
bight vig
bight = a slightly receding bay bugt
bight with a toggle ters
bilancella bilancella
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bilander bilander
bilbo arrestbøjle
bilboes bøje
bilboes fangebolt
bilboes jern
bilboes profosbøje
Bilboes - bar of steel, on which slide steel shackles for confining the ankles of unruly men bøje
bilbows profosbøje
bilge bælg
bilge kiming, kimming
bilge kiming, kimming
bilge kiming, kimming
bilge rendesten
bilge and ballast system rørarrangement
bilge block kimingsblok
bilge block guide arm kimarm
bilge block on each side of the keel block constitute the building blocks of the building berth sideklods
bilge clamp slagbærer
bilge cover rendestenssdæksel
bilge intercostal plates slingreplade
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bilge is in a ship with double bottom tanks a triangular channelat the side of the ship formed by the margin plate of the double bottom, the curvature plate of the ship's side and the bilge ceiling on top. The bilge ceiling is the continuation of the tank top.
Bilge water is pumped out by a suction pump through pipes running along the bilges
bilge keel kimingskøl
bilge keel slingrekøl
bilge keel : a fin fitted on the bottom of a ship at the turn of the bilge to reduce rolling. It commonly consists of a plate running fore and aft and attached to the shell plating by angle bars kimingskøl
Bilge keels with grab lines from gunwale under the keel håndpert
bilge keelson kimingskølsvin
bilge keelson stringer
bilge lining rendestensgarnering
bilge logs kimingskølsvin
bilge pieces kimingskøl
bilge piping lænserør
bilge plank bundstokvæger
bilge plate kimingsplade
bilge pump lastpumpe
bilge pump lænsepumpe
bilge pump pumpe
bilge pump slagpumpe
bilge pump / sanitary pump lænsepumpe
bilge strake kimingsgarnering
bilge strake kimingsplanke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bilge strake kimingsrang
bilge strakes rang
bilge strum brusekasse
bilge under the engine room maskingrav
bilge water bilgewater
bilge water bilgewater
bilge water bilvand
bilge water bundvand
bilge water bundvand
bilge water grundvand
bilge water lastvand
bilge water rendestensvand
bilge water slagvand
bilge water vand
bilge water separator lastvandsseparator
bilge water separator lænsevandsseparator
bilge-plank kimingsplanke
bilge-planks livholt
bilge-plate slagplade
bilge-shores kimingsstøtte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bilge-strake-plate slagplade
bilge-stringer kimingsstringer
bilge-water alarm bundvandsalarm
bilgeways afløbningspude
bilgeways beddingssliske
bilgeways kimklods
bilgeways wedge pudekile
bilgeways were part of the launching cradle kimklods
bill ankerklo
bill folkeliste
bill rulle
bill sandspån
bill of an anchor sansestik
bill of bottomry bodmeribrev
bill of building bilbrev
bill of fare toldvare
bill of gauge målebrev, målingsbrev
bill of health sundhedsbevis
bill of health sundhedspas
bill of lading bill of lading
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Bill of lading BL
bill of lading Connossement
bill of lading konnossement
Bill of Lading Act konnossementkonventionsloven
Bill of Lading to order ordrekonnossement
bill of sale skibsskøde
bill of stations skytseddel, skytsseddel
bill of sufferance friseddel
bill or certificate of the ship's tonnage målebrev, målingsbrev
billboards ankerforing
billethead galionsfigur
billiard jern
billiard sætjern
billing billing
billows fangebolt
Bills of Lading, which do not contain any qualification about the apparent order and condition of the goods are called clean Bs/L.
If the condition of the goods upon delivery for shipment gives rise to remarks, it is necessary to clause the mate's receipt and Bs/L accordingly. In that case the B/L is termed foul
billy boy boat billy-boy boat
billy-boy billy-boy boat
bin bing
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bin bøtte
bin capacity binkapacitet
bin container container
binary stars dobbeltstjerne
binding beslag
binding blok
binding omlæg
binding screw klemskrue
binding strake of a deck skærstok
binding strake of a deck skærstok
binding strakes of the deck dæksplanke
binding-strake dæksplanke
bindings syning
binnacle kompashus
binnacle nathus
binnanlander binnenlander
binocular dobbeltkikkert
binocular kikkert
binta binta
bipod mast bipodmast
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bipod mast A-mast
bipod mast mast
bipod mast tobensmast
bireme biremer
birth bak
biscuit tvebak
bismerpund bismerpund
bisquine bisquine
bit a cable gøre
bit the cable kaste
bit the cable kaste anker
bit-bolt beddingsbolt
bit-head beddingspullert
bit-knee beddingsknæ
bit-stanchion støtte
bit-standard beddingsstøtte
bit-stopper stopper
bite krig
bite tage
bitpins beddingsknægt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bits of the windlass skilbanke
bitt bedding
bitt bollard
bitt knægt
bitt pin beddingsbolt
bitt pins' head beddingshoved
bitt the cable beddingsslag
bitt-bolt beddingsbolt
Bitt-bolts beddingsbolt
bitt-head beddingspullert
bitt-knee beddingsknæ
bitt-pin beddingspullert
bitt-spur beddingsknæ
bitt-standard beddingsstøtte
bitt-stopper beddingsstopper
bittacle nathus
bitter beddingsslag
bitter end ankertov
bitter end bedding
bitter of the cable beddingsslag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bitts ankerbedding
bitts bedding
bitts. Vertical steel posts or bollards mounted in pairs often with crosshead pieces aroun which a mooring or other line is secured. Post firmly embedded in or secured on a wharf, jetty etc. for mooring vessels by means of wires or ropes.
Very small bollards may be called dollies or bitt
bitumen bitumen
bituminous paint asfaltmaling
bituminous paint bitumen
black sværte
black tjæret
black cargo ladning
black cordage tjæret
black locust akacie
black oakum værk
black oakum værk
black out black-out
black out black-out
black strake plankegang
black stuff boottop
black varnish blackfernis
black wall hitch with round turn nakkestik
Blackbook of Admiralty admiralitetsret
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
blacken sværte
blacking labsalve, lapsalve
blacking sværte
blacking brush kvast
blacklead blyant
blacklead potlod
blacktip reef shark revhaj
Blackwall frigate Blackwall frigate
blackwall hitch engelskmand
blackwall hitch knob
blackwall hitch nakkestik
Blackwall hitch taljerebsstik
blackwall hitch with round turn nakkestik
blackwall-hitch stik
bladder wrack blæretang
blade ankerflig
blade ankerflig
blade åre
blade åreblad
blade blad
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
blake stopper blakestopper
blank flange blindflange
Blankensteiner's Successors Blankensteiner
blanketting blanketing
blare værk
blast cleaning sandblæsning
blast cleaning level rensningsgrad
blazer blazer
bleach blege
blind blindluge
blind buckler: Wooden plug used to seal a hawse hole when the cable has been removed.
Hawse block: Wooden plug shaped to fit the hawse hole and prevent sea water washing in.
blind flange blindflange
blind pulley. jomfru
blind sector blindzone
blind-splice blindsplejsning
blister blarpe
blister blære
bllast sand ballastsand
block baksklampe
block blok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
block blok
block forklampe
block jolleblok
block anchor blokanker
block and block afskage
block and block blok
block coefficient blokkoefficient
block coefficient kassekoefficient
block coefficient koefficient
block for a stay stagblok
block for transporting varpeblok
block in strop blok
block of the mast mast
block stowage blok
block under the caps for the top-gallant-sheets and lifts of the top-sails blok
block upon which the keel of a ship is laid while she is building blok
block with becket blok
block with hook blok
block-and-block talje
block-end blok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
block-house værksted
block-maker blokdrejer
blockade blokade
blockade blokering
blockade a sea-port blokering
blockade runner blokadebryder
blockade ship blokadeskib
blockhead begkugle
blockmaker blok
blocks blok
blocks upon which the keel of a ship is laid on the stocks stabelklods
blocks without sheaves blok
blockship blokskib
blockship blokskude
blokkahn blokkahn
blood knot blodknude
blood knot bend blodknude
bloody ancient flag
bloody flag blodflag
blooper ballonfok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
blow blæse
blow blæse
blow blæse
blow kule
blow stryge
blow by squalls kastevind
blow down a boiler bundblæse
blow down a tank blæse
blow from the bolropes blæse
blow off blæse
blow off a boiler afblæsning
blow off the steam damp
blow out preventer BOP
blow the piece off afblæsning
blow the whistle fløjte
blow trade passat
blow-off-cock skumme
blowing from the bolt-rope skøre
blowing great guns brandstorm
blowing weather vejr
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
blown off her course forslå
Blue action working dress with blue badges on a white background, worn for normal working aboard ships and in shore establishments daglig
blue back chart blue back kort
blue bird albatros
blue book Blå bog
Blue Ensign blå ensign
blue frock busseronde
blue jean collar jumper busseronde
blue light blålys
Blue Peter afgangsflag
blue peter Blå Peter
Blue Peter sejlflag
blue pigeon lod
Blue Riband Blå Bånd
Blue Ribbon Blå Bånd
blue shark charcariidae
blue whale blåhval
blue whale hval
bluebottle. Is a marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae and not a jellyfish bidevinder
bluepeter blopeter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bluff brink
bluff næse
bluff bow bov
bluff bow bov
bluff bow forskib
bluff bowed bredbovet
bluff headed stævn
bluff headed ship forstævn
bluff shore kyst
bluff-bowed bredde
blunderbuss muskedonner
blush blikfyr
board bord
board bord
board bord
board borde
board borde
board borde
board bordée
board bording
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
board bout
board bovt
board bræt
board bræt
board entre
board gang
board side
board slag
board slag
board slagbov
board tømmer
board tømmer
board a tack ride
board and board skib
board between the top timbers spejl
board foot board foot
Board of Admiralty admiralitet
Board of Trade BoT
Board of Trade stemplingsliste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Board of Trade and Plantations Board of Trade
board or to lay along lægge
board slung in a bridle bådsmandsstol
board tacks and sheets underhale
boardage bord
boarder entregast, emtregast
boarders borde
boarding bordklædning
boarding entring
boarding bill rulle
boarding boat boardingbåd
boarding grapnel dræg
boarding ladder badelejder
boarding net stanchion entrenetsstøtte
boarding netting entrenet
boarding netting net
boarding pike entrepig, emtrepig
boardingmaster boardingmaster
boat båd
boat båd
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boat cydarum
boat farkost
boat fartøj
boat jolle
boat kydaron
boat slup
boat anchor fartøjsanker
boat boom bom
boat builder bådebygger
boat building bådbygning
boat chock bådsklampe
boat chock fartøjsbue
boat chocks bådklampe
boat compass bådkompas
boat compass Chalups-Kompas
boat compass kompas
boat congestion bådklump
boat crew fartøj
boat crew fartøjsfolk
boat davit david, devis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boat davit david, devis
boat davit jollebom
boat davit stay jollebomsbardun
boat davit tackle jollebomstalje
boat davit topping lift jollebomstoplent
boat deck båddæk
boat deck båddæk
boat designed to work at sea havbåd
boat drill bådmanøvre
Boat employed in carrying supplies for sale to vessels, the term being a corruption from bombard, the vessel in which beer was formerly carried to soldiers on duty bombåd
boat exhibition bådudstilling
boat fall bådløber
boat fall bådtalje
boat grapling dræg
boat harbour bådehavn
boat harbour marina
boat haven bådehavn
boat hook stage
boat house slup
boat just dystløb
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boat knot kædestik
boat knot løbeknob
boat knot (with one turn) bådsknob
boat mustering bådmanøvre
boat navigation route jollerute
boat oar åre
boat owner bådejer
boat people bådfolk
boat platform fartøjsbue
boat procession bådeoptog
boat roll fartøjsrulle
boat rope fangeline, fangline
boat rope line
boat rope slæbetov
boat runner bådløber
boat service bådtjeneste
boat skeet jollebom
boat skids skærstok
boat sling brog
boat slings længe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boat speed bådhastighed
boat station fartøjsstation
boat tackle bådjolle
boat tackle fartøjstalje
boat tackle jolletalje
boat the anchor føre ankeret i båden
boat the oars åre
boat the oars åre
boat type bådtype
boat varnish bådlak
boat washer apparatus bådvasker
boat winch bådespil
boat with four pair rowers firing
boat-compass Compas
boat-deck dæk
boat-fender bådhviler
boat-gallows bådgalge
boat-hooks løshage
boat-keeper bådmandskab
boat-ring bådring
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boat-rowers bådmandskab
boat-sweep åre
boat-top a ship rengøre
boat. Submarines have traditionally been called boats, but this term of affection is clearly no longer appropriate. bådsmand
boat's compass bådkompas
boat's crew bådmandskab
boat's crew mandskab
boat's gripe bådsurring
boat's length bådlængde
boat's keeper babian
boathook bådshage
boathook langhage
boatkeeper bavian
boatman bådfører
boatman bådmand
boatman bådmand
boatman trossefører
boatmen's boat trossebåd
Boats is the traditional short title for boatswain bådsmand
boatschip boatschip
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boatswain bådsmand
boatswain højbådsmand
boatswain overbådsmand
boatswain-battle dystløb
boatswain's call bådsmandspibe
boatswain's call pibe
boatswain's chair bådsmandsstol
boatswain's locker bådsmandsskab
boatswain's mate bådsmandsmat
boatswain's mate math
boatswain's mate overbådsmand
boatswain's mate underbådsmand
boatswain's mate of the hold math
boatswain's pipe bådsmandsfløjte
boatswain's pipe bådsmandspibe
boatswain's shop bådsmandsshop
boatswain's stores bådsmandsinventar
boatswain's storesroom bådsmand
boatswain's whistle bådsmandspibe
boatswain's whistle søfløjte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boatswain's yeoman dagvagt
boatswain's yeoman oppasser
boatswain's yeoman skabmand
boatswain's yeoman skavmand
boatswain's yeoman vagt
boatswain's mate of the hold skibmand
boatswain's store-room hellegat
bob-stay hjælpevaterstag
bob-stay mantelstag
bob-stay mantelstag
bob-stay stag
bob-stay stag
bob-stay stampestag
bob-stay vaterstag
bock bock
Bode's relationship Bodes lov
bodkin pren
body åre
body spil
body of a capstan stamme
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
body of a ship skrog
body plan spanterids
body plan tegning
body plane middelspantplan
body washed ashore strandvasker
BOE International Code System BOE International Code System
boeier bojert
bohea tea vand
Bohus dinghy bohusjolle
boier bojert
boier bøjert
boil along dampe
boil off gas boil off gas
boil off gas gas
boiler dampavler
boiler kedel
boiler bearer kedelstrø
boiler cleaning kedelrensning
boiler clothing beklædning
boiler mounting beslag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boiler room kedelrum
boiler tube kedelrør
boiler uptake kedeloptræk
boilerroom bulkhead skot
bojert bojert
bold coast land
bold hawse klys
bold shore kyst
bolis bolis
bollard bollard
bollard pullert
bollard pullert
bollard pull bollard
bollard pull spiltræk
bollard timber judasøre
bollard timber øre
bollard timbers judasøre
bollard-heads bollard
bollard-pull test pæletræk
bollard. A vertical post or strong point to which the eye of a ship's mooring line can be attached pullert
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bollards in a dock yard kat
bolster ankerforing
bolster ankersko
bolster beddingspude
bolster bomklo
bolster briller
bolster pude
bolster sejldug
bolster of the hawse hole klyspude
bolster of the masthead salingspude
bolster on the trestle-tree salingspude
bolster timber ankerstræber
bolt bolt
bolt forbolte
bolt cutter boltesaks
bolt for the planking of a ship klædningsbolt
bolt for the waterways livholtsbolt
bolt needle lignål
bolt rope lig
bolt rope ligtov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bolt rope - a rope used around the boundaries of sails, awnings, canvas, tarpaulins, etc. It is made from the best quality yarns of hemp cordage, which are rather loosely laid up and tarred ligtov
bolt rope needle lignål
bolt stitch ligsting
bolt with a ring and a hook buxhorn
bolt-eye bolt
bolt-hook bolt
bolt-rope needle nål
bolt-rope yarn garn
bolt-screw skrue
bolted with copper bolts kobberfast
bolter bolteslager
bolting forboltning
bolting sejldug
bolting of a boat forboltning
boltrope bolt
boltropes sejl - 1.
bolts sejldug
bom bom
bom deployment vessels olieforurening
bomb bombe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bomb galiot bombarderfartøj
bomb ketch bombarderfartøj
bomb ketch bombarderfartøj
bomb ketch bombardergaliot
bomb ketch bombarderpram
bomb ketch bombeketch
bomb vessel bombarderfartøj
bomb vessel bombardergaliot
bomb vessel bombechalup, bombekanonchalup, bombekanonjolle
bomb-ketch bombardergaliot
bombard bombard, bombarda
bombard bombard, bombarda
bombarda bombard, bombarda
bombarda bombard, bombarda
bonaccia bonaccia
bonaventura mast buenaventuramast
bonaventura mizzen mast buenaventuramast
bonavoglia bonavoglia
bond forbandt
bonded goods bonded goods
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bonded stores toldgods
bonded warehouse toldfrilager
bone shark brugde
bongos bongos
bonito / shipjack tuna bonit
Bonjean curve - curves of areas of transverse sections and curves of moments of the same above the base line Bonjean's kurver
Bonjean's curves Bonjean's kurver
bonnet bonnet
bonnet bugsejl
bonnet sejl - 1.
bonnets sejl - 1.
bony fish benfisk
booby-hatch karmluge
book containing the signal signalbrev
book-keeper materialeregnskabsfører
booking booking
booking note booking note
boom bom
boom bom
boom bom
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boom bom
boom bom
boom boom
boom bum
boom devis
boom rundholtsgalje
boom slæberbom
boom spir
boom stakade, stakkade
boom udligger
boom and quarter guy bombardun
boom awning bomtelt
boom band bombøjle
boom band bombøjle
boom band bomnok
boom chock bomgalge
boom cradle bomstol
boom crotch bomgalge
boom crotch bomstol
boom crutch bomgalge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boom crutch bomklo
boom crutch bomkrykke
boom crutch bomsaks
boom crutch bomscepter
boom crutch bomstol
boom crutch - a structure built up from a deck to support a boom when it is not in use bomkrykke
boom defence system bomforsvarsværk
boom gallows bomgalge
boom guy bombardun
boom guy bomgerd
boom guy bomstopper
boom guy bomsvinger
boom guy on the spanker boom bomgerd
boom heel which goes into the gooseneck or other arrangement on mast or on the boom table or boom saddle bomfod
boom horse bombøjle
boom horse bombøjle
boom horse bomskøde
boom iron bombøjle
boom iron bombøjle
boom jack bomnedhal
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boom mitchboard bomgalge
boom of the capstan vindebom
boom or square a gun bakse
boom pendant and tackle bombardun
boom pendant and tackle bombardun
boom sail bommesan
boom sail bomsejl
boom sheet bomsejlsskøde
boom sheet bomskøde
boom shroud bombardun
boom strap bomskøde
boom table bom
boom table - "An outrigger attached to the mast or a structure built up around a mast from the deck to support the heel bearings for booms. Boom tables are necessary to provide proper working clearances when a number of booms are installed on one mast bom
boom tackle bomhal
boom tackle bomsejlsskøde
boom tackle bomskøde
boom tackle talje
boom tarpaulin bompresenning
boom the main sail out bomme
boom to load and unload a ship bom
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boom topping lift bomdirk
boom topping lift bomløfter
boom trawl bomtrawl
boom trawler bomtrawler
boom used for a bowsprit in small vessels bovsprydstang
boom vang bomnedhal
boom vang bomstang
boom vang bomstrop
boom-crane kranbom
boom-end bomnok
boom-end tak
boom-horse bompert
boom-iron båd
boom-iron bom
boom-iron læsejlsspir
boom-mainsail brigsejl
boom-mainsail gaff brigsejlsgaffel
boom-outer end bomnok
boom-sadle bomsaddel
boom-sail sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boom-sail sejl - 1.
boom-sail sejl - 1.
boom-stopper bomstopper
boom-tackle talje
booming along bomme
Booming of the sails is never used but in quarter winds or before a wind bomme
booming towards somebody (something) bomme
boootm angle bundkrøg
boopa boopa
booster pump boosterpumpe
boothose-topping krængning
bootom line bundline
boottop boottop
boottop boottop
boottop boottop
boottopping boottop
boottopping boottop
boottopping boottop
boottopping krængning
Borda-Sané system Borda-Sané system
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Borda's circle bordacirkel
Borda's circle Cirkel
bordage beskyttelsesbeklædning
bordage bordklædning
border plank randplanke
border sea randhav
bording bording
bording bording
bore bore
bore bore
bore Caliber
bore Canon
bore Canon
bore flodbrænding
bore pejle
bore drill Caliberbor
bore hole borehul
bore of a canon kaliber
bore of a pump pumpe
bore or caliber kanon
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
borea bora
boreal lights nordlys, polarlys
boreas bora
boreas boreas
borer boreorm
boring machine Caliberbor
boring tube borerør
Bosporus is a narrow strait joining the Black Sea with the Mediterranean Sea and its longer name is the Thracian Bosporus to distinguish it from the Cimmerian Bosporus connecting the Sea of Azov with the Black Sea. Bosporus
boss akselbærer
boss bas
boss ben
boss boss
boss boss
boss barrel - the plating around the boss and stern tubes boss
bossing boss
bosun bådsmand
bosun's safety chair. bådsmandsstol
BoT. Board of Trade
bote bote
both sheets aft skib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
both sheets aft, or right before the wind sejle
botter botter
bottle message flaskepost
bottle screw ansætningsskrue
bottle-paper flaskepost
bottlenose bottlenose
bottom bund
bottom bund
bottom underskib
bottom board bundbræt
bottom bung bundprop
bottom cap bundbræt
bottom cleaning bundbehandling
bottom colour bundfarve
bottom composition bundmaling
bottom construction bundkonstruktion
bottom contour bundafbildning
bottom cover bundbræt
bottom cover bunddæksel
bottom current bundstrøm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bottom damage bundhavari
bottom echo bundafbildning
bottom echo bundekko
bottom echo bundet
bottom end of amast masterod
bottom hole bundhul
bottom image bundafbildning
bottom inspection bundeftersyn
bottom maintenance bundbehandling
bottom material bundmateriale
bottom of a dock dokbund
bottom paint bundfarve
bottom paint bundmaling
bottom painted bundsmurt
bottom painting bundbehandling
bottom plank bundplanke
bottom planking bundklædning
bottom planks bundklædning
bottom plate bundplade
bottom plating bundklædning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bottom plug bundprop
bottom rake bundhældning
bottom reference bundreference
bottom sampler bundhenter
bottom scraping bundbehandling
bottom shutter bundlem
bottom strake bundrange
bottom survey bundsyn
bottom survey bundundersøgelse
bottom tank bundtank
bottom timber bundtømmer
bottom touch bundberøring
bottom water bundvand
bottom water is the water found at the deepest depths of the ocean bundvand
bottom weight klodsanker
bottom width bund
bottom-tracking bottom-tracking
bottomplates rang
bottomree bodmeri
bottomry bodme
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bottomry bodmeri
bottomry bodmeri
bottomry bodmeri
bottomry bond bodmeribrev
bottomry borrower bodmerist
bottomry lien bodmerikrav
bottomry loan bodmeripenge
bottomry money bodmeripenge
bottomry premium bodmeripræmie
bottomry premium bodmerirente
bottomry voyage bodmerirejse
bouching blok
bouellier boutellèr
Bouguer's Theorem Bouguer's teori
boulders sten
Boulevant splice splejs
bouncing tackles affiringstov
bound indbunden
bound - outward bound or homeward bound or bound for the sea - a vessel's destination or departure for the sea bestemmelsessted
bound for bestemt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bound for rejse
bound for rejse
boundary belysningsgrænse
boundary grænse
boundary beacon grænsebåke
boundary bulkhead begrænsningsskot
boundary current strømhvirvel
boundary line grænselinje
boundary plank skandæk
boundary plank skandæk
bounty premium bodmeripræmie
Bourdon's tube bourdon-rør
bouyancy bæring
bovo bovo
bow bov
bow bov
bow forskib
bow / bower anchor bovanker
bow a cannon bakse
bow anchor bovanker
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bow and beam bearings pejling
bow and buttock line bov- og låringslinje
bow badge bovmærke
bow chase Canon
bow chaser bougkanon
bow chaser bovkanon
bow chock svineryg
bow compass passer
bow coupling bovkobling
Bow Crossing Range BCR
bow crossing range bow crossing range
Bow Crossing Time BCT
bow crossing time bow crossing time
bow cuts a feather bov
bow damage bovskade
bow fender fender
bow gun bovkanon
bow jet bovjet
bow line bovline
bow line fortøjningsline
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bow mark bovmærke
bow oar pligtåre
bow oar stævnåre
bow of a boat pligt
bow of the ship skib
bow port bovdør
bow port bovport
bow port bovport
bow port bovport
bow port port
bow propeller bovpropel
bow pump bovpumpe
bow ramp broklap
bow roller ankerrulle
bow roller bovrulle
bow rope - a rope leading from a vessel's bow to another vessel or to a wharf for the purpose of hauling her ahead or securing her. Also known as a bowline or bow-fast fortrosse
bow rudder bovror
bow rudder stævnror
bow safety pin shackle sjækkel
bow saw sav
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bow shores bovstøtte
bow springline fortøjning
bow stopper bovstopper
bow stopper stopper
bow thrust propel
bow thruster bovpropel
bow thruster bovthruster
bow thruster tværpropel
bow thruster tværskibs
bow thruster pitch indicator bovpropelstigningsindikator
bow thruster room bovthrusterrum
bow thwart of a boat pligt
bow transverse thrust unit tværskibs
bow wave bølge
bow-chase jager
bow-grace isbeskyttelse
bow-knee bovbånd
bow-man bådmandskab
bow-man pligthugger
bow-sheet båd
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bow-wave bovbølge
bower bovanker
bower krananker
bower rælingsanker
bower rælingsanker
bower anchor krananker
bower anchor krananker
bower anchor AND spare anchor rælingsanker
bower anchor AND spare anchor rælingsanker
bower. Best bower and small bower bovanker
bowl bak
bowl skaffebakke
bowl spisebakke
bowl [mindre] balje
bowl or platter to hold the sailor's victuals bak
bowline boline
bowline bugline
bowline fortøjning
bowline sejl - 1.
bowline / bowline knot pælestik
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bowline bridle buglinspryd
bowline bridle spryd
bowline cringle buglineløjert
bowline cringle bugløjert
bowline knot buglinestik
bowline knot knob
bowline knot stik
bowline kont stik
bowline of the fore-sail bugline
bowline on the fore-sail in a cutter or sloop ørefigen
bowline upon a bight pælestik
bowling knot knob
bowling knot livknob
bowling knot stik
bowman pligtmand
bowman roer
bowman roer
bowrider bowrider
bowse bakse
bowse optalje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bowse talje
bowse on in a tackle talje
bowsing tackle støttetalje
bowsprit blindestang
bowsprit bovspryd
bowsprit bugspryd
bowsprit styrestang
bowsprit udligger
bowsprit cap bovsprydsæselhoved
bowsprit cap dodshoved
bowsprit gammoning bovsprydsvuling
bowsprit horse løbestag
bowsprit netting net
bowsprit rise sprydrejsning
bowsprit saddle krave
bowsprit sail bom
bowsprit shroud bardun
bowsprit shroud bovsprydsbardun
bowsprit shroud bovstag
bowsprit shroud slingrebardun
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bowsprit shroud sprydbardun
bowsprit steeves rejse
bowsprit top-sail bovenblinde
bowsprit top-sail boytenblinde
bowsprit topsail bom
bowsprit topsail skueblinde
bowsprit topsail stuvblinde
bowsprit topsail haliard udhaler
bowsprit-heart hjerteblok
bowsprit-partner fodbedding
bowsprit's shroud slingrebardun
bowspritsail dolon
bowthruster bowthruster
box box
box a ship brase
box a ship uglefangning
box a ship off fange
box keelson kassekølsvin
box lubricator wiresmøreapparat
box ship boksskib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
box ship boxskib
box vessel boxskib
box-hauling vende
boxed goods kassegods
boxhaul bakke
boxhaul a ship kovende
boxhaul a ship uglefangning
boxhauling kovending
boxhold boxhold
boxing of the stem lask
boxing the compass kompas
boxing the foresails brase
boy dreng
boy dæks
boy dæksdreng
boy junge
boy skibsjunge
boy employed at the Royal Dockyard kostdreng
boy of a mess baksdreng
boy of the mess baksjunge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
boyer bojert
Boyle ventilator boyle ventilator
boys holding turn tørn
boys' cabin drengekammer
brace bras
brace brase
brace a sail sejl - 1.
brace aback bakke
brace aback brase
brace about brase
brace about brase
brace about brase
brace abox brase
brace arm brasarm
brace at the other side ombrase
brace block blok
brace boom brasbom
brace by (- in order to lie to brase
brace chafing mat brasmåtte
brace full brase
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
brace in brase
brace in brase
brace in brase
brace in brase
brace in brase
brace in opbrase
brace of the cross-jack-yard bras
brace pendant brasskinkel
brace pendent skinkel
brace round brase
brace sharp brase
brace sharp skærpe
brace sharp up brase
brace square brase
brace stopper stjert
brace the brails in or haul in the weather-braces brase
brace the brails in or haul in the weather-braces brase
brace the sail aback brase
brace the sails in the wind brase
brace the sails in when the wind veers aft brede
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
brace the sprit-sail trisse
brace to brase
brace to brase
brace to brase
brace up brase
brace winch brasspil
brace-block braseblok
brace-pendants of the yard arms brasskinkel
bracera brazzera
braces of the square-sail yard in sloops, smacks &c bekajer, kajereb
bracing in opbrasning
bracket ben
bracket ben
bracket bjælkeknæ
bracket bøjle
bracket for the hold beam mellemdæksknæ
bracket of the head galion
bracket under the cathead trykker
brackets knætømmer
brackish brakvand
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
brackish water brakvand
brag prangning
bragozzo bragozzo
Braided or plaited nylon rope. The eye should be served with leather sheathing to protect from chafe at their end. When tails are used, the shackle may cause increased wear on the eye of the wire sab, sap, zap
braided ropeband skuvtang
brail bomsejlsgivtov
brail brigsejlsgivtov
brail bril
brail gaffelsejl
brail gårding, gording
brail givtov
brail givtov
brail - a rope attached horizontally across a sail and used to pull the sail toward the mast kværkgivtov
brail block blok
brail up a sail give
brail up a sail opgive
brail up a sail opgive
brail up a sail opgive
brails of the mizzen gårding, gording
brake bremse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
brake cushion system brake cushion system
brake drum bremsetromle
brake effect bremseeffekt
brake horsepower bremsehestekraft
brake lever bremsehåndtag
brake of the pump pumpenikke
brake or handle of a pump pumpevippe
brake plate bremseskjold
brake quadrant bremsekvadrant
brake shield bremseskjold
branch knæ
branch knæ
brash ice kravis
brash ice kvadderis
brask ice isskosse
brask ice isstump
brass center pin of a compass tap
brass centre pin of the compass kompasnål
brasse bras
bratsera brazzera
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bratspill bradbænk
brayle borggivtov
Brazil bed Brazil bed
brazzera brazzera
breach of a dike digebrud
breach the sheer ankerplads
bread duft skofte
bread-room brødkammer
bread-room kammer
bread-room jack brødkammer
breadth line breddelinje
breadth line breddelinje
breadth moulded bredde
breadth moulded bredde
breadth moulded hoveddimension
breadth moulded relates to the greatest breadth of a ship measured between the outside of the frames, inside the plating. The extreme breadth is measured to the outside of the plating.
Depth moulded is the vertical distance measured from top of keel to the underside of the deckbeams which support the uppermost continuous deck (main deck). The distance is measured at the ship's side at the middle of the length between the perpendiculars
breadth of canvas dug
breadth of the ship bredde
breadth outside frames (moulded) kendingsmål
breadth ribband center
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
break brud
break bryde
break brække
break brække
break give sig
break a blockade blokade
break a guy gerd
break a ship up hugge
break a ship up ophugge
break adrift rovs
break back from where it came bagbryde
break bulk break bulk
break bulk bryde
break bulk brække
break bulk brække
break bulk bunke
break bulk flendse
break down havari
break ground brække
break ground bund
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
break hook bovbånd
break horse power BHP
break loose rovs
break loose rovse
break out the anchor brække ankeret
break the ice bryde
break the line linje, linie
break the line linje, linie
break the line skære
break through the line bryde
break up hugge
break up sønderslagning
break up a ship hugge
break-deck dæk
break-through diekplus
break-water mindre
break-water stenkiste
breakage brækage
breaker brådsø
breaker brod
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breaker brodsø
breaker brækker
breaker bræksø
breaker bølge
breaker styrtsø
breaker vandanker
breaker's yard ophugningsværft
breakers blinde skær
breakers blinder
breakers bråd
breakers brænding
breakers brænding
breakfast skaffe
breaking brud
breaking load brudbelastning
breaking point brudgrænse
breaking sea bråd
breaking sea brådsø
breaking sea styrtning
breaking stress brudspænding
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breaking stress brudstyrke
breaking up ophugning
breaking up grant ophugningsstøtte
breaking up of the ice isgang
breaking up subsidy ophugningsstøtte
breaking wave brydning
breaking wave brække
breaking wave bølge
breaking-stopper najningstov
breakwater ankervægter
breakwater brækker
breakwater bølgebryder
breakwater bølgebryder
breakwater dækmole
breakwater læmole
breakwater mole
bream brænde
bream a ship kølhale
bream the floor of a ship brænde
breaming the floor of a ship brænde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breaming-fuels gæs
breast bryst
breast bryst
breast bryst
breast back-stay sidebardun
breast backstay bardun
breast band brog
breast fast fortøjning
breast hook bovbånd
breast hook bovbånd
breast hook bolt bovbåndsbolt
breast line breast line
breast line breast trosse
breast line brystfortøjning
breast line fortøjningsline
Breast lines should be orientated as perpendicular as possible to the longitudinal centreline of the vessel and as far aft and forward as possible breast line
breast mooring breast mooring
breast mooring line breast trosse
breast rope breast line
breast seizing brystbændsel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breast-back stay slingrebardun
breast-backstay bardun
breast-beam bjælke
breast-beam dæksbjælke
breast-beam halvdæksbjælke
breast-fast landtov
breast-fast tov
breast-fast tværfortøjning
breast-hook of the bowsprit bovsprydsbånd
breast-hook of the hawse-hole klysbånd
breast-hooks. Curved timbers, or horizontal knees, bolted across the inside stem, strengthening the fore part af the ship and holding bows and sides together. bovbånd
breast-rail, pedestal rail and foot-space rail liste
breast-rope tov
breasting off - mooring a vessel some distance from the wharf or quay by means of hauling the vessel against long heavy timbers or braces e.g. breasting off spar, to permit lighters etc. to work between the ship and the quay fortøjning
breastline fortøjning
breastwork skot
breastwork monitor monitor
breastwork netting finkenet
breastwork rack naglebænk
breastwork type monitor brystværnmonitor
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breath blaf
breath of air aning
breath of wind laring
breath of wind pust
breath of wind vindpust
breathing mask åndedrætsværn
breech blok
breech blok
breech Canon
breech grundgang
breech kanon
breech base containerbeslag
breech base D ring containerbeslag
breech base deck socket containerbeslag
breech base deck socket containerbeslag
breech base pin lock stacker containerbeslag
breech moulding Canon
breech of a cannon bagstykke
breech of a cannon stykke
breech of the knee knæ
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
breech-loader baglader
breech-loading gun baglader
breech-mouldings kanon
breech-mouldings kanon
breeches buoy bukseredningsstol
breeches buoy Carte's raketapparat
breeches buoy redningsstol
breeching brog
breeching bukshorn
breeching of a gun brog
breeching ring brogbøjle
breeching ring-bolts rappert
breeching shackle brogheks
breeding needle bindenål
breeze brise
Bremen kog bremenkog
Bremiker's method Bremiker's distancemetode
breviaries bønnebog
brewing trække
brewing of the clouds luft
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Brickfielder brickfielder
briddle-port fortøjningsport
bridge bro
bridge bro
bridge kommandobro
bridge navigeringsrum
bridge alarm dødemandsalarm
bridge alarm vagtalarm
bridge building brobygning
bridge clearance dybgang
bridge compass brokompas
bridge control system brokontrolanlæg
bridge deck bridge-dæk
bridge deck wing vinge
bridge disciplin brodisciplin
bridge duty brotjeneste
bridge flag broflag
bridge head brohoved
bridge house brohus
bridge house - an erection amidships above the main deck the top of which forms the bridge deck. It affords a favorable position for living quarters and provides a raised platform for navigating purposes opbygning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bridge installation broinstallation
bridge line brolinie
bridge log brolog
bridge log display brolog
bridge manoeuvre bromanøvre
bridge mooring brofortøjning
bridge organization broorganisation
bridge pontoon brobåd
bridge pontoon brofartøj
bridge pontoon broskib
bridge procedure broprocedure
bridge resource broressource
bridge screen broklæde
bridge signal brosignal
bridge space midtskibshus
bridge stay brostag
bridge toilet brotoilet
bridge toll bropenge
bridge watch alarm brovagtalarm, brovagtsalarm
bridge watch-alarm brovagtalarm, brovagtsalarm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bridge wing brovinge
bridge-deck dæk
bridgemaster brofoged
bridle ankerkæde
bridle hanefod
bridle spryd
bridle tov
bridle fixed in the shrouds and fitted with thimbles in the ends. opknævle, opknæbele
bridle of the guess-rope, or boat-seizing along the board kuntvagt
bridle port bovport
brig brig
brig brig
brig sejlskib
brig rigged brigrigget
brig rigged brigtaklet
brig sail brigsejl
brig-cutter brigkutter
brig-schooner brig
brig-schooner brigantine
brig's main sail sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
brigantine brig
brigantine brigantine
brigantine brigantine
brigantine muffedejebrig
brigantine sejlskib
bright display dagslys, dagsbelysning
brightening pulse intensitetsimpuls
brill nokbrille
brilliance intensitet
brim mærserand
brim of the partner liste
brine brine
brine saltopløsning
bring a board the tack ride
bring a ship round falde
bring a-float sætte
bring aboard the tack hals
bring afloat flot
bring afloat flotbringe
bring her to the lee luve
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bring in a prize opbringe
bring or haul aboard the tack of a sail ride
bring or receive a ship into a dock dok
bring the broad-side of a ship to bear, by chapping a spring upon the cable lægge
bring the fore-sail aback brække
bring the ship upon the stays stag
bring to bi
bring to brase
bring to brase
bring to dreje
bring to dreje
bring to the gangway straffe
bring up stoppe
bring up svaje
bring-to brase
bring-to dreje
bring-to opbrase
bringing to the lee løbe
brining skumme
Bristol fashion Bristol fashion
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
British Rule Britisk regel
British Rule Britisk regel
broach - to suddenly veer into the wind laying the sails aback, thus exposing the vessel to danger of capsizing - said usually of a vessel running with the wind quartering fordevind
broach the cargo. ladning
broach to bredside
broach to løbe
broach to opstikke
broache broache
broad bredding
broad bredning
broad axe bindeøkse
broad bottomed ship skib
broad in the beams bjælke
broad in the beams bredde
broad pendant stander
broad pennant vimpel
Broadband Global Area Network BGAN
broadcast broadcast
broaden brede
broaden trække
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
broadseated bjælke
broadseated bredde
broadside artillerisalve
broadside bredside
broadside glat
broadside firing bredside
broadside iron-clad bredsidepanserskib
broadside weight bredsidevægt
broadside wind vind
broken backed said of a vessel when her sheer is reduced or lost, thereby producing a drooping effect at both ends kølbrudt
broken coast skærgårdskyst
broken stowage broken stowage
broken strand lus
broken-backed kølbrudt
broken-backed ship katryg, katterygget
broker mægler
brook bæk
brook trout bækørred
Brooke's sounding apparatus Brooke's loddeapparat
brooklet bæk
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Brottsjö herring Brottsjösild
Brown Lenox anchor Brown Lenox anker
brown shark brunhaj
brown stuff boottop
brown tar - a coal tar of middle purity bruntjære
brown trout bækørred
bruce anchor Bruce anker
brush anstryger
brush kvast
Brussel Convention Bruxelles konventionen
buanga buanga
bubble blære
bubble facility bobleanlæg
bubble installation bobleanlæg
bubble sextant boblesekstant
bubble sextant bubble-sekstant
bubble sounding equipment bobleanlæg
bubonic plague byldepest
bucaneer sørøver
buccaneer bukaner
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buccaneer fribytter
bucento bucento
bucket pøs
bucket rack pøserække
buckler klysbrik
buckler klysprop
bucklers briller
bucklers briller
bud of the spindle stykke
budge-barrel krudttønde
buge grundstødning
build a bulkhead skot
build a chapel fange
build a chapel fange
build a chapel hus
build a chapel ugle
build a chapel ugle
build a chapel vind
build without drawings using experience and tradition as guidelines slump
builder skibstømmermand
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builder's certificate. A document issued under seal which once executed, transfers ownership of a vessel from her builder to her purchaser bygningsattest
builder's hitch halvstik
builder's certificate bilbrev
builder's old rule admiralitetsregel
building berth bedding
building contract byggekontrakt
building course byggekurs
building number byggenummer
building slip byggebedding
building way slæde
building without drawings relaying on experience and by rule of thumb klamp
building yard byggeværft
built block blok
built mast = made mast mast
built to full scantlings dimension
built with clinker work klinkerbygget, klinkbygget, klinkebygning
bulb angle bulbvinkel
bulb angle: a steel shape used in ship construction having a bulb on one flange of the angle-iron. Sometimes called a deck beam. bulbskinne
bulb iron bulbskinne
bulb keel bulbkøl
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bulb nose forstævn
bulb-angle stålemne
bulb-bar bulbjern
bulb-iron bulbjern
bulb-iron stålemne
bulbous bow bulbstævn
bulbous shape bulbform
bulk bulk
bulk bunke
bulk cargo bulk
bulk cargo bulkladning
bulk cargo bulkparti
bulk cargo styrtegods
bulk cargo loading bulklastning
bulk cargo port massegodshavn
bulk carrier bulkskib
bulk container container
bulk passenger trades = slavery, convicts, emigrants, indentured labour passagerfart
bulk substances massegods
bulk terminal bulkterminal
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bulk trade bulkfart
bulk-head geveling
bulk-heads in the hold last
bulkcarrier bulkcarrier
bulkcarrier massegodsskib
bulkcarrier massetransportskib
bulkcarrier tørlastskib
bulker bulkskib
bulkhead bulkhead
bulkhead skot
bulkhead skot
bulkhead skot
bulkhead between hold and provision storeroom kælderskot
bulkhead curve skotkurve
bulkhead of the hold built up lengthwise skot
bulkhead or inclosure of planks on the inner side of a ship wherein they keep the ballast, to help the ship down, when careening ballastkiste
bulkheaded frame compartment afskotte
bulklaster med høj massefylde i mindre skibe." Mass per unit volume of a homogenous body, is expressed in kg per cubic metre kg/m3. density. Specific gravity or relative density: Ratio of the density of a substance and the density of pure water massefylde
bulkship bulker
bulkwark stanchion skanseklædningsstøtte
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bull's eye dæksventil
bull's eye langhals
bull's eye patentglas
bull's eye dukshoved
bull's eye klåde
bull's eye klåde
bull's eye koøje
bull's eye rakkeklåde
bull's eyes blok
Bulldog forceps bulldog-klemme
bullen bock
bullet kugle
bullk ship bulkskib
bulls-eye bigat
bulls-eye langhalskovs
bullwhanger - short length of rope with an eye or a small strop fastened on the back of a yard arm through which a lashing is rove to keep the earing from slipping under the yard nokbændsel
bulwark bolværk
bulwark lønning
bulwark skanseklædning
bulwark skanseklædning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bulwark damage skanseklædningshavari
bulwark loss skanseklædningshavari
bulwark stanchion lønning
bulwark stanchion lønningsscepter
bulwark stanchion lønningsstøtte
bulwark stanchion stræber
bulwark stay lønningsscepter
bulwark steps lønningstrappe
Bulwarks: Steel plate with bulb angle rail bar and bulb plate stanchions. Height of bulwarks 3 f. 4 i. On each side there are 3 hinged wash port doors skanseklædning
bum bum
bumboat bombåd
bumboat bumbåd
bumboat førekåg, førekogge
bumboat kadrejerjolle
bumboatman kadrejer
bumkin buttelur
bumkin buttelur
bumkin of a boat udlægger
bumkin pendant buttelurskinkel
bumkin pendants and tackles buttelurskinkel
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bumkin shroud talje
bump against tørne
bumpkin botelur
bumpkin brasarm
bumpkin buttelur
bumpkin block buttelurblok
bundle bundling
bung spunds
bung-cloth spunds
bung-hole spunds
bungay bungay
bunk stikkøje
bunker brændselsrum
bunker brændselsrum
bunker bunker
bunker bunker
bunker bunkre
Bunker Adjustment Factor BAF
bunker barge bunkersbåd
Bunker clause stipulates that the charterer pays all expenses for fuel consumption. In reality, the amount of bunkers at the time of charter commencement is payed by the charterer, and conversely the owners pay for all in board bunkers when the ship is returned after the charter bunkerklausul
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bunker coal bunkerkul
bunker fuel fyringsolie
Bunker is originally the compartment for coal or fuel for the ship's own use and refers in most cases to the fuel itself and often used in the plural.. bunker
bunker oil bunkerolie
bunker quay bunkerskaj
bunker room bunker
bunker scuttle bunkerluge
bunker tank ventilation bunkertankudluftning
bunker tanker bunkersbåd
bunkering bunkring
bunkers bunker
bunkers bunkerolie
bunkers bunkersrum
bunkers clause bunkersklausul
bunkers convention bunkerskonvention
bunkers room bunkersrum
bunkers tank bunkerstank
bunkers tankship bunkerstanker
bunt duge
bunt a sail skind
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bunt gasket buglinesejsing
bunt gasket bugsejsing
bunt line block gårdingblok
bunt line truck gårdingklodde, gårdingklåde
bunt of a sail bugt
bunt whip bugophaler
bunt whip bugstjært
bunt-gasket beslåsejsing
bunt-line gårding, gording
buntine hårdug
bunting flagdug
buntline buggårding
buntline gårding, gording
buntline sejl - 1.
buntline block blok
buntline cloth bolt
buntline cloth bolt
buntline cloth buggårdingsbolt
buntline thimble bugkovs
buntline-holes buggårding
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buoy afmærke
buoy afmærkning
buoy bådsmandspibe
buoy bøje
buoy bøje
buoy bøje
buoy bøje
buoy mærke
buoy mærke
buoy sømærke
buoy søtønde
buoy tønde
buoy tønde
buoy vede
buoy flag mærkeflag
buoy him up till rescue came bøje
buoy line bøjetamp
buoy marking a wreck vragtønde
buoy marking approach fairway anduvningsmærke
buoy og safety mærs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
buoy rope bøjeline
buoy rope bøjereb
buoy tender vagerbåd
buoy up bøje
buoy up opbøje
buoy up opbøje
buoy up the cable tov
buoy up the cable tønde
buoy with a twig as top-mark kvist
buoy with broom kost
buoy with globe top ballonvager
buoy-hoop bøjebånd
buoy-lanyard bøjestjert
buoy-rope knot knob
buoy-sling bøjestrop
buoyage bøjepenge
buoyage farvandsafmærkning
buoyage district vagerdistrikt
buoyage dues tøndepenge
buoyage inspection boat vagerbåd
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buoyage system afmærkning
buoyancy bærekraft
buoyancy flydeevne
buoyancy opdrift
buoyancy opdriftsevne
buoyancy aid vest sejlervest
buoyancy centre deplacementscenter
buoyancy chamber opdriftsrum
buoyancy characteristic flydeegenskab
buoyancy curve opdriftskurve
buoyancy foam filling opdriftskum
buoyancy liner flydevest
buoyancy reserve opdriftsoverskud
buoyancy ring opdriftsring
buoyancy supplier opdriftsgivende
buoyancy tank-wall in a floating dock sidevold
buoyancy test flydetest
buoyancy vest flydevest
buoyancy wedge opdriftskile
Buoyant apparatus, whether buoyant deck seats, buoyant deck chairs or other buoyant apparatus flydemiddel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
buoyant compass flydekompas
buoyant knife flydekniv
buoyant means or boyant apparatus opdriftsmiddel
buoyant sea-mark flydende
buoyed channel afmærke
Buoys having a tall central structure on a broad base, shall be called Pillar buoys, and like other special buoys, such as Bell buoys, Gas buoys, Automatic Sounding buoys etc., shall be palced to mark special positions either on the coast or in the approaches to harbours etc. tøndebøje
Buoys showing a flat top above water shall be called Can, and shall always be Port-Hand buoys as above defined tøndebøje
Buoys showing only a mast above water shall be called spar buoys vager
Buoys showing the pointed top of a cone above water shall be called Conical, and shall always be Starboard-Hand buoys spidstønde
burchio burchio
burden læstedrægtighed
burdensome drægtig
Burdt's sounding machine Burdts loddemaskine
Bureau Veritas Bureau Veritas
burgee kontorflag
burgee stander
burlap sækkelærred
Burlap is a coarse jute cloth used on board ship chiefly as dunnage dunnage
burn brænde
burn a flare or signal afbrænding
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
burn brightly brænde
burn one's boat brænde
burning hours brændetid
burning oil brændselsolie
burr huggejern
burrs rappert
burster Burster
burthen drægtighed
burthen ladning
burthen of a ship drægtighed
burton burton
burton håndtalje
burton talje
burton talje
burton on brace klapløber
burton pendant stængehanger
burton tackle arbejdstalje
burton-tackle sidetakkel
bury barge nedgravningspram
bush bøsning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
bushel bushel
bushing blok
bushing bøsning
Bushnell divingboat bushnell dykkerbåd
buss bus
buss butse
buss bysse
buss bøjse
buss fiskerkvase
buss sildefisker
busy fairway trafik
but of the spindle rodstykke
butt butlask
butt farkens, farken
butt rundholt
butt stuvlask
butt stuvstød
butt of a rope tamp
butt plate stødplade
butt scarf lask
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
butt strap nådskinne
butt strap stødlask
butt strap stødplade
butt strap stødplade
butt welding stuksvejsning
butt welding stødsvejsning
butt-bolt stødbolt
butt-end plankeende
butt-end of the planks stød
butt-sling længe
buttelur brasarm
buttelur. bumkin botelur
buttend of a plank nok
butter board smørbræt
butter tin smørbrik
butter-trade ship smerskude
butterfly block blok
butterfly valve butterflyventil
butterfly valve skydeventil
butterfly valve spjæld
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Butterworth apparatus butterworthapparat
buttock låring
buttock låring
buttock meat from Indians indianerrøv
buttocks gat
button Canon
button drue
button druehals
button kanon
button of a bonnet line
button of the bonnet sejl - 1.
buttons of a bonnet bonnet
butts fad
Buys Ballot's law Buys Ballot
buzzer alarm
by boat båd
by daylight dagslys, dagsbelysning
By keeping reasonably close to the African coast they could use the favourable Canary current to cross the horse latitude which is a belt of light and variable winds between the generally westerly winds of the higher latitudes and the trade winds at around 30° North, and the wind that helped Columbus to the Caribbean in 1492, and which Germanic sailors called the Passat hestebredde
by land and sea til
by sea ad
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
by sea søværts
by the board bord
by the board over bord
by the head næse
by the wind bidevind
by the wind sailing bidevindsejlads
by water vandvej
by-law reglement
by-points streg
by-the-wind sailor bidevindsejler
Byers' anchor Byers' anker
byouant apparatus flydemiddel
byrding byrding
baartze baartze
C-band C-bånd
CA/RO-liner CA/RO-liner
cabin baksplads
cabin Cahyt
cabin hytte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cabin kahyt
cabin kammer
cabin kammer
cabin køje
cabin lugar
cabin lukaf
cabin boy Cahyt
cabin boy kahytsdreng
cabin boy kammerdreng
cabin boy skibsjunge
cabin on the quarterdeck kahyt
cabin passage kahytsgang
cabin passage kahytsplads
cabin porthole kahytsport
cabin servant kahytsvægter
cabin sole dørk
cabin top of half-height halvruf
cabin-floor dæk
cabin-light kahytsvindue
cabine Cabine
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cabine boy Cabine
cabinway nedgang
cable ankerkæde
cable ankertov
cable kabel
cable kabeltov
cable tov
cable tov
cable tov
cable tov
cable bight kabelbugt
cable buoy bøje
cable buoy kabelbøje
cable buoy kabelvager
cable buoy telegrafkabeltønde
cable buoy telegrafvager
cable chain jern
cable charge for a telegram trådafgift, trådgebyr
cable coats træsko
cable coil tovkovs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable core kabelsjæl
cable deck trossedæk
cable end tamp
Cable ferries are guided by cables fastened to shore and sometimes propelled by a cable rig attached to the shore. Generally, the cables are suspended during crossings and dropped to the bottom when the ferries dock kabelfærge
cable grows on the larboard bow vise
cable grows on the starboard bow tov
cable guided fery kabelfærge
cable half-cleats træsko
cable heart kabelsjæl
cable inspection ankerkædeinspektion
cable is kept bent tov
cable laid kabelslået
cable laid cordage cabelslaget
cable lay cabelslaae
cable laying boat kabelbåd
cable length Cabel-Længde
cable length kabellængde
cable length kædelængde
cable light kabelfyr
cable made rope tov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable made ropes kabelslået
cable reliever frabrækker
cable reliever nordmand
cable room kabelrum
cable ship kabellægger, kabellæggerskib
cable ship kabelskib
cable slips skrænse
cable slips through the nippers skrænse
Cable splice splejs
cable splice splejsning
cable splice splejsning
cable stage briks
cable stage Cabelrum
cable stage cappelrum
cable stage kabelgat
cable stage tovbriks
cable steamer kabeldamper
cable store room kabelrum
cable tank kabeltank
cable tier kabelrum
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable vault kabelbrønd
cable warning chart kabeladvarselskort
cable yarn kabelgarn
cable-armour armatur
cable-bitt bedding
cable-buoy tovbøje
cable-laid cordage tovværk
cable-laid rope venstreslået
cable-minelayer kabelminelægger
cable-stage stilling
cable-stay bridge bro
cable-stayed bridge bro
cable-tier tovbriks
cable's length kabellængde
cablelaid from the righthand-laid hemp ropes = water-laid ankertov
cables fastened to the fore part of a ship on the stocks, when preparing to be launched, and which are cut with hatchets the moment the ship is to go off tørnetalje
cablet drægtov
cablet jagertrosse, jagetrosse
Caboose kabys
cabotage cabotage
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cabotage regulation cabotageregel
cabotage trade cabotagesejlads
cabotage traffic cabotagesejlads
cabotier cabotier
Cabral, Dom Pedro Alvares Cabral, Dom Pedro Alvares
cachou kateku
Cadamosto, Alvise Cadamosto, Alvise
cadet befalingsmandselev
cadet cadet
cadet cadetjolle
cadet elev
cadet kadet
cadet dinghy cadetjolle
cadet ship kadetskib
cage for coiling the halyard faldsbalje
cagh cagh
cail-cloth sejldug
caique caique
caïque caique
cairn, mound of rough stones of pyramidal or beehive shape used as a landmark. varde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
caisson dokport
calculate a ship's capacity ame
calculate the day's work bestik
calculation beregning
calculation of the course kursberegning
calculation of the tonnage tonnageberegning
calculation of wages hyreberegning
calefata calefata
calendar Calender
calendar kalender
calendar day dag
calendar day kalenderdøgn
calendar month kalendermåned
calendar year år
calendar year kalenderår
Caley david Caley david
caliber Canon
caliber compasses passer
calibrate kalibrere
calibre kaliber
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calibre gauge Calibermaaler
California Current Californiske Strøm
calk calfatre
calker Calfaterer
calking Calfatering
calking bilge kalfatrehammer
Calking irons are iron chisels for that purpose. Some of these irons are broad, some round, and others grooved rabat, rabatjern
calking mallet klamajslag
call kvartermesterpibe
call mønstre
call pibe
call purre
call purre
call rejse
call varsko
call at anløbe
call at a port havn
call at a port havn
call at a port løbe
call at a port sejle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
call at a port søge
call boatswain's søfløjte
call for all hands hoy pibe
call for breakfast skaffe
call for orders anløbe
call of a pilot lods
call of port havneanløb
call sign kaldesignal
call sign kendingsbogstav
call signs registreringsbogstav
call system kaldesystem
call the soundings synge
call the watch purre
call the watch vække
call the watch to relief purre
call the watch up slå
Called headland when the promontory is comparatively high and has a steep face. Also called foreland forbjerg
calling udpurring
calliper krumpasser
calliper compasses krumpasser
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
callipers passer
Callippic cycle callippuscyklus
calm aftage
calm stille
calm stille
calm vindstille
calm belt Calmerne
calm sea havblik
calm sea vand
calm sea vand
calm water curve for propeller effect stillevandskurve
calm water moment stillevandsmoment
calm weather hængevejr
calm weather vejr
Calmar boat kalmarbåd
Calmar-pine kalmarfyr
calms of Cancer Calmerne
calms of Capricorn Calmerne
caloric compressed air foghorn kalorisk tågesignalmaskine
calorific value brændstof
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calx calx
cam kam
camara camara
camber afrunding
camber bjælkebugt
camber dæksbue, dæksbugt
camber huling
cambered deck katryg, katterygget
cambering kølbrydning
cambering of a ship's deck or keel kølbrydning
came down on the sea vande
camel kamel
camelus camelus
camera camera
camp school ship lejrskoleskib
campaign Campagne
campaign togt
camrex coating camrex coating
camshaft. "The camshaft consists of suitable lengths of shafting assembled by means of heavy flanges. The bearings are lined with white metal. The camshaft is driven from the crankshaft through chain drive provided with a tightener styreaksel
can ølstøber
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
can buoy bøje
can buoy bøje
can buoy kandebøje
can buoy stumptønde
can buoy tøndebøje
can hook løshage
can sling / can hook løshage
can-buoys bøje
can-hook hage
canal Canal
canal kanal
canal barge trækskøjte
canal cruising Canal
canal dues kanalafgift
canal duty Canal
canal fee kanalafgift
canal navigation Canal
canal passage kanalpassage
canal sailing Canal
canal toll Canal
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
canardi canardi
Canary Current Den kanariske Strøm
Canary Islands Canariske Øer
cancellation certificate udslettelsesattest
Cancer Cancer
candle = the luminance or photometric brightness of a black body at the temperature of freezing platinum (2042K) at a pressure of 101325 N/m 2 equals 60 units of intensity per square centimetre is equal to 1 cd candela
candle power lysstyrke
Candlemas kyndelmisse
cangia cangia
Canicula Canicula
canister shot skarp
cann ølstøber
cannon Canon
cannon kanon
cannon kanon
cannon kanon
cannon ball kugle
cannon from the pomiglion to the trunnions bagstykke
cannon-ball kanonkugle
cannonade beskyde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cannonade kanonade
cannons run out kanon
canoe canot
canoe indiansk båd
canoe kano
canoe kano
canon balls skarp
Canopus Canopus
canopy overdække
canopy ruf
cant hive
cant kaje
cant kuldsejle
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant frame kantespant
cant timber kantespant
cant timbers spant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cant-frame kantspant
cant-hook hage
cant-hook kæntrehage
cant-piece and fillings or roundings mast
cant-timber kantspant
cant-timbers kantspant
cant-timbers spant
canter bekaje
cantilever cantilever
cantilever type rig cantilevertype rig
canvas bomuldsdug
canvas sejl - 1.
canvas sejldug
canvas sejldug
canvas bag filled with saw-dust and oakum klyssæk
canvas bucket kastepøs
canvas bucket pøs
canvas bucket slagpøs
canvas coat of a mast mastekrave
canvas coat of the rudder brog
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
canvas dodger broklæde
canvas edging fixed along the leechrope sidebolt
canvas edging of a flag lig
canvas for tarpawlings presenningsdug
canvas hose mamering, marmering
canvas hose marmering
canvas patch sejldugslap
canvas rag sejldugslap
canvas shroud brog
canvas ventilation tubes placed vertically from open air to the decks vindsejl
canvass canvasse
cap dup, dop
cap hjælm
cap næs
cap æselhoved
cap a rope klæde
cap a rope smerting
cap of a gun platlod
cap of the bowsprit æselhoved
cap of the flag-staff æselhoved
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cap of the fore mast æselhoved
cap of the fore top-mast æselhoved
cap of the fore-mast fokkeæselhoved
cap of the fore-topmast forebramæselhoved
cap of the main mast æselhoved
cap of the main top-mast æselhoved
cap of the mast head æselhoved
cap of the mast-head eselhoved
cap of the mizen mast æselhoved
cap of the mizen top-mast æselhoved
cap of the topgallant mast bramæselhoved
cap shore mærsestræber
cap shore mærsestøttalje
cap squares rappert
cap stanchion mærsestræber
cap stanchion mærsestøttalje
cap to a gun mundingshætte
cap-merchant skriver
Cap-merchant, in a trading ship, is the same officer, who is called purser in a man of war. The French call him writer (ecrivain) he is appointed by the merchants to whom the ship belongs, to take care that nothing be embezzled, nor squandered away...
In such ships, whose cargo is not considerable enough to bear the expence of a cap-merchant, the master himself, or the mate, if thereto requested by the master, performs the office of a cap-merchant
cap-scuttle lem
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cap-scuttle luge
cap-shore stræber
cap-square overfald
cap-square of a gun carriage palmoder, palemoder
cap-stanchion stræber
capacity kapacitet
capacity lastedrægtighed
capacity stilling
capacity plan kapacitetsplan
capacity plan ladeskala
cape Cap
cape Cape
cape forbjerg
cape forbjerg
cape kap
cape næs
cape fly-away anduvning
cape sheep albatros
Cape Verde Islands Saltøerne
Capella Capella
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
capesize Cape
capesize capesize
capesizer capsizer
capillary wave bølge
capital ship Capital-Skib
capital ship kapitalskib
capital vessel hovedskib
capot capotklæde
Cappanus søorm
Capricornus Capricornus
capsize capsizer
capsize kapsejse
capsize kuldsejle
capsize kæntre
capsize tippe rundt
capsize accident kæntringsulykke
capsizing accident kæntringsulykke
capsizing drill kæntringsøvelse
capstan agterspil
capstan ankerspil
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
capstan capstan
capstan fortøjningsspil
capstan gangspil
capstan spil
capstan spil
capstan - winch shanty
capstan bar bom
capstan bar capstan
capstan bar spilbom
capstan barrel capstan
capstan barrel spilstamme
capstan house bradbænk
capstan partner spilfisk
capstan pawl capstan
capstan spindle capstan
capstan-bar spilspage
capstan-bar vindebom
capstan-bar stowage mounting langribbe
capstan-hoop ring
capstern gangspil
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
capstern spil
captain Capitain
captain chef
captain Commandeurcapitain
captain fører
captain kaptajn
captain kommandør
captain skibschef
captain skibsfører
captain skipper
captain (UM) kommandørkaptajn
Captain Clausen's taffrail or rail log Kaptajn Clausens Brolog
Captain Fields type in perspex marked in degrees and points parallellineal
Captain Hall's patent portable anchor Hall's anker
captain of a gun Commandeur
captain of a gun kanonkommandør
captain of a privateer kaperkaptajn
captain of a ship of war Commandeur
captain of the hold skibmand
captain of the Royal Navy søkaptajn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
captain of the royal yacht jagtkaptajn
captain of the top skamfilingsgast
captain's / extended protest. Note of protest. A declaration by the captain made before a magistrate or other authority when circumstances during the voyage beyond the captain's control may have caused damage to the ship or its cargo. A protest can later, when more details are available, be extended søforklaring
captain's booklet captain's booklet
captain's cabin kaptajnskammer
captain's cabin messelukaf
captain's clerk Cahyt
captain's clerk kahytsskriver
captain's steward hofmester
captain's store-room chef
captain's swabber svaberkaptajn
captain's table bord
captain's watch skifte
captain's steward hovmester
car carrier bilskib
car carrier biltransportskib
car deck bildæk
car deck dæk
car deck vogndæk
car ferry bilfærge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
car lane lane
carabine hook karabinhage
carabus carabus
caramel paper bundvand
caramoussal caramoussal
caravel caravel
caravela da armada caravel
caravela redonda caravel
caravela redonda caravel
carbide light karbidlys
carboy carboy
carboy demijohn
carcase carcasse
carcase carcasse
carcase carcasse
carcase skrog
carcass carcasse
carcass carcasse
carcass carcasse
carcass skrog
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carchesium carchesium
carchesium versatile carchesium
card kompasrose
card or face of a sea compass kompasrose
cardan ring kardanring
cardan suspension kronometer
cardanic suspension kardansk
cardanicsuspension ophæng
cardinal buoyage kompasafmærkning
cardinal mark kardinalbøje
cardinal mark system kardinalsystem
cardinal marking kompasafmærkning
cardinal point hovedstreg
cardinal point streg
cardinal points Compas
cardinal system kompasafmærkning
cardinal wind vind
careen kølhale
careen kølhale
careene the ship brænde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
careening careening
careening kølhaling
careening overhivning
careening fork kølhalingsfork
careening place bradbænk
careening tackle landgie
careening wharf bradbænk
careening-block blok
careening-tackle kølhalingstalje
cargo Cargaison
cargo cargo
cargo fragt
cargo gods
cargo ladning
cargo ladning
cargo ladning
cargo last
cargo løft
cargo løfte
cargo skibsladning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo acquisition right lasterettighed
cargo acquisition- ladningsakkvisition
cargo area cargoområde
cargo band conveyor lastebånd
cargo batch ladningsparti
cargo batten lasteribbe
cargo battens lastribbe
cargo battens are fitted fore and aft horizontally inside the ship's frames in the holds and tweendecks at a regular distance of approximately 12 inches to prevent contact between the cargo and the frames or shell plating. The wooden planks are fitted to the frames by means of hooks, so that they can be removed garnering
cargo book ladebog
cargo boom bom
cargo box lastkasse
cargo capacity lastekapacitet
cargo capacity in a charter-party refers to the number of tons which the ship can carry when loaded to its summer loadline kapacitet
cargo carried bestuve
Cargo carried on an unprotected deck. Deck cargo dækslast
cargo category ladningskategori
cargo cluster arbejdssol
cargo cluster dækssol
cargo cluster is a portable reflector with 4 to 10 bulbs lastrumsbelysning
cargo consignment ladningsparti
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo deck flexdæk
cargo deck lastdæk
cargo displacement ladningsforskydning
cargo distribution ladningsfordeling
cargo distribution lastfordeling
cargo dues lastepenge
cargo gear ladetakkel
cargo gear laste- og lossemidler
cargo gear skibstakkel
cargo handling godshåndtering
cargo handling and slinging equipment anhugningsmateriel
cargo handling equipment ladetakkel
cargo handling equipment lasteanlæg
cargo handling equipment losse- og lastegrej
cargo handling facility lastefacilitet
cargo handling gear lastefacilitet
cargo handling gear lossegrej
cargo handling gear as hooks, snotters, straps, wires, booms and cranes hejsemiddel
cargo handling magnet lossemagnet
cargo handling plant lasteanlæg
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo hold silderum
cargo hook lastehage
cargo hook lossehage
cargo hook lossekrog
cargo hooks katteklør
cargo in cases and cartons kassegods
cargo inspector ladningsinspektør
cargo lashing lastsikring
cargo liner linjebåd
cargo liner linjeskib, linieskib
cargo loading hose lasteslange
cargo lot ladningsparti
cargo manifest ladningsangivelse
cargo manifest ladningsmanifest
cargo manifest losseopgørelse
cargo manifold lossestuds
cargo mat usually square in form, used to protect the deck covering, locally, when taking on board cargo or stores net
cargo net lossenet
cargo of boxes, casks, bales or cases stykgods
cargo of grain kornladning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo owner ladningsejer
cargo part lastdel
cargo passage area laderum
cargo pipeline lasteledning
cargo pipeline system cargoledning
cargo plan ladeplan
cargo plan lasteliste
cargo plan lasteplan
cargo plan stuveplan
cargo pump cargopumpe
cargo pump lastpumpe
cargo pump losspumpe
cargo purchase lossegie
cargo record book lastejournal
cargo refrigeration installation lastklimaanlæg
cargo remains ladningsrest
cargo runner løber
cargo runner for lifting yoke løftedrager
cargo securing lastsikring
cargo securing gang surringsgæng
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo shifting ladningsforskydning
cargo shifting lastforskydning
cargo ship fragtskib
cargo ship kargoskib
cargo ship lastskib
Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate SAFCON
Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
cargo ship safety construction certificate
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate radiosikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
cargo surplus ladningsrest
cargo tackle skibstakkel
cargo tank cargotank
cargo tank lasttank
cargo tank piping inclusive drain pipes lasttank
cargo tank pressure lasttryk
cargo transit godsomsætning
cargo trimaran fragttrimaran
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo tub lastebalje
cargo unit ladningsgenstand
cargo vessel fragtskib
cargo-handling crane kran
cargo-manifold cargo-manifold
cargo-pack cargo-pack
cargoes stowed loose bulkcarrier
cargohandling equipment laste- og lossemidler
cargoliner cargoliner
cargoport ladeport
cargoship list lastfartøjsfortegnelse
Caribbean Sea Caribiske hav
Carina Carina, carina
carina Carina, carina
Carley life-saving raft Carley-redningsflåde
Carline bjælke
carline beam - beams running fore and aft or diagonally between deck beams stikbjælke
carling bjælke
carling kravel
carling kravel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carling kravil
carling kælling
carling mastespor
carling skærstok
carling. A short fore-and-aft beam running under a deck beam or intercoastal between them bjælke
carlings kravel
caroliner caroliner
caroliner caroliner
caronade caronade, carronade
carpenter skibmand
carpenter skibstømmermand
carpenter tømmermand
carpenter cutting the yards ruehugger
carpenter of a ship overtømmermand
carpenter's axe beenøkse
carpenter's axe benøkse
carpenter's crew undertømmermand
carpenter's line slagline
carpenter's mate math
carpenter's shop tømmershop
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carpenter's shop tømrerværksted
carpenter's axe økse
carpenter's stopper stopper
carrack carrack
carrack karak
carrening pully kølhalingsgie
carriage of a gun rappert
carriage of a mortar morterblok
carriage parrel rakke
carrick bend grønlandsstik
carrick bend helling
carrick bend karrakstik
carrick bend stik
carrick bitts bedding
carrick bitts bradspilstøtte
carrick-bend helling
carrick-bits bedding
carrick-bits støtte
carrick-bitt bjørn
carrick-bitts beddingsstøtte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carried away overbordsejlet
carrier fragtfører
carrier for the hatch beams spor
carrier wave bærebølge
carriers or sockets for hatchway beams and fore-and-afters are to be of steel skærstokspor
carronade caronade, carronade
carronade karronade
carronade carriage karronaderapert
carronade port karronadeport
carry bære
carry a lee helm affald
carry a press of canvas forcere
carry a press of sail prange
carry a press of sail sejl - 1.
carry a slack helm føre
carry a slack helm løj
carry a slack helm ror
carry a warp out varp
carry a weather helm luvgerrig
carry a weatherly helm luvgerrig
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carry a weatherly helm ror
carry away a mast sejle
carry away a topmast sejle
carry equal weight bære
carry general cargo sejle
carry little sail
carry out bringe
carry out an anchor bringe
carry out an anchor føre
carry out an anchor lægge et anker ud
carry out forecastle duties bakstørn
carry out of the right course afdrive
carry passengers medføre
carry sail as stiff as a church føre
carry sails well føre
carry suitable sails for the wind force vind
carry the gunports high batteri
carry the helm weatherly føre
carrying a weatherly helm luvgerrig
carrying capacity bæreevne
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carrying capacity bærestyrke
carrying capacity lasteevne
carrying capacity. The toal weight of cargo, bunkers, dunnage, provisions, water, stores and spareparts which a vessel can lift when loaded in salt water to its summer load line marks or to some other specified load line dødvægtskapacitet
carrying of lights lanterneføring
carrying trade fare
carrying trade fragt
Carte's rocket apparatus Carte's raketapparat
cartel fredsflag
cartel parlamentarskib
cartel ship parlamentarskib
cartel ship parlamentarskib
Carteret, Philip Carteret, Philip
cartography kartografi
cartridge kardus
cartridge chest karduskiste
cartridge form kardusdolk
cartridge needle nål
cartridge paper karduspapir
cartridge twine garn
cartridge-room karduskiste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carved work billedhuggerarbejde
carvel-work kravel
carvel-work kravelbygning
carving on a piece of timber frise
cascabel brog
cascabel Canon
cascabel drue
cascabel druehals
cascabel kanon
cascade vandfald
case beholder
case-shot skarp
case-shot skråbøsse
case-shot skråsæk
case-shot skrot
casemate deck kasematdæk
casemate ship batteriskib
casemate ship cassematskib
casemate ship kasematskib
cash payment of wages hyreudbetaling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
casing beskyttelsesbeklædning
casing casing
cask fad
cask fad
cask fad
cask tønde
cask / keg anker (mål)
cask pump pumpe
cask sling fadelænge
cask-sling længe
cask-sling hitch længestik
casked casked
casks fadeværk
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
cast falde
cast a mast by the board kaste
cast a top-mast by the board kaste
cast a vessel away kaste
cast an anchor lade
cast anchor falde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cast away forlise
cast away sætte
cast iron for guns kanonmetal
cast loose the guns on a ship's battery tage
cast loose your gun kanonekcersits
cast off afrigge
cast off falde
cast off fire
cast off kaste
cast off kaste
cast off los
cast off los
cast off opgå
cast off a rope los
cast off the tackles and breeching kaste
cast the anchor kaste anker
cast the anchor lade ankeret falde
cast-knees knæ
castaway skibbrudden
casteria casteria
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
casting affald
casting anchor opankret
castle-crew baksgast
Castor Castor
casuarina casuarina
cat kat
cat kat
cat katskib
cat an anchor katte
cat an anchor up to the cathead katte et anker
cat anchor katanker
cat block blok
cat block kat
cat chock huling
cat davit bjælke
cat fall kat
cat gut line Compas
cat head bjælke
cat hole agterklys
cat hook hage
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cat hook kat
cat of nine tails kat
cat runner katløber
cat stopper pertyrline
cat tackle kattalje
cat tackle kattegie
cat-block katblok
cat-davit david, devis
cat-fall katløber
cat-head katbjælke
cat-head kathovede
cat-hook ankerkat
cat-hook kathage
cat-hook katkrog
cat-ship dunkraftfartøj
cat-tackle kat
cat-tail kranbjælke
cat's paw aning
cat's paw blaf
cat's paw hollænder
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cat's paw hollænderstik
cat's paw iling
cat's paw trompet
cat's paw knot opkortningsknob
cat's paws. kattepote, kattefod
cat's paw of wind laring
Catalogue of Admiralty Charts søkortkatalog
catamaran catamaran
catamaran katamaran
catamaran ferry katamaranfærge
cataphracta cataphracta
catapirates catapirates
cataprorates catapirates
cataract vandfald
cataracta cataracta
catascopium catascopium, catascopus
catastroma catastroma
catch hold
catch a crab fange
Catch a crab: in rowing when an oar gets so deep in the water, that the rower cannot recover in time to prevent his being knocked backwards fange
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
catch the buoy fiske
catch the wind vind
catch-all sail vandsejl
catechu catechu
catechu kateku
catenary ankerkædebugt
caterer baksmester
catering catering
catering kostforplejning
catering crew cateringbesætning
catering department catering
catering department restaurantsafdeling
catering staff restaurationspersonale
catharping svigtning
catharpings-leg svigtningsbolt
cathead ankerkranbjælke
cathead kranbjælke
cathead for raising the anchor daviot
cathode-ray radio direction finder katodestrålerørspejler
cathode-ray tube katodestrålerør
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cathode-ray tube indicator katodestrålerørsindikator
cathole varpehul
catodic corrosion protection of the underwater hull underbeskyttelse
catrig catrig
cats-paw laring
cats-paw stik
catspaw brise
catting katning
cattle carrier kreaturtransportskib
cattle carrier kvægskib
cattle ship kreaturtransportskib
cattle's hair fæhår
cattlecarrier kobåd
cattleman kreaturoppasser
cattleman plyndergreve, plyndregreve
cattus cattus
catwalk faldereb, faldreb
catwalk løbebro
cauf hyttefad
cauliflower cloud blomkålssky
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
caulk calfatre
caulk digte
caulk kalfagte
caulk kalfatre
caulk stemme
caulk stemning
caulk a seam slå
caulker Calfaterer
caulker kalfatrer
caulker stemmer
caulker's stool kalfatreskammel
caulking digtning
caulking kalfatring
caulking butt kalfatrenåd
caulking cotton. Loose or loosely woven cotton used in caulking seams værk
caulking iron kalfatrejern
caulking iron kalfatrejern
caulking iron rabat, rabatjern
caulking iron fastened to an iron handle kalfatrejern
caulking mallet drivhammer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
caulking mallet hammer
caulking mallet kalfatrehammer
caulking mallet klamajhammer
caulking mallet klaphammer
caulking seam kalfatrenåd
caulking-iron sætjern
caulking: In carvel built hulls and in wooden decks the seams narrow in from the surface to approximately halfway down where the edges of the planks meet face to face. This gap between the upper part of the planks has to be filled up and tightened by caulking. Oakum is usually used for wide seams while cotton strands are used when they are narrow. The oakum or cotton is driven in by a caulking iron. After that the seams have to be payed with pitch by means of a ladle, the pitch being heated to the point where it runs easily into the seam kalfatre
cause of fire brandårsag
causeway kås
caution advarsel
cavernae cavernae
cavil hornklampe
cavitation kavitation
cavitation plate kavitationsplade
cay koralø
CE-declaration CE-deklaration CE-certificering CE-godkendelse
Cederwall's stuffing box Cederwall's pakdåse
ceiling foring
ceiling garnere
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ceiling garnering
ceiling garnering
ceiling loft, loft
ceiling rang
ceiling væger
Ceiling - the planking with which the inside of a ship is sheathed. It is also applied to the sheet metal or wood sheathing in quarters and storerooms.
Floor ceiling - planking fitted on top of the floor or bottom in cargo holds.
Hold ceiling - strakes of thick planking fastened to the inside edges of the framing in the cargo holds
ceiling / footwaling bundgarnering
ceiling batten garneringsribbe
ceiling cleat garneringsklampe
ceiling in the hold garnering
ceiling of a ship garnering
ceiling plank garneringsplanke
celestial body himmellegeme
celestial equator himmelækvator
celestial equator. The projection onto the celestial sphere of the Earth's equator. Equinoctial equator ækvator
celestial horizon horisont
celestial horizon horisont
celestial meridian himmelmeridian
celestial meridian. These are semi-great circles joining the celestial poles længdecirkel
celestial object deklination, declination
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
celestial pole himmelpol
celestial pole. Either of the two points projected onto the celestial sphere by the extension of the Earth's axis of rotation to infinity pol
celestial sphere himmelkugle
cell celle
cell guide celleguide
cell guide containerstyr
cell system cellesystem
cell tank celletank
cellular double-bottom dobbeltbund
cellular framing system cellesystem
cellular ship containerskib
cellular system cellesystem
cellular-double bottom with continuous girders dobbeltbund
celoces celoces
Celsius scale celsiusskala
cement cement
cement boat cementskib
cement carrier cementskib
cement tanker cementtanker
cement washing cementvask
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cementation cementering
Centaur Centaurus
centennial storm hundredeårsuvejr
centennial wave hundredeårsbølge
center engine maskine
center of gravity tyngdepunkt
center-board centerbord
centerboard svingsværd
centerboard sænkesværd
centerboard case sværdkiste
centerboard trunk sværdkiste
centering knot centreringsknap
centerline plane diametralplan
centigrade centigrad
centigrade scale celsiusskala
centimetre wave bølge
central altitude højde
central container port moderhavn
Central European time mellemeuropæisk tid
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
central latitude geocentrisk
central meridian in a time zone midtermeridian
central projection centralprojektion
central projection gnomonisk projektion
central stripping pump centristrippepumpe
centre centrum
centre altitude højde
centre bulkhead centerskot
centre castle midtskibshus
centre disc centralskive
centre index arm centralalidade
centre keel centerkøl
centre keelson stringer
centre line centerlinje
centre line bulkhead centerlinjeskot
centre line direction of a ship stævnretning
centre of a fleet midt, midte
centre of buoyancy B
centre of buoyancy deplacementstyngdepunkt
centre of buoyancy flydecentrum
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
centre of buoyancy opdriftscenter
Centre of Cavity deplacement
centre of depression lavtrykscenter
centre of displacement centrum
centre of displacement deplacementstyngdepunkt
centre of effort sejlcenter
centre of flotation vandlinje
Centre of flotation - the geometric centre of gravity of the water plane at which the vessel floats. It is that point about which a vessel rotates longitudinally when actuated by an external force without change in displacement flydecentrum
centre of gravity centrum
Centre of gravity - the point at which the combined weight of all the individual items in a ship and the ship itself going to make up a vessel's total weight may be considered as concentrated tyngdepunkt
centre of gravity for the displacement of the ship deplacement
Centre of gravity: The point of application of the resultant of all the forces of gravity to which the components of a body are subject. By analogy, the centre of gravity of a surface is that of a very thin homogenous solid plate that is the shape as that surface tyngde
Centre of Maritime Health Service CMS
centre of the earth jordcenter
centre of water pressure on the hull pressionscenter
centre tank centertank
centre-line centerlinje
centre-line bulkhead diametralskot
centre-line plan diametralplan
centre-plane diametralplan
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
centreline midterlinje
centres in ship-building center
centrifugal force centrifugalkraft
centrifugal pump consists of two principal elements, a rotor and a circular-shaped casing. The rotor consists of an impeller fitted with vanes and a shaft to which the impeller is attached. The entire shaft and impeller rotate in the circular-shaped casing. Water enters the casing near the center of the rotating shaft and moves outward along the vanes by centrifugal force. There is a discharge pipe on the circumference of the casing through which the water escapes pumpe
centring knot centreringsknap
century sekel
cercurus cercurus
ceremony of crossing the Line linjedåb
certain number of tuns allowed to the officers or passengers in a ship on long voyages føring
Certain planks, called wales, peritona, were still important, especially in a long, narrow ship... There are at least two sets of these, over and below each row of oarports, and they are responsible for holding together the sides from without barkholt
certifiable hull bilfærdig
certificate certifikat
certificate for carrying cattle or live animals kreaturbevis
certificate for lanterns lanternecertifikat
certificate of class klassecertifikat
certificate of competence duelighedsbevis
certificate of competency patent
certificate of deletion. A document issued by a registrar and testifying to a vessel's removal from the register of a certain flag. udslettelsesattest
certificate of discharge. Continuous record of theholder's services at sea and the various competencies assigned to him søfartsbog
certificate of financial responsibility certificate of financial responsibility
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certificate of nationality nationalitetsbevis
certificate of origin oprindelsescertifikat
certificate of proficiency duelighedsbevis
certificate of registry nationalitetsbevis
certificate of seaworthiness sødygtighedserklæring
certificate of seaworthyness sødygtighedsattest
certificate of service mønstringsbevis
certificate renewal certifikatsfornyelse
Certificates of Competency and Endorsement, Seaman Books patent
certified lifeboatman bådroer
ceruchi ceruchi
Cetus Cetus
CEVNI licence kanalbevis
chace Canon
chace girdle Canon
chafe skamfile
chafe nimbly vedblive
chafe reef reb
chafed skamfilet
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chafed sennit tusindben
chaffing-mat klædningsmåtte
chafing skamfiling
chafing band skamfilingsskinne
chafing damage skamfilingsskade
chafing hoops bedding
chafing plates bedding
chafing rider skamfilingsskinne
chafing spar skamfilingsspir
chafing-grummet skamfilingskrans
chain borg
chain chain
chain ketting
chain kæde
chain kætting
chain patent
chain pyttingskæde
chain røstkæde
chain anchor rælingsanker
chain anchor rælingsanker
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chain block blok
chain bolt røstkæde
chain cable compressor kædestopper
chain cable stopper kædestopper
chain cathead stopper pertyrkæde
chain compressor brøndstopper
chain compressor stoppeklods for ankerkæde
chain knot kædeknob
chain knot stik
chain knot stik
chain lead kædeforhånd
chain lead - in case of an anchor cable of cordage kædeforfang
chain length kædelængde
chain link kædeled
chain link manufactured by the borsig method borsig kæder
chain locker kædekasse
chain locker kæderum
chain lump kædeklump
chain pipe kædebrønd
chain pipe kædepibe
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chain plate røstjern
chain plate røstskinne
chain pump kædepumpe
chain pump pumpe
chain pump pumpe
chain riveting nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
chain selector kædevælgerknap
chain sheet skøde
chain sling kædesling
chain sling kædestik
chain splice kædesplejs
chain stopper hajkæber
chain stopper kædestopper
chain stopper wirestopper
chain wale røst
chain wales barkholt
chain with stud links or chain with studless links ankerkæde
chain-bolt bolt
chain-bolt bolt
chain-holder kædeskive
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chain-hook kædekrog
chain-necklace pyttingskrans
chain-operated ferry trækfærge
chain-plate pyttingsjern
chain-shot lænkekugle
chain-shot skarp
chain-slip stopper blakestopper
chain-thimble lænkekovs
chain-wale barkholt
chainlashing- kædebjørn
chains loddeplatform
chains lodderepos
chains fitted with a canvas apron, against which the leadsman leans while heaving the lead, and which protect his legs from the wet line loddebro
chains in which the yards are hung in time of action borg
chair ratstol
Chair of St. Peter Peders stol
chalatorius chalatorius
chalcembolum chalcembolum
chaloupe båd
chaloupe båd
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chaloupe chalup
chaloupe pontée chalup
chamber kammer
chamber of a pump pumpestøvle
chamfer afrejfe
change forandre
change ændre
change ahead omskiftning
change astern omskiftning
change course kurs
change course kurs
change course kurs
change of altitude højdeforandring
change of declination deklinationsforandring
change of flag omflage
change of master førerskifte
change of phase faseændring
change of the moon nymåne
change of the tide modtid
change the course forandre
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change the jib stag
change the tack skifte
changeable weather barometri
changeable weather barometri
changing switch omskifter
channel afløb
channel bådeløb
channel Canal
channel farvand
channel havnerende
channel kanal
channel kanal
channel kanal
channel løb
channel røst
channel røst
channel sejlløb
channel sejlrende
channel skivgat
channel skølping, skølp
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channel udskølping
channel wale barkholt
channel wales barkholt
channel-chain røstkæde
channel-iron stålemne
channel-plate røstjernskinne
channel. rende
chant-tanker chant-tanker
chap about vindspring
chapel fange
chapel ugle
chapel ugle
chapel vind
chapel a ship ugle
chaplain of a ship skibspræst
Chapman barge Chapman-chalup
character Caracteer
character Caracteer
characteristic of a light fyrkarakter
charcariidae charcariidae
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charge attackere
charge of the gun kanonladning
Charlie Noble - the hood of the galley smoke pipe, sometimes used to mean the entire smoke pipe including the hood skorsten
Charon Charon
chart aflægge
chart carte
chart kort
chart passerkort
chart søkort
Chart 1 Kort 1
Chart 5011 Kort 1
chart catalogue søkortkatalog
chart correction kortrettelse
chart correction søkortrettelse
chart corrections can be permanent, temporary, preliminary or seasonal kortrettelse
chart datum datum
chart datum kortdatum
chart datum niveauflade
Chart datum is the particular tidal datum to which soundings and depth curves on a nautical chart or bathymetric map are referred. The tidal datum of mean low water has been used as chart datum along the east coast of the United States and in part of the West Indies. It is presently being changed to mean lower low water, with no adjustments to soundings, shorelines, low water lines, clearances, heights, elevations, or in the application of tidal predictions for navigational purposes datum
chart folio chart folio
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chart house bestikhus
chart house bestiklukaf
chart house kommandohus
chart magnifier kortlup
chart plane kortplan
chart plotter søkortplotter
chart room bestiklukaf
chart room kommandohus
chart table kortbord
chart-ruler kurslineal
charter bådudlejning
charter befragte
charter befragtningsaftale
charter charter
charter charter
charter indbefragte
charter octroy
charter oktroj
charter a vessel forfragte
charter boat charterbåd
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charter party befragtningskontrakt
charter pool befragtningspool
charter-party certeparti
charter-party chartepartie
charter-party fragtkontrakt
charter-party contains conditions for loading with rate of loading in tons per weather working day, time for loading shall commence to count 24 hours after written notice has been given by the master to the charterers. Demurrage money per day for delays and despatch money per day for all time saved in loading timesheet
charter's name charternavn
chartered indchartret
charterer befragter
chartering befragtning
chartering forfragtning
chartering indchartre
chartering agent befragtningsagent
chartering agent befragtningsmægler
chartering agent skibsmægler
Chartering agents are brokers, who have been specially appointed by large importers or exporters in order to take up the space required for their shipments.
Chartering brokers act as intermediaries between shipowners seeking employment for their vessels and charterers requiring the services of a ship
chartering broker skibsmægler
chartroom navigeringsrum
charts drawed without correction of the compass søkort
charts where the variation of the compass is corrected søkort
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Charybdis Charybdis
chase Canon
chase jagt
chase kanon
chase kanon
chase a ship jage
chase boat afviserskib
chase girdle Canon
chase girdle kanon
chase girdle kanon
chase girdle kanon
chase gun kanon
chase nimbly jagt
chase piece Canon
chase port bovport
chase port jagerport
chase port port
chase port of the forecastle jagtport
chase-astragal and fillets kanon
chase-astragal and fillets kanon
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chase-port baksport
chase-port port
chase-port port
chased mat matte
chased ship opjaget
chasing gun jagerkanon
chasse-marée chasse-maree
Chauvancy's Signal System Chauvancys signalsystem
cheat the glass glas
cheat the watch-glass vagtglas, vagtsglas
cheater advokat
chebec chebeck
check forse
check opgå
check skrække
check (US). anvisning
check list checkliste
check stay bardun
check stay checkstag
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check the bowline bugline
check the way fart
cheeck of the mast masteknæ
cheek blok
cheek kindbakke
cheek kæbe
cheek mik
cheek spilklampe
cheek vange
cheek block blok
cheek block cheek blok
cheek of a block side
cheek of a pump pumpemik
cheek of the gaff gaffelklo
cheek of the head knæ
cheek of the head sløjknæ
cheek of the mast knæ
cheek of the mast salingsknæ
cheek plate blok
cheek-block blok