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anti balloon guns A-B skyts
A-frame A-ramme
always afloat a.a.
A.M. A.M.
A/Amax A/Amax
A1 A1
A1 area.
»Within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one VHF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available«
A1A. Continuous wave telegraphy, Morse code A1A
A2 area.
»An area, excluding sea area A1, within the radiotelephone coverage of at least one MF coast station in which continuous DSC alerting is available.«
»Telegraphy by the on-off keying of a tone modulated carrier. Morse code«
A3 area.
»An area, excluding sea area A1 and A2, within the coverage of an Inmarsat geostationary satellite in which continuous alerting is available.«
»Telephony using amplitude modulation; double sideband.«
A4 area A4-område
»Composite emission, double sideband e.g. a combination of telegraphy and telephony.«
aak aak
abaca abaca
abandon abandonnere
abandoned submarine cable abandonnere
abandonment abandonnering
aberration aberration
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astronomical aberration aberration
annual aberration aberration
aberration of the wind. aberration
abioseston abioseston
ablation ablation
ablation zone ablationszone
abrasion abrasion
abrasion abrasion
abrasion abrasion
abrasion platform abrasionsflade
American Shipmasters' Association ABS
American Bureau of Shipping ABS
ABS-resin ABS-plast
acrylnitrile butadiene styrene ABS-plast
absolute absolut
absorbent absorbent
absorb absorbere
absorption absorbering
absorption dehumidifier absorptionsaffugter
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absorption plant absorptionsanlæg
abyssalbenthic abyssal
abyssobenthal abyssal
abyssobenthic abyssal
abyssal plain abyssal slette
abyssal hill abyssal slette
anti-corrosion paint AC-maling
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration acceleration
acceleration data buoy accelerationsbøje
accelerometer accelerometer
accomodation ship accommodation-skib
accomodate accomodere
accretion accretion
acetylene flare acetylenblus
acetylene lamp acetylengaslampe
Advisory Committee on Fishery Management ACFM
Achenar Achenar
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Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea ACOPS
Autoridad del Canal de Panamá ACP
acquire function acquirefunktion
acquisition function acquirefunktion
acrostolium acrostolium
acrostolion acrostolium
actuaria navis actuaria navis
ad valorem ad valorem
adaptation adaptering
adaptive circuit adapteringskredsløb
automatic radio direction finder ADF
Access Defence Infrastructure ADI
adiabate adiabat
adiabatic adiabatisk
and for the first time they were described as »Admirals« admiral
A yellow admiral admiral
Admiralty Men admiral
admiral admiral
admiral admiral
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admiral admiral
admiral admiral
admiral shell admiral
Admiral's Cup Admiral's Cup
admiral's watch admiral's watch
admiralty admiralitet
admiralty pattern anchor admiralitetsanker
Admiralty pattern anchor admiralitetsanker
Admiralty anchor admiralitetsanker
Admiralty commissioner admiralitetskommisær
Admiralty chart admiralitetskort
Admiralty rule admiralitetsregel
Admiralty High Courts (UK) admiralitetsret
Admiralty Court (US) admiralitetsret
admiral's flag admiralsflag
admiral's ship admiralskib
admiral-ship admiralskib
admiral's rank admiralsrang
admiral's barge admiralsslup
admiral's (broad) pendant admiralstander
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Associated Danish Ports ADP
addressee adressat
addressee adressat
Adriatic Sea Adriaterhavet
A bulkcarrier differs from a tanker adskille
adsorb adsorbere
adsorption adsorption
advance (for 90°) advance
advection fog advektionståge
advection advektionståge
advent advent
advice advis
advice note advis
advice-boat advise-fartøj
aerodynamics aerodynamik
aeronautic aeronautik
anti-fouling paint AF-maling
ax afbindingsøkse
axe afbindingsøkse
automatic frequency control AFC
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angle of leeway afdriftsvinkel
a crawl afdæmning
aqueous film forming foam AFFF
affreight affragte
affreightment affreightment
anneal afhærde
a system of protection of ships against magnetic mines and torpedoes by means of electric cables carefully placed within the shell of a ship. It essentially prevents the steel of the ship from disturbing the direction of and intensity of the earth's magnetic flux, the disturbance of which initiates the action of the mines and torpedoes afmagnetisere
aframax type aframax-type
AFRAMAX Describes a tanker in the range of 80,000-120,000 dwt which is one of the ranges used in Average Freight Rate Assessment, q.v. A ship of this measurement is of advantage economically to the oil shipper aframax-type
account book afregningsbog
adjustment afretning
Aphrodite Afrodite
a good offing afstand
angular distance measured in degrees or radians afstand
apparent afstand
at a distance of afstand
at the same distance afstand
anchor with a movable stock afstokke
attachment for the shrouds afsætning
afternoon aften
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after glow aftenrøde
afterglow afterglow
air shaft aftrækskanal
air duct aftrækskanal
Arabian Gulf AG
agate agat
agave agave
automatic gain control AGC
agent agent
agency agentur
Ageton's method Agetons metode
Ageton's tables Agetons metode
agonic line agone
abaft agten
aft agten
astern agten
astern of the ship agten
abaft agten
aft of amidships agten
abaft the beam agten
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abaft the beam agten
abaft the starboard beam agten
abaft the mast agten
astern of agten
abaft agter
aft agter
aft agter
abaft (opposite to before) agter
aft (opposite to forward) agter
astern agter
astern of agter
aft agter
astern agter
aft; to go aft agter
a-stern agter
astern off agter
aftermost agter
aftmost agter
aftward agter
afterward agter
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after agter
a following wind agter
after brace agterbras
after breast agterbreast
after breast line agterbrystfortøjning
after part agterdel
afterbody agterdel
afterdeck agterdæk
aft-castle agterdæk
after end agterende
after-guard agtergast
afterguy agterhaler
at the tail end agterhånd
aftercabin agterkahyt
afterside agterkant
aft companion agterkappe
after castle agterkastel
after compass agterkompas
after-hold agterlast
aft leech rope agterlig
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after leech rope agterlig
abaft the beam agterlig
after hatchway agterluge
astern agterlæns
after runner agterløber
after mast agtermast
afterpart agterpart
after-body agterpart
after peak (tank) agterpeak
after perpendicular agterperpendikulær
after saloon agtersalon
aft sail agtersejl
after peak agterskarp
afterbody agterskib
a stem right down upon the keel agterstævn
Agulhas Current Agulhasstrømmen
Active Heave Compensation AHC
Average Hull Roughness AHR
Ahrents's scale Ahrents skala
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anchor-handling tug AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
anchor-handling tugs AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
AHTS = Anchor Handling Tug Supply AHT, AHTS, AH-tug
a-hoy ahøj
air draft airdraft
automatic identification system AIS
accommodate akkomodere
accumulator akkumulator
accumulator room akkumulatorrum
aclinic line akline
achromatic akromatisk
acrostolium akrostolion
axis akse
axes akse
axle aksel
A-bracket akselbærer
axle-driven generator akselgenerator
axial ramp aksialrampe
actinograph aktinograf
actinometer aktinometer
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active cold front aktiv
active rudder aktivror
acoustic akustisk
acoustic sounding akustisk
acoustic log akustisk
acoustic mine akustisk
acoustic cloud akustisk
aquaculture akvakultur
aquaculture plant akvakulturanlæg
aqueduct akvædukt
alarm alarm
audible alarm alarm
activate the alarm alarm
alarm alarmere
alert alarmere
alarm alarmering
alarm bell alarmklokke
alarm signal alarmsignal
alarm system alarmsystem
Alaska Criteria Alaska-kriterierne
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Alaska Current Alaskastrømmen
Alaska Stream Alaskastrømmen
Albano system albanosystem
albedo albedo
Aldebaran Aldebaran
age of the moon alder
age of diurnal inequality alder
age of parallax inequality alder
age of phase inequality alder
age of tide alder
Aldis lamp Aldislampe
Aleutean low Aleuterlavtryk
Aleutean Current Aleuterstrømmen
alpha alfa
alga, algae alge
alhidade alhidade
alcidae alkefugl
alkyd paint alkydmaling
alla sensile alla sensile
All Saints allehelgensdag
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All Saints' Day allehelgensdag
Allhallows day allehelgensdag
All Souls' Day allesjælesdag
almanac almanak
almucantar almucantar
almucantar almucantar
almucantar staff almucantar
Alpheratz Alpheratz
Admiralty List of Radio Signals ALRS
all's well alt
all well aboard alt
all's well alt vel!
Altair Altair
altazimuth altazimuth
alternate alternere
altar step altertrin
altimeter altimeter
altocumulus altocumulus
altostratus altostratus
aluminium aluminium
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aluminum aluminium
alveus / canoe alv
amplitude modulation AM
Amalphitan Code Amalfikoden
anvil shaped clouds ambolt
ambergris ambra
America's Cup America's Cup
American Cup Race America's Cup
American Petroleum Institute American Petroleum Institute
America liner amerikabåd
America passenger ship amerikabåd
amphibious boat amfibiebåd
amphidromic amfidromisk
amphidromic point amfidromisk punkt
amphidrome - a point of zero amplitude of tide amfidromisk punkt
Amphitrite Amfitrite
a 65 foot, six ton, shallow draft, inflatable boat used as a tender for diving operations Amfitrite
amplifier amplifier
amplitude amplitude
amplitude compass amplitudekompas
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Amsler's integrator Amslers integrator
anabatic wind anabatisk
Anadyomene. [epithet of Aphrodite] Anadyomene
analemma analemma
analemma analemma
analogic analog
analogical analog
analogic steering gear analogstyremaskine
analysis chart analysekort
Andromeda Andromeda
approach anduve
approach anduvning
A delusive appearance, of land, a mirage. Also quasi-proper name, Cape Flyaway anduvning
approach light anduvningsfyr
approach buoy anduvningstønde
anemometer anemometer
aneroid barometer aneroidbarometer
angle angle
anchor anker
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anchor anker (mål)
armature anker (mål)
armature coil anker (mål)
arm ankerarm
anchor bed ankerbeslag
anchor well ankerbrønd
anchor(ing) ground ankerbund
anchor hold ankerbund
anchorage ankerbund
anchor buoy (connected to the crown by a buoy rope or tripping line) ankerbøje
anchor buoy ankerbøje
anchor buoy ankerbøje
anchor davit ankerdavid
anchor deck ankerdæk
anchor is to the bow ankeret er for klysset
anchor is a-cock-bill ankeret er for kranen
anchor is awash ankeret er i overfladen
anchor is ready (to drop) ankeret er klar
anchor is clear ankeret er klar
anchor which is a cockbill ankeret er ret op og ned
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anchor is under the foot ankeret er under skibet
anchor drags ankeret går med
anchor comes home ankeret går med
anchor bites ankeret har fat
anchor holds the bottom ankeret har fat
anchor bites ankeret har fat
anchor has got hold of the botten ankeret holder
anchor gimbletes ankeret hopper
anchor drags ankeret ripper
anchor is dredging ankeret ripper
anchor fisher ankerfisker
anchor lining ankerforing
anchor plate ankerforing
anchor escapement ankergang
anchor purchase ankergie
anchor cat ankergie
anchorage ankergrund
anchoring ground ankergrund
anchor handling ankerhåndtering
anchorage ankerhold
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anchor ice ankeris
anchor cat ankerkat
anchor purchase ankerkat
anchor chock ankerklods
anchor bell ankerklokke
anchor command ankerkommando
anchor crane ankerkran
anchor davit ankerkran
anchor barge ankerkran
anchor ball ankerkugle
anchor chain ankerkæde
a round turn. In maritime vocabulary all connecting line between an anchor and the vessel is called anchor cable ankerkæde
anchor cable marks ankerkædeafmærkning
anchor cable survey ankerkædeinspektion
anchor light ankerlanterne
anchored vessel ankerligger
anchorage range ankermærke
anchorage transit bearing ankermærke
anchor leading marks ankermærke
anchorage mark ankermærke
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anchor bearing ankerpejling
anchorage ankerpenge
anchorage ankerplads
anchor berth ankerplads
anchor bill-board ankerplanke
anchor pocket where the crown and flukes are stowed without any part portruding ankerreces
anchor roller ankerrulle
anchor bill ankerrulle
anchor muster list ankerrulle
anchor shank painter ankerrøstline
anchor tripper ankerslipapparat
anchor sling ankerslæng
anchor winch.
With cable drum wheel also called gypsy wheel for the chain
anchor key ankersplit
anchor clinch ankerstik
anchor bend ankerstik
anchor knot ankerstik
anchor bend ankerstik
anchor hoops ankerstok 1
anchor stock ankerstok 1
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anchor stock ankerstok 1
anchor lashing ankersurring
anchor ground ankersæt
ashot of cable ankertov
anchor rode ankertov
anchor watch ankervagt
anchor detail ankervagt
anchor weight ankervægt
arrive ankomme
arrive at ankomme
arrival ankomst
A vessel is arrived and the laydays - allowed under the charter-party - begin to count as soon as the master has given notice of readiness to the charterers that the ship has berthed according to the clauses of the charter-party, is ready to load or discharge ankomst
arrival day ankomstdag
arrival condition ankomstkondition
arrival report ankomstrapport
anchor with the sails standing ankre for stående sejl
anchor with a spring ankre med spring
anchor ankre op
anchor by the starboard anchor ankre op
anchor maneuvre ankringsmanøvre
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anchor muster list / bill ankringsrulle
annotinae annotinae
anomaly anomali
anomalistic month anomali
anomalistic revolution anomali
anomalistic period anomali
anomalistic year anomali
anqvina anqvina
ansa gubernaculi ansa gubernaculi
approach ansejle
anchovy ansjos
According to Article IV sub 5 of the Hague Rules neither the carrier nor the ship shall in any event be or become liable for any loss or damage to or in connection with goods in an amount exceeding £ 100 per package or unit or the equivalent of that sum in other currency unless the nature and value of such goods have been declared by the shipper before shipment and inserted in the Bill of Lading ansvarsbegrænsning
Antares Antares
Antarctic convergence antarktiske konvergens
Antarctic Current Antarktiske Strøm
antemon antemon
antenna antenna, antemna
aerial antenne
antenna antenne
antenna network antenneanlæg
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
aerial network antenneanlæg
aerial stay antennestag
aerial halyard antennestag
aerial plug antenneudtag
aerial socket antenneudtag
anti-circumpolar anticirkumpolær
anticlutter gain anticlutter
anticlutter rain anticlutter
anticlutter-sea anticlutter
anticyclone anticyklon
anticyclone high anticyklon
anticyclonal curvature anticyklon
antifouling paint antifouling
anti-collision radar antikollisionsradar
Antilles Current Antillerstrøm
anti-trade wind antipassatvind
anti pirate radar antipiratradar
antipode point antipodepunkt
antipode place antipodepunkt
antoeci antipodepunkt
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anti-heeling system antirullesystem
anti-rolling tanks antirulletank
anti-rolling devices. antirulletank
anti-heeling tank antirulletank
antiscorbutic antiscorbutic
antlion antlion, antlia, antlon
aperiodic aperiodisk
aperiodic compass aperiodisk
aphelion aphelium
aphlaston aphlaston
API (unit) API-grad
API-gravity API-gravity
apobathrai apobathrai
apogeia apogeia
apogee apogæum
apogean tide apogæum
apogean tidal current apogæum
apostis apostis
apostles. The two large bollards fixed to the main deck near the bows ... around which hawsers or anchor cables were belayed apostlene
A knighthead, esp. one having its top projecting and used as a bollard apostlene
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apparent semidiameter apparente halvdiameter
apparent horizon apparente horisont
apparent altitude apparente højde
apparent position apparente højde
apparent visible horizon apparente kiming
apparent time apparente tid
apparent wind apparente vind
appendix tonnage certificate appendixmålebrev
approval approbation
April april
apside apside
accomodation aptering
accommodation aptering
Accommodation is provided for a crew of 8, in the forecastle there are 4 steel bunks, wood table and wood forms, food lockers and a coal stove. There is no saloon on board and the forward accommodation is used by the whole of the officers and crew as a mess room. On the starboard side there is a wooden provision locker built in, and at the forward end abaft of the hawse pipes a wood transverse bulkhead has been erected to provide a store space for ropes etc. The Master and Mate are accommodated in separate rooms under the bridge, these are fitted out with wood bunk settee, wardrobe etc., but no washing facilities are provided aptering
accommodation structure apteringshus
aquamaster aquamaster
Aquarius Aquarius
anomalistic year år
astronomical year år
Arabian Gulf Arabiske Bugt, Den
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Arabian Sea Arabiske Hav, Det
aramid fibre aramidfiber
a vessel straining its timbers when labouring in a heavy sea arbejde
Associated Rescue Co-ordination Centre ARCC
architalassus architalassus
arcon arcon
Arcturus Arcturus
Argand lamp argandlampe
Argonaut argonaut
Argonite argonite
argosy argosy
Aries Aries
ark ark
arcform vessel ark
arke arke
archipelago arkipelag
Arctic Ocean Arktiske Ocean
Arctic Current Arktiske Strøm
arm. arm
arm arm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
arm arm
armada armada
armadilla armadilla
armadilla armadilla
armature armatur
armature armatur
arm armere
arm a lead DNT armere
arm (a mine) armere
arm armere
armoured cable armeret kabel
armillar armillary
armillary sphere armillary
Automatic Radar Plotting Aids ARPA
arpax arpax
artemon mast artemonmast
artilleryman's knot artilleristik
areometer aræometer
as is as is
ascoma ascoma
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Azimuth Stern Drive tug ASD
Azimuth Stern Drive ASD
Anti Submarine Detection and Investigation Committee. ASDIC
asdic ASDIC
asphalt. asfalt
asphalt cement asfaltcement
asphalt paint asfaltmaling
asphalt carrier asfaltskib
asphalt tanker asfaltskib
ash ask
askr ask
ash ejector. askeejektor
ash pit askegrav
ash hoist askehejs
ash hoisting askehivning
ash port askeport
ash bucket askepøs
ash port asketragt
aspect aspekt
aspect aspekt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
aspect aspekt
apprentice aspirant
aspiration psychrometer aspirationspsykrometer
assessment assessment
astatic astatisk
American Society of Testing Materials ASTM
astro compass; an instrument or equipment that indicates direction in the horizontal plane from astronomical information astrokompas
astrolabe astrolab
armillary sphere astrolab
astronomical day astronomisk dag
astronomical navigation astronomisk navigation
astronomical position astronomisk sted
astronomical line of position astronomisk stedlinje
astronomical time astronomisk tid
astronomical triangle astronomisk trekant
astronomical twilight astronomisk tusmørke
Accomodation and Support Vessel ASV
Actual Time of Departure ATD
Atehena Athene
Atlantis Atlantis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Atlantic bunks atlantkøje
atlas atlas
atlas atlas
atmosphere atmosfære
atmosphere atmosfære
atoll atol
atomic clock atomur
Aids to Navigation AtoN
atterage atterage
Attwood's formula Attwoods formel
audit audit
augmentation augmentation
August august
aurora aurora
auteretai auteretai
auto-alarm autoalarm
autophortoi holkades autophortoi
autopilot autopilot
authorization / license autorisation
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
advance avancere
adventure aventure
avoirdupois weight avoirdupoisvægt
awning deck awningdæk
awning-decked vessel awningdækker
azimuth azimuth
Azimuth Stern Drive Azimuth Stern Drive
alt-azimuth instrument azimuthalcirkel
azimuthal map projection azimuthalprojektion
azimuth pit azimuthgrav
azimuth compass azimuthkompas
azimuth curve azimuthkurve
azimuth motor azimuthmotor
azimuth observation azimuthobservation
azimuth propeller azimuthpropeller
azimuth thruster propulsion unit azimuthpropeller
azimuth signal azimuthsignal
azimuth circle azimuthspejl
azimuth prism azimuthspejl
azimuth mirror azimuthspejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
azimuth bar azimuthspejl
azimuth instrument azimuthspejl
azimuth table azimuthtabel
azimuth thruster azimuththruster
azimuth torquer azimuthtorquer
azipod azipod-propeller
Azorean high pressure azorerhøjtyk
anquilae B
Admiralty chart BA-kort
a ship båd
all in the same boat båd
a superstructure deck provided for the stowage af the lifeboats and also generally used for staterooms or quarters båddæk
accomodation ladder badelejder
arctic skua bådsmand
abeam on the port side bagbord
a large lighter furnished with wheels and large spoons by means of which they heave the mud or gravel from the bottom, in order to deepen or clean a port in a manner similar to that of the ballast-heavers on the Thames bagge, baggemaskine
after fish bagstykke
anchor deck bak
associate as messmates bak
aback sail bakke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
a half tub or a kind of cage on each side of the quarter-deck of several ships, to coil in them the remaining parts of the main-top haliards and keep them out of the way balje
all movable ballast shall be properly stowed under the floorboards or in the lockers and no dead weight shall be shifted ballast
a package of soft or non-rigid material material wrapped in fibrous material or other flexible material like plastic; often secured with wires, ropes or other fastings. Pulp paper, cotton etc. are often packed in bales balle
air bag ballon
after-backstay bardun
a most important item in their design was the heavy zosteres, belts or wales which extended from end to end outside of the vessel and performed the most necessary function of binding her together and preventing bow and stern from sagging barkholt
aneroid barometer barometer
altitude error barometri
a wet-dock provided with flood-gates for restraining the water bassin
A spring balance of peculiar construction for ascertaining the depth of water without measuring the sounding line batometer
a vagrant who frequents beaches and wharves in a seaport beach-comber
a long wave rolling in from the ocean beach-comber
Admiralty Tide Tables Beaufortskala
accomodation beboelse
Annunciation Day Bebudelsesdag, Mariæ-
abate bedage
a bitter of the cable beddingsslag
axe beenøkse
apprentice befalingsmandselev
able seaman befaren
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
able body befaren
ablebodied seaman befaren
affreightment befragtning
arrive safe and sound behold
affirm the colours bekræfte
all hands bemanding
axe benøkse
A) bed or sleeping place. Berths are mormally permanently built into the the structure of the cabin.
B) cabin or stateroom.
C) position or rank, e.g. "He has the berth of captain".
D) a place where a vessel dock or is tied up alongside a quay.
application / requisition for survey or inspection besigtigelse
anti exposure suit beskyttelsesdragt
AES beskyttelsesdragt
arrest beslag
arm-gasket beslåsejsing
account bestik
account bestikregning
armament bestykning
a weatherly ship bidevindsejler
auxiliary light bifyr
adjacent sea: a single semi-closed sea with free-running connection to the ocean. E.g. North Sea, North Polar Ocean, Mediterranean, Caribbean bihav
a violent gale of wind bilægger
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
axe bindeøkse
anticlutter birefleksspærrer
auxiliary station bistation
attempt at salvage bjærgningsforsøg
a stealer bladskæring
an anchor which has no buoy blindt anker
alternating light blinkfyr
arse blok
ass blok
arse of a block blok
axle blok
axis blok
all kind of dead-eyes and dead-blocks, excepting those which are employed for setting up the shrouds which are called in German Jungfern blok
an oblong dead eye with three holes blok
a stropped block blok
A winding tackle block with three sheaves blok
A hollow bottom filled with tallow blylod
air cushion skirt boblegardin
Achterhang bock
alphabetic flag bogstavflag
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alphabetical flag bogstavflag
alongside quay bolværk
arm the capstan bom
athwartships beam bom
a yacht begins to gybe at the moment when, with the wind aft, the foot of her mainsail crosses her centre line, and completes the gybe when the mainsail has filled on theother tack bomme
after guy and fore guy bomslæber
A square mainsail with two bonnets bonnet
a bonnet furnished with chopped oakum to be used in the act of fothering bonnet
a second ladder skeed or the like, which is put under the first in order to make it the longer bonnet
an outside area on a vessel's hull from bow to stern between certain waterlines to which special air-, water-, and grease-resisting paint is applied boottop
antifouling paint boottop
alongside bord
aboard bord
alongside bord
anchorstock planking bordlægning
A mean solar day commencing at midnight borgerlig
a rope serving to take hold of the heel of a top-mast, to help the top rope, while the mast is hoisting up. borgtov
affreight bortfragte
A ship would go fastest when the tangent of the angle between wind and sail was double that between keel and sail Bouguer's teori
a bluff bowed ship bov
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a fire has started brand
automatic fire alarm brandmeldeanlæg
after brace bras
astronomic latitude bredde
arched bridge bro
a sea shove in the bulwark brække
A heavy ocean wave which breaks esp. in passing over reefs or shallows brænding
a receptacle for coal on board ship brændselsrum
armoured trunk brønd
Ascension Day bucento
arch bue
a bow or instrument employed by shipwrights to draw on paper the sheers of the whales and such curve lines bue
arc measurement buemål
arc transmitter buesender
a tow is a vessel or a number of vessels which are being towed bugsere
An indentation of the sea into the land with a wide opening bugt
a gulf = a portion of the sea partially enclosed by a sweep of the coast bugt
ascertain the depth of the sea bund
anchor ice bundis
abyssal bundløs
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apron bundsikring
antifouling bottom painted bundsmurt
a single knot burknob
a second lining of the bow, to prevent the ship from great flakes of ice buslap
a sudden squall of wind mostly accompanied with rain byge
a squall of wind accompanied with hail byge
a squall of wind accompanied with rain byge
a squall of wind accompanied with thunder and lightnings byge
A sudden increase of wind speed by at least 16 knots or by at least three stages of beaufort Scale, the speed rising to force six or more and lasting for at least one minute byge
A ship is built on a slipway, which is a sloping platform erected on the foreshore of a deep river or estuary and extending well beyond and below the water's edge byggebedding
a cloudy horizon bænk
aim at bære
axle bearing bæreleje
anchor buoy bøje
A two- or three-masted vessel of various sizes, used esp. in the Dutch herring-fishery; in 1794 identified with a fly-boat bøjse
a heavy sea broke over aour bow bølge
affirmative C
acetylene flare calciumkarbidlys
azimuth-compass Compas
athwartship intermediate double stacker containerbeslag
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a deviation from the right course Cours
alter the course Cours
as the days grow longer the cold grows stronger dag
astronomical day dag
artificial day dag
apparent solar day dag
a rope's end for punishment dag
allowance dagpenge
all day rain dagregn
Aldis lamp dagslyslampe
angle of the dip dale, daling
a vessel navigated in the canals of Holland damloper
anchor davit david, devis
armed merchant ship defensionsskib
angular distance on the celestial sphere deklination, declination
ascension or hour angle deklination, declination
aberration of the needle deviation
Any deviation in saving or attending to save life or property at sea or any reasonable deviation shall not bed deemed to be an infringement or breach of these Rules or of the contract of carriage and the carrier shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom deviation
adjustment of the compass deviationsbestemmelse
after-guy to the davit devis
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a tight ship digt
average statement dispache
average adjustment dispache
average-stater dispachør
adze dissel
apparent distance distance
at a distance of distance
a Dutch dogger or dogger-boat Dogger Banke
A small anchor with four to six hooks or claws radiating from the crown dræg
air draught dybgang
awning deck dæk
aft deck dæk
anchor-deck dæk
awning-deck dæk
awning-deck dæk
armoured-deck dæk
awning-deck dæk
a sort of netting to cover a ship's waist and prevent the impression of boarders dæk
a deck open in the middle dæk
area covered dækningsområde
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attenuation of radar waves dæmpning
all the 24 hours døgn
all round the clock døgn
after tossing dønning
armoured door dør
A formation of troops in which each unit is positioned successively to the left or right of the rear unit to form an oblique or steplike line echelon
autumn efterår
autumn equinox efterårsjævndøgn
afterglow efterglød
afternoon eftermiddag
a parameter that specifies the shape of a conic section; one of the standard elements used to describe an elliptic orbit ekscentricitet
a sort of flat-bottomed lighter employed on the Elbe elbkahn
A unit load is one or more packages secured to a pallet or skidded in such a manner that the entire unit may be received by the ocean carrier, safely loaded, stowed in the vessel and delivered at the port of discharge by mechanical equipment enhedsladning
all hands down entre
all hands step-up! entre
an officer who has the charge of whatever relates to the equipping, mooring or securing of ships; as well with regard to rigging, arming and fitting them for sea, as to the careening and floating them out of the docks equipagemester
as applied to beam, keel length and overall length et-to-tre proportioner
anchor is foul, or the cable gets foul of the fluke, or the anchor is fouled by the cable få et anker uklart
anchor fad
altering course away from the wind until a yacht begins to gybe falde
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accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
at the last moment faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder faldereb, faldreb
accommodation ladder screen falderebsklæde
A portable platform used as a passage for persons entering or leaving the ship falderebsrepos
accommodation ladder falderebstrappe
accommodation ladder falderebstrappe
alter the speed fart
average speed fart
area fartsområde
Area forecast farvandsoversigt
attach fastgøre
anchor bits fat
accidential error fejl
a fresh water jack ferskvandsmatros
a flat low and sandy shore fiere
a tackle composed of two double blocks firløber
angler's loop fiskerøje
angler's loop fiskerøje
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ancient, ensign or colors of any nation flag
a mariner who has the care of the flags flaggast
acorn flagknop
admiral ship flagskib
a shallow flak, flakvand
anchor-fluke stopper fligstopper
A relatively large stream of water flowing towards the sea. Greater than a creek or rivulet, flowing or in a bed or channel between defined banks. flod
at new flood flod
afloat flot
A watertight structure capable of being submerged by admission of water into pontoon tanks …
… a large vessel made with watertight compartments, and used as a graving dock
areometer flydevægt
A transient magnet is an induced magnet, one which is dependent for its magnetism upon the proximity of another external magnet, whether this be the Earth itself or a true artificial magnet nearer to it. flygtig
acorn of a vane-head fløjknap
acorn og a mast-head fløjknap
acorn, railing, piece of metal shaped like an acorn, used to finish off the top of a vertical pipe in a railing. fløjknap
a half-deck folks logi
alter forandre
alter the course forandre
assembling method forbindelsesmåde
afore forefter
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ahead forefter
Association of Danish Rescuers Foreningen af danske Redningsmænd
advice note forhåndsnotice
apply the sheathing-hair to a ship's bottom forhudning
at the break of the poop forkant
abandon = relinquish a claim to underwriters (1755). To cease to hold, use, or practice [OSD] forlade
adrift forlade
artemon formast
a.m. formiddag
an eclipse in which the moon passes through the shadow cast by the earth. The eclipse may be total, i.e. the moon passing completely through the earth's umbra; partial, i.e. the moon passing partially through the earth's umbra at maximum eclipse; or penumbral, i.e. the moon passing only through the earth's penumbra formørkelse
a solar eclipse in which the solar disk is never completely covered but is seen as an annus or ring at maximum eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs when the apparent disk of the moon is smaller than that of the sun formørkelse
amplifier forstærker
apron forstævn
apron forstævn
a reinforced timber boltes to the after side of the stem forstævn
after breastline fortøjning
aft breast line fortøjningsline
aft spring line fortøjningsline
ahead forud
a large coasting boat on the coast of Norway fragtbåd
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affreight. To hire a ship for the purpose of transporting freight. fragte
additional freight fragttillæg
a sinical quadrant used by the French pilots fransk figur
ahead frem
advance fremdrift
appendage fremspringende
absolute humidity fugtighed
all sails set fuld
able-bodied seaman fuldbefaren
a yacht finishes when any part of her hull, or of her crew or equipment in normal position, crosses the finishing line in the direction of the course from the last mark fuldføre
a small vessel with sail and oars navigated in the Mediterranean fuste
alternating light fyr
all kinds of bunt-lines and leech-lines gårding, gording
An organic compound consisting exclusively of the elements carbon and hydrogen. Derived principally from petroleum, coal tar and vegetable sources gas
area for navigation lanes gennemsejlingsområde
at night the presence of background light such as from shores lights or from back scatter of her own lights genskin
astronomical latitude geografisk
A trapezoidal shell plate of about double width at one end, located near the stem or stern. It takes the combined butts of a through strake and of a drop strake. Also called a stealer plate ger, geer
arms' chest geværkiste
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a lee lurch gire
account gisning
a general name for all the brails of a ship comprehending the clue-lines, bunt-lines, leech-lines &c givtov
at six bells glas
a flush deck ship is one which has no superstructure on the freeboard deck. glatdækskib
anticlutter glitterspærrer
Average Hull Roughness gnidningsmodstand
AHR gnidningsmodstand
Arabian Gulf Golfområdet
A North Atlantic Ocean current setting northeastward of the east coast of The United States. A segment of the Gulf Stream system extends from the region off Cape Hatteras to an area southeast of the Grand Banks from where itt flows in east-north-east across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europa Golfstrømmen
almacantors-staff gradstok, gradestok
An average adjuster is a kind of arbitrator, with an expert knowledge of the law and practice relating to insurance and average... The outcome of his findings, is called the average statement groshavariopgørelse
aground grund
arse grundgang
ass grundgang
a ship high and dry grundstødning
anchorage limit grænselinje
a mounted pivoting hook hage
a thin wooden filling to fill out a seam, who happens to be too large for caulking hallandsfarer
a rope to bear up the above cable, when a ship is laying for two anchors, and it happens that the cables are coming across hallandsfarer
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aboard the main tack hals
a yacht is on a tack except when she is tacking or gybing halse
a sail lowered half down halv
A lifeline of 12 mm cordage extends around the periphery of the boat, secured at beckets spaced at intervals and forming loops which are approximately 15 centimetres above the waterline håndline
artificer håndværker
aircraft carrier hangarskib
average havari
average certificate havariattest
average statement havariberegning
average contribution havaribidrag
average adjustment havarifordeling
average claim havarifordring
average commission havarikommission
accident investigation board havarikommission
average statement havariopgørelse
average adjustment havariopgørelse
average percentage havariprocent
average report havarirapport
average damage havariskade
An area of water where ships can anchor or moor alongside quays etc. and be protected from wind and sea havn
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assistant harbour master havneassistent
anchorage duty havnepenge
able bodied helbefaren
able-sailor helbefaren
A voyage charter will normally cover shipment of a full cargo, or as some charterparties still quaintly phrase it, give the charterer the benefit of - the full reach and burthen - of the ship helbefragtning
anti-skid helicopter net helikopternet
a lashing of one hawser upon one other helling
all welded / fully welded helsvejst
An imaginary sphere of arbitrary radius upon which celestial bodies may be considered to be located. As circumstances require, the celestial sphere may be centered at the observer, at the earth's centre, or at any other location." himmelkugle
altitude of a celestial body himmellegeme
a permanent state of heeling is called a list hive
auxiliary craft hjælpefartøj
auxiliary pilot hjælpelods
assisting pilot hjælpelods
auxiliary engine hjælpemotor
auxiliary sail hjælpesejl
auxiliary scale hjælpeskala
arching - the same as hogging hogging
anchor ground holdebund, holdegrund
a-hoy holla
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artificial horizon horisont
a term used in navies to denote the most important type of warship in the national fleet hovedskib
all the planks of the outer sides of a ship hud
a grown sea hulsø
a purchase on the mainstay for hoisting hundefok
a span round the cap on the top-mast head, for the standing part of the top-sail-yards lifts, when they are top-gallant sheets hundeøre
a strop in the neck of a tackle-block for the standing part of the runner hundsvot
a sailor's pay hyre
a sailor's hire hyre
account of a seaman's wages hyreblanket
advance on the wages hyreforskud
agreement hyrekontrakt
account of wages rendered hyreopgørelse
a kind of transom upon which stands the mizzen mast of a Dutch smack hæk
aft stay hækstag
aft thruster hækthruster
after piece of a rudder hæl
A structure projecting from the shore and designed to break the current and thereby check erosion and build out the shore by a deposit of material høfde
A structure extending approximately perpendicular from a shore to protect the shore from erosion by tides, currents, or waves or to trap sand for making a beach høfde
A low wall-like structure, generally of wood or stone to prevent coast erosion. Groin and groyn are both especially in UK obsolete spellings of groyne høfde
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a moon shaped or a ship whose upper works rise very high høj
a great sea høj
altitude højde
apparent altitude højde
altitude. The angular distance above the horizon højde
altitude parallel højdeparallel
at high tide højvande
apron inderstævn
angle of incidence indfaldsvinkel
anhauler indhaler
anhauler indhaler
approach indløb
approach indsejling
at the entrance indsejling
approach channel indsejlingsrende
approach direction indsejlingsretning
adaptability force indstillingskraft, indstillingsevne
a stropped block indstropning
a strap-bound block indstropning
An accumulation of spongy white ice lumps, a few cm across, formed from grease ice or slush = shuga isklump
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axis of the earth jordakse
autumnal equinox or first point of Libra jævndøgn
autumnal equinox jævndøgnspunkt
apprentice kadet
accomodation deck kahytsdæk
accommodation kammer
apartments kammer
arrangement of the guns kanon
a yacht is racing from her preparatory signal until she has either finished kapsejle
a Portuguese Indiaman karak
a tackle with a pendant-rope coming from the head of the main-mast, and a block or pulley strongly fasten'd to the mainstay, to hoist all the casks into a ship, and such goods as are not over-weighty karnat
anchor kaste anker
a gust of wind kastevind
a pointed rope katte
A vessel when engaged in trawling, by which is meant the dragging through the water of a dredge net or other apparatus used as a fishing appliance, shall exhibit:
1. two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being green and the lower white, or a shape consisting of two cones with their apexes together in a vertical line one above the other;
A vessel engaged in fishing, other than trawling, shall exhibit:
1. two all-round lights in a vertical line, the upper being red and the lower white, or a shape consisting of two cones with apexes together in a vertical line one above the other;
2. when there is outlying gear extending more than 150 metres horizontally from the vessel, an all-round white light or a cone apex upwards in the direction of the gear
A document issued and/or signed by surveyors of certain flags (eg British, Cypriot) certifying that a vessel's name, official number and tonnage have been cut-in aboard kendingsbogstav
apparent horizon kiming, kimming
arm cleat klampe
away from klar
anchor is ready klar
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anchor is foul klar
a-bout ship klar
a clear spot in a cloudy sky or thick fog klaring
action station muster klartskibsrulle
absolute classification klassifikation
after-piece of the rudder klik
a sort of flat-bottomed clincher-built pram of Schweden klinkert
A long curved overhanging bow such as was characteristic of the fast wooden sailing ships built in USA during the middle of the 19th century klipperstævn
at close quarters klos
a strong roller in the manger for the cables in some ships klysrulle
a knot of a line knob
a carrick bend knob
a double wall knot knob
an over and knot knob
ascending node knude
a large mat used to close an aperture in a vessel's side resulting from collision. The mat is constructed of a double thickness of canvas quilted together, body roped, and thrummed on one side with hemp thrums kollisionsmåtte
all oceangoing vessels must be fitted with a collision bulkhead, which is carried up to the maindeck in full scantling vessels and up to the shelterdeck in shelterdeck vessels. The bulkhead must be fitted minimum 5 % of the vessel's length from the stem kollisionsskot
angle of collision kollisionsvinkel
azimuthal compass kompas
azimuth compass kompas
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a magnetical needle which has lost its virtue and is become erroneous and defective kompas
amplitude compass kompas
azimuth compass kompas
a common seacompass kompas
a line on the surface of a planet which has a constant true direction kompaslinje
adjustment magnet kompensationsmagnet
adjustment means kompensationsmiddel
adjustment of a compass kompensere
a document by which the master of a ship acknowledges having received a certain goods to deliver them in the same condition at the destination to the person who present him with the same document properly endorsed konnossement
A Bill of Lading has the following functions:
1. It is a receipt for goods, signed by the master on behalf of the carriers.
2. It is a document of title to the goods described therein.
3. It serves as evidence of the terms and conditions of carriage agreed upon between the two parties
AB konstabel
able seaman konstabel
a grouping of star, usually with pictorial or mythical associations, that serves to identify an area of the celestial sphere. Also on of the precisely defined areas of the celestial sphere, associated with a grouping of stars, that the International Astronomical Union has designed as a constellation konstellation
adventurer kontrabander
a set of magnitudes defining a point in space koordinatsystem
artificial lightning kornmod
adjust - compass adjustment korrigere
adjustment component korrigeringslegeme
adjustment means korrigeringsmiddel
allowance kost
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act of veering kovending
air port. An opening in the side or deck house of a vessel, usually round in shape and fitted with a hinged frame in which a thick glass is secured. The air port can inside also be fitted with an additional metal hinged cover for protection of the interior should the glass be damaged. koøje
anchor crane kran
a turbulent short sea krap
a vessel planked in the common way or carvel-work kravelbygning
articles of war krigsartikler
Ascension Day Kristi Himmelfartsdag
angling krogfiskeri
anchor crown kryds
arms or horns krydsholt
actual heeling moment krængningsmoment
angle of heel krængningsvinkel
a sort of Dutch vessel kuf
ammunition kugle
a small gale kulingsvejr, kuling
alter course kurs
alter cours kurs
alteration of course kursforandring
an instrument, operated electrically from the master compass, that makes a permanent record of the exact courses steered. Earlier, it was recorded on a length of paper. Today it is recorded digitally in a computer kursskriver
alteration of course kursændring
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afternoon watch kvældsvagt
African trader kystfarer
A land station in the maritime mobile service kyststation
anchor chain kæde
a swab to cool the guns kølekost
a gunner's ladle laderedskab
a full and complete cargo ladning
amount of cargo ladningsmængde
a lien on the cargo ladningspant
an enclosed area of water separated from the open sea by some more or less effective but not complete obstacle, such as low sand banks. A shallow sound, pond or lake generally separated from the open sea. A body of water enclosed by reefs and islands of an atoll lagune
ashore land
along the coast land
A movable bridge or gangway on a ship landgang
A narrow, portable platform used as a passage by persons entering or leaving a vessel moored alongside a quay or pier. Indgang el. adgang itl et skib i toppen af en lejder. Stål- el. træbro, der forbinder et skib med kysten el. andet skib. landgang
a-long shore langs
a-longships langskibs
a shake langskøre
a little wind or breath of wind laring
after-hold last
a nozzle that discharges water in small droplets under low pressure lavtrykståge
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a rope for a sail to travel on, also called traverse-horse lejder
a jack-stay on which a sail is hauled out lejder
aweigh let
anchor is a-trip let
a cat's paw let
a walt ship let
a wallow ship let
apeak lette anker
atrip lette anker
aweigh lette anker
a lively ship leve, levende
after-leech of a stay sail lig
always safely afloat ligge
all in the wind ligge
anchor ligge ankret = ligge opankret
a small stuff of untarred hemp or cotton used in odd jobs around a ship line
all kinds of ratling and lines linegods
admiralty pilots designate the volume of Sailing Direction lods
A fundamental law of electromagnetics states that any conductor which moves in the vicinity of a magntic field will have induced into it an electro motive force - emf log, loggeapparat
a little flat bottomed boat, to bring the workmen aboard ships in the dock-yard or a punt lorje, lorge
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altering course towards the wind luffe
air luft
air funnel luft
air bubbles ejected below the waterline to enforce the icebreaking process Luftboblesystem
air-course board luftbord
air a ship lufte
air tank luftkasse
air receiver luftkasse
air receiver luftkedel
air mass luftmasse
air resistance luftmodstand
air-course board luftplanke
air cushion vehicle luftpudebåd, luftpudefartøj
aero RC luftradiofyr, luftfartsradiofyr
aeronautical radio beacon luftradiofyr, luftfartsradiofyr
air course luftrang
air pipe luftrør
atmospheric pressure lufttryk
aft hatchway luge
after hatchway luge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
a kind of high companions around the hatchways in small vessels lugekarm
a sum which covers or includes a number of items lumpsum
a vessel chartered on lumpsum basis implies that a fixed lump sum is payable by charterers for the capacity put at their disposal regardless of the quantity of cargo actually shipped lumpsumfragt
a griping ship luvgerrig
a ship which carries a weatherly helm luvgerrig
answer the helm lystre
a sail to leeward
a lee lurch lægerrig
a fothered sail læksejl
anchor sling længe
advance at sea løbe
a good sea-boat magelig
arc intercepted between meridian a + b måle
acquisition, means the process of selecting a target or targets and initiating their tracking målopfangelse
all hands high mand
all hands hoay mand
age of the moon månealder
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
acting officer månedsofficer
altitude of the moon månehøjde
ascending node måneknude
A manifest is a document containing complete specifications of the goods loaded by a vessel... cargo manifests are based upon the bills of lading manifest
Annunciation of our Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary Maria Bebudelsesdag
Annunciation Day Maria Bebudelsesdag
Admiralty marineministerium
Alpha Pegasi Markab
auxiliary engine maskine
alter the course masqvere
armed mast: Mast made from more than one piece of timber mast
a made mast is made from several pieces of timber slotted together mast
after mast mast
armed mast mast
after-fish mast
a step and partners peculiar to the masts of some small vessels being open at the afterpart, so that the mast may occassionally be lowered over the stern mastekogger
all the masts of a ship masteværk
adjutant math
able seaman matros
able-bodied seaman matros
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
A.B. matros
able seaman matros
a sort of half pike employed to defend a ship from the assault of boarding matrospik
associated member of the ship's company medsejlads
accompanying wife during a voyage. medsejlads
apron mellemstævn
a ship's poulterer menagerivogter
a great semi-circle joining the true-north and the true-south poles meridian
at any point, the direction of that part of the horizontal component of the magnetic field of a planet which runs towards the north magnetic pole meridian
about noon middagstid
a mean solar day beginning at midnight is called a civil day middeldag
area of the midship section middelspantareal
amidship midtskibs
a midships midtskibs
anti-mine device minesikringsanlæg
adverse current modgående
approaching traffic in opposite direction modgående
adverse wind modvind
a massive structure esp. of stone serving as a pier or breakwater, or joining two places separately by water mole
A small, single-masted vessel, clinker- or carvel-built, furnished with a straight running bowsprit, and rigged much like a sloop, carrying a fore-and-aft main-sail, gaff-top-sail, stay-foresail, and jib; a style of building and rigging now much used in yachts motorkutter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
a false muset mønstring
a fagot mønstring
astigmatic lens natglas
astronomical navigation navigation
aids to navigation navigationshjælpemiddel
archboard navnebræt
access hatch nedgangsluge
An inferior planet has an orbit smaller than that of the earth nedre
A deplacement curve is one from which the displacement of the ship at any particular draft can be found, and vice versa. The draft is plotted on the vertical axis and the scale of displacement on the horizontal axis nedtrykningskurve
A poorly defined ship of the Middle Ages nef
anchor winch with pawl-bitts nikkespil, nikkepumpespil
A nimbostratus cloud is characterized by a formless cloud layer that is almost uniformly dark gray. "Nimbo" is from the Latin word "nimbus", which denotes precipitation. It is generally a stratiform cloud of moderate vertical development (family D1) that produces precipitation, developing cloud bases between the surface and about 10000 ft (3000 m). This cloud typically forms from altostratus in the middle altitude range then subsides into the low altitude range during precipitation.[1] Nimbostratus usually has a thickness of about 2000 m. Though found worldwide, nimbostratus is found more commonly in the middle latitudes. nimbostratus
arm of a yard nok
arm cleat nokklampe
arm earing nokløjert
a northerly storm nordenvind
a North nordenvind
aurora borealis nordlys, polarlys
Azimuth compass normalkompas
approach nærme
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approach from leeward nærme
a jury mast is a temporary mast set up in place of a mast carried away in a storm, or it may in a new ship be a temporary mast put up until the permanent mast is fitted. A jury mast can be made of any suitable timber, e.g. a yard nødmast
absolute, geodetic or predictable accuracy nøjagtighed
anode offeranode
anomalistic revolution omløbstid
alter the stowage in the hold omstuve
approximate position omtrentlig
a peak op
a peek op
anchored opankret
anchoring opankring
ascending celestial body opgå
ascend to the Channel opgang
abandoned cable opgive
adjustment of general average opgørelse
after piece of the rudder opklodsning
abounding with shakes and sents, expressed of planks or timber when they are split opskinnet
advance opskud
ascending node opstigende
approaching storm optræk
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a fleet drawing into one of the lines close hauled running close upon the wind on the other tack order de march
awning deck vessel orkandæksskib
attamannafar ottemandsfarer
attamannafar ottring
Admiralty Court overadmiralitetsret
all hands high overalt
a superstructure is a decked structure on the freeboard deck extending from side to side of the ship. A raised quarter deck is considered a superstructure. overbygning
awning deck overdæk, fuldstændigt
As slack holds create the largest upsetting moments, in order to comply with stability criteria and stay within the maximum angle of heel of 12 degrees, it may be necessary to secure the free surface of the grain.
This may be done by strapping or overloading with bagged cargo.
acquisition overvågning
attachment rudder påhængsror
advice-boat paketbåd
arrival position påkommende
A pallet is a flat portable double-decked platform constructed to sustain the load and permit handling by mechanical equipment palle
Autoridad del Canal de Panama Panamakanal
armour-clad frigate panserfregat
armour-clad skin panserklædning
armour-clad shell-plating panserklædning
armoured vessel panserskib
Ash Wednesday påske
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athwart the fore foot passage
Around 30° in both hemispheres air begins to descend toward the surface in subtropical high-pressure belts known as subtropical ridges passatbælte
a pair of dividers passer
A small boat used for communication between vessels in a fleet patache
azimuth circle pejlering
azimuth - a bearing is customarily applied to the direction of terrestrical objects whereas azimuth is used about celestial bodies pejling
after perpendicular perpendikulær
after perpendicular is a line perpendicular to the base line, intersecting the after edge of the stern post at the construction waterline. perpendikulær
anti-twist stabiliser unit persontransportkurv
anchor-stopper at the cat-head pertyrline
a peak pik
a sort of vessel navigated in the Mediterranean with two masts and two lateen sails, and a very small mizzen pink, pinke, pinkskib
a shallow plade
anchorring plads
arrival place plads
asteroids planetoide
ater streak plankegang
apron platlod
altitude of the pole pol
arctic circle polarcirkel
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antarctic circle polarcirkel
arctic circle polarkreds
antarctic circle polarkreds
Arctic Zone polarzone
Antarctic Zone polarzone
altitude of the pole polhøjde
all hands to quarter post
a sort of hulk pram
awl pren
anti-corrosive paint primer
arm a prize prise
azimuth ring prismecirkel
an officer who chastises the criminals which is performed in English by the boatswain profos
agent victualer proviantgård
agent victualler proviantkommissær
AHTS = Anchor Handling Tug Supply PSV
aspiring pump pumpe
a plate of lead or copper, perforated with holes, to cover the bottom of a pump pumpekedel
affirmative R
active radar responder radarresponder
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auto alarm by radiotelegraphy radiotelegrafi
a machine to setting-up top-mast-shrouds rakkespil
A ramark transmit radar signals independently of ships' radar emissions ramark
a machine for ramming piles down in the ground rambuk
a ship disabled ramponere
a scuttled cask, to contain the beer and water for the ship-crew to drink rançonfad, ransonfad
allowance ranzon
axle-trees rappert
allowance ration
advice-boat recognoserfartøj
a road protected from the reighning winds and the swell of the sea red
attempted rescue redningsforsøg
As soon as this signal is seen, the shore party will then set the jackstay taut, and by means of the whip will haul the breeches buoy out to the ship. The person to be rescued should get in to the breeches buoy and sit well down redningsstol
A lifebuoy used in connection with a rocket apparatus or lyle gun by mean of which the person to be recued from a stranded vessel is brought to the shore. A pair of canvas breeches is attached to the lower part of the buoy redningsstol
A document which provides evidence of title to ownership, and a copy of the entry in the flag state's register book. Usually kept in a ship's safe. certificate of registry registreringscertifikat
annealing rekrystallisering
auxiliary steering system reservestyreanlæg
abreast of ret
adjust rette
axe retøkse
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aboard main tack ride
Admiral of the Fleet rigsadmiral
anchor ring ring
annular ringformet
a small triangular sail, extended on a little mast on a ship's stern. The lower part of this sail is stretched out by a boom, which projects from the stern horizontally. This sail is only used in light and favourable winds.
Ringtail is also a name given to a sort of scudding-sail, hoisted beyond the after-edge or skirt of those main-sails which are extended by a boom and gaff
anchor drags rippe
after piece or chock ror
afterpiece ror
afterchock ror
a slack helm ror
answer the helm ror
a hand to the helm ror
a-weather the helm ror
about the ship ror
at the helm ror
axiometer rorviser
A rotten carcass of a boat … the very rats instintively have quit it rotte
a mirror called the horizon glass, the left half of which is unsilvered rude
anchor chain stopper rugbrød
a roller for passing the cables from one place to another rullebænk
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atmospheric radio wave rumbølge
Argand burner rundbrænder
a general name for fir timber, or masts, yards, booms and spars rundholt
anchor ring puddening røring
anchor D-shackle samleled til kæde
armed mast sammenlaske
apparent noon sand
apparent midnight sand
apparent solar day sand
A large wavelike sediment feature in very shallow water composed of sand. The wavelength may be up to 100 m the amplitude about 0.5 m. Also called megaripple sandbølge
apparent noon sanddag
apparent time sandklokke
apparent time sandklokkeslæt
apparent time sandtid
after-sails sejl - 1.
after sail sejl - 1.
awning sejl - 1.
a press of sail sejl - 1.
all sails set sejl - 1.
all sails out sejl - 1.
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all sails standing sejl - 1.
all sails set sejl - 1.
a complete suit of sails belonging to any ship sejlads
a good sea-boat sejlbar
a good sailing vessel sejlbar
all sails set sejlføring
a fleet of forty sails sejlskib
a fleet of forty sail of the line into a line of battle in variable winds which weather and other circumstances which most occur (Nelson's despatches) sejlskib
auxiliary powered sailing vessel sejlskib
able-bodied sailor sejlskibsmatros
automatic steering selvstyreanlæg
autopilot selvstyrer
automatic steering selvstyring
autopilot steering selvstyring
alongside side
alongside side
answer a signal signal
answer a signal signal
annul a signal signal
Aldis lamp signallampe
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aim sigte
assess the loss skade
a course crossing or intersecting the meridians skakfart
arc illumination = The altitude graduations along the limb, are called the arc skalabelysning
after-deck skanse
a sharp bottomed ship skarp
after peak tank skarptank
adze skarvøkse, skarøkse
adze skarvøkse, skarøkse
abandoned ship skib
armed ship skib
a strait sheered ship skib
all in the wind skib
a roader skib
a holsom ship skib
a square rigged ship skib
an overmasted ship skib
a straight sheered ship skib
a moon sheered ship skib
a round sheered ship skib
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a ship with lean bow skib
a sharp-floored ship skib
a sharp-trimmed ship skib
A full square rigged vessel skib
Any vessel such as a steamship, motorship or sailing ship suitable for navigationg in deep water.
Ships are now personified as feminine [1942], but usage has varied. The use of the masculine pronoun in the 17th and 18th centuries was probably suggested by the application of man to a ship in Dutchman, merchantman, man-of-war, etc.
admeasurement skibsmåling
A commission of X % on all freight, dead freight and demurrage and the customary freight brokerage is due on shipment of the cargo skibsmæglerprovision
a hog or large brush, to scrub the ships bottom under water skibsskrubbe
A scooner let her be skonnert
A wooden frame to bear up tables, deals, scaffolds, &c. skrave
angle of repose skridvinkel
aperture: "The space provided between the propeller post and stern post for the propeller." skruestævn
advancing bows skyde
all kinds of barnacles or shell-fish which fasten to a ship's bottom skæl
archipelago skærgård
an archipelago of small islands and rocks along a coast skærgård
a bar laid across a hatchway to support the hatch cover skærstok
a flat piece of boards with holes in, to spread the ends of a hammoc skærtræ
a board slag
a lapsided ship slagside
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a Guinea man slavehandler
African trader slavehandler
apron slemholt
anti-rolling tank slingretank
a lock sluse
a sluice sluse
apron of the gate sluse
an unexperienced sailor slutholt
assisted by tugs slæbebådsassistance
a sort of sledge or cradle laid under a ship's keel to draw her ashore slæde
a Helgoland pilot-boat snekke
apparent solar day soldøgn
annular solar eclipse solformørkelse
altitude of the sun solhøjde
astronomical ring solring
awning solsejl
a canvas canopy spread over a vessel's decks, bridges etc., for protection against rain and sun solsejl
awning solsejl
awning stanchion solsejlsribbe
awning soltag
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a makeshift purchase consisting of a rope, a post or roller and a lever. One end of the rope is attached to the object to be moved, a turn is taken around the post and the other end secured to a fixed object spansk vinde
after balance timber spant
after balance timber spant
acrab spil
Australian eye splice splejs
Admiral Elliott's eye splice splejs
alburnum splint
avast stå
a yacht is tacking from the moment she is beyond head to wind until she has borne away to a close-hauled course stagvende
at a long peak stagvis, stagsvis
a-peak stagvis, stagsvis
angle band stålemne
a second preventer stay stampestag
a yacht starts when any part of her hull, crew or equipment first crosses the starting line in the direction of the course to the first mark starte
a circular transparent plastic protractor marked in degrees and 1/2 degs mounted with three bevel-edged, brass, black painted arms; the two outer arms are adjustable stationpointer
assumed position sted
astronomical position sted
area of possible position stedbælte
a passage stedforandring, stedsforandring
a slope that runs downward from a fortification stenglacis
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anchor hitch stik
attach a hawser to the runner stikke
away the cable stikke
a splice with an eye and a rope end with a thimble stilkøje
altitude of a star stjernehøjde
anchor stock stok
A tropical revolving storm is a roughly circular atmospheric vortex, originating in the tropics or subtropics, wherein the winds which blow in converging spiral tracks reach or exceed gale force storm
awning-decker stormdækker
additional gaff stormgaffel
aim stråge
An inside strake of planking or plating, secured to the ribs and supporting the ends of the beams stringer
a space of the sea strøg
A-burton. Cargo stowed athwartships instead of fore and aft. When a barrel's axis is at right angles to the keel and its head parallel with it, it is stowed 'a-burton'. stuvning
after-side-fish stykke
away to starboard styrbord
a ship that steers well styre
a ship which is too much by the stern styrlastig
apprentice styrmandsaspirant
apprentice styrmandslærling
a heavy breaking sea striking a ship violently and rushing in over the deck styrtning
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apron stævn
armed with bow and stern guns - bow chaser andstern chaser stævnbevæbnet
apiring tube sugerør
awning of a boat sundække
anchor cable stopper svaggerhals
answering pennant svarstander
a large ring-rope, or stopper in the cable-tiers svayenhals
an armour of a lower sail, to prevent the bunt of the sail to burst by the violence of the wind svigtning
a kind of spilling-line to sustain the main sail in a storm svigtsarving
anchor chock svineryg
anchor lining svineryg
anchor svær
anchor cable svær
anchor sværanker
a case-hardened or weather-beaten tar, a downright sea-man sværmer
anchor cable sværtov
Acrux Sydkorset
Alpha Crucis Sydkorset
aurora australis sydlys
a seizing of ropes syning
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arc of visibility synlighedssektor
a crow to remove large pieces of timber sæthage
anchorage sætteri
an adopted captain sætteskipper
at sea
at sea
anchor towards the offing søanker
articles of war søartikel
Admiralty inspector søfiskal
apparent horizon søkant
a book or collection of charts, bearings, distances, soundings and perspective views of the coasts søkortbog
articles of war søkrigsartikel
a book which contains a practical seamanship sømandskab
Admiralty court - under high court of justice søret
action søslag
a heavy sea breaking søstyrtning
a naval expedition søtogt
a maritime education for a career søvej
apportioning of losses tabsfordeling
and new rigging rove in its place takkelage
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act and manner of rigging takling
anchor tackle talje
advance part talje
atlly clerk tallymand, taljemand
a short piece of rope tamp
a sort of bank thrown up by the waves upon any coast tangbed
a receptable or compartment used for storing liquids or gasses tank
all sails out til
all sails standing til
all sails set til
at sea til
a loft til
annul a signal tilbagekalde
allowance tillæg
additional payment tillæg
act and manner of bringing a boat alongside tillægning
adjust compass timber tilstikke
adjacent waters tilstødende
apparent wind tilsyneladende
attractive force tiltrækningskraft
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A contractual agreement for the use of a vessel over a specified period of time, at a rate of hire agreed upon between the owner and the charterer. Unlike Bareboat Chartering the owner remains responsible for the operating of the vessel, the charterer assuming responsibility for the ship's voyage employment, bunkering and port-agency etc. time charter
a ship with two decks todækker
a blast tone
at the mast head top
a-trip top
admiral's commanding flag topflag
a stiff topgallant breeze torebetmærssejlskuling
a strand in a rope tot
a-hull tov
a cable veered out to the end tov
A marine traffic regulating system is in effect in the approaches to and in X Harbour. Vessels must be fitted with VHF capable of operating on 156.7 MHZ and 156.6 MHZ trafikregulering
Avadepth now incorporates the latest Web technologies for user functionality and interactivity. It allows users to quickly and reliably calculate transit windows for minimum and maximum draughts, view current and historical bottom soundings in an easy-to-read graphical format, assess predicted water levels throughout the river and view current detailed data on channel conditions in shallow areas in the channels transitvindue
a set square transportør
a thundergust travade
a hard work travade
a ship with three decks tredækker
a piece of cordage trosse
allotment note trækseddel
astronomical twilight tusmørke
abreast tværs
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athwart tværs
abeam tværs
abaft the beam tværs
abeam of tværs
abreast of tværs
athwart tværs
abreast of a cape tværs
athwart us on the beam tværs
abeam = in the direction of the transverse axis or in the opposite direction. Beam = the direction of the transverse axis or the opposite direction tværs
athwart the ship tværskibs
athwartship tværskibs
a-burton tværskibs
arsenal lieutenant tøjløjtnant
appear dry tør
appear dry tør
a weather bit tørn
able bodied = AB ubefaren
annealing. "In order that steel may be soft enough to file or work easily in a machine, it is annealed... Annealing consists of heating the steel red hot and allowing it to cool off slowly udgløde
appointment udkommando
advance udredningsgage
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arm a ship udruste
apparel udrustning, udrustningsgenstand
abandon ship ladder udskibningslejder
accidential spillage udtømning
at an angle about 50 degrees under
assistant cook ungkok
A flag showing the canton or union of the national ensign without the fly. It is hoisted on a jack staff at the bowsprit cap when in port Union Flag
afternoon watch. vagt
acetylene flare vandlys
a vessel shipping much water over its sides and on the deck vandvogn
annealing of a chain varmebehandling
adhesion between ship's bottom and sea floor vedhængning
a-loft vejr
aloft vejrs
all's well vel
azimuth circle vertikal
a small indentation in a coast (usually a cliffy one), frequently with a restricted entrance and often circular or semicircular in shape vig
a mariner who has the care of the pennant vimpelgast
all in the wind vind
a sudden and violent squall of wind vind
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a calm, that the vane hang right up and down vind
a flat calm vind
at the mercy of the wind and waves vind
air resistance vindfang
air vessel vindkedel
anemometer vindmåler
angle vinkel
angel type clutch vinkelklo
angle bar. A bar of angle-shaped sections used as a stiffener and for attachment of one plate or shape to another. vinkelskinne
an uneasy ship vreden
a short piece of rope or cable vurst
a general name for the planks, clamps, and thick-stuff used in the ceiling of a ship væger
An expression employed speaking of an old ship, the straining of which in a heavy sea expells the oakum out of the seams værk
attach the ratlings to the shrouds vævle
A frame built up transversely with a plate or plates to give greater stiffness webspant
Aegean Sea Ægæiske Hav
alter ændre
alter / change course ændre
Aeneid Æneiden
Aeolus Æolus
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artificial island ø
archipelago øhav
axe økse
adze økse