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cringles abe
collar abe
chromatic aberration aberration
Combined processes such as sublimation ablation
copolymers based on cyanoethene and phenylethene ABS-plast
consignee adressat
caution advarsel
Common usage now is that advection is the horizontal transport of a fluid and its properties and convection is the vertical transport of a fluid and its properties« advektionståge
cheater advokat
cockbill afbove
cockbill afbove et anker
correct for drift afdrift
carry out of the right course afdrive
casting affald
carry a lee helm affald
contract of affreightment = charter-party affragte
contract of affreightment affreightment
condition on departure afgangskondition
cut afkappe
cool afkøle
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cooling afkøling
cooled air fog afkølingståge
cooling water afkølingsvand
chart aflægge
construct aflægge
channel afløb
control afprøvning
chamfer afrejfe
cast off afrigge
camber afrunding
consignor afsender
consignor afskiber
country of shipment afskibningsland
cut off afskære
closing valve afspærringsventil
cut-off valve afspærringsventil
chronometric distance afstand
close the line afstand
close the column afstand
close the distance afstand
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close stowing anchor afstokke
cool the gun afsvale
calm aftage
chase boat afviserskib
cat hole agterklys
capstan agterspil
crutch agterstævnsbånd
companionladder agtertrappe
cuttlefish akker
cruising range aktionsradius
cleat for wire mounting aladdinknap
cape sheep albatros
Commemoration of the Faithful departed allesjælesdag
calculate a ship's capacity ame
cape fly-away anduvning
cargo handling and slinging equipment anhugningsmateriel
cat's paw aning
cask / keg anker (mål)
chocks ankerbeslag
cat-hook ankerkat
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cathead ankerkranbjælke
crown ankerkryds
crown ankerkryds
cable ankerkæde
chain with stud links or chain with studless links ankerkæde
cross. The sleeping cable goes over top of the riding cable to form a cross ankerkæde
catenary ankerkædebugt
cable inspection ankerkædeinspektion
crown. ankerlæg
capstan ankerspil
cutter pin ankersplit
cotter pin ankersplit
clinch of the cable ankerstik
cable ankertov
cablelaid from the righthand-laid hemp ropes = water-laid ankertov
clench the cable ankertov
come to with two anchors a head ankre i hanefod
come to (an) anchor ankre op
clear hawse ankre op
contact face anlægsflade
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call at anløbe
call for orders anløbe
cheque anvisning
check (US). anvisning
civil year år
calendar year år
cosmic year år
cargo cluster arbejdssol
crutch åregaffel
cable-armour armatur
cross-bow armbrøst
compressor armstopper
chief-armourer artileriarbejder
coast service battleship artilleriskib
chute asketragt
charge attackere
command of caution avertissementskommando
circle of azimuth azimuthcirkel
centre of buoyancy B
Composite emission, independent sidebands B9W
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craft båd
cutter båd
chaloupe båd
chaloupe båd
cutter båd
clamp båd
channel bådeløb
coxswain bådformand
coxwain bådmandskab
certified lifeboatman bådroer
chief petty officer or warrant officer who is in charge of the storing etc. of the gear and whose duty it is to distribute the work among the men bådsmand
crew of the boatswain bådsmandsgast
charter bådudlejning
cannon from the pomiglion to the trunnions bagstykke
closed forecastle bak
cod-fish bakalau
cross-bar baksebom
castle-crew baksgast
chock? baksklampe
caterer baksmester
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cog-racer baksningsskinne
cabin baksplads
chase-port baksport
carry out forecastle duties bakstørn
cross-head balance
cross-head-bracket balancebolt
chute) ballonfok
course bane
course bane
course mark banemærke
cloud / fog bank banke
chip rust banke
check stay bardun
crescent formed sand ridges barkan
crescent formed sand dunes barkan
channel wales barkholt
channel wale barkholt
chain-wale barkholt
chain wales barkholt
Certain planks, called wales, peritona, were still important, especially in a long, narrow ship... There are at least two sets of these, over and below each row of oarports, and they are responsible for holding together the sides from without barkholt
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clew corners barm
clew corner barm
clew corner barm
cistern barometer barometer
closure barometers barometer
changeable weather barometri
changeable weather barometri
cross the bar barre
coir rope bastetoug
close-quarters bastingage
carry the gunports high batteri
coast battery batteri
casemate ship batteriskib
cable-bitt bedding
carrick bitts bedding
chafing plates bedding
chafing hoops bedding
carrick-bits bedding
cross-poece of the bit bedding
crosspiece (of the bitt) beddingsbjælke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cross beam beddingsbjælke
cross-piece of the bits beddingspude
carrick-bitts beddingsstøtte
cradle beddingsvogn
cover bedække
carpenter's axe beenøkse
cadet befalingsmandselev
charter befragte
charterer befragter
chartering befragtning
charter befragtningsaftale
chartering agent befragtningsagent
charter party befragtningskontrakt
chartering agent befragtningsmægler
charter pool befragtningspool
course made good beholden
course over the ground beholden
container beholder
case beholder
cistern beholder
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canter bekaje
coasting pilot bekendtmand
cover beklæde
cloth beklæde
cloth with lead beklæde
cloth with leather beklæde
cylinder clothing beklædning
cleat beknebsklampe
choking the luff beknibe
cross-loop aerial Bellini-Tosiantenne
crew bemanding
complement bemanding
crew list bemandingsliste
crew list bemandingsskema
carpenter's axe benøkse
calculation beregning
chosen lattitude beregningslængde
chosen position beregningspunkt
crossjack brace berginebras
crossjack yard berginerå
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cross-jack yard berginerå
crossjack parral berginerakke
crossjack berginesejl, berginersejl
cross-jack-sail berginesejl, berginersejl
crossjack lift berginetoplent
cannonade beskyde
custody beskyttelse
covering beskyttelsesbeklædning
casing beskyttelsesbeklædning
calculate the day's work bestik
chart house bestikhus
chart house bestiklukaf
chart room bestiklukaf
cargo carried bestuve
crew besætning
complement besætning
complement besætning
crew cabin besætningskabine
crew list besætningsliste
crew board besætningsnævn
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crew committee besætningsnævn
crew list besætningsoversigt
crew list besætningsskema
crew ship besætningsskifteskib
crowning of a knot besætte
crowning of a rope besætte
concrete ship betonskib
closehauled bidevind
closehauled yacht bidevindbåd
closehauled course bidevindkurs
closehauled sailing bidevindsejlads
close to the wind bidevindsejlads
close hauled bidevindsejlads
cleat bidevindstik
car deck bildæk
certifiable hull bilfærdig
complete for builder's certificate bilfærdig
car ferry bilfærge
carved work billedhuggerarbejde
car carrier bilskib
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car carrier biltransportskib
cross-jack birgine
continous beams running in a fore-and-aft direction under the decks. They are used in connection with stanchions for the purpose of supporting the decks and binding the deck beams together bjælke
cross poles bjælke
cross-piece bjælke
cat head bjælke
cat davit bjælke
carling bjælke
Carline bjælke
carling. A short fore-and-aft beam running under a deck beam or intercoastal between them bjælke
counter-transom bjælke
come beam on to the sea bjælke
camber bjælkebugt
convexity of the beams bjælkebugt
Coll. the buttocks bjælkehoved
clamp bjælkevæger
clamps of the upper-deck beams bjælkevæger
clamps of the orlop beams bjælkevæger
clamps of the gun-deck beams bjælkevæger
chocks of the winch bjørn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carrick-bitt bjørn
cat's paw blaf
chain-slip stopper blakestopper
coal tar blanktjære
clew line for the sprit sail blindegivtov
clear spot in a clowdy sky blink
crown blok
cheek blok
cheek plate blok
crown blok
coak blok
coaking blok
clue-line block blok
careening-block blok
clew-garnet block blok
clew line block blok
clew-line block blok
clew-garnet block blok
cat block blok
chain block blok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cheek block blok
cheek-block blok
cistern block for topsail lifts blok
chock a block blok
cauliflower cloud blomkålssky
Code of Practice for the safe unloading and loading of bulk carriers BLU-koden
Coston light blus
cuttlefish with 8 short and 2 long tentacles and an ink sack. The inner shell is called cuttlebone blæksprutte
Committee for Trade and Plantations Board of Trade
creditor bodmerigiver
code flag bogstavflag
clinch-bolt bolt
chain-bolt bolt
chain-bolt bolt
cox gun boltepistol
cargo boom bom
capstan bar bom
Chinese jibe bomme
clew tackle bommesanskøde
crotch of a boat bomscepter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clew tackle bomudhal
cotton bomuld
cotton bomuldsdug
cotton fabric bomuldsdug
canvas bomuldsdug
cotton yarn bomuldsgarn
cotton rope bomuldstovværk
counter mizzen bonaventuramesan
country bumpkin bondejolle
captain's table bord
come alongside bord
chain borg
chains in which the yards are hung in time of action borg
Civil day borgerlig
civil time borgerlig
civil twilight borgerlig
chain link manufactured by the borsig method borsig kæder
cut away bortkappe
compass boussole
Cylindrical bow bov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clean bow bov
crossing royal yard bovenbramrå
chase port bovport
controller bovstopper
careening wharf bradbænk
careening place bradbænk
capstan house bradbænk
chocks of the winch bradspilsbjørn
chocks of the windlass bradspilsbjørn
carrick bitts bradspilstøtte
clean breach brådsø
cloth for topgallant courses bramdug
cap of the topgallant mast bramæselhoved
cause of fire brandårsag
cross-jack-brace bras
counter brace brase
counter bracing brase
cockbill the yards brase
cross the yards brase
counter brace brase
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
co-latitude bredde
crossjack sail bredfok
cable stage briks
carry out bringe
carry out an anchor bringe
cliff brink
catspaw brise
cable-stay bridge bro
cable-stayed bridge bro
cascabel brog
collar of a main stay brog
canvas coat of the rudder brog
canvas shroud brog
clew line brog
coat brog
canvas dodger broklæde
commanding officer on the bridge broofficer
combustible. brændbar
careene the ship brænde
curve the planks brænde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calorific value brændstof
chain compressor brøndstopper
check the bowline bugline
creek = a narrow recess or inlet in the coast line bugt
cove bugt
cargoes stowed loose bulkcarrier
clay-ground bund
ceiling / footwaling bundgarnering
copper sheathing bundkobber
crotches bundstok
cross chocks bundstok
caramel paper bundvand
cup lift bægerelevator
crossed seizing bændsel
carry bære
carry equal weight bære
carrier wave bærebølge
carrying capacity bæreevne
carrying capacity bærestyrke
cooper bødker
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
conical buoy bøje
conical buoy bøje
conical buoy bøje
can buoy bøje
can buoy bøje
cylindrical buoy bøje
cable buoy bøje
can-buoys bøje
clove stitch bøjerebstik
clamp bøjle
clamp bøjle
centimetre wave bølge
capillary wave bølge
coak bøsning
C-band C-bånd
controlled atmosphere storage CA-system
CA/RO-liner CA/RO-liner
cable length Cabel-Længde
cod Cabeljou
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable stage Cabelrum
cable lay cabelslaae
cable laid cordage cabelslaget
cabine Cabine
cabine boy Cabine
cabotage cabotage
coasting trade cabotage
cabotage regulation cabotageregel
coasting trade regulation cabotageregel
cabotage traffic cabotagesejlads
cabotage trade cabotagesejlads
coasting trade cabotagesejlads
cabotier cabotier
Cabral, Dom Pedro Alvares Cabral, Dom Pedro Alvares
Cadamosto, Alvise Cadamosto, Alvise
cadet cadet
cadet cadetjolle
cadet dinghy cadetjolle
cagh cagh
coach Cahyt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
couch Cahyt
cabin Cahyt
coach Cahyt
captain's clerk Cahyt
cabin boy Cahyt
caique caique
caïque caique
calefata calefata
calendar Calender
Caley david Caley david
calker Calfaterer
caulker Calfaterer
calking Calfatering
calk calfatre
caulk calfatre
calibre gauge Calibermaaler
California Current Californiske Strøm
Callippic cycle callippuscyklus
calm belt Calmerne
calms of Cancer Calmerne
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calms of Capricorn Calmerne
calx calx
camara camara
camelus camelus
camera camera
campaign Campagne
camrex coating camrex coating
channel Canal
canal Canal
canal cruising Canal
canal sailing Canal
canal navigation Canal
canal duty Canal
canal toll Canal
canardi canardi
Canary Islands Canariske Øer
Cancer Cancer
candle = the luminance or photometric brightness of a black body at the temperature of freezing platinum (2042K) at a pressure of 101325 N/m 2 equals 60 units of intensity per square centimetre is equal to 1 cd candela
cangia cangia
Canicula Canicula
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cannon Canon
cascabel Canon
chace Canon
chase Canon
chace girdle Canon
chase girdle Canon
caliber Canon
chase piece Canon
Canopus Canopus
canoe canot
cantilever cantilever
cantilever type rig cantilevertype rig
canvass canvasse
cape Cap
companion Cape
cape Cape
capesize Cape
Capella Capella
commerce raider Caper, Capert
corsair Caper, Capert
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
capesize capesize
captain Capitain
capital ship Capital-Skib
capot capotklæde
cable stage cappelrum
Capricornus Capricornus
capesizer capsizer
capsize capsizer
capstan capstan
capstan barrel capstan
capstan pawl capstan
capstan bar capstan
capstan spindle capstan
captain's booklet captain's booklet
carabus carabus
character Caracteer
character Caracteer
caramoussal caramoussal
caravela redonda caravel
caravel caravel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
caravela da armada caravel
caravela redonda caravel
carboy carboy
carcass carcasse
carcase carcasse
carcass carcasse
carcase carcasse
carcass carcasse
carcase carcasse
carchesium carchesium
carchesium versatile carchesium
careening careening
cargo Cargaison
cargo cargo
cargo-manifold cargo-manifold
cargo-pack cargo-pack
cargo pipeline system cargoledning
cargoliner cargoliner
coaming rail cargolønning
cargo area cargoområde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo pump cargopumpe
cargo tank cargotank
Caribbean Sea Caribiske hav
Carina Carina, carina
carina Carina, carina
Carley life-saving raft Carley-redningsflåde
caroliner caroliner
caroliner caroliner
carronade caronade, carronade
caronade caronade, carronade
carrack carrack
chart carte
Carte's rocket apparatus Carte's raketapparat
Carteret, Philip Carteret, Philip
casing casing
casked casked
casemate ship cassematskib
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
casteria casteria
Castor Castor
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
casuarina casuarina
catamaran catamaran
cataphracta cataphracta
catapirates catapirates
cataprorates catapirates
cataracta cataracta
catascopium catascopium, catascopus
catastroma catastroma
catechu catechu
catering catering
catering department catering
catering crew cateringbesætning
catrig catrig
cattus cattus
cavernae cavernae
CE-declaration CE-deklaration CE-certificering CE-godkendelse
Cederwall's stuffing box Cederwall's pakdåse
cell celle
container ship celle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cell guide celleguide
cell system cellesystem
cellular system cellesystem
cellular framing system cellesystem
cell tank celletank
celoces celoces
centigrade scale celsiusskala
Celsius scale celsiusskala
cement cement
cementation cementering
cement carrier cementskib
cement boat cementskib
cement tanker cementtanker
cement washing cementvask
Council of European and Japanese National Shipowners' Association CENSA
Centaur Centaurus
centres in ship-building center
center-board centerbord
centre keel centerkøl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
centre line centerlinje
centre-line centerlinje
centre line bulkhead centerlinjeskot
centre bulkhead centerskot
centre tank centertank
centigrade centigrad
centre index arm centralalidade
central projection centralprojektion
centre disc centralskive
centering knot centreringsknap
centring knot centreringsknap
centrifugal force centrifugalkraft
central stripping pump centristrippepumpe
centre centrum
centre of displacement centrum
centre of gravity centrum
cercurus cercurus
charter-party certeparti
close a charter-party certeparti
certificate of financial responsibility certificate of financial responsibility
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
certificate certifikat
certificate renewal certifikatsfornyelse
ceruchi ceruchi
Cetus Cetus
Compensated Gross Tonnes CGT
compensated gross tonnage CGT
chain chain
chalatorius chalatorius
chalcembolum chalcembolum
chaloupe chalup
cutter boat chalup
chaloupe pontée chalup
chant-tanker chant-tanker
Chapman barge Chapman-chalup
charcariidae charcariidae
Charon Charon
chart folio chart folio
charter-party chartepartie
charter charter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
charter charter
charter boat charterbåd
charter's name charternavn
Charybdis Charybdis
chasse-marée chasse-maree
Chauvancy's Signal System Chauvancys signalsystem
Code Reynold Chauvancys signalsystem
chebec chebeck
check list checkliste
check stay checkstag
cheek block cheek blok
commander chef
chief chef
captain chef
commodore chef
commissioneer of the Navy chef
captain's store-room chef
chief captain chefkaptajn
chelandia chelandia
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chelandre chelandia
cheleusmata cheleusmata
chelysma chelysma
Chemical Distribution Institute Inspection Chemical Distribution Institute Inspection, CDI-inspektion
cheniskos cheniskos
Chernikeff Log Chernikeff-log
Chersonesos chersonesos
chicane chikane
chicane race course chikane
chill factor chillfaktor
china clay chinaclay
China seaman Chinafarer
chine chine
chine list chine
chinook chinook
chord scale chordeskala
Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus
chronology Chronologie
chute chute
cigar-formed buoy cigartønde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Cinque Ports cinque port
circumferentor circumferentor
circle map cirkelkort
circumpolar cirkumpolær
cirro-cumulus clouds cirrocumulusskyer
cirro-stratus clouds cirrostratusskyer, cirrusskyer
cirrus cloud cirrussky
cistern cisterne
cisterne cisterne
cistern ship cisternedamper
citadel citadel
citadel deck citadel
citadel ship citadelskib
civilian Civil Betjent
comptroler of the Navy Civil-Deputeret i Admiralitetet
comptroler of the Navy Board Civil-Deputeret i Admiralitetet
clam cleat clamcleat
classe classe, classis
Clausen's bridge patent log Clausens brolog
Clausen's control depth sounder Clausens kontroldybdemåler
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clavus clavus
clavus gubernaculi clavus gubernaculi
clearkeeper clearkeeper
clinometre clinometer
clip on refrigeration unit. clip-on køleanlæg
clipper clipper
clipper schooner clipper
close-hauled closehauled
Centre of Maritime Health Service CMS
Compressed Natural Gas CNG
Contract of affreightment CoA
coak coak
Coast Survey Coast and Geodetic Survey
Coast and Geodetic Survey Coast and Geodetic Survey
coaster coaster
coating coating
coating Performance Standard coating
COB principle COB-princip
cockpit = well on a yacht cockpit
cockpit cockpit
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cockpit awning cockpittelt
Code Reynold Code Reynold
Coehorn's mortar Coehorn's morter
coercive force coercitive kraft
cofferdam cofferdam
cofferdam cofferdam
coir coir
coir-line coir
coir-cable coir
coir-fibre coir
coir-rope coir
coir-yarn coir
cook cok
cokingi cokingi
cold ironing cold ironing
cold wall cold wall
Colin Archer Colin Archer
Colin Archer boat Colin Archer type
collapsible freight container collapsible freight container
coltainer collapsible freight container
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Colma colma
columbaria columbaria
Columbus davit columbusdavid
columna rostrata columna rostrata
combination carrier combination carrier
commodore Commandeur
captain of a ship of war Commandeur
captain of a gun Commandeur
captain Commandeurcapitain
commander Commandeurcapitain
command Commando-Ord
common load common load
compartment compartment
compass Compas
compass axe Compas
compass cap Compas
compass inner-box Compas
compass needle Compas
compass gimbale Compas
compass card Compas
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
compass flie Compas
cardinal points Compas
cat gut line Compas
compass outer-box Compas
compass bowl Compas-Æske
compass chest Compaskiste
compass maker Compasmager
composite-built composite
conbulker conbulker
congestion congestion
consol consol
consol beacon consolfyr
consol chart consolkort
consol station consolstation
constratum constratum
container container
collapsible freight container container
container yoke containeråg
container lifting beam containeråg
container ship containerbåd
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
container securing equipment containerbeslag
container trade containerfart
container frigate containerfregat
container handling containerhåndtering
container capacity containerindtag
containerized containeriseret
container quay containerkaj
container conference containerkonference
container crane containerkran
container fitting containerlås
container line containerlinje
container mover containermover
container mark containermærke
container traffic containeromsætning
container turn over containeromsætning
container pontoon containerponton
container shipowners containerrederi
container screening containerscreening
containership containerskib
cellular ship containerskib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
container guide containerstyr
cell guide containerstyr
container lashing containersurring
container taxi containertaxa
container terminal containerterminal
container unstuffing containerunstuffing
container wire galvanized - roundthimble one end - other end tapered containerwire
contamination contaminering
Contarina ship Contarinaskibet
continous drip sampling method continous drip sampling method
contrary wind contrair stormvind
contus contus
conveyor boom conveyorbom
convoy Convoi, Convoj, Convoy
convoy ship Convoj-Skib
convoy Convoj-Skib
coracle coracle
corbita corbita
corbita corbita
core port core port
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Corinthian Corinthian
Corriolis acceleration coriolisacceleration
Coriolis force corioliskraft
cornu cornu
corona navalis corona navalis, corona rostrata
corona rostrata corona navalis, corona rostrata
corraugh corraugh
corracle corraugh
correlation correlation
correlation time correlation
corsia corsia
corvette Corvette
corvus corvus
costa costa
cougar type cougartype
course Cours
course corrected by the lee way Cours
compound-course Cours
cours found by dead reckoning Cours
compound course Cours
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
course after a rhumb-line Cours
course of the compass Cours
course corrected by the variation Cours
coxswain coxswain
controllable pitch propeller cp-propeller
cp-propeller cp-propeller
closest point of approach CPA
CPA, stands for closest point of approach limit from own ship as defined by the observer, to give warning of when a tracked target or targets will close to within this limit CPA
Clean Petroleum Products CPP
CQR anchor CQR
CQR / plough anchor CQR anker
crew-changer crew-changer
crewing company crewing-selskab
crewing agreement crewingaftale
contract regarding an interim supplement to tanker liability for oil pollution CRISTAL
cross-loading cross-loading
cross-over cross-over
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cross-trader cross-trader
crowd control crowdkontrol
crude-carrier crude-carrier
cruise-ferry cruisefærge
cruiser cruiser
cruiser-racer cruiser
cruising cruising
cruising yacht cruisingbåd
cruisingchute cruisingchute
cruising cruisingsejlads
Crux Australis Crux Australis
cryogenic system cryogene systemer
Consultative Shipping Group CSG
Company Security Officer CSO
Constructive Toal Loss CTL
Chief Technical and Safety Officer CTSO
Committee of Transport Workers' Union in the EEC CTWUEC
cube cube
cubit cubit
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cumba cumba
cumshaws cumshaws
cumulonimbus clouds cumulonimbusskyer
cumulus cloud cumulussky
cuneus cuneus
cunningham cunningham
cunningham cunninghamhal
cunningham hole cunninghamhal
cunningham eye cunninghamhal
Cunningham's patent topsail Cunninghams Patentmærssejl
Cunningham patent cunninghamspatent
curragh curragh
course Curs
cushion effect cushion effect
custodes navis custodes navis
cut line cutline
cut cutte
cutter cutter
Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race Cutty Sark
cutwater cutwater
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
continuous wave CW
cybaea cybaea
cyclone warning cycklonvarsel
cydarum cydarum
cyclone cyklon
cyclone cyklon
cyclone path cyklonbane
cyclone season cyklonsæson
cycle cyklus
cylinder cylinder
cylinders cylinder
cylinder cover. "The cylinder cover to be of special steel which, combined with its special design ensures great strength at high temperatuer. The exhaust, fuel, starting, and safety valves are so arranged in the cover that the exhaust valve is situated in the centre and the other valves round it cylinderdæksel
cylinder liner. "The cylinderliner is made of a pearlitic cast iron alloy possessing great strength and resistance to wear even at high temperatures. The liner to be chrome hardened on the inner side according to the Van der Horst system _ pin point porosity. The liner is bored smooth in the inner side. On the outer side it is turned off on the whole length. It is provided with scavenging ports on the entire circumference. It is secured at top by a collar between cover and frame for cylinders, and allowance has been made for free expansion cylinderforing
cylinder projection cylinderprojektion
cylinder bows cylinderstævn
cylindrical stem cylinderstævn
cylindrical top mark cylindertopbetegnelse
cymba cymba
contemporary ships dag
civil day dag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calendar day dag
Columbus has the distinction of being the first mariner to record his day to day navigation in any detail. He initiated ships' journals, doubtless inspired by his mercantile transactions dagbog
chronometer rate journal dagbog
common bower dagliganker
common bower dagliganker
condensed steam damp
chart datum datum
Chart datum is the particular tidal datum to which soundings and depth curves on a nautical chart or bathymetric map are referred. The tidal datum of mean low water has been used as chart datum along the east coast of the United States and in part of the West Indies. It is presently being changed to mean lower low water, with no adjustments to soundings, shorelines, low water lines, clearances, heights, elevations, or in the application of tidal predictions for navigational purposes datum
cat-davit david, devis
cathead for raising the anchor daviot
celestial object deklination, declination
circle of declination deklinationscirkel
change of declination deklinationsforandring
compass needle deklinationsnål
carboy demijohn
Canary Current Den kanariske Strøm
Centre of Cavity deplacement
centre of gravity for the displacement of the ship deplacement
computation of the displacement deplacementsberegning
curve of displacement deplacementskurve
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
centre of displacement deplacementstyngdepunkt
centre of buoyancy deplacementstyngdepunkt
compass course devierende
compass course devierende kurs
course by compass devierende kurs
compass bearing devierende pejling
cold moulded diagonalbygget, diagonalbygning
centerline plane diametralplan
centre-line plan diametralplan
centre-plane diametralplan
centre-line bulkhead diametralskot
closehauled digt
close to the wind digt
close hauled digt
caulk digte
chinse digte
caulking digtning
clove hitch dobbelt halvstik
clove hitch around standing part dobbelt halvstik
cellular double-bottom dobbeltbund
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cellular-double bottom with continuous girders dobbeltbund
clue-rope dobbeltlig
caisson dokport
cockpit doktor
committee vessel dommerskib
coming to dreje
cut off iron with a hack-saw drille
caulking mallet drivhammer
consolidated pack ice drivis
compact pack ice drivis
chisel drivjern
cascabel drue
cascabel druehals
creeper dræg
creeper dræg
creep cables drægge
cablet drægtov
certificate of competence duelighedsbevis
certificate of proficiency duelighedsbevis
cloth dug
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cloths of a sail dug
cat-ship dunkraftfartøj
cap dup, dop
chop duve
controlling depth dybde
control sea-sounder dybdemåler
constrained by its draught dybgang
clip-hooks dyvelsklo, dyvelsklør
complete deck dæk
car deck dæk
coat dæk
cabin-floor dæk
collar-beam dæksbjælke
clamp dæksbjælke
collar beam dæksbjælke
camber dæksbue, dæksbugt
Cargo carried on an unprotected deck. Deck cargo dækslast
chief pety officer dæksofficer
cargo cluster dækssol
clamp dæksvæger
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clue up a sail dæmpe
carrying capacity. The toal weight of cargo, bunkers, dunnage, provisions, water, stores and spareparts which a vessel can lift when loaded in salt water to its summer load line marks or to some other specified load line dødvægtskapacitet
confused swell dønning
coal-bunke -door dør
cabin sole dørk
cockpit dørk
crooked eckkrum
cadet elev
crew with inter-departmental flexibility enhedsbesætning
crew with inter-departmental flexibility enhedsmandskab
commercial port erhvervshavn
compensation erstatning
compensation claim erstatningskrav
cap of the mast-head eselhoved
cask fad
cask fad
cask fad
cask sling fadelænge
casks fadeværk
cast falde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cast off falde
cast anchor falde
catwalk faldereb, faldreb
companion way faldereb, faldreb
cage for coiling the halyard faldsbalje
chapel fange
catch a crab fange
Catch a crab: in rowing when an oar gets so deep in the water, that the rower cannot recover in time to prevent his being knocked backwards fange
cross-piece fangebjælke
crosspiece of a windlass fangebjælke
carrying trade fare
check the way fart
crossing fart
channel farvand
change of phase faseændring
continent fastland
continental climate fastlandsklima
continental slope fastlandsskrænt
continental shelf fastlandssokkel
cuntline faut
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
constant error fejl
cork fender fender
coefficient of fineness finhedskoefficient
coefficient of fineness finhedskoefficient
crotchet for the netting finkenetsstøtte
cast off fire
catch the buoy fiske
creeper fiskedræg
coaming og a mast fiskestykke
colours flag
company ensign flag
colours flag
commanding galley flaggalej
cargo deck flexdæk
come afloat flot
come off the ground flot
centre of buoyancy flydecentrum
Centre of flotation - the geometric centre of gravity of the water plane at which the vessel floats. It is that point about which a vessel rotates longitudinally when actuated by an external force without change in displacement flydecentrum
coefficient of liquidity flydenhedsgrad
containment-boom flydespæring
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
containment boom flydespærring
combined whistle system fløjtesystem
cap of the fore-mast fokkeæselhoved
crew accommodation folkelukaf
crew accommodation folkerum
crew space folkerum
cross the bows of foran
change forandre
change the course forandre
communicate with me forbindelse
connecting current forbindelsesstrøm
connecting - forbinding
connecting plate forbinding
cape forbjerg
Called headland when the promontory is comparatively high and has a steep face. Also called foreland forbjerg
cape forbjerg
combustion chamber forbrændingskammer
crowd sail forcere
carry a press of canvas forcere
cap of the fore-topmast forebramæselhoved
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
connector forener
charter a vessel forfragte
chartering forfragtning
copper sheathing forhudning
ceiling foring
contrary relieving rope forkert grundtov
cleat forklampe
counter shaft forlagsaksel
cast away forlise
check forse
close-reefed fore-topsail forstump
curved timber fixed behind the lower section of the stem immediately above the leading end of the keel forstævn
capstan fortøjningsspil
constant tension mooring winch. "A preset tension is set and the winch will pay out (render) whenever this value is exceeded by a set amount. It will recover (heave in) whenever the line tension falls a certain amount fortøjningsspil
countline fout, fougt
closing of the strands fout, fougt
cable reliever frabrækker
cargo fragt
carrying trade fragt
contract of affreightment fragtaftale
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carrier fragtfører
charter-party fragtkontrakt
cargo ship fragtskib
cargo vessel fragtskib
cargo trimaran fragttrimaran
cartel fredsflag
commander of a frigate fregatchef
corsair fribytter
clearance frigang
carving on a piece of timber frise
cold store fryserum
coefficient of fineness fyldighedskoefficient
characteristic of a light fyrkarakter
cattle's hair fæhår
completion of discharge færdiglosning
carry out an anchor føre
carry the helm weatherly føre
carry a slack helm føre
carry sails well føre
carry sail as stiff as a church føre
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
captain fører
commander fører
change of master førerskifte
certain number of tuns allowed to the officers or passengers in a ship on long voyages føring
cross the bows of
carry little sail
crotch to a swivel gun gaffel
cheek of the gaff gaffelklo
Common flat-bottomed cargo and fishing vessel that dated from at least the 13th century." Subtype: galeass-ewer galeaseevert
cutwater galionsskæg
cross-bit galje
cross-piece galje
capstan gangspil
capstern gangspil
chocks gangspil
curtain plate gardinplade
cartridge twine garn
ceiling garnere
ceiling garnering
ceiling in the hold garnering
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ceiling of a ship garnering
Ceiling - the planking with which the inside of a ship is sheathed. It is also applied to the sheet metal or wood sheathing in quarters and storerooms.
Floor ceiling - planking fitted on top of the floor or bottom in cargo holds.
Hold ceiling - strakes of thick planking fastened to the inside edges of the framing in the cargo holds
ceiling garnering
cargo battens are fitted fore and aft horizontally inside the ship's frames in the holds and tweendecks at a regular distance of approximately 12 inches to prevent contact between the cargo and the frames or shell plating. The wooden planks are fitted to the frames by means of hooks, so that they can be removed garnering
ceiling cleat garneringsklampe
ceiling plank garneringsplanke
ceiling batten garneringsribbe
Code of Construction and Equipment + Convention + Conference gaskode
cross-section gennemsnit
central latitude geocentrisk
clue up gigge
clew-up gigge
counter gilling
counter run gilling
counter timber gillingsknæ
counter angle gillingsknæk
counter plank gillingsplanke
counter timber gillingstræ
clue up give
clew up give
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clew up give
clue up give
clew line givtov
clue garnet for the courses givtov
clue-line for the sails givtov
clue garnet givtov
clue line givtov
cheat the glass glas
countersunk riveted glatnitning
curve of transverse metacentres GM
central projection gnomonisk projektion
cargo gods
cargo handling godshåndtering
cargo transit godsomsætning
cross-staff gradbue
cross staff gradstok, gradestok
cross or vane of a forestaff gradstok, gradestok
cross staff with a reflection gradstok, gradestok
clay ground grund
customs boundary grænse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clutter græs
carrick bend grønlandsstik
customs control gang gæng
courtesy flag gæsteflag
courtesy ensign gæsteflag
clear the anchor gøre
clear gøre
clear the ship ready for action gøre
clear an anchor gøre et anker klar
cat hook hage
can-hook hage
cant-hook hage
chain stopper hajkæber
come alongside hale
Captain Hall's patent portable anchor Hall's anker
crance halsbeslag
chesstree halsklampe
crowned wall-knot halsknob
collar on the jib boom halsring
cross chock halvbundstok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cabin top of half-height halvruf
clove hitch halvstik
clove hitch halvstik
caulking mallet hammer
claw-hammer hammer
chip log håndlog
crowfoot hanefod
crow-foot hanefod
crow-foot of the top hanefod
crowfoot line hanefodsline
crowfoot tightener hanefodsstrammer
chock pieces harpestykke
cutwater harpestykke
common average havari grosse
calm sea havblik
creek havn
call at a port havn
call at a port havn
call of port havneanløb
channel havnerende
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Cotidal hour. An obsolete term for high water full and change i.e. the average high water interval, of new and full moon between the moon's transit over Greenwich meridian and the time of the next high water at the place in question. Also called the establishment of the port havnetid
cargo handling gear as hooks, snotters, straps, wires, booms and cranes hejsemiddel
cross and round seizing hellebændsel
carrick bend helling
carrick-bend helling
celestial sphere himmelkugle
celestial body himmellegeme
celestial meridian himmelmeridian
celestial pole himmelpol
celestial equator himmelækvator
cant hive
core hjerte
cap hjælm
collar of the main preventer stay hjælpestag
corner fitting. Upper and lower corner fitting with cones or twistlocks hjørnebeslag
captain's steward hofmester
catch hold
cat's paw hollænder
cat's paw hollænderstik
Commander of the Royal Dockyard Holmen
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
courtesy flag honnørflag
celestial horizon horisont
celestial horizon horisont
crosstree of the topmast horn
cavil hornklampe
capital vessel hovedskib
cardinal point hovedstreg
chief steward hovmester
captain's steward hovmester
chissel huggejern
counter timber hukstøtte
camber huling
cat chock huling
comb-cleat hulklampe
centennial wave hundredeårsbølge
centennial storm hundredeårsuvejr
coboose hus
curvature of the stern hvælving
contract of service hyreaftale
crew management company hyreanvisning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
crew management service hyreanvisning
crew exchange office hyreanvisning
crimp hyrebasse
crimp hyrebasse
calculation of wages hyreberegning
claim for a seaman's wages hyrekrav
cash payment of wages hyreudbetaling
cabin hytte
coach hytte
cauf hyttefad
counter hæk
counter transom hækbjælke
clinometer hældningsnål
cot hængekøje
cott hængekøje
cott hængemat
calm weather hængevejr
cowl hætte
compannion of the principal ladder hætte
courtesy flag høflighedsflag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
central altitude højde
centre altitude højde
clear headway højde
clear headroom højde
change of altitude højdeforandring
contour line for altitude højdekurve
coastal countercurrent idvande
cat's paw iling
Cost and freight Incoterms
Cost, insurance and freight Incoterms
charter indbefragte
chartering indchartre
chartered indchartret
coasting trade indenrigsfart
conventional direction - divided in local direction = the direction towards an estuary, port, through straits etc. and general direction = clockwise around landmasses indgående
come up with indhente
canoe indiansk båd
corposant irvisk
compacted ice edge iskant
chase a ship jage
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chasing gun jagerkanon
chase port jagerport
cablet jagertrosse, jagetrosse
chase jagt
chase nimbly jagt
captain of the royal yacht jagtkaptajn
chase port of the forecastle jagtport
cross-staff jakobsstav
cable chain jern
clasp mast-hoop jern
centre of the earth jordcenter
coordinate system on the surface of the earth jordkoordinationssystem
crude oil jordolie
circumnavigational voyage jordomsejling
climatic zone jordstrøg
Chinese junk junke
cable kabel
cable warning chart kabeladvarselskort
cable laying boat kabelbåd
cable vault kabelbrønd
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable bight kabelbugt
cable buoy kabelbøje
cable steamer kabeldamper
cable light kabelfyr
cable guided fery kabelfærge
Cable ferries are guided by cables fastened to shore and sometimes propelled by a cable rig attached to the shore. Generally, the cables are suspended during crossings and dropped to the bottom when the ferries dock kabelfærge
cable yarn kabelgarn
cable stage kabelgat
cable ship kabellægger, kabellæggerskib
cable's length kabellængde
cable length kabellængde
cable-minelayer kabelminelægger
cable room kabelrum
cable store room kabelrum
cable tier kabelrum
cable core kabelsjæl
cable heart kabelsjæl
cable ship kabelskib
cable laid kabelslået
cable made ropes kabelslået
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cable tank kabeltank
cable kabeltov
cable buoy kabelvager
cod kabliau
cuddy kabys
cook's arch kabys
cook-room kabys
cook-room of a ship kabys
coboose kabys
Caboose kabys
coboose. The cooking house or room, also the cook-stove on board ship kabys
cuddy kabys
coppers, where into the ship's company's eating are boiled kabyskedel
coppers' chains in the cook-room kabyskæde
cadet kadet
cadet ship kadetskib
cog kåg
cabin kahyt
coach kahyt
cabin on the quarterdeck kahyt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coach kahyt
coach or cabin on the quarter deck kahyt
cabin boy kahytsdreng
cabin passage kahytsgang
companion-hatch kahytskappe
cabin passage kahytsplads
cabin porthole kahytsport
captain's clerk kahytsskriver
companion-way kahytstrappe
cabin-light kahytsvindue
cabin servant kahytsvægter
coir kaj
cant kaje
call sign kaldesignal
call system kaldesystem
calendar kalender
calendar year kalenderår
calendar day kalenderdøgn
calendar month kalendermåned
caulk kalfagte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
caulk kalfatre
caulking: In carvel built hulls and in wooden decks the seams narrow in from the surface to approximately halfway down where the edges of the planks meet face to face. This gap between the upper part of the planks has to be filled up and tightened by caulking. Oakum is usually used for wide seams while cotton strands are used when they are narrow. The oakum or cotton is driven in by a caulking iron. After that the seams have to be payed with pitch by means of a ladle, the pitch being heated to the point where it runs easily into the seam kalfatre
caulking mallet kalfatrehammer
calking bilge kalfatrehammer
caulking iron kalfatrejern
caulking iron kalfatrejern
caulking iron fastened to an iron handle kalfatrejern
caulking seam kalfatrenåd
caulking butt kalfatrenåd
caulker kalfatrer
caulker's stool kalfatreskammel
caulking kalfatring
calibre kaliber
class kaliber
calibrate kalibrere
Calmar boat kalmarbåd
Calmar-pine kalmarfyr
caloric compressed air foghorn kalorisk tågesignalmaskine
cam kam
comb of a yard kam
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
camel kamel
cabin kammer
chamber kammer
cabin kammer
cabin boy kammerdreng
channel kanal
canal kanal
channel kanal
channel kanal
canal dues kanalafgift
canal fee kanalafgift
CEVNI licence kanalbevis
cushion kanaleffekt
canal passage kanalpassage
can buoy kandebøje
canoe kano
canoe kano
cruiser stern kanohæk
cannon kanon
cannon kanon
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cannon kanon
chase gun kanon
chase-astragal and fillets kanon
cascabel kanon
chase kanon
chase-astragal and fillets kanon
chase girdle kanon
chase girdle kanon
chase girdle kanon
chase kanon
conick-gun kanon
cannons run out kanon
cannonade kanonade
cast loose your gun kanonekcersits
captain of a gun kanonkommandør
cannon-ball kanonkugle
charge of the gun kanonladning
cast iron for guns kanonmetal
cant frame kantespant
cant timber kantespant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
close mark kantmærke
cant-frame kantspant
cant-timber kantspant
cant-timbers kantspant
cape kap
capacity kapacitet
cargo capacity in a charter-party refers to the number of tons which the ship can carry when loaded to its summer loadline kapacitet
cubic capacity kapacitet
capacity plan kapacitetsplan
cruise at sea as a privateer kaper
crew of a privateer kapergast
captain of a privateer kaperkaptajn
capital ship kapitalskib
companion kappe
companion way kappe
companion-cap kappe
cut kappe
cut away kappe
cut a rope kappe
cut away the mast kappe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cut and run kappe
cut away the cable kappe
cut the cable and go under sail kappe
cut the cable kappe et anker
cutting knife kappekniv
capsize kapsejse
captain kaptajn
Captain Clausen's taffrail or rail log Kaptajn Clausens Brolog
captain's cabin kaptajnskammer
carabine hook karabinhage
carrack karak
carbide light karbidlys
cardan ring kardanring
cardanic suspension kardansk
cardinal mark kardinalbøje
cardinal mark system kardinalsystem
cartridge kardus
cartridge form kardusdolk
cartridge chest karduskiste
cartridge-room karduskiste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cartridge paper karduspapir
cargo ship kargoskib
carrick bend karrakstik
carronade karronade
carronade port karronadeport
carronade carriage karronaderapert
crane with a 360 degree rotating boom karrusselkran
cartography kartografi
causeway kås
casemate deck kasematdæk
casemate ship kasematskib
cargo in cases and cartons kassegods
cast a mast by the board kaste
cast a top-mast by the board kaste
cast a vessel away kaste
cast off kaste
come of the capstan kaste
cast off the tackles and breeching kaste
cast off kaste
come on the capstan kaste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cast the anchor kaste anker
come to anchor kaste anker
canvas bucket kastepøs
cat kat
cat of nine tails kat
cat-tackle kat
cat block kat
cat hook kat
cat fall kat
cat kat
catamaran katamaran
catamaran ferry katamaranfærge
cat anchor katanker
cat-head katbjælke
cat-block katblok
cutch kateku
cachou kateku
catechu kateku
cat-hook kathage
cat-head kathovede
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cat-hook katkrog
cat runner katløber
cat-fall katløber
catting katning
common point katning
cathode-ray tube katodestrålerør
cathode-ray tube indicator katodestrålerørsindikator
cathode-ray radio direction finder katodestrålerørspejler
cambered deck katryg, katterygget
cat katskib
cat tackle kattalje
cat an anchor katte
cat an anchor up to the cathead katte et anker
cat tackle kattegie
cargo hooks katteklør
cat's paws. kattepote, kattefod
cavitation kavitation
cavitation plate kavitationsplade
cone kegle
conical projection kegleprojektion
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
conical topmark kegletopbetegnelse
creek kejle
cove kejle
chemical suit kemikaliedragt
chemical tanker kemikalietanker
chemical tankship kemikalietankskib
chemical tonnage kemikalietonnage
call sign kendingsbogstav
code sign kendingsbogstav
chain ketting
coating kikkert
crank kilden
confine anything with wedges kile
cheek kindbakke
cheeks of the mast kindbakke
chest kiste
caulking mallet klamajhammer
calking mallet klamajslag
cleat klampe
cleat under the cross piece of the bits klampe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chesstree klampe
comb-cleat klampe
cleat with a becket klampe
cleat of the lower masts klampe
cleat of the steps of the masts klampe
cleat of the yard-arm klampe
cleat to the middle of the lower yards klampe
cleat to support klampe
cleat of the shrouds klampe
cleat to be lashed on the shrouds klampe
cleat of the gammoning of the bowsprit klampe
chocks klampe
chocks - oval shaped castings, either open or closed on top, and fitted with or without rollers, through which ropes and lines are passed klampe
clapper klap
collapsible boat klapbåd
caulking mallet klaphammer
clear astern: a yacht is clear astern of another when her hull and equipment in normal position are abaft an imaginary line projected abeam from the aftermost point of the other's hull and equipment in normal position klar
clear of klar
clear klar
clear anchor klar
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clear for action klar
clear ship for fighting klar
clear ship klar
clear klar
coil up the ropes klar
clear the hawse klar
clear the hawse klar
clear shore klar
clear water klar
clear weather klar
coil up the rigging klare
clear up a rope klare
clear the deck klare
clear the shore klare
claw off klare
clear a bank klare
clear klare
clear up klare
clear weather klare
clear a ship klarere
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clear klarering
clearance fee klareringsgebyr
clear view screen klarsigtsrude
classing klasning
certificate of class klassecertifikat
class certificate klassecertifikat
classification of warships klasseinddeling
classification document klassepapir
classification society klasseselskab
classification klassifikation
classification society klassifikationsselskab
climbing net klatrenet
clam klemme
clutch klemme
chock of the fore-end of the stern or fore-foot upon which is placed the cut-water klik
climate klime
clincker built klinkbygget
clinch klinke
clinch bolt klinkebolt
clinch spike klinkenagle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clencher built klinkerbygget, klinkbygget, klinkebygning
clinker built klinkerbygget, klinkbygget, klinkebygning
clinker system klinksystem
clinometer klinometer
cliffy coast klint
cliff klint
cliff klippe
clipper klipper
clipper bow klipperbov
clipper-built klipperbygning
clipper rig klipperrigning
clipper klipperskib
clipper stern klipperspejl
clipper stem klipperstævn
clipper bow klipperstævn
crutch klo
claw of a grapling klo
chock klods
cross chocks klods
cross chock klods
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
claw-hammer klohammer
claw-hammer klohammer
clapper tail klokketov
close-hauled klos
close-hauled klos
close hauled klos
close to klosnærmelse
close-reef klosrebe
close-reefed klosrebet
club burgee klubstander
clump-block klumpblok
chock klys
cylindrical holes cut through the bows of a ship on each side of the stem for the passing of the anchor cable or anchor chain klyshul
canvas bag filled with saw-dust and oakum klyssæk
clear away the jib klyver
cap a rope klæde
chaffing-mat klædningsmåtte
compressor seizing knivbændsel
common knot knob
crowning knob
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
crown knot knob
crown knot knob
crowning of a knot knob
counterbreech of the knee knæ
cheek of the mast knæ
cast-knees knæ
cheek of the head knæ
chine line knæklinje
chine list knækliste
chine moulding knækliste
chine frame knækspant
cattlecarrier kobåd
copper sheathed kobberforhudet
copper bottomed kobberforhudet
copper sheathing kobberforhudning
copper sheathing kobberhud
couple koble
compound course koblekurs, kobbelkurs
co-latitude kobredde
code diamond kodediamant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coercive force koercitivkraft
cofferdam kofferdam
cog kogge
cook kok
coir kokos
coir cable kokostovværk
cook's mate koksmath
cook's mate koksmath
cook-boy koksmath
cold front koldfront
collide kollidere
collision kollision
collision warning kollisionsadvarsel
collision alarm kollisionsalarm
collision prevention kollisionsforebyggelse
collision course kollisionskurs
collision point kollisionspunkt
collision bulkhead kollisionsskot
column kolonne
colure kolur
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
combi-cargo kombilast
combination lift kombinationsløft
combination bulk carrier kombinationsskib
combined transport kombineret
combi-ship kombiskib
comet komet
comfort notation komfort-notation
commission a vessel kommando
chart house kommandohus
chart room kommandohus
command platform kommandoplatform
commanding officer's pennant kommandovimpel
commodore kommandør
captain kommandør
captain (UM) kommandørkaptajn
commander (US) kommandørkaptajn
coming foul komme
come in sounding komme
compass kompas
compass bearing kompas
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
compass for setting kompas
compass buoyage system kompasafmærkning
cardinal buoyage kompasafmærkning
cardinal marking kompasafmærkning
cardinal system kompasafmærkning
compass certificate kompascertifikat
compass box kompasdåse
compass bowl kompaskedel
compas bowl kompaskop
compass adjustment kompaskorrigering
compass course kompaskurs
compass heading kompaskurs
compass lid kompaslåg
compass distance kompaslinje
compass bearing kompaslinje
compass needle kompasnål
compass magnet kompasnål
compasss bearing kompaspejling
compass repeater kompasrepeater
card or face of a sea compass kompasrose
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
card kompasrose
compass card. Circle graduated in degrees placed at convenient locations on a chart. kompasrose
compass point kompasstreg
compensation magnets and soft iron spheres kompensationmiddel
compensation magnet kompensationsmagnet
compensation means kompensationsmiddel
co-latitude - the complement of the latitude komplement
composite komposit
composition. "Outside of hull to have two coats oxide paint, one coat each Suter, Hartman & Rahtjen's anti-corrosive and anti-fouling compositions komposition
composite kompositmateriale
composite ship kompositskib
condemn kondemnere
condemnation kondemnering
condensation particle kondensationskerne
condensation trail kondensationsstribe
condensation stripe kondensationsstribe
conference konference
conference. "Shipping Conference = Ability for shipowners to offer collectively a joint regular service and to set up the prices konferencerederi
common pump kongepumpe
commander kongeslag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
conjunction konjunktion
Consol radio beacon konsolfyr
constant deviation konstantdeviation
construction displacement konstruktionsdeplacement
cargo ship safety construction certificate
construction drawing konstruktionstegning
construction plan konstruktionstegning
construction water line konstruktionsvandlinje
consular passage konsulatspassage
continental slope kontinentalskråning
continental shelf kontinentalsokkel
contingent kontingent
contraband kontrabande
contract charter kontraktsejlads
compass adjustment magnet kontramagnet
corrective magnet for magnetic compass adjustment kontramagnet
countermarch kontramarch
contrary wind kontrarig
counter rudder kontraror
counter turn kontratørn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
control depth gauge kontroldybdemåler
control port kontrolhavn
control station kontrolstation
control survey kontrolsyn
configuration of the coast kontur
convection konvektion
convective shower konvektionsbyge
convection rain konvektionsregn
convention country konventionsland
convention ship konventionsskib
convergens konvergens
convoy konvoj
convoy konvojere
convoy signal konvojsignal
convoy ship is part of a convoy konvojskib
convoy service konvojtjeneste
convoy clock konvojur
coral koral
coral reef koral
coral reef koralrev
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cay koralø
cork fender korkfender
cork mattress korkmadras
cargo of grain kornladning
corporal of a ship of war korporal
correspondence korrespondance
correct korrigere
corrosion.resistant korrosionsbestandig
corrosion film korrosionsfilm
corrosion fatigue korrosionsudmattelse
corsair korsar
cross staff korsstav
chart kort
crooky timber kort
Chart 1 Kort 1
Chart 5011 Kort 1
chart table kortbord
chart datum kortdatum
chart magnifier kortlup
chromium plated rim with plastic handle kortlup
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chart plane kortplan
chart correction kortrettelse
chart corrections can be permanent, temporary, preliminary or seasonal kortrettelse
corvette korvet
cosmolabe kosmolabium
catering kostforplejning
crow's nest kragerede
crowd all sails kramme
crane kran
cargo-handling crane kran
cranage. The service performed and the charge made for use of cranes in a port kran
cathead kranbjælke
cat-tail kranbjælke
crane driver kranfører
crane hook krankrog
crane barge kranlægter
crane barge kranpram
crane parrel and tub or bucket parrel kranrakke
collar krans
crane barge kranskib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
choppy sea krap
carling kravel
carvel-work kravel
carling kravel
carlings kravel
chock kravel
cravel kravel
carvel-work kravelbygning
carling kravil
cott for cattle and sheep kreaturaflukke
certificate for carrying cattle or live animals kreaturbevis
cattleman kreaturoppasser
cattle carrier kreaturtransportskib
cattle ship kreaturtransportskib
craier krejert
crayer krejert
court martial krigsret
convoy krigsskib
crown krone
crowning krone
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
crown knot splice kronesplejs
cardan suspension kronometer
chronometer kronometer
composition krudtsats
compass timber krumholt
calliper krumpasser
calliper compasses krumpasser
crankshaft. "The crankshaft is semi-built and is made in 2 pieces. The cranks are displaced 45 degrees in relation to each other. The shaft sections and crankshaftjournals are forged from SIemens-Martin steel, whereas the crank throws are cast from Siemens-Martin steel krumtapaksel
compassing timber krumtømmer
compass timber krumtømmer
crooky timber krumtømmer
cross in the hawse kryds
cross-seizing krydsbændsel, krydsbindsel
cruise krydse
cruise at sea krydse
cruise krydse
cruise krydse
crown a knot krydse
cruiser krydser
cruiser stern krydserhæk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
customs sloop / customs craft krydsfartøj
cross-piece krydsholt
crosshead. " The crosshead to be forged of hard Siemens-Martin steel with journals of very ample dimensions. The crosshead shoes to be made of cast steel lined with white metal on the bearing surfaces. They are bolted to the crosshead and can be adjusted krydshoved
cross-pointing a rope krydskatning
crowning krydsknob
cross-bearing krydspejling
cross-looped RDF antenna krydsrammeantenne
cross staff krydsstav
cruise krydstogt
customs service patrol boat krydstoldjagt
cross top-mark krydstopbetegnelse
cross-turn krydstørn
coefficient of heeling krængningskoefficient
clinometer krængningsmåler
crab krøbbelspil
cubic boat kubikbåd
cubic capacity kubikkapacitet
cannon ball kugle
collier kulbåd
cold injury eg immersion foot kuldeskade
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coal screen kuldsejl, kulsejl
coal screen kuldsejl, kulsejl
capsize kuldsejle
cant kuldsejle
coal trade kulfart
coaling-tube kulfyldningsrør
coal-burning fire kulfyr
coal bunker kulkasse
coal kulle
coaling kulle
coal trimmer kullemper
coal hatch kulluge
coaling hatch kulluge
culmination kulmination
culminate kulminere
coal port kulport
coaling scuttle kulrist
coal shaft kulskakt
collier kulskib
coal tar: Black, viscous liquid or semi-solid. Naphthalene-like odor; sharp burning taste; obtained by destructive distillation of bituminous coal, as in cokeovens; one ton of coal yields 33 liter tar kultjære
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coal trunk kultrunk
cut-splice kuntsplejsning
cunt-splice kuntøje
cut splice kuntøje
course kurs
course kurs
course angle kurs
course made good kurs
compass course kurs
compass course kurs
course through the water kurs
course made good through the water kurs
course steered kurs
compass course kurs
course to steer kurs
compass course kurs
course up orientation kurs
course made good kurs
change course kurs
correct the course kurs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
convert true course to magnetic course kurs
change course kurs
change course kurs
course made good kurs
compound course kurs
course deviation kursafvigelse
calculation of the course kursberegning
course deviation kursfejl
course indicator kursindikator
course adjustment button kursindstillingsknap
course order control kursindstillingsknap
course adjust kursjustering
course correction kurskorrektion
course graph kurskurve
course ruler kurslineal
chart-ruler kurslineal
course line kurslinje
course signal- kurssignal
course signal- kurssignal
course recorder kursskriver
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coursesetting kurssætning
course stable kurstabil
course board kurstavle
course triangle kurstrekant
course angle kursvinkel
course indicator kursviser
course change control kursændringsknap
cutter kutter
cutter kutter
cutter rig kutterrig
cutter stay kutterstag
coil kvajle op
coil up kvajle op
cock-swain kvartermester
coxwain kvartermester
call kvartermesterpibe
coil kvejl
coil away kvejle op
cattle carrier kvægskib
constrictor knot kvælerstik
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cybaea. "It was used on both open water and the river to carry grain, wine, or other cargo kybaia
cydarum kydaron
cumba kymbe
Candlemas kyndelmisse
coast kyst
clear coast kyst
coastal kyst
coasting vessel kystbåd
coastguard authority kystbevogtning
coastguard patrol vessel kystbevogtningsfartøj
coastal defence kystdefension
coaster kystfarer
coastal trade kystfart
coastal waters kystfarvand
coast feeder-ship kystfeederskib
coast containment boom kystflydespærring
coastal reinforcement of shore areas kystfodring
coast station dues kystgebyr
coastal ice kystis
Coast Earth Station kystjordstation
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coast line kystlinje
coast pilot kystlods
coastal navigation- kystnavigering, kystnavigation
coast erosion kystnedbrydning
coast area kystområde
coast passenger ship kystpassagerskib
coast radio station kystradiostation
coast based lifeboat- kystredningsbåd
coast lifeboat station- kystredningsstation
Coast Life-saving Service kystredningstjeneste
coastal trade kystsejlads
coastal trader kystsejler
coaster kystsejler
coasting vessel kystsejler
coast protection kystsikring
coaster kystskib
coastal state kyststat
coast tonnage kysttonnage
coastal traffic zone kysttrafikzone
coast look-out functionary kystudkigsvæsen
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coastguard station kystvagt
coast wind forecast kystvindudsigt
cheek kæbe
chock kæbe
chock of the bowsprit kæbeklampe
chain kæde
chainlashing- kædebjørn
chain pipe kædebrønd
chain lead - in case of an anchor cable of cordage kædeforfang
chain lead kædeforhånd
chain locker kædekasse
chain lump kædeklump
chain knot kædeknob
chain-hook kædekrog
chain link kædeled
chain length kædelængde
cable length kædelængde
chain pipe kædepibe
chain pump kædepumpe
chain locker kæderum
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chain-holder kædeskive
chain sling kædesling
chain splice kædesplejs
chain sling kædestik
chain stopper kædestopper
chain cable stopper kædestopper
chain cable compressor kædestopper
claw-stopper kædestopper
chain selector kædevælgerknap
carling kælling
capsize kæntre
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant kæntre
cant-hook kæntrehage
capsize accident kæntringsulykke
capsizing accident kæntringsulykke
capsizing drill kæntringsøvelse
chain kætting
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Copenhagen set københavnersæt
cabin køje
cambering of a ship's deck or keel kølbrydning
cambering kølbrydning
cool the guns køle
cooling thwartships - longships - vertical køle
cooling system kølesystem
cooling water system. "The engine to be fresh water cooled. The fresh water to be led from the main piping along the engine through branches to the cooling jacket of each cylinder. The water to be led from the cooling jacket up through the exhaust valve and thence to a manifold through which it is carried back to the fresh water cooler. From the main piping the water is also led through the exhaust turbo-charger to the manifold kølevandssystem
careen kølhale
careen kølhale
careening kølhaling
careening fork kølhalingsfork
carrening pully kølhalingsgie
careening-tackle kølhalingstalje
Crew members requiring advice, diagnosis or treatment of venereal disease may be seen at the medical service clinic, Federal Building... This service is provided under the Brussels Agreement, WHO, and is available free of charge kønssygdom
coat labsalving
cast an anchor lade
cast the anchor lade ankeret falde
cargo book ladebog
cargo plan ladeplan
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargoport ladeport
cargo passage area laderum
capacity plan ladeskala
cargo handling equipment ladetakkel
cargo gear ladetakkel
cargo ladning
cargo ladning
cargo ladning
consignor ladningsafskiber
cargo acquisition- ladningsakkvisition
cargo manifest ladningsangivelse
cargo owner ladningsejer
cargo distribution ladningsfordeling
cargo shifting ladningsforskydning
cargo displacement ladningsforskydning
cargo unit ladningsgenstand
cargo inspector ladningsinspektør
cargo category ladningskategori
cargo manifest ladningsmanifest
consignee ladningsmodtager
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo consignment ladningsparti
cargo lot ladningsparti
cargo batch ladningsparti
cargo remains ladningsrest
cargo surplus ladningsrest
clincherwork land
careening tackle landgie
controlled grounding landsætte
car lane lane
capstan-bar stowage mounting langribbe
common lantern lanterne
combined top and side lights lanterne
certificate for lanterns lanternecertifikat
carrying of lights lanterneføring
color insertion lanterneskærm
cats-paw laring
cat's paw of wind laring
cargo last
completing cargo last
cargo part lastdel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo deck lastdæk
cargo gear laste- og lossemidler
cargohandling equipment laste- og lossemidler
cargo handling plant lasteanlæg
cargo handling equipment lasteanlæg
cargo tub lastebalje
cargo band conveyor lastebånd
capacity lastedrægtighed
carrying capacity lasteevne
cargo handling gear lastefacilitet
cargo handling facility lastefacilitet
cargo hook lastehage
cargo record book lastejournal
cargo capacity lastekapacitet
chief officer's office lastekontor
cargo pipeline lasteledning
cargo plan lasteliste
cargo dues lastepenge
cargo plan lasteplan
craft- lastepram, lastpram
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo acquisition right lasterettighed
cargo batten lasteribbe
cargo loading hose lasteslange
cargoship list lastfartøjsfortegnelse
cargo distribution lastfordeling
cargo shifting lastforskydning
cargo box lastkasse
cargo refrigeration installation lastklimaanlæg
cargo pump lastpumpe
cargo battens lastribbe
cargo cluster is a portable reflector with 4 to 10 bulbs lastrumsbelysning
cleaning of holds lastrumsrengøring
cargo securing lastsikring
cargo lashing lastsikring
cargo ship lastskib
cargo tank lasttank
cargo tank piping inclusive drain pipes lasttank
cargo tank pressure lasttryk
cyclone lavtryk
centre of depression lavtrykscenter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cock pit lazaret, lazareth
camp school ship lejrskoleskib
cap-scuttle lem
clay. A stiff tenacious sediment having a preponderence of grains with diametres of less than 0.004 mm. It is impossible to differentiate between clay and silt by eye.
Sediments where the grains are less than 0.002 mm.
Grain of 0.002-0.0625 is called silt
combustible letantændelig
corvette letfregat
canvas edging of a flag lig
constant course sailing ligeudsejlads
could not fetch the harbour ligge
couch well ligge
convoy order linje, linie
close the line linje, linie
contract the line linje, linie
cutting-down line linje, linie
cargo liner linjebåd
ceremony of crossing the Line linjedåb
cargo liner linjeskib, linieskib
cove-necking liste
cravel livholtskravel
chains fitted with a canvas apron, against which the leadsman leans while heaving the lead, and which protect his legs from the wet line loddebro
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chains loddeplatform
chains lodderepos
call of a pilot lods
chief pilot lodskommandør
coasting pilotage lodsning
chief pilot lodsolderman
compulsory pilotage lodspligt
compulsory pilot lodstvang
coasting pilotage lodsvæsen
ceiling loft, loft
Common log log, loggeapparat
chip log log, loggeapparat
chip log logflynder
Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter 1972", Londonkonvention
cast off los
cast off los
cast off a rope los
cut a sail losse
cargo handling equipment losse- og lastegrej
cargo purchase lossegie
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo handling gear lossegrej
cargo hook lossehage
cargo hook lossekrog
cargo handling magnet lossemagnet
cargo net lossenet
cargo manifest losseopgørelse
cargo manifold lossestuds
connecting piece lossestuds
cargo pump losspumpe
cabin lugar
cockpit lugar
cap-scuttle luge
coaming lugekarm
coaming of the hatches lugekarm
coaming plate lugekarmsplade
coaming support lugekarmsstøtte
cabin lukaf
close watertight lukke
carry a weather helm luvgerrig
carry a weatherly helm luvgerrig
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carrying a weatherly helm luvgerrig
claw ring lyre
candle power lysstyrke
cleat with knotches læbe
clear the shore læger
claw off læger
claw off læger
come along-side lægge
come alongside lægge
carry out an anchor lægge et anker ud
collision mat lækmåtte
celestial meridian. These are semi-great circles joining the celestial poles længdecirkel
cask-sling længe
cask-sling hitch længestik
chain-thimble lænkekovs
chain-shot lænkekugle
clearing port lænseport
cow hitch lærkehoved
channel løb
cross a ship løbe
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call at a port løbe
cross the bar løbe
complete book løbe
catwalk løbebro
cow hitch and loop løbeknob
cargo runner løber
cargo løft
cargo løfte
cargo runner for lifting yoke løftedrager
carry a slack helm løj
cringle løjert
cringle in the boltrope of a sail løjert
can sling / can hook løshage
can hook løshage
compass needle magnetnål
churn male
coat of paint malingslag
canvas hose mamering, marmering
crew mandskab
crew quarters mandskabsaptering
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
crew accommodation mandskabsaptering
crew department mandskabsgruppe
crew quarters mandskabslukaf
crew quarters mandskabsrum
crescent måne
cusp måne
common lunar year måneår
common lunar year måneår
chronological month måned
cusps månefase
cusp månehorn
culmination of the moon månekulmination
crescent månesegl
control desk manøvreplads
control desk manøvreplatform
cruising speed marchfart
canvas hose marmering
chief engineer maskinchef
center engine maskine
continue under own power maskine
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chief engineer maskinmester
cant-piece and fillings or roundings mast
cut a mast mast
cut away a mast mast
cheeck of the mast masteknæ
crane mastekran
canvas coat of a mast mastekrave
carling mastespor
coaks of a mast-tree mastetræ
chief stores manager materielmester
carpenter's mate math
chased mat matte
cringle måtte
carry passengers medføre
Central European time mellemeuropæisk tid
captain's cabin messelukaf
chief cook mesterkok
Cm middelspantkoefficient
coefficient of midship section area middelspantkoefficient
centre of a fleet midt, midte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
centreline midterlinje
central meridian in a time zone midtermeridian
centre castle midtskibshus
crutch mik
cheek mik
compass course misvisende
contrary wind modbør
central container port moderhavn
container terminal moderhavn
contrary current modgående
counter-rudder modror
countercurrent modstrøm
change of the tide modtid
contrary wind modvind
carriage of a mortar morterblok
clay mudder
Convention on contratc for the international carriage of goods wholly or partly by sea multimodal transport
cap to a gun mundingshætte
commander musekølle
close planked top mærs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
crow's nest mærsekurv
cap shore mærsestræber
cap stanchion mærsestræber
cap shore mærsestøttalje
cap stanchion mærsestøttalje
close-reefed top-sails mærssejl
call mønstre
certificate of service mønstringsbevis
clerk of the check mønstringsskriver
come up with a ship
cartridge needle nål
common sewing needle nål
certificate of nationality nationalitetsbevis
certificate of registry nationalitetsbevis
Common carriers are not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from extraordinary circumstances if force majeure, i.e. accidents due to the force of the elements beyond human power or other circumstances which could not possibly be foreseen or prevented naturbegivenhed
chartroom navigeringsrum
companionway nedgang
cabinway nedgang
companionway nedgangskappe
cargo mat usually square in form, used to protect the deck covering, locally, when taking on board cargo or stores net
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common pump with hand brake nikkepumpe
chain riveting nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
chart datum niveauflade
Commonly used is a gravity control by a liquid ballistic, which flows between the north and south sides of the rotor under the influence of gravity, when the gyro axis tilts due to the earth turning. In the above figure the above is shown the liquid used is mercury because of its high density. The pots or bottles are also connected at their top ends so that there is equalising of pressure. The system of pots and the rotor is arranged in such a way that the centre of gravity passes through the centre of the rotor and that the liquid levels are same when the axis is horizontal. Thus there is no torque when the axis is horizontal nordflaske
cable reliever nordmand
compass course nordretning
cove harbour norhavn
change of the moon nymåne
Circumcision Day nytår
closer examination nærme
cap næs
cape næs
chief officer næstkommanderende
crash stop nødstop
charter octroy
charter oktroj
convert / convert into / rebuild ombygge
change of flag omflage
changing switch omskifter
change ahead omskiftning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
change astern omskiftning
casting anchor opankret
citadel house opbygning
centre of buoyancy opdriftscenter
comply with the convention opfylde
cast off opgå
come up the capstan opgå
come up opgå
check opgå
come up opgå
clue up opgive
clue up a sail opgive
clue up a square sail opgive
clue up a sail opgive
congestion of shipping ophobe
cardanicsuspension ophæng
chased ship opjaget
cat's paw knot opkortningsknob
certificate of origin oprindelsescertifikat
coil opskyde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coiled cordage opskyde
coil or quoil a rope opskyde
coil opskyde
coil up opskyde
coil up opskære
cross a yard optage
command ordre
course up orientation orientering
commander orlogskaptajn
coil the ropes up overalt
carried away overbordsejlet
canopy overdække
clamp overfald
cap-square overfald
crossing overfart
congestion overfyldning
careening overhivning
chief pilot overlods
chief medical officer overmester
chief department of ship inspection overskibsinspektorat
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cloudy / overcast overskyet
cover overskylle
chief officer overstyrmand
chief mate overstyrmand
carpenter of a ship overtømmermand
collision due to drift pådrivning
cap-square of a gun carriage palmoder, palemoder
clamp of a gun carriage palmoder, palemoder
cleat behind the pawl-sole palmoder, palemoder
chock pålæg
Captain Fields type in perspex marked in degrees and points parallellineal
cartel ship parlamentarskib
cartel parlamentarskib
cartel ship parlamentarskib
collide with påsejle
collision påsejling
commencement of transit (astron.) passage
Compasses are for drawing circles, in either pencil or ink passer
compass - compasses passer
caliber compasses passer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
compass passer
callipers passer
cross passere
chart passerkort
certificate of competency patent
Certificates of Competency and Endorsement, Seaman Books patent
chain patent
collapsing grapnel - a small anchor with four or more tines patentdræg
Chair of St. Peter Peders stol
compass for setting pejlekompas
compass bearing pejling
cross-bearing pejling
coir-rope pertline
chain cathead stopper pertyrkæde
cat stopper pertyrline
call pibe
call for all hands hoy pibe
crotch piksuer, pigsuer, pikso, piksu
crotches of riders piksuer, pigsuer, pikso, piksu
crow-bar pinseben
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cap of a gun platlod
crown sennit platting
connection rod. " The connection rod to be forged of Siemens-Martin steel and its length to be twice of the stroke. The top end is carried out with flange on to which the crosshead bearings are bolted, whereas the bottom end, to which the crank shells are bolted, is forged in T-shape plejlstang
cuddy or cabin of an undecked vessel pligt
cuddy in the after part pligt
cuddy in the fore part of an undecked vessel pligt
clear the spare anchor pligtanker
clinch of the spare cable pligtstik
cattleman plyndergreve, plyndregreve
celestial pole. Either of the two points projected onto the celestial sphere by the extension of the Earth's axis of rotation to infinity pol
chase port port
chase-port port
chase-port port
craft pram
clawing of prange
crowd sails prange
crowd sail prange
carry a press of sail prange
claw off prange
crowd prangning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
canvas for tarpawlings presenningsdug
crowd sail presse
centre of water pressure on the hull pressionscenter
condemn in prize prisedømme
condemn in a prize court prisedømme
correct angular relationship projektion
cradle pude
cradle wedge pudekile
cradle bracket pudeknæ
cradle shore pudestøtte
cradle stanchion pudestøtte
cradle plank pudetræ
common pump pumpe
centrifugal pump consists of two principal elements, a rotor and a circular-shaped casing. The rotor consists of an impeller fitted with vanes and a shaft to which the impeller is attached. The entire shaft and impeller rotate in the circular-shaped casing. Water enters the casing near the center of the rotating shaft and moves outward along the vanes by centrifugal force. There is a discharge pipe on the circumference of the casing through which the water escapes pumpe
chain pump pumpe
cask pump pumpe
common pump pumpe
chain pump pumpe
choaked pump pumpe
cistern pumpebak
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
collar of a pump pumpekrave
copper cylinder which covers the lower end of the pump in the well pumpekurv
cheek of a pump pumpemik
chhek of a pump pumpenikke
chamber of a pump pumpestøvle
call purre
call the watch to relief purre
call purre
call the watch purre
chain-plate pyttingsjern
chain-necklace pyttingskrans
chain pyttingskæde
canvas bucket pøs
cross-jack yard
Calking irons are iron chisels for that purpose. Some of these irons are broad, some round, and others grooved rabat, rabatjern
caulking iron rabat, rabatjern
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate radiosikkerhedscertifikat
coast radio beacons send out signals from which a radio direction finder on board ship displays bearings of the radio beacon whereby radio-position lines are obtained radiostedsbestemmelse
clean products raffineret olieprodukt
clean product raffineret olieprodukt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
collide rage
carriage parrel rakke
ceiling rang
crank rank
crank ship rank
cirripeda rankefod
crude oil råolie
crude oil tanker råolietanker
carriage of a gun rappert
common or square bolts rappert
cap squares rappert
cheeks rappert
chair ratstol
chafe reef reb
cross reefs of the sprit sail reb
clear a running rigging rede
company employed rederiansat
company flag rederiflag
call signs registreringsbogstav
call rejse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
conduct money rejsepenge
clear coast ren
channel. rende
cleaning- rengøring
clean rense
catering department restaurantsafdeling
catering staff restaurationspersonale
correct the dead reckoning rette
compass adjusting rette
correct charts rette
correction book rettelsesbog
course corrected by the variation retvisende
customs statement for sealed cargo or bonded stores revers
clasp-hoop ring
capstan-hoop ring
closed chock ringklys
come home rippe
carry a weatherly helm ror
carry a slack helm ror
cond a ship ror
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
conn a ship ror
compass card rose
come loose rovs
come loose rovse
carpenter cutting the yards ruehugger
companion ruf
canopy ruf
child labourer rugdreng
complete book rulle
complete book rullebog
conveyor belt rullebord
claw off from a lee shore rum
criterion of service rumlængdefaktor
criterion of service numeral rumlængdefaktor
criterion numeral rumlængdefaktor
clove hitch rundslag
cross-piece or range in which belaying pins are fixed række
chain anchor rælingsanker
chain anchor rælingsanker
crotches for the netting rælingsstøtte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coboose røghat
chimney from the cook-arc røghat
condensate system rørarrangement
cooling water system rørarrangement
chain wale røst
channel røst
channel røst
chain plate røstjern
channel-plate røstjernskinne
chain røstkæde
channel-chain røstkæde
chain bolt røstkæde
chain plate røstskinne
collar of the bobstay saddel, sadel
comb cleat saddel, sadel
Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate SAFCON
clove-hooks saksekrog
cross tree of the topgallant-mast saling, sahling
cross tree saling, sahling
cross tree of the topmast saling, sahling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cross tree saling, sahling
cross tree of the top salingshorn
cross tree of the topgallant mast salingshorn
cheek of the mast salingsknæ
Cape Verde Islands Saltøerne
connector samleled til kæde
construct or build a made mast with dovetailing components connected sammenføje
coaking timber sammenlåsning
composite block sammensat
composite mast sammensat
corposant Sankt Elms Ild
class sarter
cross cut-saw sav
cross cut saw sav
crank scepter
crotch of the netting scepter
crank for the poop lanterns scepter
canvas sejl - 1.
cloths sejl - 1.
clews sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
clew line sejl - 1.
courses sejl - 1.
cross-jack sejl - 1.
courses sejl - 1.
cross.-jack sejl - 1.
clew sejl - 1.
clew sejl - 1.
course sejl - 1.
crowd sail sejl - 1.
carry a press of sail sejl - 1.
clue up a sail sejl - 1.
close hauled sailing sejlads
coasting sejlads
coasting trade sejlads
centre of effort sejlcenter
canvas sejldug
cail-cloth sejldug
canvas sejldug
canvas rag sejldugslap
canvas patch sejldugslap
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carry away a topmast sejle
coast sejle
carry general cargo sejle
carry away a mast sejle
call at a port sejle
course through the water sejlet
channel sejlløb
channel sejlrende
chronometer sejrværk
clap on the nippers sejse
clap on the cable sejse
century sekel
capstan - winch shanty
cheek of a block side
canvas edging fixed along the leechrope sidebolt
cowhide sidemarmering
cow-hide sidemarmering
cheeks in the steopp of a mast sidestykke
cheeks in the step of a mast sidestykke
Code of Signals signalbog
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
code of signals signalkode
come into sight / view sigte
Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
cargo hold silderum
call for breakfast skaffe
come round skage
cutter and sloop rigged ships skaksejler
clamp skål
clamp skål
clamp of a lower yard skål
clamps of the keelson skål
cup anchor skålanker
cower the hatches with tarpauling and nail with battens skalke
cleat skalkeklampe
completely empty skåltomt
chafe skamfile
chafed skamfilet
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chafing skamfiling
captain of the top skamfilingsgast
chafing-grummet skamfilingskrans
chafing damage skamfilingsskade
chafing band skamfilingsskinne
chafing rider skamfilingsskinne
chafing spar skamfilingsspir
covering board skandæk
covering board skandæk
canon balls skarp
case-shot skarp
canister shot skarp
chain-shot skarp
close-hauled skarp
craft skib
collier skib
crank ship skib
clean-built ship skib
constrained by its draught skib
crazy ship skib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
castaway skibbrudden
carpenter skibmand
captain of the hold skibmand
crew of the hold skibmandsgast
crew of the hold skibmandsgast
clap on the voyol skibmandsvifte
cog for beaching on the westcoast of Jutland skibningskåg
commander skibschef
captain skibschef
consumption journal skibsconsumptiebog
captain skibsfører
cabin boy skibsjunge
cook skibskok
cargo skibsladning
chartering agent skibsmægler
chartering broker skibsmægler
custom broker skibsmægler
Chartering agents are brokers, who have been specially appointed by large importers or exporters in order to take up the space required for their shipments.
Chartering brokers act as intermediaries between shipowners seeking employment for their vessels and charterers requiring the services of a ship
chaplain of a ship skibspræst
collision skibssammenstød
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cargo gear skibstakkel
cargo tackle skibstakkel
carpenter skibstømmermand
chronometer skibsur
captain's watch skifte
change the tack skifte
crew change skiftning
cheeks of the windlass skilbanke
cheek-block skildpadde
chestree with a sheeve skildpadde
cheek-block skildpaddeblok
captain skipper
Company of Master Mariners skipperkompagni
chewing tobacco skipperskrå
conscription district skipæn
channel skivgat
covering tarpaulin skjulsejl
Charlie Noble - the hood of the galley smoke pipe, sometimes used to mean the entire smoke pipe including the hood skorsten
collision bulkhead skot
case-shot skråbøsse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
case-shot skråsæk
Cap-merchant, in a trading ship, is the same officer, who is called purser in a man of war. The French call him writer (ecrivain) he is appointed by the merchants to whom the ship belongs, to take care that nothing be embezzled, nor squandered away...
In such ships, whose cargo is not considerable enough to bear the expence of a cap-merchant, the master himself, or the mate, if thereto requested by the master, performs the office of a cap-merchant
cap-merchant skriver
carcase skrog
carcass skrog
case-shot skrot
couplings skrueaksel
check skrække
cable slips skrænse
cable slips through the nippers skrænse
crepusculum skumring
covered lighter skurpram
close lighter skurpram
cloud. A cloud is a hydrometeor consisting of minute particles of liquid water or ice, or of both suspended in the free air and usually not touching the ground. It may also include larger particles of liquid water or ice as well as non-aqueous liquid or solid particles such as those present in fumes, smoke or dust sky
cloudburst skybrud
coil a rope skyde
coil skyde
coil a cable with the sun skyde
coil a cable against the sun skyde
coil a rope skyde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coil skyde
coil with the sun skyde
coil against the sun skyde
concave-bowed skyde
cloud cover skydække
cloud ceiling skydække
cloud types skysystemer
cloud classification skysystemer
cloud skysystemer
cut-water skæg
cut the current skære
cross the current skære
coil up skære
crow-feet of a hammoc skærline
close haul afore skærpe
carling skærstok
carriers or sockets for hatchway beams and fore-and-afters are to be of steel skærstokspor
clew skødbarm, skødsbarm
clue skødbarm, skødsbarm
close the sheet aft skøde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
chain sheet skøde
close aft skøde
clew-piece skødebolt
chestree of the sheet skødeklampe
clue-rope skødelig
clew of a sail skødhorn
channel skølping, skølp
crevice skøre
caulk a seam slå
call the watch up slå
clove hitch slag
cross in the hawse slag
cinders / scoria slagger
carpenter's line slagline
chine line slaglinje
canvas bucket slagpøs
cockswain, master of the pinnace slupfører
chock of the bowsprit slutholt
close the line slutte
cradle slæb
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cradle slæde
cut down a ship, or take off a part of her upper-works sløjfe
cheek of the head sløjknæ
cut down a ship sløysse et skib
cut down a ship for razee sløysse et skib
cover of a hatchway with a border round its edge smakluge
coastal shipping etc. småskibsfart
cap a rope smerting
coat for a ship's bottom smørelse
cordierite solsten
cant-timbers spant
cant timbers spant
counter frame spant
chemical tanker specialtankskib
counter transom spejl
cloveboard spejlkløvet
conical buoy spidstønde
conical buoy with top mark cross spidstønde
capstan spil
crab spil
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
capstern spil
crab spil
capstan spil
clamp spil
capstan bar spilbom
chute spiler
capstan partner spilfisk
cheek spilklampe
capstan-bar spilspage
capstan barrel spilstamme
Cable splice splejs
cunt splice splejsning
cable splice splejsning
cunt splice splejsning
cable splice splejsning
cunt splice splejsning
count splice splejsning
chip splint
cotter bolt splitbolt
cornette splitflag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
carrier for the hatch beams spor
crow-foot deadeye spredholt
crowfoot spredholt
cutting down line spundingslinje
cross curve of stability stabilitetstværkurve
change the jib stag
collar of the stay stagbrog
channel-iron stålemne
chronometer error stand
compass mounted on a pole standerkompas
commodore standermand
cruiser stangkrejer
cradle stangkøje
circular lines of position method. The intersections of two circles of equal altitude of heavenly bodies gives two possible positions for the observer stedlinjemetode
complete suite of sails stel
caulk stemme
chissel stemmejern
caulker stemmer
caulk stemning
cobbles sten
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coal tar stenkulstjære
clinch stik
clinch of an anchor stik
clinch of a cable stik
clinch of a cable stik
clove-hitch stik
clinch the cable stik
carrick bend stik
cats-paw stik
chain knot stik
chain knot stik
clove hitch stik
clove hitch with round turn stik
carline beam - beams running fore and aft or diagonally between deck beams stikbjælke
chinse the seams stikke
clinch the cable stikke
clinch a cable stikke
clinch the cable to its anchor stikke ankertovet på
chisel scraper stikskraber
calm stille
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
calm stille
coin stillekile
calm water curve for propeller effect stillevandskurve
calm water moment stillevandsmoment
capacity stilling
cable-stage stilling
comet stjerne
constellation of stars stjernebillede
chain compressor stoppeklods for ankerkæde
compressor stopper
claw stopper stopper
carpenter's stopper stopper
clew-line storestængestagsejlsgivtov
concluding line stormlejder
cone of light strålekegle
coastal raid strandhug, strandhugst
cardinal point streg
compass point noting stregangivelse
compass point division streginddeling
centre keelson stringer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
coat stryge
cap-shore stræber
cap-stanchion stræber
current strøm
current velocities are the averages at strength... Directions are the true directions to which the currents set strøm
current condition strømforhold
currentless waters strømfri
coupling of the current strømkobling
current parallelogram construction strømkonstruktion
current chart strømkort
current velocity and direction strømlinje
current meter strømmåling
current parallelogram strømparallelogram
current diagram strømparallelogram
cover strømpe
chute container strømpecontainer
current setting strømsætning
current diagram strømtrekant
close-reefed top-sails stumpet
can buoy stumptønde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
cylindrical buoy stumptønde
cargo plan stuveplan
cargo of boxes, casks, bales or cases stykgods
camshaft. "The camshaft consists of suitable lengths of shafting assembled by means of heavy flanges. The bearings are lined with white metal. The camshaft is driven from the crankshaft through chain drive provided with a tightener styreaksel
course board styrebræt
cockpit styrehul
clinometer styrlastighed
cowswain styrmand
cox styrmand
coxless pair styrmand
cross-tree stængesaling
cross-tree of the top-mast stængesaling
centre line direction of a ship stævnretning
come together støde
contact mine stødmine
carrick-bits støtte
cross pawl støtte
counter rudder støtteror
crow surring
cargo securing gang surringsgæng
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
captain's swabber svaberkaptajn
club haul svaje for et anker
circulating water svalevand
catharping svigtning
catharpings-leg svigtningsbolt
cock's comb svineryg
cock's-comb with one strand svineryg
continuous waves svingning
centerboard svingsværd
centerboard trunk sværdkiste
centerboard case sværdkiste
Crux Sydkorset
come into view syne
come head to wind synge
call the soundings synge
composit system system
centerboard sænkesværd
caulking-iron sætjern
cast away sætte
clap a messenger on the cable sætte
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chopping sea
choppy sea
certificate of seaworthyness sødygtighedsattest
certificate of seaworthiness sødygtighedserklæring
certificate of discharge. Continuous record of theholder's services at sea and the various competencies assigned to him søfartsbog
crew agreement form søfartsbog
call boatswain's søfløjte
captain's / extended protest. Note of protest. A declaration by the captain made before a magistrate or other authority when circumstances during the voyage beyond the captain's control may have caused damage to the ship or its cargo. A protest can later, when more details are available, be extended søforklaring
Convention of marine insurance søforsikringskonvention
call at a port søge
captain of the Royal Navy søkaptajn
crucian carp søkarudse, søkarusse
cook søkok
chart søkort
charts drawed without correction of the compass søkort
charts where the variation of the compass is corrected søkort
chart catalogue søkortkatalog
Catalogue of Admiralty Charts søkortkatalog
chart plotter søkortplotter
chart correction søkortrettelse
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conscription district for naval personnel sølimitdistrikt
clasper-nails søm
clincher-nails søm
Cappanus søorm
coast guard søpoliti
chief steward sørestauratør
corsair sørøver
coasting-pilot søspejl
Convention on contratc for the international carriage of goods wholly or partly by sea søtransportkonvention
chronometer søur
collision regulation søvejsregel
COLREG søvejsregel
Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 søvejsregel
collection of tables tabelsamling
clap on tage
cast loose the guns on a ship's battery tage
common whipping takling
crown knot taljerebsknob
cable end tamp
colts or ends of rope used to punish criminals tamp
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clean tank tank
clean bilge tank tank
cable buoy telegrafkabeltønde
cable buoy telegrafvager
clipper stern used locally by builders on Thurø thurinerhæk
Coordinated Universal Time. The time scale available from broadcast time signals. UTC differs from TAI by an integral number of seconds; it is maintained within +/- 0.90 second of UT1 by the introduction of one second steps (leap seconds) tid
chronological order tidsfølge
complete the loading tillaste
charter-party contains conditions for loading with rate of loading in tons per weather working day, time for loading shall commence to count 24 hours after written notice has been given by the master to the charterers. Demurrage money per day for delays and despatch money per day for all time saved in loading timesheet
capsize tippe rundt
contract of service tjenesteaftale
clamp toftevæger
campaign togt
custom told
customs duties toldafgift
customs agent toldagent
customs broker toldagent
custom-house toldbod
customs entry tolddeklaration
customs seal toldlukke
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cocket toldseddel
custom-house receipt toldseddel
customs sealed cupboard toldskab
customs guard toldvagt
customs service toldvæsen
customs authorities toldvæsen
calculation of the tonnage tonnageberegning
coefficient of tonnage tonnagekoefficient
crowning of a knot top
cross-jack lift toplent
cable tov
cable tov
cordage tov
cable tov
cordage tow tov
cable made rope tov
cut a cable tov
clear a hawse tov
cordage tow tov
cable tov
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cable is kept bent tov
cable grows on the starboard bow tov
cable stage tovbriks
cable-tier tovbriks
cable-buoy tovbøje
cable coil tovkovs
cordage tovværk
cable-laid cordage tovværk
cable charge for a telegram trådafgift, trådgebyr
crossing traffic trafik
course plotter transportør
cutter or second barge travalje
cat's paw trompet
cable deck trossedæk
chain-operated ferry trækfærge
canal barge trækskøjte
composite ship træskib
cable half-cleats træsko
cable coats træsko
cloth in the side of a top-sail which is cut in points tunge
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cruizing voyage tur
cruising boat turbåd
chafed sennit tusindben
cross-lines tusindben
civil twilight tusmørke
compulsory government-directed chartering tvangsbefragtet
compulsory pilot tvangslods
compulsory pilotage tvangslodsning
compulsory voyage tvangsrejse
compulsory route tvangsrute
cross-beam tværbjælke
cross-piece tværbjælke
cross traffic tværgående
cross mark light tværmærkefyr
crosstrees tværsaling
cross-spale tværsent
crossbar tværtræ
Centre of gravity: The point of application of the resultant of all the forces of gravity to which the components of a body are subject. By analogy, the centre of gravity of a surface is that of a very thin homogenous solid plate that is the shape as that surface tyngde
center of gravity tyngdepunkt
Centre of gravity - the point at which the combined weight of all the individual items in a ship and the ship itself going to make up a vessel's total weight may be considered as concentrated tyngdepunkt
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corrosion protection zinc block tærezinck
close to the wind tæt
close inshore tæt
close reefed tætrebet
compass timber tømmer
carpenter tømmermand
chips (coll.) tømmermand
chippie (coll.) tømmermand
carpenter's shop tømmershop
carpenter's shop tømrerværksted
cask tønde
can buoy tøndebøje
collide tørne
cables fastened to the fore part of a ship on the stocks, when preparing to be launched, and which are cut with hatchets the moment the ship is to go off tørnetalje
crow's nest udkigstønde
clear out a ship udklarere
conduct a ship out to sea udlodse
calling udpurring
channel udskølping
cancellation certificate udslettelsesattest
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certificate of deletion. A document issued by a registrar and testifying to a vessel's removal from the register of a certain flag. udslettelsesattest
chapel ugle
chapel ugle
chapel a ship ugle
catodic corrosion protection of the underwater hull underbeskyttelse
course undersejl
carpenter's crew undertømmermand
clock / watch ur
clockwise or anti clockwise ur
cheat the watch-glass vagtglas, vagtsglas
coast val, vald
calm sea vand
calm sea vand
came down on the sea vande
cascade vandfald
cataract vandfald
centre of flotation vandlinje
Coefficient of water plane area vandlinjekoefficient
catch-all sail vandsejl
compartmentation. The subdividing of the hull by transverse watertight bulkheads so that the vessel may remain afloat if any one, two, or three compartments are open to the sea, depending on the number of tranverse bulkheads fitted vandtæt
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cheek vange
collar of a shroud vantøje
cairn, mound of rough stones of pyramidal or beehive shape used as a landmark. varde
carry a warp out varp
cathole varpehul
call varsko
cunning the helm varsko
con the helm varsko
clothes line vaskejolle
chine of the waterway vaterbord
chafe nimbly vedblive
chief engineer vedligeholdelseschef
calm weather vejr
corposant vejrlys
coasting pilot vejviser
controllable pitch propeller vendbar
club-hauling vende
cable-laid rope venstreslået
corner of the world verdenshjørne
clap a messenger on the cable vifte
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cove vig
creek vig
close-hauled vind
close to the wind vind
carry suitable sails for the wind force vind
chapel vind
catch the wind vind
cardinal wind vind
contrary wind vind
close-hauled vind
close wind vind
close to the wind vind
close-hauled vind
capstan-bar vindebom
cup anemometer instrument vindmåler
compass card or for real wind: wind rose vindrose
canvas ventilation tubes placed vertically from open air to the decks vindsejl
chap about vindspring
calm vindstille
critical angle vinkel
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cable grows on the larboard bow vise
car deck vogndæk
cog equipped as a man-of-war vredekogge
cradle vugge
cleat for the gammoning vulingsklampe
ceiling væger
clamp væger
clamps of the forecastle and quarterdeck or strings væger
clamp væger
cove vægtergang
call the watch vække
caulking cotton. Loose or loosely woven cotton used in caulking seams værk
clove hitch vævlingstik
convoy water convoj
chain stopper wirestopper
cross track error XTE
cold zone zone
celestial equator. The projection onto the celestial sphere of the Earth's equator. Equinoctial equator ækvator
crossing the line ceremony ækvatordåb
change ændre
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course of change ændringskurs
cap æselhoved
cap of the mast head æselhoved
cap of the bowsprit æselhoved
cap of the flag-staff æselhoved
cap of the fore mast æselhoved
cap of the fore top-mast æselhoved
cap of the mizen top-mast æselhoved
cap of the mizen mast æselhoved
cap of the main top-mast æselhoved
cap of the main mast æselhoved
cut splice øje
collar of the stay øje
carpenter's axe økse
cann ølstøber
can ølstøber