Ordbog, oversættelser

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fore and aft leech rope abe
foot rope abe
fore leech rope abe
full admiral admiral
Full admirals fly the red, vice admirals the white and rear admirals the blue ensign admiral
First Lord of the Admiralty admiral
First Sealord admiral
flag rank admiralsrang
fit the timber afbinde
flaring afbrænding
force of deflection afbøjningskraft
fall to leeward afdrive
falling off affald
fall off affalde
fendering affendring
flowing sheets affire
fall off affældig
forward afgå
fid afholderters
flash afmagnetisere
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finish afpudse
fair afpudse
filled and faired and then given two coats of polyurethane undercoat afpudse
finish afrette
fall down afsakke
fleet a tackle afskage
fleet = to come up a tackle and draw the blocks apart...after they have been hauled »two block« afskage
fixture afslutning
fix a charter afslutte
fix a contract afslutte
fencing /stopping afspærring
fall aftage
first watch aftenvagt
from abaft agten
from astern agten
from astern agten
from astern agter
from stem to stern agter
false stern post agterstævn
flat or square stern, elliptical stern and rounded stern agterstævn
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false stern-post agterstævnspålæg
foolish gull albatros
fishing hook angel
fish hook angel
fishing hook. angelkrog
fishing rod angelkæp
fish angle
fish ankerfisk
fluke ankerflig
fluke, palm ankerflig
flake ankerflig
fluke ankerflig
fish-purchase ankergie
foul bottom ankergrund
fluke and peak ankerklo
foul anchorage ankerplads
fluke ankerspåne
fisherman's knot ankerstik
fisherman's bend ankerstik
fish-tackle ankertalje
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fake ankertov
foul hawse ankre op
freshen ankule
faying surface anlægsflade
flume tank antirulletank
flattening applatissement
fit aptere
furnish aptere
fine workmanship arbejde
factory act arbejdsbeskyttelseslov
floating stage arbejdsflåde
first point of Aries Ariespunktet
flat-bottomed boat employed on the Elb arke
fitting armatur
felucca båd
fishing craft båd
Flying Dutchman båd
floor-board båd
fairway bådeløb
front light bagfyr
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following wind bagvind
forecastle bak
forecastle head bak
fxle bak
fcle bak
focle bak
forecastle head bak
forecastle bak
forecastle card bak
fixed beacon båke
front beacon båke
floating beacon båketønde
full speed astern bakke
fool wind bakluft
forecastle-beam baksbjælke
forecastle deck baksdæk
forecastle man baksgast
forecastle hand baksgast
forecastle-man baksgast
forecastle knee baksknæ
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forecastle hatch baksluge
fore hatch baksluge
fore scuttle baksluge
fall in balje
French the ballast ballast
foresail ballonfok
fishing bank banke
flat banke
fore topgallant backstay bardun
fore hood barkholt
fair weather barometri
floating battery batteriskib
fall calm bedage
fall calm bedare
fife-rail bedding
firlining of the bits beddingspude
fir-lining of the bits beddingspude
fish bede
freight a merchant ship befragte
freighter befragter
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freighting befragtning
fixture befragtningsaftale
freight pool befragtningspool
fouling begroning
face beklæde
flag of convenience.
A loosely-used term, but generally describing the flag of registry of a ship owned and operated by foreign nationals and/or corporations who, nevertheless, derive financial benefits from so doing
floodlight belyse
fix or place the masts of a ship bemaste
fire at beskyde
furl beslå
fasten sails with rope-yarns beslå
fitting beslag
furling-line beslagbændsel
furling line beslagline
furling line beslagsejsing
furling-line beslåsejsing
foreign bound bestemt
fill the cargo hold bestuve
ferro-cement boat betonskib
ferro-cement ship betonskib
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Flat bottomed with hard chine and straight flaring sides bette
flags ... These were usually made of the hardwearing woollen fabric (normally of rather loose plain tabby weave) which was known in the 17th cent. as »bewpers« but which later came to be called »bunting« bewpers
fishing as secondary income bierhvervsfisker
fishing as sideline income bierhvervsfisker
forecastle beam bjælke
flutter blafre
flap blafre
flat calm blik
false-fire blikfyr
flash blink
flashing light blinkfyr
flash character blinkkarakter
flashing light blinklys
flashing blinkning
flashing light blinksignal
flashing light signal blinksignal
flashlight blitzlys
friction-roller blok
forelock blok
foot block blok
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fish block blok
fiddle block blok
fuze of life-buoy blus
fire tower blusfyr
flash blusse
fair-lead lined with lead blyklys
fan room blæserrum
fishing line bolk
flag bolsan
fender-bolt bolt
forelock bolt bolt
fender-bolt bolt
fore sail boom bom
flying jib boom bom
formerly a space in a vessel's waist used for stowing boats and spars bom
fore and aft guys bom
foot leech bomlig
foot outhaul bommesanskøde
foot outhaul bomudhal
fall a-board of a ship bord
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fall overboard bord
free on board bord
fall a board borde
flood bordfylde
freight bortfragte
freighter bortfragter
flaring bow bov
flaringbow bov
Flare: Curve of the bows upward and outward. bov- og låringslinje
fore-hook bovbånd
fore-hood bovhals
flying jib stay bramstag
fire brand
fire alarm brandalarm
firefighting brandbekæmpelse
fire detector branddetektor
fire-grapling branddræg
fire resistant bulkhead branddrøj
fire door branddør
fireship brander
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fire-ship commander branderkommandør
fire proof brandfri
fire-boom brandhage
fire group brandhold
fire retarding brandhæmmende
flame retardant brandhæmmende
fire intensity curve brandintensitetskurve
fire irons to fashion planks brandjern
fire bell brandklokke
fire control plan brandkontrolplan
fire main brandledning
fireman equipment brandmandsudrustning
fire drill brandmanøvre
fire reporting system brandmeldeanlæg
fire detecting apparatus brandmeldeanlæg
fire reporter brandmelding
fire resistance ability brandmodstandsevne
fire station brandpost
fire pump brandpumpe
fire risk brandrisiko
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fire bill brandrulle
fire station brandrulle
fuse brandrør
fire proof brandsikker
fire protection brandsikring
fire retardent brandsinkende
fire proof bulkhead brandskot
fire resisting bulkhead brandskot
fire hose brandslange
fire extinguisher brandslukker
fire fighting brandslukning
fire extinguishing brandslukning
fire extinguishing system brandslukningsanlæg
fire fighting equipment brandslukningsmateriale
fire extinguishing agent brandslukningsmiddel
fire extinguishing powder brandslukningspulver
fire extinguishing equipment brandslukningsudstyr
fire damper brandspjæld
furious hurricane brandstorm
fire hydrant brandstuds
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fire blanket brandtæppe
fire watch brandvagt
fire guard brandvagt
fire valve brandventil
fire detection system brandvisningssystem
fire detection indicating system brandvisningssystem
fire drill brandøvelse
fore-top-gallant-royal-brace bras
fore-top-gallant-brace bras
fore-brace bras
fore brace bras
fore-top-brace bras
fill a sail brase
fill the sails after they have been braced aback brase
fill a sail brase
full-bottomed bredde
flying foresail bredfok
flange briller
fresh breeze brise
flow brise
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flying bridge or ferry boat bro
fire with the breeching shortened brog
frapping of the breeching brog
force the enemy's line brække
flat in the sail brække
flammable brændbar
furze or brushwood brænde
fuse and furze for breaming brænde
furze for breaming brændekost
fuel brændsel
fuel brændsel
fuel oil brændselsolie
fuel oil transfer pump brændselsolietransferpumpe
fuel pump. "Each cylinder is fitted with a fuel pump. The pump housing to be of steel, plunger and liner of nitrided steel. The pump motion, which is operated by adjustable hardened cams fitted on the camshaft, is transmitted through hardened rollers provided with needle bearing. The regulation takes place by turning the pump plunger, which is connected to the starting handle and governor by means of a rod system brændselspumpe
fuel brændstof
fuel supply brændstof
fuel consumption brændstof
fuel tap brændstof
fuel shortage brændstof
fuel pump brændstof
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fuel system brændstof
fuel tank brændstoftank
fuel oil tank brændstoftank
fraction rig brøkdelsrig
fore-topgallant-royal-bowline bugline
fore-topgallant bowline bugline
fore-top bowline bugline
fake bugt
flake bugt
fake bugt
flake down a rope bugt
fake of the cable bugt
fake down bugte
floor bund
flat bottomed vessel which has no keel, as punts, horse-ferry-boats bund
flat-floor bund
floor bund
floor boards bundbræt
flat-bottomed bundflak
fish trap bundgarn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fishing stake bundgarnskåg
floor board bundplanke
floor-rider bundridder
floor-riband bundsenter
floor timber bundstok
floor bundstok
floor bundstok
floor plate bundstok
futtock-riders bundstok
flat floor-timber bundstok
first futtock bundstok
floor board bundtilje
floor vegetation bundvegetation
foxes made of nine rope-yarns burplatting
fishing spear butpreger
flyboat bysse
flat seizing bændsel
fraping bændsel
fetters bøje
formation of wave bølgedannelse
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fair wind bør
first reinforce and breech Canon
first reinforce ring and ogee Canon
floor ribband center
false keel chelysma
full circle battery cirkelbatteri
fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system CO2 anlæg
flat rack container container
fore and aft intermediate double stacker containerbeslag
feeder containership containerskib
feeder max-containership containerskib
frame costa
False stem: Shaped cutwater fixed with iron or copper clamps to a ship's stem to give the bows symmetry. cutwater
fair-weather sailing damesejlads
flap daske
fixed davit david, devis
fish-davit david, devis
fall astern dejse
fore-and-aft line diametrallinje
foggy thick horizon disig, diset
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
foggy disig, diset
fish in a dogger-boat dogre
floating dock dok
flat of a dock dokbund
fid drejer
fresh-water drikkevand
floating anchor drivanker
fall to leeward drive
fall a-stern drive
fall down a river drive
fall aboard a ship drive
flotsam drivgods
floatage drivgods
floating ice drivis
forward pressure drivtryk
folding grapnels dræg
fire grapling dræg
furl the sails duge
fall off round duve
freeboard depth dybde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
figures for ordinary soundings dybdetal
first deck dæk
forecastle dæk
forecastle dæk
forecastle dæk
fore-deck dæk
flush deck dæk
flush fore and aft deck dæk
fish-plate dæksfisk
freeboard dækshøjde
floodlight dækslys
fade area død
faut-freight dødfragt
fire-door dør
furnace-door dør
fishing line with bridles dørge
floor dørk
flooring dørk
floor board dørk
floor plate dørkplade
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fall efterår
fire damping efterslukning
final extinction efterslukning
final washing down efterspuling
false echo ekko
flash point eksplosionsgrænse
fish gig elger
fisherman's knot engelsk knob, englænderstik
fire grapling entredræg, emtredræg
Facsimile transmission using frequency modulation, with a single channel containing analogue information F-forkortelser
F-channel f-kanal
foul an anchor få et anker uklart
factory trawler fabrikstrawler
front illumination facadebelysning
Fahrenheit scale Fahrenheit, G.
fairway fairway
facsimile chart faksimilekort
flag halyard fald
fore-top-gallant halyard fald
fore-top-sail halyard fald
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flying jib halyard fald
Fore rake: the part of a ship which rakes beyond the fore end of the keel fald
fall off falde
fall off falde
fall to port falde
fall falde
fall in calm falde
fall overboard falde
fall abeam falde
falling water falde
fall securing system faldsikring
Falkland Current Falklandsstrøm
falconet falkonet
Falsterbo Canal Falsterbokanal
family cruising familiesejlads
fetters fangebolt
freight trade fare
freight trade fare
forge a head fart
fetch sternway fart
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
full speed ahead fartskommandoer
foreign trade fartsområde
foreign gooing trade fartsområde
fairway farvand
fairway farvand
fairway farvand
frequented water farvand
fairway buoy farvandstønde
free alongside ship FAS
fixed compass fast
fasten or to belay a rope fastgøre
fast ice, sea ice which forms and remain fast along the coast, where it is attached to the shore level or rough surface fastis
fast ice boundary fastisgrænse
Fastnet Race Fastnet Race
fatique fatigue
fathom favn
fathom line favnekurve
full container load FCL
February februar
feeder feeder
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
feeder ship feeder
feeder connection feederforbindelse
feeder cargo feederlast
feeder voyage feederrejse
feeder route feederrute
feeder service feederservice
Far Eastern Freight Conference FEFC
fixed error fejl
fault fejl
felucca, a sort of small vessel used upon the Mediterranean felucca
fender fender
fendering system fendersystem
fender beam fenderværk
fresh water spring ferksvandskilde
ferrite-rod antenna ferritantenne
ferrite core ferritkerne
ferro-concrete ferrocement
ferromagnetic ferromagnetisk
fresh water ferskvand
fill freshwater ferskvand
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
freshwater generator ferskvandsgenerator
freshwater capacity ferskvandskapacitet
fresh water tank ferskvandskasse
fresh water cooling pump for main engine ferskvandskølepumpe
freshwater pump ferskvandspumpe
freshwater tank ferskvandstank
fresh water tank ferskvandstank
fortyfeet Equivalent Unit FEU
Freight Future Agreement FFA
Fédération Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimilés FIATA
fid fid
fixed mark fikspunkt
fixed point fikspunkt
fix star fiksstjerne
filament filament
filao filao
filibuster filibuster
filler filler
Fimbul winter fimbulvinter
fin-first Voith tractor fin-first voith tractor
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fine liquefaction finfordråbning
fin keel finnekøl
Finnish craft finneskude
fin stabilizer finnestabilisator
Finn class dinghy finnjolle
fine adjustment knob finskrue
Free in and out FIO
fiddle upon the bowsprit fiol
fiddle block fiolblok
Free in and out and stowage FIOS
Free in and out, stowage and trim FIOT
four with coxswain firer
four stranded rope fireslået, firslået
four-point bearing firestregspejling
four-fold block firskivet
fishfinder fishfinder
fish fiske et anker
fishing ground fiskebanke
fishing craft fiskefartøj
fish finder echosounder fiskefinder
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fishing fleet fiskeflåde
fish weird fiskegård
fishing tackle fiskegrej
fish hook fiskehage
fishing hooker fiskehukkert
fisherman's knot fiskeknob
fish hook fiskekrog
fishing smack with a well- fiskekvase
fish-gig fiskelanse
fishing net fiskenet
fishing ground fiskeplads
fisherman fisker
fishing boat fiskerbåd
fishing gear fiskeredskab
fishing tackle fiskeredskab
fishing port fiskerihavn
fishing auxiliary craft fiskerihjælpeskib
fishing inspectorate fiskeriinspektion
fishing control fiskerikontrol
fishing territory fiskeriterritorium
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fisherman's knot fiskerknob
fishing boat with well fiskerkvase
fishing hamlet fiskerleje
fishing stay sail fiskerstagsejl
fisherman's bend fiskerstik
fishing trap fiskeruse
fishing stake fiskeruse
fishing vessel fiskeskib
fishing vessel fiskeskib
fish sorting system fiskesorteringssystem
fish net fiskevod
fish sean = seine fiskevod
flat bottomed fladbundet
fleet flåde
fleet flåde
floating stage flåde
float flåde
float flåde
floating battery flådebatteri
flag flag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flag of truce flag
flag flag
flag terminating in two ends flag
flag in a waft flag
flag at half mast flag
flag of truce flag
flag certificate flagcertifikat
flaw flage
flag flage
flagging out flage
flag halyard flagfald
flag captain flagkaptajn, Flagcapitain
flag officer flagmand
flagman flagmand
flag bag flagpose
flag song flagsang
flagship flagskib
flagship flagskib
flagstaff flagspil
flagstaff flagstang
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flag state flagstat
flag nation flagstat
flag pole flagstok
flag sack flagsæk
flag hours flagtid
flat-floored flak
flat flak, flakvand
flat flak, flakvand
flat bottom flak, flakvand
floor flak, flakvand
figure og eight knot flamsk knob
flare flare
flatrack flatrack
fleetmanager fleetmanager
fleet sailing fleetsejlads
Flettner-rotor Flettner-rotor
Flettner-rudder flettnerror
fleur-de-lys fleur-de-lys
flexible deck flexdæk
flexible fallpipe vessel flexible fallpipe vessel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fluck flig
Flinders' bar Flinders' barre
flipper boat flipper-jolle
floater floater
flood / flood-tide flod
flood current flod
flood anchor flodanker
flooding-system flooding-anlæg
Florida Current Floridastrømmen
floating flot
flotel flotel
flotilla flotille
flotilla admiral flotilleadmiral
fly of an ensign flugt
flume-tank flumetank
fluorescense fluorescens
fluor-protein-foam chimical fluorproteinskumvæske
flush-decked vessel- flushdækker
flush-hatch flushluge
fluxgate compass fluxgatekompas
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fly-boat fly-boat
float flyde
floating battery flydebatteri
floating bridge flydebro
floating dock flydedok
floating quay flydekaj
floating crane flydekran
floating pipeline flydeledning
floating magnet flydemagnet
flow moisture point flydenhedspunkt
float of a compass flyder
floating barrage flydespæring
floating boom flydespæring
floating barrier flydespæring
floating position flydestilling
flying Dutchman flying Dutchman
flying jib flying jib
fly-shute flyshute
fly-block flyveblok
flying fish flyvefisk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flying sails flyvende
full door lid fløjport
flyboat fløjte
flute fløjte
flyboat fløjte
flight fløjte
fog whistle fløjte
Free on Board FOB
Flag of Convenience FOC
foot - feet fod
foot-brail fodgivtov
footrope fodpert
footrope fodstrop
foil-principle foil-princip
Fixed Offshore Ice-Resistant Offloading Terminal FOIROT
foresail fok
fore course fok
fore stay-sail fok
fore sail fok
fore mast boom fokkebom
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore boom topping lift fokkebomdirk
fore bonnet fokkebonnet
forebrace fokkebras
fore buntline fokkebuggårding
fore bowline fokkebugline
fore drag rope fokkedragreb
fore-sail tye fokkedrejereb
fore halyard fokkefald
fore-stay fokkefastestag
fore gaff fokkegaffel
fore clewline fokkegivtov
fore clue garnet fokkegivtov
foretack fokkehals
fore preventer stay fokkehjælpestag
fore throat halyard fokkeklofald
fore studding sail fokkelæsejl
for studding sail guy fokkelæsejlsbras
fore studding sail yard fokkelæsejlsrå
fore-topmast studding sail boom fokkelæsejlsspir
foremast fokkemast
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
foretop fokkemærs
fore-topsail bowline fokkemærsebugline
fore outer leech-line fokkenokgårding
fore-yard footrope fokkepert
fore-peak halyard fokkepikfald
fore futtock shroud fokkepyttingsvant
foreyard fokkerå
fore truss-parral fokkerakke
fore channel fokkerøst
fore-mast cross trees fokkesaling
foresheet fokkeskøde
fore slab-line fokkeslapgårding
fore-mast step fokkespor
forestay fokkestag
fore preventer stay fokkestag
fore stay-sail fokkestagsejl
fore stay-sail halyard fokkestagsejl
fore stay-sail downhaul fokkestagsejl
fore stay-sail sheet fokkestagsejl
fore stay-sail stay fokkestagsejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore-topmast fokkestang
foretop stay fokkestængestag
fore tackle fokketalje
fore lift fokketoplent
fore-shrouds fokkevant
fore rigging fokkevant
fox foks, fox
folding grapnel foldedræg
folding knife foldekniv
folding type hatch cover foldeluge
folding-propeller foldepropel
folio folio
folio number folionummer
forecastle folkelukaf
forecastle folkelukaf
Fomalhaut Fomalhaut
fore for
from stem to stern for
from right ahead for
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore-and-aft schooner for-og agterskonnert
forward of the beam foran
fore-and-aft schooner forandaft, forandafter
fore-and-aft schooner forandaft, forandafter
front beacon forbåke
Forbes dynamic log Forbes dynamiske log
foreland forbjerg
fore breast line forbreasttrosse
force the pace forcere
fall-in forcere
fore fore, for
fore royal - - foreboven
fore royal brace forebovenbrambras
fore royal-tye forebovenbramdrejereb
fore royal halyard forebovenbramfald
fore royal clew-line forebovenbramgivtov
fore royal topmast-rope forebovenbramjolle
fore royal studding sail forebovenbramlæsejl
fore royal yard forebovenbramrå
fore royal parrel forebovenbramrakke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore royal forebovenbramsejl
fore royal sail forebovenbramsejl
fore royal sheet forebovenbramskøde
fore royal stay forebovenbramstag
fore royal mast forebovenbramstang
fore royal masthead forebovenbramstangsmastetop
fore royal topping lift forebovenbramtoplent
fore royal foot-rope forebovenbramtrædetov
fore royal shroud forebovenbramvant
fore-upper-topsail foreboventopsejl
fore royal - forebram
fore topgallant stay forebrambardun
fore topgallant brace forebrambras
fore topgallant buntline forebrambuggårding
fore topgallant-sail bowline forebrambugline
fore topgallant tye forebramdrejereb
fore topgallant haliard forebramdrejereb
fore topgallant halyard forebramfald
fore topgallant clew line forebramgivtov
fore topgallant tackle forebramjolle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore topgallant studding sail forebramlæsejl
fore topgallant yard forebramrå, forbramrå
fore topgallant sail forebramsejl
fore topgallant sheet forebramskøde
fore topgallant stay forebramstag
fore topgallant mast forebramstang
fore topgallant topping lift forebramtoplent
fore topgallant footrope forebramtrædetov
fore topgallant shroud forebramvant
fore tye and gear foredrejereb
forward forefter
fore-spencer foregaffelsejl
fore-top foremærs
fore-topsail brace foremærsebras
fore topsail buntline foremærsebuggårding
fore topsail bowline foremærsebugline
fore topmast yard tye foremærsedrejereb
fore topsail leech-line foremærsedæmpgårding
fore-topsail halyard foremærsefald
foretop clewline foremærsegivtov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
foretop crowfoot foremærsehanefod
fore topmast studding-sail foremærselæsejl
foretop yard foremærserå
fore-topsail foremærsesejl, foremærssejl
fore-topsail sheet foremærseskøde
fore-topmast foremærsestang
fore-topsail topping lift foremærsetoplente
fore-topsail lift foremærsetoplente
forepeaktank forepeaktank
fore topmast backstay forestængebardun
fore topmast stay forestængefastestag
fore-topmast stay forestængehjælpestag
fore stay cross trees forestængesaling
fore-topmast stay forestængestag
fore top stay-sail forestængestagsejl
fore topmast stay sail forestængestagsejl
fore-topmast shroud forestængevant, forstængevant
fore topmast cap forestængeæselhoved
fore topping lift foretoplente, fortoplent
fore top-sail foretopsejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore upper top-sail foretopsejl
fore lower top-sail foretopsejl
forerunner forfang
forerunner line forfangeline
fleet forfare
fleet the cable forfare
fleet the cable forfare et ankertov
freshen the hawser forfriske
frostbite forfrysning
freezing cold injury forfrysning
front light forfyr
founder forgå
fore-deck hand forgast
fore-mast hand forgast
foremast gear forgrej
foremast tackle forgrej
fall of the main buntline forhaler
fore runner forhaler
fore pennant forhaler
fur the ship forhude
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
foot-waling foring
floor-ceiling foring
fore side forkant
fore part forkant
forside of the stem forkant
forecastle forkastel
freak wave forkert sø
foreland forland
fore hold forlast
fore leech forlig
fore leech tightening forligsspænding
fore leech stretcher forligsstrækker
fore hatchway forluge
fore-runner forløber
fore-runner of a cable forløber
Formahaut Formahaut
fore mast formast
forenoon formiddag
forenoon watch formiddagsvagt
foremast top formærs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore upper top studdingsail foroverlæsejl
fore upper topsail forovermærssejl
fore part forpart
forepeak forpeak
forepeak bulkhead forpeakskot
forepeak tank forpeaktank
foremast tackle and gear forrejsning
foremost forreste
fire a gun under the ship's colours forsikre flaget
forepeak forskarp
fore sky sail forskejsel
fore part of a ship forskib
flaring bow forskib
fine entrance forskib
fore capstan forspil
fore stay forstag
fore stay sail forstagsejl
fore top mast forstang
foreshore. The part of the shore, lying between the crest of the berm and the ordinary low water mark, which is ordinarily traversed by the uprush and backwash of the waves as the tides rise and fall forstrand
foreshore rights forstrandsrettighed
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
front-fish forstykke
fore-topmast backstay forstængebardun
foremast top fortop
foremast man fortopsgast
Fortress anchor fortressanker
fore line fortrosse
fore mooring line fortrosse
forward breastline fortøjning
forward spring line fortøjningsline
forward forud
from stem to stern forude
from right ahead forude
forecast map forudsigelseskort
fore course studding sail forunderlæsejl
fore lower topsail forundermærssejl
foreman forvalter
fox fox, foks
Floating Production Storage Off-loading FPSO
freight trade fragt
freight fragt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fixture fragtafslutning
freight contract fragtaftale
freight condition fragtbetingelse
freight a ship fragte
freighter fragtfarer
freight advance fragtforskud
freight ferry fragtfærge
freight income fragtindtægt
freight receipts fragtindtægt
freight conference fragtkonference
freight market fragtmarked
freight fragtpenge
freighter fragtskib
freight ship market fragtskibsmarked
freight ton fragtton
freight trimaran fragttrimaran
freight route fragtvej
French sennit fransk platting
Fast Rescue Boat FRB/MOB-båd
freak wave freak wave
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Friday fredag
Fredrik Henrik af Chapman Fredrik Henrik af Chapman
flag of truce fredsflag
free-flow system freeflowsystem
frigate fregat
frigate built ship fregat
frigate commander fregatchef
frigate squadron fregateskadre
frigate ferry fregatfærge
frigate rigged fregatrigget
frigate build ship fregatskib
frequency frekvens
frequency control frekvenskontrol
frequency range frekvensområde
forward frem
forward move. The opposite is retire fremdrift
forward direction fremretning
Fresnell light fresnells fyr
Fresnell lens fresnellslinse
free fri
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
free height fri
freeboard. The vertical distance from the uppermost complete watertight deck to the water measured amidships.
Statutory freeboard: From the load water line to the deck, where the distance is shortest
freeboard fribord
freeboard marking fribordsafmærkning
freeboard certificate fribordsbrev
freeboard certificate fribordscertifikat
freeboard reduction fribordsfradrag
freeboard mark fribordsmærke
freeboard reduction fribordsreduktion
freeboard survey fribordssyn
freeboard table fribordstabel
filibuster fribytter
free port frihavn
free port settlement frihavnsordning
free port arrangement frihavnsordning
fender friholder
fender work friholderværk
fender friholt
friction brake friktionsbremse
friction defect friktionsfejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
friction force friktionskraft
friction resistance friktionsmodstand
frisco rigging frisco-rig
friezing frise
freshen friske
freshen friske
freshen friske
freshen friske
freshen the cable friske
freshen the hawse friske
freshen friske
freshen the hawse friske tovet
fresh-air apparatus friskluftapparat
fres-air mask friskluftsmaske
fresh-air supply friskluftstilførsel
free fall lifeboat fritfaldsredningsbåd
front front
frontal thunderstorm frontaltorden
frontal storm frontaltorden
frontal zone frontalzone
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
forward located accomodation frontbygning
front low pressure frontlavtryk
front rain frontregn
front fog fronttåge
frost day frostdøgn
frost smoke frostrøg
Froude's test-tank experiments Froude's modelforsøg
fruit carrier frugtfarer
frozen cargo fryseladning
frogman frømand
Flag State Implementation FSI
Floating Storage Oil-installation FSO
FSO-unit FSO
floating storage unit FSU
fast time constant = rain clutter control FTC
false target elimination FTE
fuel oil tank fuelolietank
full sails fuld
full speed ahead fuld
full and by fuld
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
full sails fuld
full-deck ship fulddækskib
full deck vessel fulddæksskib
full speed fuldkraftfart
full-powered vessel fuldkraftskib
fully loaded fuldlastet
fully laden fuldlastet
full moon fuldmåne
full-rigged ship fuldrigger
full rigged fuldrigget
full ship fuldskib
full scantling ship fuldstyrkeskib
full-pressure gas tankship fuldtryktankskib
full container ship full container skib
full scantling full scantling
fumigate fumigere
fumigation fumigering
foundation bolt fundamentbolt
fuste fuste
fill up a ship with her filling timbers fylde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
filling strake fyldegang
filling room fyldekammer
filling pipe fylderør
full filling frame fyldespant
filling timber fyldespant
filling timber fyldespant
filling timber fyldetræ
filling timber fyldetømmer
full-bodied (in hull) fyldig
fineness degree fyldighedsgrad
floodable length fyldningslængde
filling futtock fyldningsoplænger
filling timber fyldningsspant
filling piece fyldningsstykke
filling wood in a made mast fyldningstræ
fixed light fyr
furnace fyr
fireman fyrbøder
fuel oil fyringsolie
furnace fyrkanal
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
furnace grate fyrrist
fuse used in stead of the prime fængrør
ferry / wafter færge
ferry-boat færgebåd
ferry quay færgebro
ferry service færgefart
ferry port færgehavn
ferry-cog færgekåg
ferru berth færgeleje
ferry channl færgeløb
ferry fairway færgeløb
ferryman færgemand
ferry route færgeoverfart
ferry service færgeri
ferry smack færgesmakke
ferry færgested
ferry place færgested
ferry traffic færgetrafik
Faroese boat færing
Faroese dinghy færøjolle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
feeder fødekasse
feeder line fødeline
feed pump fødepumpe
Foehn føhn
following current følgevand
fly a signal føre
first aid førstehjælp
first meridian førstemeridian
first meridian førstevertikal
fall overboard
figurehead - carved figure of any form placed fixed on the stembeneath the bowsprit galionsfigur
figureheads galionsfigur
false gallery galleri
finishing of the quarter-gallery gallerihætte
foot-waling gangbord
footboard gangbord
fore capstan gangspil
foresail buntline gårding, gording
fine rope-yarn garn
fully pressurized gas tankship gastankskib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fully refrigerated gast tankship gastankskib
forwarding transport gennemgangstransport
free vertical clearance gennemsejlingshøjde
floodlit genskinsfyr
floodlighting of a structure genskinsfyr
fall of the vang gerdfald
fall of a winding tackle gieløber
fore-sail clew line givtov
flog the glass glas
flush-decked glatdækket
firm snow gletchersne
fixed and flashing light glimtfyr
furniture of the jib gods
futtock band godsring
fog gong gongong
frame of reference gradnet
fir gran
flat grund
flat grund
fair wind gunstig
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
free gyro gyro
furze gæs
fish hook hage
fish hook hage
flesh-day - opposit to banian-day hagjedag
fair lead for sounding machine hakkebrætsvejviser
flat in hale
forereach a ship hale
fairlead halekæbe
fore tack hals
fore-trysail halsefok
first quarter moon halvmåne
fold-up bed harmonikakøje
filling chocks harpestykke
filling pieces harpestykke
fish-gig harpun
fish farm havbrug
free-port havn
fairway of a harbour havneløb
fairway havnerende
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flying off a sail hejse
full cargo chartering helbefragtning
full decked heldækket
false tie helling
fraping helling
full planing helplanende
firmament himmel
fish joint with lock hollandsk lask
Flying Dutchman hollænder
foreland hoved
four principal points of a compass hovedstreg
foul weather hovmandsvejr
foreland huk
fag-end hundeende
fag end hundende
fast service hurtigrute
foul hus
fin whale hval
fender hviler
freight hyre
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
forfeiture out of wages hyretab
foot-strap hængestrop
fire extinguishing fog is dischrges through a spray or fire-wall nozzle højtrykståge
flood tide højvande
fire-tube boiler ildrørskedel
Free alongside ship Incoterms
Free on board Incoterms
flat in indbrække
factor of subdivision inddelingsfaktor
frame indholt
fishery inspection vessel inspektionsskib
fading intensitetsveksel
fast ice is
first lining of the bow isgang
flake of ice iskolle
frazil crystal iskrystal
frazil isnål
formation of ice isning
floe bits isskosse
flying jib jager
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flying jib jager
flying jib guy jagerbardun
flying jib boom jagerbom
flying jib halyard jagerfald
flying jib tack jagerhals
flying jib stay jagerlejder
flying jib downhall jagernedhaler
flying martingale stay jagerpyntenetstag
flying jib sheet jagerskøde
flying-jib stay jagerstander
flying-jib outhauler jagerudhaler
ferro-cement ship jernbetonskib
folding boat jolle
folding dinghy jolle
ferryman jollefører
flying jib stay jægerlejder
fox kabelgarn
flat-bottomed sloop kåg
floating stage kalfatringsflåde
furring in a rope kalv
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
furr in timber kalv
filling wood, or pieces of wood to fill up vacancies in the timbers, before a ship is to be planked or furred kalv
furring the timbers kalve
filling pieces between the cheeks of the head kam
filling room kammer
first reinforce kanon
face kanon
first reinforce-ring and ogee kanon
first reinforce-ring and ogee kanon
first reinforce-ring and ogee kanon
frap the breeching kanonbroge
fire kanonekcersits
fire a gun kanonskud
Frames at the ship's end are canted or set at an oblique angle to the keel. In the stem, the upper ends incline towards the stem, and at the stern, the upper ends of the cant-frames incline towards the stern-post. kantespant
fillet weld kantsøm
fly kaste
forecastle kastel
floor rider katspor, kattespor
floor-rider katspor, kattespor
floodable length kendingsmål
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fishing boat from Kerteminde kertemindebåd
fieldglasses kikkert
field of view kikkert
floor kiming, kimming
floor-heads kiming, kimming
floor-head kiming, kimming
floor-heads kiming, kimming
floor plank kimingsplanke
fish-pennant kiphagehanger
fish the anchor kippe
fish the anchor kippe et anker
fish the anchor kippe et anker
fish-hook kippehage, kiphage
fish-pendant kipskinkel
fish tackle kiptalje
fish pendant and tackle kiptalje
flap klap
folding boat klapbåd
filling piece klods
fid-hammer klohammer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fairlead klys
fore topstay-sail klyver
flying jib klyver
fore-top stay-sail klyver
fore top-stay-sail or the second stay-sail klyverfok
flying martingale stay klyverforhaler
flying jib-boom stay klyverforhaler
faying of the planks klædningsplanke
floor-planks klædningsplanke
forelock knap
false knob knob
Flemish knot knob
false knot knob
fife rail or pin rail - a rail worked around a mast and fitted with holes for belaying pins for fastening the running rig ropes kofilnaglebænk
flag of the commander-in-chief kommandoflag
flagship kommandoskib
frame of reference koordinatsystem
frame korpus
food allowance kostpenge
fake kovs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fife rail kravebjælke
fore-foot krig
fore-foot krig
fishing hook krog
frapping a lashing krydse
frapping-rope krydsetov
foremast, mainmast, mizzen mast krydsmast
foremast, mainmast, after mast, mizzen mast krydsmast
frapping of the gammoning krydsning
frapping turn krydstørn
fore-drift krølle
freshen kule
fresh wind kulingsvejr, kuling
fresh wind kulingsvejr, kuling
fresh gale kulingsvejr, kuling
fresh gale kulingsvejr, kuling
fresh gale to reefed top-sails kulingsvejr, kuling
fresh gale kulingsvejr, kuling
fixed wind kulingsvejr, kuling
fishing boat stern kutterhæk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
foul coast kyst
freak wave kæmpebølge
fore-and-aft schooner kæpskonnert
fracing-batten køjeribbe
fore-foot of the keel køl
floors køl
false keel køl
fall of the keel kølfald
floating stage kølhalingsflåde
false keel kølsvin
full-sail lade
F layer lag, laug
fleecy cloud lammesky
foggy land land
foreland landodde
fore swifter langrem
foremost lower shroud langrem
fissure langskøre
full scarf lask
fore-hold last
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
freight carrying ship lastdragerskib
From a nautical point of view a berth is considered safe if a vessel can safely reach it. During its stay at the berth in question the vessel must always lie safely afloat without touching the bottom at low tide lastehavn
fresh water load line lastelinjemærke
fairway buoy ledebøje
fore-leech of a stay sail lig
fore-and-after leech-rope lig
foot rope lig
fall calm ligge
fife-rails liste
figures of ordinary soundings lodskud
forerunner of the log-line logline
fine lokke, logge
four thread lording
fair weather luft
fine weather luft
fog luft
fore hatchway luge
forecastle room lukaf
fatigue break, characterized by square-off ends perpendicular to the broken wire lus
flashing light / group flashing light lynfyr
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fish-gig lyster
feel the rudder lystre
frap a ship lægge
fly of a flag længde
fore-and-aft direction længderetning
free of water læns
free a ship of water læns
freeing port lænseport
Freeing ports. Where bulwarks on the weather portions of freeboard or superstructure decks form wells, ample provision is to be made for rapidly freeing the decks of water and for draining them lænseport
freeing port. Holes in the lower portion of a bulwark, which allow deck wash to drain off into the sea. Some freeing ports have swinging gates which allow water to drain off but which are automatically closed by sea-water pressure lænseport
freeing port. Opening in the bulwark close to the deck for freeing decks of heavy water lænseport
fairway løb
fairway løb
fall løbe
fall of a tackle løber
fall of a tackle løber
fall løje
first lieutenant løjtnant
fair weather boat løjtvejrsbåd
fair weather sail løjtvejrssejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fore topsail bowline magermand
fair weather magsvejr
freezing male
floating at a neutral equilibrium malflyde
fast rescue boat mand-over-bord-båd
first quarter månefase
full moon månefase
face of the moon måneskive
Francis Martin's Patent Self-Canting anchor Martins anker
Full speed ahead maskinordre
Full speed astern maskinordre
fore mast mast
fore mast mast
fore mast mast
front-fish mast
front-cheek mast
fore leech rope mastelig
French mat. matte
fair wind medbør
flyer mellemstagsejl
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fid merlespiger
flat in the mizzen mesan
foremast, mainmast, mizzen mast, jigger mast and pusher mast middelmast
Fictitious mean sun: an imaginary body introduced to define mean solar time; essentially the name of a mathematical formula that defined mean solar time. This concept is no longer used in high precision work middelsol
foul wind modvind
foul wind modvind
flying bridge monkey island
fore top mærs
fore top-yard mærserå
fore top-sail mærssejl
fresh gale mærssejlskuling
fall in with a ship møde
flat seam nåd
frap naje
fix naje
fix or seize a block naje
fraping najning
fay neddamme
fay a plank on to another neddamme
flying jib downhauler nedhal, nedhaler
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flush or smooth riveting nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
floor-head nok
Flemish horse nokpert
Flemish horse: Short extra foot-rope at the outer yard end nokpert
fender, oblong nonnelår
first meridian nulmeridian
Fully refrigerated tankship nultrykstanker
fully pressurized gas tankship nultrykstanker
fully pressurized gas carrier nultrykstanker
foreland næs
foreland næs
foreland næs
forepart of a ship næse
first lieutenant næstkommanderende
foreland odde
falling on board a ship omborddragning
fade area område
forecastle opbygning
furl the sails opduge
fill in a depression opfylde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
firing opfyring
fancy line ophalertov
fish the anchor opkippe
futtock oplanger
futtock oplænger
futtock timber oplænger
futtock-rider oplænger
fore-foot opløber
freight earned opsejling
fleet orlogsflåde
freezing ornamentering
figure of eight diagram ottetalsdiagram
figure of eight knot ottetalsknob
figure of eight manoeuvre ottetalsmanøvre
fall overboard overbordfald
fore upper topgallant sail overbramsejl
fancy-line overhalertov
fore upper deck overløb
fore upper topsail overmærssejl
flood overskylle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
first pilot overstyrmand
first mate of a ship of war overstyrmand
flood oversvømmelse
false sternpost pålæg
fish pålæg
Flemish coil pandekage
fire pan pandæksel
full dress / review order paradedragt
flag of truce parlamentarflag
flag of truce ship parlamentarskib
fall part
fix shrouds by their eye or collar påtakle
fix stays by their eye or collar påtakle
friction-roller patentskive
flying bridge deck pejledæk
frame antenna pejleramme
four-point bearing pejling
floating block pennertblok
fish-hook pentelhage
fish-pendent pentelhagetov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
fish tackle pentelhagetov
forward perpendicular perpendikulær
first aid stretcher opening persontransportkurv
foot rope pert
Flemish horse pert
fog horn pibe
force pine
feather-edged planks planke
flat block platblok
foxes platting
foxes from twelve to twenty one thread platting
five yarns keckling platting
French sennit platting
foremost man of a boat crew pligthugger
foremost thwart pligttofte
frigid zone polarzone
false port-lid port
fear-nought portlagen
fabric presenning
ferrule preslås
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flag signifying a religious service is taking place on board prædikegøs
fir-lining pude
fir lining of the bits pude
fresh water pump pumpe
free the ship pumpe
fetch the pump pumpe
foul pump pumpe
fetch the pump pumpe
free a ship pumpe
fish hook pyntelhage
futtock stave pyttingbolt
futtock staff pyttingbolt
futtock-hoop pyttingsring
futtock plate pyttingsskinne
futtock pyttingstov
foot-hook-shroud pyttingstov
futtock shroud pyttingvant, pyttingsvant
foot-hook shroud pyttingvant, pyttingsvant
futtock hook pyttingvanthage
futtock plate pyttingvantskinne
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flying bowline pælestik
filling piece pæn
Flag with no meaning allocated in the code book, because the sound signal is made by vessels at anchor in fog as a warning 'Keep clear, you may run into me' (and the flag would not be seen) R
fore yard
fore royal yard
fore top-gallant yard
fore top-yard
fall aboard of a ship rage
fire a rocket raket
fixed parrel rakke
fore parrel rakke
force over a bank rakke
frame aerial rammeantenne
fashion-piece rançonholt
first rate rang
fourth rate rang
fifth rate rang
fashion piece ransonholt
fashion pieces are the aftermost frames, which delimit its breadth and shape the stern. Fashion pieces span the area between the sternpost and the ends of the wing transom ransonholt
fore-lock rappert
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
flat rate rate
foresail reeftackle rebtalje
free-fall lifeboat redningsbåd
feedback loop reguleringssløjfe
fairway rende
footwaling rendestenssdæksel
fraping of the catharping rending
frosty mist rimtåge
face of a sea compass rose
furling stay sail rullestagsejl
free and leading wind rum
factor of subdivision rumlængdefaktor
furniture of topmasts, yards rundholt
fumigate ryge
fumigation rygning
fumigate røge
feed water system rørarrangement
fuel oil system rørarrangement
fore channel røst
fall astern sakke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
falling astern sakning
For measuring and supervising the salinity of fresh water produced by destillation of saltwater salinometer
fur of the boiler saltaflejring
fire a salute salutere
fire a salute of elleven guns salutere
fixing by two position lines obtained simultaneous or with a time interval between observations - the last mentioned also called a running fix samtidig
frame saw sav
full scantling vessel scantling
foot rope sejl - 1.
furl sejl - 1.
fore-sail sejl - 1.
fore course sejl - 1.
fore top-sail sejl - 1.
fore lower-topsail sejl - 1.
fore upper-topsail sejl - 1.
fore topgallant sail sejl - 1.
fore lower-topgallant sail sejl - 1.
fore upper-topgallant sail sejl - 1.
fore royal sejl - 1.
fore topgallant royal sail sejl - 1.
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fore skysail sejl - 1.
fore skyscraper sejl - 1.
four-sided mizzen sejl - 1.
fore top-sail sejl - 1.
fore topgallant sail sejl - 1.
fore lower top-sail sejl - 1.
fore upper top-sail sejl - 1.
fore topgallant sail sejl - 1.
flying jib sejl - 1.
fore topmast stay-sail sejl - 1.
fore topmast middle stay-sail sejl - 1.
fore topmast stay-sail sejl - 1.
fore-top-stay-sail sejl - 1.
fore stay-sail sejl - 1.
flyer sejl - 1.
flyer sejl - 1.
fore studding-sail sejl - 1.
flying kites sejl - 1.
furl a sail sejl - 1.
fill a sail sejl - 1.
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fill the sails sejl - 1.
forereach a ship sejle
fore-reach sejle
follow the surf sejle
fall down a river sejle
fine sailer sejler
fairway sejlled
fairway sejlløb
flat-seam needle sejlnål
fairway sejlrende
full-rigged ship sejlskib
fraping sejsing
furling-line sejsing
furling-gasket sejsing
furling-line sejsing
For the purpose of Clause 12(a) of the NORGRAIN 89 Charter Party, the term self-trimming is intended to mean that when loading a full cargo of free flowing grain in bulk (any and all grains as defined by the International Grain Code) in all holds, no additional trimming other than customary spout/loader trimming will be required. selvtrimmende
floor ribband sent, senter
fore winding tackles sidetakkel
fore-tackel sidetakkel
fore topmast tackle sidetakkel
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fog signal signal
fog signal signal
factor of safety sikkerhedskoefficient
fog siren sirene
first futtock sitters
first futtock of the crotches sitters
first futtock sitters
futtock rider sitters
futtock-head sittersstød
fleet a tackle skage
fish skål
fish skål
fish of a lower yard skål
front fish skål
fish on the fore part of a mast skål
fish a mast or yard skåle
fish skåle
fishpiece skåle
fag out skamfile
fretted skamfilet
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fenders of old ropes skamfilingskrans
fine sailer skarp
forepeak tank skarptank
frame building method skeletbygningsmetode
fore part of a ship skib
full built ship skib
foul ship skib
floating bridge skibsbro
full scantling vessels are built in accordance with the highest requirements of the classification societies as far as the strength of the structural parts is concerned. The scantlings for this type of ship are based upon a maximum draught obtained by a minimum freeboard measured from the loadline to the deckline skibsbygning
forwarding agent skibsmægler
forganger skinkel
fixed block skive
feather the oar skive
flat the oar in the strokes skive
flemish down a rope skive
Flemish coil skive
funnel skorsten
funnel shroud skorstensbardun
funnel casing skorstenskappe
funnel mark skorstensmærke
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funnel casing skorstenstrøje
frame a cask skove
feathering paddle wheel skovlhjul
four-bladed propeller skrue
foam skum
froth skum
foam-crested skumklædt
foam top skumtop
fire skyde
fire guns skyde
forereach skyde
forward bending stem skyde
filling chocks skæg
fall skære
fore-and-after hatch beam skærstok
fore and aft carlings under the beams skærstok
flowing sheets skøde
flat in a sail skøde
flying sheet skøde
fore sheet skøde
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flaw skøre
frap a tackle slå
free slå
foul hawse slag
fake down slange
French fake slange
fore-and-aft schooner rig sletrigget
fore-and-aft schooner sletskonnert
fore-and-aft schooner slettoppet
fore-and-after slettoppet
fetch away slingre
fiddle slingrebræt
fiddle board slingregrej
fore-and-aft boards slingreskot
fid hole slutgat
fid slutholt
fid slutholt
final link of an anchor chain slutled
final coating slutstrygning
furring between two butts slutstykke
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fix a ship slutte
fix slutte
folding rule smigstok
fog bank smørland
frame spant
frame spant
framing system spant
frame angle spant
floor plate spant
fashion piese spant
foremost frame spant
filling timber spant
frame of a ship; understood only of those which are designed on the shipwright's plan and moulded spant
frame-built ship spant
frame spacing spanteafstand
frame derrick spantebuk
frame spacing spantedistance
foot of a frame spantefod
frame step spantehorn
frame chock spanteklampe
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frame layer spantelag
framing plan spanteliste
frame space spantemellemrum
frame seam spantenåd
frame erection. "With the inner bottom practically complete, it is possible to proceed with the erection of frames and deck beams." spanterejsning
frame rib spanteribbe
frame supporting sheer spantestøtte
frame number spantetal
framing number spantetal
forwarding agent speditør
first transom spejl
fashion piece spejl
foot-space-rail spejlliste
fetchway of the mast spilrum
forelock split
forelock bolt splitbolt
fixed pressure water-spraying system sprinkleranlæg, sprinklersystem
flushing spuling
furr spunds
furring spunds
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fetch a pomp spæ, spæde
free-port stabelstad
fore stay stag
fore preventer stay stag
fore stay stag
fore royal stay stag
fore topgallant stay stag
fore topgallant stay stag
fore top-stay stag
fore preventer top-stay stag
fore top stay stag
fore sail in a cutter or sloop stagfok
flag ship standerskib
fore royal mast stang
fore topgallant mast stang
fore top-mast stang
flagpole field stangfelt
frame "The frames to be welded of mild Siemens-Martin steel stativ
fix stedsbestemmelse
flowing water stige
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false knot stik
fisherman's bend stik
flat calm stille
fall calm stille
fresh gale stiv
fixed star stjerne
four-strand ditto stjerneknob
fisherman's anchor stokanker
flag-staff at the mast-head stol
fother a leak stoppe
field ice: old or grey ice (10-15 cm), grey-white ice (15-30 cm), white ice (30-70cm) storis
fore hold storlast
fusee stormtændstik
false keel stråkøl
false points streg
flood stream strøm
fairway strøm
fathom wood employed in the stowing of the hold stuvetræ
floating stage stuvflåde
fore-side-fish stykke
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filling stykke
full and by styre
force styrke
first mate styrmand
first officer styrmand
fore topmast staysail stængestagsejl
from stem to stern stævn
fend off stød
fall not off støtte
frapping surring
foreman svansemester, svandsemester
foothook staff svigtningsbolt
foothook staff svigtningsbolt
foothook stave svigtningsbolt
fly wheel svinghjul
futtock band svittingsring
futter band svittingsring
fumigation svovling
float svømmer
flood syndflod
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founder synke
fire pricker syvtal
false port-lid sætport
float sætte
fend off sætte
fix the masts sætte
fill water in the boiler sætte
freak wave
from seaward
following sea
find one's sea legs søben
Formal investigation. Is held by a wreck commission in a public inquiry will be held in addition to or instead of a p.i. if the casualty is of a more serious nature or the investigation can present a similar casualties in the future søforhør
fairway søgat
filling-nails søm
filibustier sørøver
foam of a sea søskum
float søsætte
fog tåge
Fog: a suspension of very small, usually microscopic water droplets in the air, reducing the visibility at the Earth's surface tåge
foggy weather tåge
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fog signal tåge
fog bank tågebanke
fog buoy tågebøje
fog signal tågesignal
fog nozzle tågestrålerør
fish tackle takkel
for a-hull takkel
fix the shrouds and rigging on a masthead or yard takle
free part talje
ferrule taluritsplejs
fag of a rope tamp
fag end tamp
faggot tang
floor plan tegning
fid ters
floorboard tilje
freshen tiltage
freshen wind tiltage
freshing wind tiltage
fore mast top
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finishing of a knot top
fore lift toplent
fast cable tov
freshen the hawse tov
fish pendant tov
fag out tov
fair rope tov
foot-rope tov
foul hawse tov
fore-sail in a lateen vessel trinketsejl, trinquetsejl
fore-yard in a lateen vessel trinquetrå
foot-rope trædetov
Foot-rope: Rope stretched under the yards and jib-booms, for men to stand on while loosing or furling the sails. trædetov
foot-rope trædetov
flexible ruler trækstok
fog horn tudehorn
forced voyage tvangsrejse
fourstranded turk's head tyrkerknob
five stranded turk's head tyrkerknob
fictitious mean sun: an imaginary body introduced to define mean solar time; essentially the name of a mathematical formula that defined mean solar time tænkt sol
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fine on the port /starboard bow tæt
frames tømmer
first carpenter tømmermand
foul hawse tørn
from ud
foreign going ship udenrigsfart
flaring bow udfaldende
filling timber udfyldning
fit out udhale
flaring bow udhængende
fit for look-out duty udkig, udkik
fit out a merchant ship udrede
fit out udruste
fit out a man of war udruste
foul uklar
foul anchor uklar
foul rope uklar
foul hawse uklar
fore lower topgallant sail underbramsejl
foot of sail underlig
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foot rope underlig
fore studding sail underlæsejl
fore-foot underløb
foul coast uren
foul ground. A region of comparatively shallow water strewn with rocks or obstructions uren
ford vadested
first dog watch vagt
first watch vagt
forenoon watch vagt
Furthermore, it shall be possible to display the data on a monitor without impairing the OOW's night vision vagthavende
fly vaje
fly of an ensign vaje
fresh water vand
fresh water vand
flood vand
floating vandbåren
flooded ship vandfyldt
flotson vandgang
fetch away vandre
fetching away vandring
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flow of water vandtilstrømning
fish vange
fishes and side-trees of a made mast vange
fore shroud vant
fore topgallant shroud vant
fore topgallant shroud vant
fore top-shroud vant
futtock shroud vant
foot-hook's shroud vant
fleet the shrouds vanttov
fairlead varpeklampe
fair lead varpekæbe
fairlead sheave varperulle
fascine causeway vase
fair weather vejr
fine weather vejr
foggy weather vejr
fairlead vejviser
fairleader block vejviser
finished with the engine vel
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fair wind vind
fresh gale of wind vind
foul wind vind
forereach vinde
forereach vinde
fore-reach vinde
flaw of wind vindstød
first year ice vinteris
filling transom vorp
foot-hook-staff vorster
FLOTSAM, JETSAM and LAGAN, are in general, goods on or in the sea, and belong to the king, who by charter hath granted them to the lord admiral. In particular, flotsam, is when a ship is sunk or otherwise cast away, and the goods float upon the sea.
Jetsam, is where the ship is in danger of sinking, and, for lightening the ship, the goods are thrown into the sea, but nothwithstanding the ship perisheth.
Lagan, is when heavy goods that sink are cast into the sea before the perishing of the ship; and the master and mariners, that they may find and have them again, fasten a buoy-cork, or other seamark to them, whereby they may be the more easily directed to the place where they lie, if they shall be in a condition to retake them
flotsam vraggods
first, second and third transom vurp
foot-hook staff vurst
fasten vævle
flat braided sling wirestrop
face-piece yderklædning
forefoot: Timber curving upwards from the leading end of the keel to the lower end of the stemand forming part of both.
Gripe: Curved outer surface joining keel and knee of the head, forming the front of the forefoot
yderkrige, yderkrig
false stem yderstævn
futtock zitters
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first futtock zitters
free a oat øse
Far East sailor Østensejler