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halyard of the mizzen stay sail abefald
He was warned of the high waves and cautioned against crossing the strait advarsel
half-bra sail advokat
hangar ship aeroplanmoderskib
hatchet afbindingsøkse
haul a ship off from the shore afhale
hold on afholde
hand over aflevere
hound afsats
hood afskarpe
hoodeings afskarpe
hooden-ends afskarpe
hawse afstand
hound afsætning
hound band afsætning
heel of the keel agterende
hindpart of a ship agterskib
heel knee agterstævnsknæ
hand push trap for eels åleglib
Hallows allehelgensdag
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hambroline amberline
hamberline amberline
hook anhage
haul tight the bowline anhale
hook anhugge
hooking anhugning
hinge pin ankerbolt
herreshoff shaped ankerflig
hercules ankerhammer
heaving in of an anchor ankerindhivning
hawse pipe ankerklys
hawse ankerkæde
hawser ankertov
heading course anligge
health and safety at work act arbejdsmiljølov
handspike arbejdsspage
handy-billy arbejdstalje
hours of work arbejdstid
handle åre
harness hitch artilleristik
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harness loop artilleristik
hydrometer aræometer
houarios båd
hook and butt bådshageknop
harpings of the stem bådslap
hole in buoy bådsmandspibe
hard to port bagbord
hard aport bagbord
hanging mess table bagladebord
head bak
heave to bakke
heave a gun for pointing bakse
hand-boom baksebom
half-tub balje
half-tub for the lead balje
heave out ballast ballast
half reefknot bardunstik
harping barkholtskrumning
head earings barm
height of the barometer barometerstand
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house the guns batteri
Hydrographer of the Navy Beaufortskala
haul up a ship bedding
head of the bitt beddingshoved
heaving up winch beddingsspil
hardened to sea befaren
head of human resource department bemandingschef
hard hat beskyttelseshjelm
hand beslå
heave - of a vessel which moves violently up and down because of a heavy sea bevægelse
Hold the ship's head about four points from the wind and »try« or »lie to«, going very slowly ahead bi
heave to bi
heave to bi
heave to bi
heave to bi
heave to bi
holystone bibel
hatchet bil
heavy duty fender bildæksfender
head figure billede
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head figure billedhuggerarbejde
hatchet bindeøkse
half beam bjælke
horisontal planks close under each deck along the ship's side bjælkevæger
haul down bjærge
head blok
hook block blok
halyard block blok
hook block blok
heart blok
hulk blokskib
hinterhang bock
half sprit yard bojert
hook-bolt bolt
haul in the boom by hauling in the sheet tackle bom
hand-spike hole bomhul
hard over bord
head brail borggivtov
head brail borggivtov
halo surrounding a point in the sky diametrically opposite the sun Bouguer's halo
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hawse hooks bovbånd
hawse hook: breast hook which is fitted above the upper deck bovbånd
hydraulic or electrical powered bow propeller bovpropel
harpings bovsenter
hawse-piece bovstykke
hawse piece: the foremost timbers, whose lower ends rest on the knuckle-timbers = the foremost cant-frames. They are usually parallel to the stem bovstykke
head-sea bovsø
haul off brase
haul off brase
haul in the weather braces brase
heave to) brase
hermafrodite brig
hoops of a brig-sail which encircle the main-mast and slide up and downit, as the sail is hoisted or lowered brigsejlsbånd
hawse piece briller
helm-coat brog
heat value brændstof
haul a bowline bugline
haul to the bow-lines bugline
head of bay bugt
have you got sounding bund
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hard bottom bund
heavy gust of wind byge
head-earing bændsel
hangman's noose bøddelknob
heelage bøjepenge
hatch-bar bøjle
hoop bøjle
herring-buss bøjse
hundred years wave bølge
head the sea, to sail against the setting of the sea bølge
high sea bølge
hollow of the sea bølgedal
holystone bønnebog
hawser cable Cabeltoug
horse latitude Calmerne
house a cannon fore and aft Canon
house a cannon athwart Canon
hood Cape
halyard chalatorius
hammerhead charcariidae
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helm clavus gubernaculi
hanging-compass Compas
half height container container
high cube container container
handysize containership containerskib
hatch free containership containerskib
He initiated ships' journals, doubtless inspired by his mercantile transactions dagbog
high-pressure steam damp
hermetically sealed damptæt
Horizontal Reference Datum datum
Horizontal Datum. Nautical charts presently are constructed based on one of a number of horizontal datums which are adopted to best represent individual regions around the world. Horizontal datum, horizontal geodetic datum, and horizontal control datum are synonymous datum
Hyperbolic position lines Decca
hyperbolae Decca
have stern-way dejse
hour circle deklination, declination
hour circle deklinationscirkel
head-guy to the davit devis
hazy disig, diset
hollow adze dissel
half turn with two half-hitches dobbelt halvstik
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heart dodshoved
hand-screw dommekraft
handscrew donkraft, dunkraft
hand-jack donkraft, dunkraft
heave-to dreje
haul the wind dreje
head to wind dreje
heave to dreje
heave to dreje
handspec to twist any rope drejebom
heaver drejer
hitch on the bight round a yard drejerebsstik
hawks dræg
hand grapling dræg
heart dukshoved
heart dukshoved
house a gun athwart dumpe
height between decks dybde
heave and set dyppe
hold dæk
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hurricane-deck dæk
half-deck dæk
holystone the deck dæk
headroom under deck dækshøjde
hanging knees of the lower deck dæksknæ
hanging knee dæksknæ
hanging knee of the lower deck dæksknæ
hanging knees of the second deck dæksknæ
hatchway dæksluge
hatch cover dæksluge
hold stanchion dæksstøtte
haul a sail up in the brails dæmpe
height of swell dønningshøjde
haul taught dør
haul in the slack dørhale
haul handtight dørhale
hold water døve
hold water with the starboard oars døve
half ebb-tide ebbe
harbour master ekvipagemester
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heel of a topmast ende
hood of a plank ende
half-anchor fad
half-barrel fad
hogshead fad
harness hitch fadestik, fadstik
hoop fadeværksbånd
halyard fald
haliard fald
halliard fald
halyard with a tye fald
halyard of a pendant fald
head faldbarm, faldsbarm
halyard block faldblok
honour with pipe faldereb, faldreb
hoist faldhorn
halyard man faldmand
hanging pawl faldpal
hanging port-lid faldport
head faldsbarm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
halyard block faldsblok
head-lining faldsbolt
halyard clew faldshorn
halliard clue faldshorn
head stick faldshorn
head faldshorn
head-cringle faldsløjert
hazard fare
hazardof navigation fare
half-tun farkens, farken
hazardous cargo farligt gods
hazardous substance farligt gods
headway fart
have head-way fart
have way upon her fart
have fresh way through the water fart
half speed ahead fartskommandoer
home-trade fartsområde
hoist a boat in fartøj
head of the Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography farvandsdirektør
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hug the wind too closely file
hammock netting finkenet
hammock-cloth finkenetsklæde
hammock-stanchion finkenetsscepter
helm-port fisk
hoist a flag flag
hymn to the flag flagsang
high tide flod
high water flod
half flood flod
height of tide flodhøjde
hydrometer flydevægt
horse fodpert
horse: Foot-rope running from the opposite quarter of a yard to near the end fodpert
horse fodstrop
heel-lashing fodsurring
headland forbjerg
head rope forfortøjning
haul one's self a-head forhale
headmost forreste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
head-sail forsejl
head forskib
head spring forspring
head fast fortøjning
head line fortøjning
head line fortøjningsline
hire of a ship fragt
hire a ship fragte
have the watch below frivagt
humidity fugtighed
half filling frame fyldespant
have command of a ship føre
head rope gaffellig
hermaphrodite schooner galease
half-galley galej
head of a ship galion
head-board galionsbræt
head figure galionsfigur
head-clothes galionsklæde, galionsklædning
head-planking galionsklæde, galionsklædning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
head-bracket galionsknæ
head-armour galionslønning
head-pump galionspumpe
head-rail galionsribbe
head-rail galionsræling
head-stanchion galionsscepter
hole gat
haul up in the brails give
half-minute glass glas
hour glass glas
half watch glass glas
hydroplane glidebåd
halo glorie
hot-bulb engine glødehovedmotor
handling bulk cargo grabbe
handling of bulk commodities grabbe
heavy sea gråskæg
heavy breaker gråskæg
handrail gribeliste
halter grime
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hull a ship grundskud
harbour limit grænse
heave out the stay-sails gøre
Hague Rules Haagreglerne
Hadar Hadar
Hadley's reflecting quadrant, Hadleys kvadrant
Hadley's octant Hadleys oktant
Hadley's sextant Hadleys sekstant
hook hage
hold fast hage
hook of low land hage
headland hage
hook-block hageblok
hook-butt hagestød
hooked hagestød
hook-rope hagetov
hail. Precipitation of either transparent, or partly or completely opaque particles of ice, usually spheroidal, conical or irregular in form and a diameter between 5 and 50 millimetres, which falls from a cloud hagl
hook and butt hak
haul hale
heave hale
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hall in the slack of a rope hale
haul taught hale
haul in the slack of a line hale
heave together hale
haul the wind again, or bring a ship to the wind hale
haul close hale
haul home hale
haul home the top-sail sheets hale
haul hand over hand hale
haul hale
haul down hale
haul aft the main-sheet or the fore-sheet hale
haul the sheets or tacks close-aboard hale
haul the wind hale
Hall anchor Hall anker
Hallberg-Rassy Hallberg-Rassy
Hallen derricks Hallen-bomme
hallig (pl.) halligen hallig
halo halo
Halon 1301 Halon 1301
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Halon extinguishing system halonanlæg
haul aboard the tack hals
haul up the tack hals
haul aboard the tack of a sail hals
hoved to on the port tack halse
hole of the chesstree halsgat
half speed halv
half-tide halv tid
half beam halvbjælke
half diameter halvdiameter
half deck halvdæk
halfdeck boat halvdæksbåd
half forecastle-deck halvfordæk
hemisphere halvkugle
half moon halvmåne
half model halvmodel
half-height coaming for a cabin halvruf
half sextant halvsekstant
half turn halvslag
half-hitch halvslag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
half hitch halvstik
half stich halvstik
half-hitch with round turn halvstik
half hitch on own part halvstik
half-hitch point halvstik
half-hitch darning halvstik
half hitch mending halvstik
half hitch halvstik
half point halvstreg
half frame halvt spant
half-tide bassin halvtidevandsbassin
half-timber halvtømmer
half hitch halvtørn
half wind leg halvvindsben
Hamal Hamal
hemp hamp
hemp hamp
hatchelled hemp hamp
hards of hemp hamp
hemp canvas hampedug
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hand over hand hånd
hand over hand hånd
hand flare håndblus
hand flag håndflag
hand-whip håndjolle
hauling line håndjolle
hand lead håndlod
hand-held bearing compass håndpejlekompas
hand pump for lifeboat håndpumpe
hand held radio direction finder håndradiopejler
handspike håndspage
handspike håndspage
handspec håndspage
hand-crab håndspil
hand-winch håndspil
hand steering håndstyring
hand steering håndstyring
handymax handymax
handymax dry cargo vessel handymax
handysize handysize, handysizer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
handysize dry cargo vessel handysize, handysizer
handy-tanker handytanker
handy-tanker handytanker
handy-sized tankship handytanker
hatchet håndøkse
harbour leech-line hanefod
hangarship hangarskib
hanger hanger
hanging-block hangerblok
hanger wire hangerwire
Hansa shipbuilding programme Hansaprogrammet
Hansa class ship Hansaskib
hard a starboard hård
hard a port hård
hard a-weather hård
hard starboard hård
heavy storm hård
high wind hård
hard-a-lee hård
hard a port hård
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hard weather hård
heavy weather hård
heavy weather handling hårdtvejrsbehandling
heavy weather sail hårdtvejrssejl
hair hygrometer hårhygrometer
harpoon harpun
harping-iron harpun
harpooneer. "The principal harpooneer who supervised the process of stripping the blubber from the carcass of the whale harpunér
harpoon gun harpunkanon
harpoon log harpunlog
high seas hav
have the weather-gage have
have sea room have
haven havn
harbour havn
harbour havn
haven havn
harbour havn
haven havn
harbour havn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
harbour under shelter of the shore havn
harbour charges havneafgift
harbour dues havneafgift
harbour assistant havnebetjent
harbour deck havnedæk
harbour master havnefoged
harbour byelaws havneforordning
head of breakwater havnehoved
harbour entrance havneindløb
harbour master havnekaptajn
harbourmaster's office havnekontor
harbour pilot havnelods
harbour pilot book havnelods
harbour piloting havnelodsning
harbour entrance havneløb
harbour engine havnemotor
harbour entrance havnemunding
harbour buoyage havnemærke
harbour area havneområde
harbour stay havneophold
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
harbour byelaws havnereglement
harbour tariff havnetakst
harbour watch havnevagt
heavylift ship heavyliftskib, heavylifter
heeling system heeling-system
Hefner candle hefnerlys
hoist hejs
hoist hejse
hoist the colour hejse
heave the flag aboard hejse
hoist the colour in a waft hejse
hand over hand hejse
hoist at the mast head hejse
hoist quite up hejse
hoist hardy hejse
hoist half mast up hejse
hoist softly hejse
hard to port hel
hard a lee hel
hard a weather hel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hawser-bend helding
helicopter deck helidæk
helicopter. "SAR helicopters are fitted with VHF FM and AM.… The downwash from the helicopter's rotor will easily lift unsecured covers, tarpaulins, hoses, rope and gash etc., thereby presenting a severe flying hazard helikopter
helicopter deck helikopterdæk
helicopter-platform ship helikopterplatformskib
heliocentric heliocentrisk
heliograph heliograf
heliometer heliometer
holiday helligdag
hawser bend helling
hawser-bend helling
Helsinki Convention Helsinki-konventionen
helm-port hennegat
hermaphrodite brig hermafroditbrig
Hesperus Hesperus
horse hest
horse lattitude hestebredde
horsepower hestekraft
horseshoe clamp: iron clamp between the lower part af the stem and the dead-wood hesteskoklampe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
horseshoe hatch hesteskoluge
horseshoe splice hesteskosplejsning
High Frequencies HF
Heavy Fuel Oil HFO
High-cube container High-Cube container
heaven himmel
heavenly body himmellegeme
hiv-stabilisator hiv-stabilisator
heave hive
heave ballast hive
heave together hive
heave in the slack hive
heave in the cable hive
heave short hive
heave the capstan hive
heave a-strain hive
heave keel out hive
heave the lead hive
heave and rally hive
heave cheerly hive
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
heave short hive
heave overboard hive
heel hive
heave down hive
heave round hive
heave away hive
heave and pawl hive
heave astern hive
heave a-head hive
heave a peak hive
heav a short peak hive
heave a long peak hive
heave tought hive
heave away hive
heave in the cable hive et anker hjem
heave upon the cable with the voyal hive et anker hjem
heave at the windlass hive et anker hjem
hood hjelm
homebound ship hjem
homebound ship hjemgående
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
home trade sailor hjemmesejler
homeport hjemsted
heart of a rope hjerte
head of the dead eye hjerte
heart line hjertegarn
hood hjælm
helmet hjælm
hazardous and noxious substances HNS-stof
hodometer hodometer
hogging hogging
holding ground hold
hold hold
hold on in the capstan holde
hold on holde
hold on holde
hold its own holde
hold with the land holde
hold way with a ship holde
Hold på springet. hold on to (the spring) holde
hold out in the offing holde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
haul the wind holde
holding holdebund, holdegrund
hulk holk
hulk holk
hulk holk
hoy holla
holoa holla
Holme's Light Holmes Lys
Hongkong conditions Hongkong betingelser
Hongkong terms Hongkong betingelser
honour service rules honnørreglement
Hooke's law Hooke's lov
hook up work hookup arbejde
hopper bottom hopperbund
hopper side tank hoppersidetank
hopper tank hoppertank
horizon horisont
horisontal horisontal
horisontal axis horisontalakse
horizontal antenna diagram horisontaldiagram
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
horizontal component of earth's magnetic field horisontalintensitet
horizontal parallax horisontalparallakse
horizontal plane horisontalplan
horizontal refraction horisontalrefraktion
horizontal angle horisontalvinkel
horizon coordinates horisontgradnet
horizon glass horisontspejl
horizon glass horisontspejl
horizon mirror horisontspejl
horn or the protruding end on a crosspiece of a stage horn
hawsehole with cleat or horn hornklys
horn lanthorn hornlygte
horometer horometer
hospital ship hospitalsskib
hotel barge hotelbarge
hoist up hov, sætte om hov
hover craft hovercraft
hub hub
Hudson's formula Hudson's formel
hook a tackle hugge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hook the cat tackle hugge
hollow punch huggepibe
hook huk
howker hukkert
howker (gld.) hukkertgalease
hooker hukkertgalease
huker galeasse hukkertgalease
huker galiot hukkertgaliot
hooker yacht hukkertjagt
hulk. The hull of a dismantled ship retained in a use as a store-vesel (-1829).
An unrigged hull condemned as unfit for the risks of the sea and used as a floating depot in a harbour
hollow-cleat hulklampe
Humber keel humberkeel
Humboldt Current Humboldtstrømmen
hounds hummer
haliard of the main stay-sail hundefok
huri huri
huwari huri
houseboat husbåd
humpback whale hval
hydrant hydrant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hydraulic pump hydraulikpumpe
hydraulic system hydrauliksystem
hydraulic current hydraulisk
hydraulic wheelhouse hydraulisk
hydrofoil boat hydrofoilbåd
hydrophone hydrofon
hydrophone cable hydrofonkabel
hydrography hydrografi
Hydrographic Department Hydrographic Department
hydrometer hydrometer
hydrostatic hydrostatisk
hydrostatic figures hydrostatisk
hydrostatic tables hydrostatisk
hygiene hygiejne
hydrograph hygrograf
hygrometer hygrometer
hyperbola navigation hyperbelnavigation
hyperbolic system hyperbolsk
hyperbolic navigation hyperbolsk
hypotermy hypotermi
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hire hyre
hire a ship hyre
hussing hyssing
house-line hyssing
housing hyssing
house-line hyssing
hysteresis hysterese
hysteresis curve hysteresekurve
helm post transom hækbjælke
horntimber hækspant
Horntimber, strong timber extending aft and upwards from the keel and forming the main structural member of the counter hækspant
heel hæl
heel hæl
heel hæl
hang upon a rope hænge
haul down a rope hænge
hang the rudder hænge
hang the rudder hænge
hanging deck hængedæk
hanging car deck hængedæk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hanging knee hængeknæ
hammock hængekøje
hammocks hængemat
hammock hængemåtte
hanger hængestrop
hangman's noose hængningsknob
high-sided høj
high høj
high sea høj
heavy sea høj
Hoay ! høj !
have allowed for leeway højde
height. The vertical distance between the top of an object and its base. On Admiralty charts used in the sense of elevation above the MHW højde
high water mark højdepunkt
height wind højdevind
high pressure højtryk
high pressure wedge højtrykskile
high pressure fog højtrykståge
high water højvande
highest of the flood højvande
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
HW = the highest level reached by the tide in one complete cycle. High tide as synonym to HW is discouraged højvande
higher high water = HHW højvande
higher high water højvande
haeight of high water højvandshøjde
high water level højvandsspejl
hen-coop hønsehus
home trade indenrigsfart
haul in a rope indpalme
hoist and take the boat on board indsætte
heavy ice drift isgang
hummock isknold
hawser jagertrosse, jagetrosse
hawser warp jagertrosse, jagetrosse
hank jern
hatch bar jern
hauling line jolle
hand swab kabeltegn
hawser cable kabeltov
hawser kabeltov
hanging compass kahytskompas
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
horse iron kalfatrejern
horsing iron kalfatrejern
heart kalv
helmsman kanalstyrmand, kanalstyrer
house the guns kanon
house a gun athwart kanon
house your gun kanonekcersits
headland kap
hold capacity kapacitet
hat money kaplak
hood kappe
hatchet kappeøkse
hatchet kapøkse
health officer's office karantænestation
hull insurance kaskoforsikring
heave kaste
heave to kaste
heave over board kaste
have gunnel in kaste
hand grapnel kastedræg
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
heaving line kasteline
heaving line knot kastelineknob, kastelinestik
heaving line bend kastelineknob, kastelinestik
hook-stopper kastestopper
hook the cat kat
half-hitch point, sewed katning
harden down the wedges kile
hound-pieces kindbakke
hook of the foremost fore tackle kippehage, kiphage
hank klåde
horse-iron klamaj
horsing-iron klamaj
horse-up klamaje
horsing-iron klamajhammer
horse-iron klamajjern
horsing-iron klamajslag
hollow cleat klampe
high bill klint
horn of the throat klo
hug the wind klos
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hawsehole klys
hawse-pipe. Steel pipes leading down through the bows in which the anchor cables run klys
Hawse is that portion of the water in front of her which extends from the ship herself to the point on the surface of the water directly above her anchor: i.e. the horizontal distance of her cable klys
hawse klys
horizontal plane. Roller type fairlead. A guide for a line enabling the line to be passed through a vessel's bulwarks or other barrier or through a congested area without snapping or fouling; also permits change of direction klys
hawse-plug klysbrik
hawse block klysbrik
hawse-pipe klysforing
hawse-bolster klysforing
heavy planking above and below the hawse hole to protect it against the hard wear klysforing
hawsehole klyshul
hawse timbers: heavy vertical timber in the bows in which the hawse holes are cut klyshul
hawse plug klysprop
hawse-plug klysprop
hawse-pipe klysrør
hawse bag klyssæk
have sprung a butt klædning
hood of the plank klædning
haul the wind knibe
hug the wind knibe
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hug close knibe
haul the wind knibe
haul up to a ship to windward knibe
haul off knibe
haul to the wind knibe
hug the wind knibe
hitch knob
hitch - to fastened another object with a rope knobe
hitch knobning
hanging knee of the decks knæ
hanging knees, knees up and down knæ
hanging-knees knæ
hazard symbol kodediamant
Halley's Comet komet
haul the wind komme
hanging compass kompas
head pump kongepumpe
house flag kontorflag
haul taught korte
Holy Thursday Kristi Himmelfartsdag
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harping krumsenter
heel krænge
heel krænge
heel a streak krænge
hink krænge
henk krænge
heeling krængning
heel = sthe short-term attitude in roll of a marine craft. krængning
heeling deviation krængningsdeviation
heeling experiment in order to find the stability condition krængningsforsøg
heeling error krængningskorrektion
heeling deviation krængningskorrektion
heeling magnet krængningsmagnet
heeling-pressure krængningstryk
hand windlass krøbbelspil
head ornament in stead of figurehead krølle
hance or fall of the rails krølle
hazards of cold expose kuldefare
hard gale kulingsvejr, kuling
hard gale kulingsvejr, kuling
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hard gale kulingsvejr, kuling
He then pricked off the course and distance to his intended landfall kurs
heading. Heading + leeway = water track kurs
heading line kurslinje
head of coast radio station kystradiochef
home trade navigator kystskipper
home trade master kystskipper
hawse pipe kædeklys
hammock køje
hammock-back køjeribbe
hammock-batten: battens or strips of wood attached to the beams, from which the hammocks are slung køjeribbe
hammock-clew køjeskærline
hammock-clue. The small cords, called hammock-lines, by which a hammock is suspended at each end køjeskærline
head of the keel køl
hog keelson køl
hogged kølbrudt
half tub to hold water for cooling the guns in time of action kølebalje
heave down kølhale
heave down a ship for careening kølhale
heaving down capstan kølhalingsspil
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Hogging describes a beam which curves upwards in the middle, and sagging describes a beam which curves downwards. kølhævning
hogging kølløftning
hogged kølsprængt
hog keelson kølsvinspålæg
high land land
harbour that dries landsætningssted
hawser landtov
halyard for the lights lanternefald
heavy soldier's wind låringskuling
hooked scarf lask
hook and butt lask
hold last
hold ladder lastelejder
hold ladder lastlejder
hatch cover lastluge
hold of a ship lastrum
hold atmosphere lastrumsatmosfære
hold capacity lastrumskapacitet
height of low water lavvandshøjde
horse lejder
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horse of the mast lejder
heave up the anchor lette
heave back the anchor lette anker
head rope of a sail lig
head rope lig
head-rope lig
how winds the ship ligge
how is the head ligge
how wind you ligge
how winds the ship ligge
head ligge
head - what is the heading ligge
hull to ligge
have the sea athwart ligge
houseline line
housing linegods
house-line linegods
head-rails liste
hull liv
heave the load lod
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hand-lead lod
heave the load lodde
half tub or bucket to hold the plummet and line on the deck ready for sounding loddebalje, lodbalje
harness for the leadsman loddesele
heave the log logge
half-minute glass logglas
heaving the log logning
head lokum
heel block losseblok
head block losseblok
haul to the wind luffe
hazy weather luft
hovercraft luftpudebåd, luftpudefartøj
hatchway luge
hatch luge
hatch luge
hatchway lugeåbning
hatch arrangement lugearrangement
hatch beam lugebjælke
hatch cover lugedæksel
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hatchway cover lugedæksel
hatch bar lugejern
hatch coaming lugekarm
hatchway coaming lugekarm
hatch coaming bracket lugekarmsstøtte
hatch wooden wedge inserted in cleats securing the battening bars lugekile
hatch opening lugelysning
hatchless hold lugeløs
hatch man - one who stands by a ship's hatch to assist with the loading lugemand
hatchway man lugemand
hatch-pontoon lugeponton
hatch tarpaulin lugepresenning
hatchway stanchion lugescepter
hatch cover section lugesektion
hatch coaming support lugesidedrager
hatch coaming bracket lugesidedrager
hatch locking bar lugesurring
hatch survey lugesyn
hatchcover system lugesystem
hog lutrer
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have the weather gauge luv
haul the wind luv
hug the wind very close luv
have the wind luvart
heave in stays luve
helm a-lee lægge
helm a-midships lægge
hoy lægter
hoy lægter
have sprung a leak læk
heave back the anchor løfte et anker
hank løjert
hanks or grommets of a stay-sail løjert
hank løjert
horse løjgang
hanging stage løs
haul in løse
hose mamering, marmering
hand mand
hose marmering
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Half speed ahead maskinordre
Half speed astern maskinordre
heel-piece mast
hound band - a band fitted around the upper portion of a mast or top-mast to provide attachment for the shrouds mastebånd
heel of a mast mastefod
hags-teeth matte
half-cardinal point mellemhovedkurs
hydrophone membransirene
haul the mizzen up in the brails mesan
housing amidships midtskibsbygning
head sea modsø
headwind modvind
heeling moment moment
hermaphrodite brig muffedejebrig
horn for mouth use mundhorn
halyard-rack is a wooden framework in which the running part of any halyard is kept coiled, so as to be always clear for running mærsefaldsbalje
have the top-sails a-trip mærssejl
have the top-sails half mast up mærssejl
have the top-sails lowered down upon the cap mærssejl
hoist the top-sails mærssejl
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have top-sails set mærssejl
helm's a-lee ned
haul down nedfire
hoisting type lifeboat nedfiringsbåd
hoisting type lifeboat nedfiringsredningsbåd
haul down nedhale
hogging strap nedrider
head netting net
hand pump nikkepumpe
head-earing nokbændsel
head cringle nokløjert
horse of the yard-arm nokpert
heading wind nægte
hand over hand nærme
head næs
headland næs
headland næs
head næse
head sea næsesø
handheld flare nødblus
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harbour of refuge nødhavn
hogshead oksehoved
Hadley's octant oktant
handling omladning
hove short on the first op
hanging knee op
heave short op
haul in the weather braces opbrase
hauling in the weather braces opbrasning
hang up a rope opfange
heave back opgå
haul up in the brails opgive
haul a sail up in the brails opgive
haul a sail up in the brails opgive
haliard of a stay-sail ophal, ophaler
halyard of a stay-sail ophal, ophaler
haul up ophale
hard causeway ophalerbedding
hoist up ophejse
hoisting ophivning
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hauling the wind opluve
hoist a yard opsætte
hoist a topmast opsætte
head up orientation orientering
hurricane orkan
hurricane warning orkanvarsel
hurricane deck overdæk, fuldstændigt
hand over the watch overgive
heaving down overhivning
hove down overhivning
heeled over overkrængning
head-rope overlig
having a too high mast overmastet
hanging pawl pal
haul hand over hand palme
hand-over-hand hauling palming
He shipped on board påmønstre
hauling part part
hydrographical chart paskort
hold its own passage
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hank for hank passage
horse pert
horses of the yard arms pert
hawser pertline
haul after the whistle pibe
heck boat pink, pinke, pinkskib
hank = a fastener attached to the luff of the headsail that attaches the headsail to the forestay. Typical designs include a bronze or plastic hook with a spring-operated gate, or a strip of cloth webbing with a snap fastener pistolhage
hank pistolkarabinhage
hawse-pieces planke
halfround sennit platting
high ground pol
half-port port
hook on the ports port
hail praje
hail a ship praje
hailing trumpet prajeråber
horizontal transverse lashing probering
hawse plug prop
head-pump pumpe
hand-pump pumpe
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hand-pump pumpe
hole in the side of a pump pumpegat
handle of the pump pumpenikke
headland. Comparatively low piece of land jutting out from the coast or forming a turning point in the coastline pynt
head earing råbånd
head line råbånd
holes in the sail råbåndshul
heel wedge ramkile
hard salted ramsaltet
harness-cask rançonfad, ransonfad
horns rappert
hoops rappert
head of the carriage rappert
helm rat
halyard of the top-gallant yard reb
help a rope to run rede
harness bend remmestik
hawl a board the tack ride
haul aboard the main-tack or fore-tack ride
hoar frost rim
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hoar frost. A deposit of ice on objects generally crystalline in appearance, and produced by the direct sublimation of water vapour from the surrounding air rimfrost
halo ring
hold water with the larboard's oars ro
heel rodende
heeling rodende
helm ror
helm. Original the term applied to a tiller by which the rudder was controlled ror
heel ror
horizontal rudder ror
hard a lee ror
hard up ror
hard a-weather ror
hang the rudder ror
helm a-midships ror
helm a lee ror
helm's a lee ror
hard a lee ror
hard-a-starboard ror
hard-a-port ror
helm a-midship ror
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helm a-weather ror
helmsman rorgænger
helmsman rorgænger
helsman rorgænger
helmsman rorgænger
helm indicator rorindikator
helm order rorkommando
hard-a-port rorkommando
hard-a-starboard rorkommando
helm order rorordre
helm-port rorpind
helmsman rorsmand
helm tackle rortalje
helm angle rorvinkel
hewing rue
hanging-stage ruf
have sea room rum
headland rumpe
have gunnel in ræling
hood røghat
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heating coil for bottom and cargo tanks system rørarrangement
horn of the cross-tree salingshorn
hack saw sav
hand saw sav
hand-saw sav
head leech sejl - 1.
head sejl - 1.
head-sails sejl - 1.
hand a sail sejl - 1.
haul down a sail sejl - 1.
hoist a sail sejl - 1.
haul up a sail in the brails sejl - 1.
haul the wind sejle
have fresh way sejle
herring boat with a wet well sildehugger
hering compartment silderum
half-timber sitters
hoist a flag with a waft sjov
hang off an anchor sjækle et anker ud
heart sjæl
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haft skafte
hatch cleat skalkehage
hatch cleat skalkeklampe
hind part of a ship skib
high built ship skib
hardtack / ship's biscuit skibsbrød
high tensile steel skibsbygningsstål
hull skibsskrog
hold the water skodde
hold water skodde
hold water with your larboard oars skodde
hold water skodde
half knot skoknude
hermaphrodite skonnertbrig
hard tack skonrog
head wind skral
haul skralle
haul forward skralle
hauls forward skralle
hull skrog
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hull survey skrogbesigtigelse
hull module skrogmodul
hull stress skrogpåvirkning
hull exposure skrogpåvirkning
hull impact skrogpåvirkning
hull side skrogside
hull shell skrogskal
hull type skrogtype
hog a vessel skrubbe
hog skrubbe
hummocking skrueis
hummock skrueisvold
hollow cleat skulp
holystoned skuresten
have headway skyde
have headway skyde
hoist up skyde
high clouds skysystemer
hatch beam skærstok
hatch web. "Hatch beams are heavy beams fitting into sockets riveted to the inner side of the hatch coamings. The hatch beams serve to support the wooden hatch covers which otherwise become too large and difficult to handle by manpower skærstok
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hatch beam skærstok
hatchway beam skærstok
haul aft the sheet skøde
haul a sheet skøde
haul the sheet aft skøde
haul aft a sheet skøde
hollow chizzel skølping, skølp
hanging compass sladrekompas
half turn slag
heel slagside
heel over - to lean over to one side due to wind pressure, heavy seas or the shifting of cargo slagside
hose coupling slangekobling
hawser slæberende
head-rail sløjknæ
head of a galley or other latin vessel snabel
heavy snow snetykning
handspike of a windlass spage
heel of a frame spant
Hadley's octant spejlbue
Hadley's quadrant spejloktant
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hole in the drum-head to receive the capstern bar spil
heave at the capstan spil
heave back spil
hole of the windlass or of the capstan spilgat
hand lever spilspage
handspike for the windlass spilspage
hollow splicing fid splejserør
head-stick sprydstage
head-pump spulepumpe
hold-tight stå
hold-tight in the capstan stå
heave in the stays stag
horse stander
hoist of a flag standerlig
hoist standerlig
heel of a topmast stang
half mast up stang
hoist a mast up stang
head of station stationsleder
hog-pen sti
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hitch stik
hitch stik
hitch stik
half-hitch stik
half hitch stik
head to the wind stik
haul the wind stikke
haul the wind stikke
highwater and lowwater stille
horn or crosspiece of a stage or scaffold stillingshorn
haul taught stiv
haul stiven stiv
hold-tight stoppe
hurricane-deck stormdæk
half-cardinal point streg
haul taut strække
half-port stykport
hard-a-starboard styrbord
hard a starboard styrbord
how is the head! How does the ship wind styre
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heel by the stern styrlastig
heavy sea styrtning
head stævne
head the sea stævne
head stævne
he made of using iron standards - the upright posts between decks støtte
haul to støtte
haul taught the weather braces støtte
holding tank sumptank
health declaration sundhedserklæring
housed goods surre
hamburger surringsstrammer
half-tub on the battery svalebalje
head and stern moorings svinebinde
hard gale svær
heavy sea svær
high sea svær
heavy cargo sværgods
heavy load cargo sværgods
heavy lift derrick sværgodsbom
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heavy lift boom - or Jumbo boom capable of handling lifts up to 50 tons. It is stepped in a strong casting or step of fabricated steel riveted or bolted to the deck as close as possible to the mast sværgodsbom
heavy cargo ship sværgodsskib
heavy lift ship sværgodsskib
heavy-lift transport sværgodstransport
heavy-lift derrick sværvægtsbom
heavy lift boom sværvægtsbom
half-port sætport
hoist a boat in sætte
hoist a boat out sætte
hoist sætte
hoist sætte
have her in all her canvas sætte
hold out in the offing
hold out in the offing
hollow sea
high sea
have the sea athwart
head sea
high sea
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heavy sea
head the sea
high sea
heavy sea
heavy sea broke over the bow
high sea
heavy sea breaking, rushing over a ship's deck
heavy sea søgang
high sea søgang
head of service for enlisting of men for the Navy søindrulleringschef
hydrographical chart søkort
Hydrographic Office Søkortarkivet
hostel for seafarers sømandshjem
has one's sea legs søstærk
have sea legs søvant
have sea shoe søvant
haul the wind with the starboard tacks tage
haze tåge
haze tåge
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hazy weather tåge
hook a tackle talje
height of a tank tankhøjde
horizontal plan tegning
hour time
hour circle timecirkel
horary circle timecirkel
hour glass timeglas
hour wheel timehjul
hour signal timesignal
hour angle timevinkel
hour hand timeviser
hoy tjalk
hoist the flag tone
head of mast top
hanger topreb
head-fast tov
haul up a range of the cable on deck tov
hawse tov
horse-rope tov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
hawser-laid cordage tovværk
hand-tight a rope tovværk
hawserlaid rope or right-handed hawser laid rope trosse
hawser laid rope trosse
hawser trosse
hawser deck trossedæk
hawser hatch trosseluge
hawser reel trosserulle
hawser-laid trosseslået
horse trædetov
hatch træskoluge
havy hoist tungtlastet
hermaphrodite tvetulle
have the sea athwart tværs
head-timbers tværskibs
head officer of an arsenal tøjmester
handling rotation tørn
hold tørne
hull material udenbordsklædning
heel-rope udhaler
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Holy Week uge
hags-teeth ujævnhed
heave to underdreje
have the watch vagt
hand over the watch vagt
have no steerage way vale
hard water vand
high water vand
half breadth plan vandlinjetegning, vandlinjeplan
horizontal iron vandret
high water vandtid
heat leakage varmelækage
heating coil varmesnegl
heave ahead varpe
heave the load varpe
heave astern varpe
hawse varpegods
hawser varpegods
hawse hole varpeklys
heavy sea vasker
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horizontal vaterpas
hazy weather vejr
heave in stays vende
halyard of a pennant vimpelfald
hold the ship to the wind vind
hug the wind close vind
head to wind, or right in the wind's eye vind
haul the wind vind
high wind vind
hogging vind
heave in the cable vinde
heave short vinde
heave vinde
heave about vinde
head to wind vindret
high water level because of prolonged period of wind from a certain direction vindstuvning
horizontal angle vinkel
hole in the cut-water for the gammoning vulingsgat
heavy cargo vægtgods
hatchet økse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
howel økse
helve to an axe økseskaft
handle økseskaft