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I have a diver down. Keep well clear at slow speed A
In the latter part of the reign of Edward II, 1307-1327, the rank admiral was ordinarily given, by commission, to one holding that position ... No English officer seems to have been formally and officially styled admiral until 1297 admiral
interruption afbrydelse
interrupted quick flashing light afbrydelse
incineration fire tower afbrændingstårn
incinerator affaldsbrænder
increase the distance afstand
In connection with extension of a bridle, connected to the port side trawl board, a fisherman got his hand squeezes between a hydraulically operated trawl pin and its guide ring afstandstamp
it is getting dark aften
in the evening aften
inner stern post agterstævn
impulse turbine aktionsturbine
index arm alhidade
index mirror alhidadespejl
in right trim amning
inflow anstrømning
impact construction anstødsværk
ignition point antændelsespunkt
ignition temperature antændelsestemperatur
instruction anvisning
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industrial labour hygiene arbejdshygiejne
industrial environment arbejdsmiljø
Industrial Environment Board Arbejdsmiljørådet
industrial accident arbejdsulykke
I am taking in, or discharging, or carrying dangerous goods B
inner forestay babystag
inland bagland
including handspikes to point the gun bakse
In galleys, both Greek and Roman, the lower wale curved downwards forward until it met and embraced the forward projection of the heel barkholt
index error barometri
inverse barometer effect barometri
initial course begyndelseskurs
initial position begyndelsesposition
initial stability begyndelsesstabilitet
illuminate belyse
illumination belysning
illumination limit belysningsgrænse
illuminated belyst
iron bound beslå
impound beslaglægge
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instrument bestemmelse
intended voyage bestemt
ice-bound besæt
is said of a ship, when every part of her body is built bilfærdig
image billede
image creation billedfremstilling
image building billedfremstilling
inner binden
inner halyard binden
inner sheet of a studding sail bindenskøde
inner binnen
inner top-sail sheet block binnen
it fell a dead calm blik
iron-bound block with a swivel-hook blok
iron bound block blok
iron block with a swivel-hook blok
in board bord
in the side bord
idlers borgerskab
inflammable brandbar
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inflammable brandfarlig
increments of the meridian bredde
ice breaks bryde
index of refraction brydningsforhold
inflammable brændbar
inlet bugt
icebreaking bulbous bow bulbstævn
it may be either a cork or a patent screw plug bundprop
IMO Bunkers Convention bunkerskonvention
ironclad bæltepanser
imprisonmen in the bilboes bøje
iron hoops of the pump bøjle
inclined wave bølge
index of the compass Compas
in broad daylight dag
intercalary day dag
idler dagdriver
idler dagmand
illuminated face of the Moon dagside
inside calipers dansemester
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inside callipers dansemester
isthmus drag
inoperative drift
idler drivert
ice path drivis
ice path drivissamling
International Radio Consultative Committee DSC
I am altering my course to starboard E
it is falling water ebbe
International Maritime Pilots' Association EMPA
interloper enterlopper
I am disabled. Communicate with me F
inner halyard fald
imminent danger fare
isolated danger mark fareafmærkning
increase the speed fart
in service fart
inland waters farvand
international waters farvand
in the open sea farvand
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International Association of Lighthouse Authorities farvandsafmærkning
in nine fathoms of water favn
incorrect reading fejlaflæsning
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA
it is flowing water flod
it is flowing water flyde
In order to prevent a vessel from being ordred to proceed to a berth where she cannot load or dscharge withourt touvhing the ground, the so-called 'always safely afloat clause' is inserted in the charter-party."
The clause often is abbreviated to AAAA = Always afloat always accessible
in front for
incinerator burns all types of unsorted waste forbrænding
initial stability formstabilitet
insure forsikre
ice is shifting forskyde
in the offing fri
increase friske
I require a pilot G
iron horse galionsræling
iron pawl-rim gangspil
inside clinch gårdingstik
inside outside clinch gårdingstik
IMO Gas Code gaskode
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International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk is published after the res. MSC.5 and MSC.6 (48) was adopted and made mandatory for vessels over 500 GT built after 1 October 1994 gaskode
insulated gas tankship gastankskib
inlet gat
inner guy gerd
ice of land origin gletcheris
incandescent mantle glødenet
iron scale glødeskal
iron scale residue. Scales are removed by descaling glødeskalsrest
indemnity money godtgørelse
is pounding on the bottom grund
intelligence of the soundings grundkending
international maritime boundary grænse
ice front grænse
inflatable boat gummibåd
inflatable craft gummibåd
inflatable raft gummiflåde, gummiredningsflåde
I have a pilot on board H
International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules of Law relating to Bills of Lading Haag-Visbyreglerne
iron hook which has the figure of an S hage
is said when the land appears to be above the horizontal clouds hairing
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ICES Havforskningsråd, Det Internationale
International Council for Exploration of the Sea Havforskningsråd, Det Internationale
island holm
islet holm
initial survey hovedsyn
imploy hyre
incident report hændelsesmelding
incident mark hændelsesmærke
Intercept method højdemetode
I am altering my course to port I
I-joint I-stød
International Association of Classification Societies IACS
International Association of Lighthouse Authorities IALA
International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual IAMSAR
International Association of Ports and Harbours IAPH
International Bulk Carriers Code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk IBC-koden
International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association ICHCA
International Chamber of Shipping ICS
International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare ICSW
International Federation of Ship Masters' Association IFSMA
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International Gas Carriers Code for construction and equipment of ships carrying liquified gases in bulk IGC-koden
International Hydrographic Organization IHO
illumination great circle illuminationscirkellinje
International Labour Organization ILO
Ilulissat Declaration Ilulissat-erklæringen
ilu-max ilumax
International Maritime Bureau IMB
IMB Piracy Reporting Centre IMB
International Maritime Consultative organization IMCO
International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code IMDG-koden
immersion line immersionslinje
International Maritime Organisation IMO
International Maritime Consultancy Organisation IMO
IMO ship identification number IMO skibsidentifikationsnummer
IMO-7 cargo IMO-7 last
IMO-II ship IMO-II-skib
IMO 2 vessel IMO-II-skib
IMO2 chemical tanker IMO2-kemikalietankskib
International Maritime Pilots' Organisation IMPA
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incinerator incinerator
International Commercial Terms Incoterms
Incoterms Incoterms
in-and-out plate system ind-og-ud-system
ice-bound indefrossen
index indeks
index error indeksfejl
index correction indekskorrektion
index line indekslinje
index plan indeksplan
indemnity declaration indemnitetserklæring
inboard indenbords
inner-post inderagterstævn
inner fall inderfald
inner guy indergerd
inner port inderhavn
inner harbour / inner dock inderhavn
inner plating inderhud
internal planking inderklædning
inner scarf inderlask
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inner leech inderlig
inner roads inderred
inner sheet inderskøde
inner-post, which is seldom seen in English built vessels inderstævn
inner gammoning indervuling
inward bound. indgående
inhauler tackle Indhalertalje
indicator indikator
indiction indiktion
inward expenses indklareringsudgift
indented with a step indkæve
inland waters indre
in the approach of indsejling
intercostal keelson-plate indskud
intercostal keelson plates indskudskølsvin
intermediate plate indskudsplade
intercostal plate indskudsplade
inside timbers indtømmer
Inergen Inergen
inert inerte
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inert flue gas system inertgas
inert-gas blower inertgasblæser
inert-gas covering inertgasdækning
inertial navigation system inertialsystem
inertia force inertimoment
inertial navigation inertinavigation
inertial effect inertipåvirkning
Inglefield's anchor Inglefields anker
inhibitor inhibitor
inclination of the needle inklination
inclinometer inklinometer
International Mobile Maritime Satellite Organization INMARSAT
International Maritime Satellite Organization INMARSAT
innage innage
inrigged boat inrigger
inshore traffic inshoretrafikområde
instability instabilitet
instruction Instruks
instrument error instrumentfejl
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instrument plane instrumentplan
integral container integralcontainer
interceptor steering interceptorstyring
interference interferens
interference rejection interferensundertrykkelse
interim commander interimschef
inter-cardinal point interkardinalstreg
intercostal interkostal
international trade international
interpellation right interpellationsret
interpolation interpolation
interpolation tables interpolationstabel
interscan function interscanfunktion
International Association of Independent Tanker Owners Intertanko
intertropical zone intertropisk
intracoastal waterways intracoastal
inversion inversion
ionosphere ionosfæren
International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund IOPC
International Offshore Rule IOR
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Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control IPPC
Irishman's hurricane - right up and down irlænders orkan
Irminger Current Irmingerstrømmen
ice bound is
icebreaker dues isafgift
ice boat isbåd
ice boat flotilla isbådsflotille
ice boat crew isbådsfolk
ice boat transport isbådstransport
ice boat crossing isbådstransport
ice conveyor belt isbånd
ice bar isbarriere
ice window isbarriere
ice berg isbjerg
ice blink isblink
icebreaker isbryder
ice-breaker isbryder
icebreaker assistance isbryderassistance
ice belt isbælte
Integrated Ship Control ISC
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ice cover isdække
ice covered isdækket
ice day isdøgn
isefjord boat isefjordsbåd
International Shipping Federation ISF
ice field isfelt
ice fiord isfjord
island or field of ice isfjæld
iceberg isfjæld
ice floe isflade
ice floe isflage
icefoot isfod
ice conditions isforhold
ice-strengethening isforstærkning
ice free isfri
ice limit isgrænse
ice classed vessel ishavsskib
Isherwood system Isherwoodsystem
ice barrier ishindring
ice sheathing ishud
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isolated ice storage house ishus
ice boat isjagt
integrated ship control ISK
Integrated Control System ISK
ice edge iskant
ice box iskasse
In the event of the loading port being inaccessible by reason of ice when vessel is ready to proceed from her last port or at any time during the voyage or on vessel's arrival or in case frost sets in after vessel's arrival, the captain for fear of being frozen in is at liberty to leave without cargo, and this chartershall be null and void isklausul
ice cutter iskniv
ice pellets, translucent balls of ice. iskorn
ice chart iskort
ice chart production iskortlægning
ice crystal / frazil iskrystal
International Safety Management ISM
International Safety Management ISM-manual
ISM Manual ISM-manual
ice field ismark
ice floe ismark
ice report ismelding
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ice nomenclature isnomenclatur
isobar isobar
isodynamic line isodynam
isophase - The duration of light always being equal to the duration of darkness isofase
isogonic line isogon
isohypsic map - an isohypse connects points of equal geopotential height. isohypsekort
isolated danger mark isoleret
isotherm isoterm
ice particle ispartikel
ice plate isplade
ice slab isplade
ice under pressure ispres
International Ship and Port Security Code ISPS
International Ship & Port Facility Security Code ISPS
ice front isrand
ice reconnaissance airplane isreccofly
ice reconnaissance isrekonogscering
ice stream isrevle
ice shelf isshelf
ice signal station- issignalstation
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ice cake isskive
ice floe bit isskive
ice rind isskorpe
ice cake isskosse
ice frame isspant
ice jam isspærring
ice symbol issymbol
Ice fog: a suspension of numerous minute ice particles in the air, reducing the visibility at the Earth's surface iståge
ice tongue istunge
ice warning isvarsling
ice winter isvinter
ice island isø
International Transport Workers' Federation ITF
Institute Warranties Limits IWL
Independent Wire Rope Core IWRC
International Yacht Racing Union IYRU
I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board, keep well clear of me J
in irons jern
iron ballast jernballast
iron-fastened jernfast
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iron keel jernkøl
iron ship jernskib
iron vessel jernskib
iron-sick jernsyg
iron-sickness jernsyg
inflatable dinghy jolle
I wish to communicate with you K
It usually runs parallel along or nearly along the line of the shore. A similar facility of open construction is called wharf kaj
Improved channels are subject to shoaling. The range for the reach marks the channel alignment kanal
inland waterways navigation certificate kanalbevis
I heard a gun kanonskud
In a general cargo of miscellaneous goods there is usually a varied assortment of wooden boxes and cases and fiberboard cartons of numerous sizes, weights, and types of construction kassegods
incrustation kedelsten
IMDG Code kemikaliekode
iron stirrup klamme
Independent non-profit-making organisations controlled by various sectors of the shipping trade klassifikationsselskab
Institution that supervises the construction of vessels throughout, under established rules. The society tests all materials for hulls, machinery, and boilers; proof tests all anchors and anchor chains; and issues certificates, which are builder's receipt and owner's guarantee, underwriter's authority and a shipper's business guide klassifikationsselskab
instrument used in recording pitch - if it is placed on a fore-and-aft line - or roll of a vessel - if it is placed in a thwartship position klinometer
iron paw klo
Inner jib klyver
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inner jib stay klyverlejder
IMDG-Code kode
inferior conjunction konjunktion
In ships having rounded gunwales, the moulded depth shall be measured to the point of intersection of the moulded lines of the deck and side shell plating, the lines extending konstruktionslinje
International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as modified by the Protocol of 1988 relating thereto:
The ship has been surveyed in accordance with the requirements of regulation I/10 of the Convention. The survey showed that the condition of the structure, machinery and equipment as defined in the above regulation was satisfactory and the ship complied with the relevant requirements of chapters II-1 and II-2 of the Convention
INT 1 Kort 1
inclining experiment krængningsforsøg
inclinometer krængningsmåler
inclining experiment krængningsprøve
it blows a strong gale kule
intersecting course lines kurs
inshore ice kystis
inshore kystnær
ionospheric layers lag, laug
iron-bound coast land
isthmus landtunge
inflammable letantændelig
isobath ligedybdekurve
in a state of equilibrium ligevægtsstilling
into a line linje, linie
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interchange the columns linje, linie
insert in the lists liste
inroll liste
iron locking bar lugejern
internal dimension of the hatch lugelysning
is said when the lower pump-box does not touch the bottom lurke
indivdually sailing vessel løsgænger
independently proceeding ship løsgænger
induced magnetism magnetisk, magnetisme
induced magnetism magnetisk, magnetisme
International Tonnage Certificate målebrev, målingsbrev
Instruction for measuring aa ship målingsforskrift
intercalary lunar year måneår
I am disabled manøvredygtig
I am a hampered vessel manøvreevne
IMO's Standard Marine Navigational Vocabulary maritime standardudtryk
International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL
International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate = IOPP certificate MARPOL
intermediate stay mellembardun
in the tween decks mellemdæk
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intermediate light. The light placed between the front and the rear light mellemfyr
intermediate port mellemhavn
inner jib mellemklyver
intermediate skeleton floor mellemspant
intermediate shifting beam mellemstok
intermediate shroud mellemvant
It will be noticed that the vertical line through the centre of bouyancy intersects the centre line of a section of the vessel... This point is called the metacentre, and is always at the intersection of these two lines metacenter
in a five-mast barque the masts are called fore mast, main mast, middle mast, mizzen mast and mizzen mast. In a five-mast full rigged ship the masts are called foremast, mainmast, middle mast, after mast and mizzen mast [DUD p.24] middelmast
in the main stream midt, midte
isogonic line misvisningskurve
In relation to a point or to an axis: the product of the magnitude of a force by its perpendicular distance from the point or the axis, expressed in Newtons x metres (Nm) moment
iron maul mukkert
In early fighting ships, a platform at the head of the mast, fenced with a rail (cf. top-armour, 35), stored with missiles and occupied by archers, etc., called more fully top-castle mærseskib, mærsskib
ice one night old natis
inertial navigation navigation
immersion nedlastning
immersion nedtrykning
inlet nor
in a northerly direction nordhen
improved Frisco-rig NS-løftedrager
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International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships olieforurening
Incidentially these windmills are supposed to have been responsible for the terms Onker barque and Onker trade, which were applied to the wooden sailing vessels engaged in the timber-trade between the Baltic and this country [UK] onker, onker barkskib
increasing gale opfriskende
indicate a position opgive
inflate oppuste
inflatable raft oppuste
inverted line orden
in transit overet
in line overet
in line with overet
in transit overetmærke
intermediate depth overgangsdybde
immediate danger. overhængende
iced up overiset
icing overisning
icing up overisning
ice formation overisning
immersion suit overlevelsesdragt
inspector pilot overlods
ice is rafting overskyde
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inundate overskylle
inundation oversvømmelse
in harbour: all persons should report on board as the vessel is about to proceed to sea.
At sea used by fishing vessels: My nets have come fast upon an obstruction
International Group of P&I Clubs = IG P&I
inside callipers passer
Indian toilet pedallokum
inner planet planet
inferior planet planet
inner planets planet
information about position positionsoplysning
iron plate for bolts pumpe
iron hoops of the pump pumpebøjle
I will go slower R
inside bilge strakes rang
immersion suit redningsdragt
international voyage rejse
insurance for a voyage rejseforsikring
ice channel rende
increment rettelse
iron work on the stern for the rudder rorskinne
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in the offing rum
I am operating astern propulsion S
it becomes calm sagte
ice saw sav
iron stanchion for the netting-rails scepter
inner jib sejl - 1.
incal jib sejl - 1.
International Routeing and Reporting Authority, London - IRRA sejladsanvisning
itinerary sejlplan
It consisted of a miniature sextant contained within a brass drum and examples are still made today sekstant
inside planking sidegarnering
intermediate frame sidespant
International Code of Signals signalbog
International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974 sikkerhedskonvention
iron cramp sintel
indemnify somebody skadesløs
In May 1996 the Ship Preservation Trust rounded its tenth year, and the Board of Governors used the occasion to take stock and look ahead Skibsbevaringsfonden
inboard skibsborde
imbalance in the two sides of a ship skrogskævhed
ice ridge skrueisvold
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intermediary clouds skysystemer
intersecting lines skære
image of the sun solbillede
iolite solsten
inner stern-post spejl
iron bands round the barrel in the partner spil
iron socket spil
intact stability stabilitet
inclining experiment stabilitetsundersøgelse
it blows a storm storm
intensity styrke
inner post stævn
interference rejection støjundertrykkelse
it is common practice for charterers to reserve the right to keep on board at any time a supercargo, at their own expense, ... It is evident that the presence of one of the company's experienced officers ... may result in a considerable saving supercargo
IALA A System system
IALA B System system
in the open sea
inland navigation søfartsbetegnelse
Inquiries and investigations now regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act 1970 are:
Inquiry into the fitness or conduct of an officer...
Preliminary inquiry into a shipping casualty.
Formal investigation into a shipping casualty...
A preliminary inquiry is for the departmental purposes and the results thereof are not made public
inventory of a warship søinventarium
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International conference for the safety of life at sea søsikkerhedskonference
if the ship is destined for a Danish port, [must it] use a pilot when sailing in Danish coastal and outer territorial waters outside the port of call." "The lines delimiting the territorial sea and contiguous zone territorialfarvand
increasing wind tiltage
intrade toldintrade
intrado toldintrade
intradoes toldintrade
inch tomme
International Tonnage Certificate tonnagecertifikat
International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Limiteed TOVALOP
into the throughs of the sea tværs
ice rind tyndis
in and out timber tømmer
in way of ud
in the offing udenfor, uden for
issue provisions udgive
incompatible materials uforenelig
incomplete ufuldstændig
in a heavy gale under
immersed part of a ship's hull underskib
invisible hemisphere usynlig
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I require assistance V
inspector of lights and beacons vagerinspektør
idler vagt
it is falling water vand
it is flood vand
inflow of water vandindtrængning
imperfect timber vandkant
inform varsko
inlet vig
in the wind's eye vind
it is flat calm vind
in the wind's eye vindøje
inspection visitation
inspect visitere
I require medical assistance W
iron grib wire rope clips wirelås
I am dragging my anchor Y
I require a tug. When made by fishing vessels operating in close proximity on the fishing grounds it means: I am shooting nets Z
Indian Ocean Ætiopiske Hav
island ø