Ordbog, oversættelser

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open pack-ice åben
open ice-edge åben
open water åben
octroi acciselastepenge
one mile off the breakwater af
out of sight af
out of order afbrydelse
offal affald
overboard valve afgangsventil
off-shore wind aflandsvind
outlet afløb
outfall afløb
over-haul afskage
overhaul a tackle i.e. to extend its parts afskage
optional or cumpolsory afsked
open the distance afstand
offing afstand
outlet aftræk, aftrækning
on the quarter agter
overtaking light agterlanterne
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outsail agterudsejle
observation of amplitude amplitudeobservation
on arrival ankomst
open hawse ankre op
oxidize anløbe
order anordning
omnidirectional antenna antenne
operating range arbejdsområde
occupational risk arbejdsrisiko
oar åre
oar-strap åre
ordnance. artilleri
observe an azimuth of a celestial body azimuth
optimist dinghy båd
orifice bådsmandspibe
on the port side bagbord
on the port bow bagbord
on the quarter bagstagsvis
outrigger of the boat's guess-rope bakspire
orbit bane
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orbit of planet bane
orbit data banedata
orbit parameter baneparameter
orlop banje
orlop beam banjerbjælke
orlop deck banjerdæk
orlop ledge banjerribbe
orlop clamp banjervæger
oyster bed banke
overhand knot not drawn close bardunskib
overhand knot bardunstik
overhand knot bardunstik
owners let the empty - bare - ship to a charterer. The ship is hired at a certain rate per ton dead-weight per month. The charterers is surveyed at the beginning and end of the charter period, and the costs for bunker, crew, maintenance etc. are carried by the charterers bareboat
obscure bedække
occultation bedække
officer befalingsmand
origin begyndelsespunkt
oblique-course beholden
order bekendtgørelse
open out for inspection / survey besigtigelse
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order bestemmelse
ordnance bestykning
ornamental figure on the head billedhuggerarbejde
orographic precipitation bjergregn
orlop beam bjælke
orlop-beam bjælke
overfall blinde skær
occulting light blinkfyr
obsolete ship blokskib
octopus blæksprutte
overblow blæse
outrigger bom
on board bord
out board bord
on board bord
on board, aboard bord
on board bord
overboard bord
on the port bow bov
on the starboard bow bov
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on the bow bov
on opposite bow bov
on the next tack bov
on the same tack bov
on fire brand
old rope brandgods
observation for latitude breddeobservation
officer of the watch broofficer
oozy / muddy ground bund
ooze bund
overhand knot burknob
overhand knot burknob
outer end bøjten
outside bøjten
oscillating wave bølge
oil bag bølgedæmper
oldsters cadet
observed altitude centrale højde
Originally this term applied to a compartment below the gun deck of men of war, devoted during battle to the surgeons and his assistants. It now applies to small boats and refers to an uncovered, sunken place or pit for the accommodation of persons cockpit
open top container container
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order of sailing Convoi, Convoj, Convoy
official logbook dagbog
ordinary blue daglig
ordinary dagvagt
ordinary-man dagvagt
off-centering coil decentreringsspole
overboard drivgods
of ... burthen drægtig
of ... burden drægtig
ocean deep dybhavsgrav
ocean trench dybhavsgrav
orlop deck dæk
orlop-deck dæk
orlop deck dæk
orlop-deck dæk
orlop deck dæk
orlop-deck dæk
on deck (stowage).
skure dæk.
holystone the deck
oil with oil dæk
open dæk
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Officer of the deck (OOD) An officer on duty in charge of the ship representing the commanding officer dæksofficer
Officer of the day. The officer responsible for the safety of a ship and her company in harbour and also for the running of the daily harbour routine dæksofficer
outsail a ship død
output effekt
outpu regulation effektregulering
overhaul efterse
oak eg
oak dugout ege
oak boom egebarkun
oak bar egebarkun
oak timber egetømmer
owner's jack ejerflag
obliquity of ecliptica ekliptika
one-to-one arrangement en-til-en-ordning
on end ende
over-run a rope endevende
Ordinary screen with sheathed thermometers and steel stand engelsk hytte
one-way traffic ensrettet
ore cargo ertsladning
oil-bulk-oil carrier ertstankskib
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one-one-one etetet
outer halyard fald
overhead netting faldnet
operate on ... fart
out fartøj
our mainyard and foreyard were lowered down a portlast « = » it is lowered to the gunwale or near the deck fire
outside of the bottom flak, flakvand
One knife of the non-folding type having a buoyant handle and a lanyard attached and stowed in a pocket on the exterior of the canopy flydekniv
overhand a tackle forfare
overhand a rope forfare
outer harbour bassin forhavnsbassin
on the nose forlastig
On the basis of a great number of jumboizing operations on ships B&W have won international recognition as aexperts in this field forlængelse
occultation formørkelse
occulting light formørkelsesfyr
overhaul forse
overdue ship forsinke
overhaul a tackle forslå
outrigger forstøtningshorn
overall mooring pattern; orientation - elasticities - tending of the mooring fortøjning
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oil certificate forureningscertifikat
offward fra
offshore breeze fralandsbrise
offshore gale fralandsstorm
outward passage fremrejse
openhand knot frihåndsknob
off-watch fritørn
occasional anchor frokostanker
observation of hunidity fugtighedsmåling
occulting light fyr
opening gab
open bay gab
old rope-yarn garn
One of the three states of matter, characterized by very low density and viscosity relative to liquids and solids gas
outer guy gerd
oxide scale glødeskal
on shore grund
outsail a ship hale
opposite tack hals
ordinary sailor halvbefaren
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overhand knot halvknob
oakum hamp
ocean hav
ocean hav
open sea hav
offshore installation havanlæg
offshore drilling unit havanlæg
Offshore Installation Act havanlæg
offshore installation havanlæg
ocean race havkapsejlads
ocean race boat havkapsejladsbåd
ocean cruise boat havkrydser
ocean current havstrøm
obstruction hindring
obstruction light hindringslys
outer rim hjuldamper
on the horizon horisont
on end hov, sætte om hov
officers of the coach hyttegast
out-building on the stern of a galley or other such vessels which are called pink or lute sterned hæk
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observation of the sun's altitude højde
observed altitude højde
off … højde
overtake indhente
ocean patrol vessel inspektionsskib
officer in temporary command interimschef
orbit of the earth jordbane
officer's servant junge
ordinary seaman jungmand
O.S. jungmand
On the starboard side of the forecastle front there is a very small galley with Coastal Pacific Stove and small coal bunker. The starboard side chain locker is also in the galley kabys
Old Style kalender
Orthodox calendar kalender
old man kaptajn
ornamentat cut on the rails kehl, kel
objective diameter kikkert
offing kiming, kimming
outside bilge strake kimingsrang
overrun a seam with the horsing iron klamaje
opening span klapfag
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observation for time klokkeslætsobservation
outer jib klyver
outer jib stay klyverlejder
ordinary knot knob
overhand knot knob
overhand knot knob
octant knogle
opening in the deck for the whip-staff koltergat
outer strand kordel
Order regarding the provisioning on board Danish vessels kostreglement
overhaul ball krankugle
Our chronometer has a movement period of 56 hours kronometer
obtain a cross bearing krydspejling
overhand knot krængestik
output of cold kuldeydelse
overset kuldsejle
opposite course kurs
open short-link chain kæde
overset kæntre
overset kæntring
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our-rigger kølhalingsstøtte
ordinary lantern lanterne
on the quarter låring
on the quarter låring
oil installation buoy. Tanker mooring of superbuoy size, SPM buoy lastetønde
On a surface chart, a low or trough about which the isobars display a pronounced “V” shape, with the point of the “V” usually extending equatorward from the parent low.
This term is most frequently found in European literature, where it is applied mainly to the southern extension of frontal troughs associated with deep lows that have migrated across the North Atlantic Ocean.
ordinary seaman letmatros
O.S. letmatros
on even keel ligge
on even keel ligge
orders linje, linie
order in columns linje, linie
order of retreat linje, linie
one who pilots by observing color changes in the water may be called a mud pilot lods
outturn report losseopgørelse
outturn report losserapport
overhead cable luftledning
observation for longitude længdeobservation
Oil Absorb Filter lænsevandsfilter
overhand loop løbeknob
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overhand loop løbeknob
over-cast staff målestage
ore carrier malmskib
orbit of the moon månebane
ordinary sailor matros
ordinary seaman matros
officers' mess messe
officers' messroom messe
officer in charge of the wardroom messeforstander
officer in charge of the messroom messeforstander
oriental variation misvisning
occidental variation misvisning
oncoming course modgående
oiler motormand
ooze mudder
oozy ground mudderbund
outriggers of the top mærs
occulting light mørkeperiode
open seam nåd
outer leech-line nokgårding
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oncoming ship nærme
on approach to the buoy nærme
Ocean Bottom Cable OBC
object objekt
oblique ribband oblik
oil bulk ore carrier OBO-carrier
observation observation
observation error observationsfejl
observation officer observationsofficer
observation spot observationspunkt
observation time observationstidspunkt
observation watch observationsur
observation uncertainty observationsusikkerhed
observed altitude observere
ocean ocean
ocean passage oceanpassage
ocean sailing oceansejlads
ocean vessel oceanskib
ocean current oceanstrøm
Oil Companies International Marine Forum OCIMF
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Oertz rudder oertzror
off-hire expenses off-hireomkostning
off-hire repair off-hirereparation
off charter offcharter
off-hire offhire
officer officer
officer cabin officerskammer
officer's cabin officerslukaf
officers' mess officersmesse
off shore offshore
offshore installation offshoreanlæg
offshore suit offshoredragt
offshore diver offshoredykker
offshore installation offshoreinstallation
offshore crane offshorekran
offshore medic offshoremedic
offshore terminal offshoreterminal
OK dinghy OK-jolle
occlusion front okklusionsfront
ox eye okseøje
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octantal deviation oktantdeviation
octant oktanterne
October oktober
oil olie
oil refuse olieaffald
oil liability insurance olieansvarsforsikring
oil container / oil bag oliebeholder
oil pollution combat equipment oliebekæmpelsesudstyr
oil platform olieboreplatform
oil derrick olieboretårn
oil platform olieboretårn
oil fuel oliebrændstof
oil well oliebrønd
oil vapour oliedamp
oil field. oliefelt
oil bottle olieflaske
oil consumption olieforbrug
oil pollution olieforurening
oil skimmer vessel olieforurening
oilskin coat oliefrakke
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oil terminal oliehavn
oily olieholdig
oily water olieholdig
oily mixtures olieholdig
oil record book oliejournal
oil pier oliekaj
oil classified olieklasse
oil cargo olieladning
oil pipeline olieledning
oil paint oliemaling
oil discharge monitor oliemonitor
oil bag oliepose
oil sampler olieprøvehenter
oil residues olierest
oil pipeline olierørledning
oil separator / oily water separator olieseparator
oil skimming olieskimming
oil sludge olieslam
oil slop olieslop
oil tank vessel / tankship / oil tanker olietankskib
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oil surcharge olietillæg
oil transportation olietransport
oil skin dress olietøj
oil-water separation equipment olievandseparationsanlæg
old rope ollerop
old ropes ollerup, ollerups
occupant(s) ombordværende
OMEGA omega
OMEGA receiver omegamodtager
OMEGA signal omegasignal
OMEGA system omegasystem
One Ton Cup One Ton Cup
one-design one-design
onker barque onker, onker barkskib
onker barkentine onker, onker barkskib
open ship open ship
operation operation
operational agent operatør
one of the middle sections of a frame placed between the floor-timber and top-timber oplænger
opposition opposition
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oppose opposition
overhaul opsejle
option option
order in two ranks orden
order in two lines orden
order of sailing orden
order in a bow and quarter line orden
order of battle order de batallie
order ordre
order book ordrebog
Order Bill of Lading made out to consignees or order, can be transferred by endorsement of consignees.
Straight BoL are made out to named consignees without the addition 'or order'. As such they are not negotiable and cannot be endorsed to third parties
ore carrier ore carrier
Oregon pine oregon pine
orientation orientering
original bill of lading originalkonnossement
Orion Orion
Orlogsværftets slip apparatus Orlogsværftets Slippeapparat
Orlogsværftets disengaging gear Orlogsværftets Slippeapparat
orthodromic orthodromisk
orthographic projection orthografisk projektion
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oscillator oscillator
Oslo Convention Oslokonventionen
osmosis osmose
octagonal timber ottekantstykke
outrigger outrigger
outrigger mine outriggertorpedo
outrigger torpedo outriggertorpedo
oblong ring ovalring
over board over bord
overboard over bord
overprotection overbeskyttelse
oversized sacrifical anode overbeskyttelse
overshot overfald
overflow pipe overflodsrør
overhaul overhale
overhaul a tackle overhale
overtake overhale
overhaul overhale
overhaul overhaling
overhand noose overhåndsknob
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overhand loop overhåndsknob
overhand knot on two lines overhåndsknob
overhand loop overhåndsløkke
overhanging overhang
overstand overhøjde
on her beam ends overkrængning
overload overlade
overlap overlap
overlapping area overlapningsområde
overloaded overlast
overload overlaste
overloaded ship overlaste
overloading overlastning
overlanded cargo overlosset
overlapping overlægge
over-masted overmastet
overrig overrigge
ocean chart oversejlingskort
overflowing oversvømmelse
overtime overtid
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
overtime payment Overtidsbetaling
over turn overtørn
OXXO telegram OXXO-telegram
ozone equipment ozonanlæg
onshore wind pålands
onshore gale pålands
onshore breeze pålands
Oriental WC pedallokum
observe pejle
observe the bearing of the coast pejle
observe the sun's amplitude pejle
obtain a bearing pejling
optical bearing pejling
obtain a bearing pejling
obliquely pik
outer planet planet
outer planets planet
orbit of a planet planetbane
old ice polaris
oil water separator ppm-separator
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officer on a passenger vessel. He or she is in charge of keeping the accounts, disbursing of money, pay of officers and crew purser
open road red
open roadstead red
owner reder
owner of a privateer reder
owners rederi
owner's cabin rederkammer
open reversible life raft redningsflåde
overmasted ship rejsning
oblique ascension rektascension
on an even keel ret
order of retreat retiradeorden
open chock ringklys
offing rum
offward rum
off rum
omnidirectional rundstrålende
ordnance ruste
ordnance ruste
outer jib sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
outer jib sejl - 1.
outsail a ship sejle
outsail a ship sejle
old-work needle sejlnål
order of sailing sejlorden
owner-captain selvejerskib
one sixths moderation sjettedelsmoderation
overhaul skage
overhaul the brails skage
ordinary general meeting Skandinavisk Sejlerdag
one of the boatswain's last mates in Dutch ships skibmandsmath
official log book skibsbog
official log skibsdagbog
Oh, how she scoons skonnert
outrigger of the top skuvstræber
ordnance skyts
obliquely skøns
ooze slik
opening in the ship's side for handling timber and equipment during the building process slæbehul
oblique deck knee in the afterpart of a ship slængknæ
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outline of the principal timbers spanterids
observed place sted
overhaul or repair of piston, piston rings etc. stempeltræk
overhand knot not close stik
over-hand knot stik
orthodromic curve storcirkelbue
outrigger stræber
outrigger stræber
outrigger boom stræber
overfalls strømsø
on even keel styrlastighed
officer styrmand
Officers' association styrmandsforening
Officers' union styrmandsforening
outrigger støtte
ocean data acquisition buoy supertønde
outrigger svajbom
outrigger boom svajbom
oscillator svinger
oscillation period svingningsperiode
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overgrown sea
official journals required on board søbog
official inquiry. These are primarily held in cases regarding personal behaviour or conduct søforhør
ocean-going søgående
ocean-going ship søgående
Oleron sølov
ordinary practice of seamen sømandskab
ocen area søområde
on sea watch duty søvagt
onshore wind søvind
offward søværts
overrigged ship takle
overhaul a tackle talje
ordinary lantern tegnlanterne
occupation titel
outward clearance certificate toldpas
orlop beam tviskendæk
on the port bow tværs
on the starboard bow tværs
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on the beam tværs
on the beam of a ship tværs
ordinary seaman = OS ubefaren
off ud
on the basis of ud
out and in system ud
outport udehavn
outside planks udenbords
outside planking udenbordsklædning
offward udenfor, uden for
outward bound udgående
outhaul udhal
outhaler udhaler
out-hauler tackle udhalertalje
outport udhavn
on the look-out udkig, udkik
offlying rocks udliggende
outlying dangers udliggende
outrigger udligger
outrigger boom udliggerbom
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outreach udlæg
outrigger udlægger
outrigger boom udlægger
operating cord udløsningsline
outrigger udrigger
outrigger udrigger
outrigger canoe udriggerkano
outrigger udrækker
over-side ladder udskibningslejder
obliteration certificate udslettelsesattest
overblow undersejlskuling
on watch vagt
off duty vagtfri
officer of the watch vagthavende
officer in charge. vagthavende
overhaul the shrouds vanttov
ordinary deals vare, varegods
ocean station ship vejrskib
ocean verdenshav
old timber vragtømmer
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oakum værk
outer halyard yderfald
outer guy ydergerd
outer harbour yderhavn
outside planking yderhud
outer plating yderhud
outside planking yderklædning
outer runner yderløber
outer roads yderred
outer sheet yderskøde
oyster østers
oyster bed østersbanke