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quarterly agter
quarter deck agterdæk
quarterdeck-man agtergast
quartering wind bagstagsvind
quartering wind bagstagsvind
quarter-bitts bedding
quarter-gasket beslåsejsing
quarter deck's beam bjælke
quarter block blok
quarter block blok
quarter block blok
quay bolværk
quayage bropenge
quay brygge
quadrant cursor-kvadrant
Quantities that facilitate hand calculation of the reduction of mean place to apparent place. Besselian day numbers depend solely on the earth's position and motion; second-order day numbers, used in higher precision reductions, depend on the positions of both the Earth and the star dagnummer
queen's weather damevejr
quite calm damstille
quick sand dvalegrund
quarter-deck dæk
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quarter deck dæk
quarter deck dæk
quarter-deck dæk
quarter deck dæk
quarter-lanthorn falderebslanterne
quarter netting finkenet
quarter-rail finkenetsliste
quoin in artillery fisk
quarter block fodblok
quarterline fortøjning
quarter galley galiot
quarter gallery galleri
quarter badge galleri
quarter-minute glass glas
quadrilateral jib Greta Garbo jib
quarter-piece hukmand
quarter piece hukmand
Quarterpieces were ornamental boards forming the aft edge of the quarter galleries and bending up to form the taffrail hukmand
quarter pieces hukstøtte
quick flashing light hurtigblink
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quarter-stanchion hækstøtte
quay / pier / berth kaj
quayage kajafgift
quay facility kajanlæg
quay establishment kajanlæg
quay side kajindfatning
quaywall kajmur
quay kajplads
quarantaine karantæne
quarantine karantæne
quarantine flag karantæneflag
quarantine control karantænekontrol
quarantine station karantænestation
quarantine diseases: smallpox, typhus fever, relapsing fever, plague, leprosy, Marburg virus disease, lassa fever, ebola virus disease, cholera, typhoid fever, salmonellasis, shigilosis, poliomyetitis, meningococcal meningitis, tuberculosis, hepatitis A karantænesygdom
quarantaine karentæne
quarter-deck kastel
quoit kastering
quooin kile
quarters of the compass kompaskvadrant
quoins kunters
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quadrant kvadrant
quadrant kvadrant
quadrant segment kvadrantbue
quadrantal davit kvadrantdavid
quadrantial compass error kvadrantdeviation
quadrature kvadratur
quarters of the yards. The space comprehended between the slings or middle and half-way out on the yard-arms kvart
Quadrature is a term applied principally to the sun and moon when their longitudes differ by 90° kvarter
quartermaster kvartermester
quarter master kvartermester
quarter-point kvartstreg
quarter tackle kvarttakkel
quarter tackle kvarttalje
quay ladeplads
quay ladested
quarter-lantern lanterne
quarter låring
quarter of a ship låring
quarter boards: boards erected around the poop and quarterdeck to prevent waves from breaking inboard when sailing with a following sea låring
quarter boat låringsfartøj
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quartering wind låringsvind
quarter ladder lejder
quay losseplads
quartering of the crew mandskab
quadrature månefase
quoin of the mast mastekile
quadrantial point mellemhovedkurs
queen beam placed between king beams mellemstok
quantity sensor mængdesensor
quarters on the yard mærke
quilting mærling
quoits narrehoved
quantitative navigation navigation
quarter-deck netting net
quadrant oktant
quarterdeck ship overløbsskude
quarter post
Quarter Admiral quartaladmiral
quarterdecker quarterdecker
quartermaster quartermester
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quarter ramp quarterrampe
quintal quintal
quadrant qvadrant
quadrirem qvadrirem
quarter-master qvartermester
quarter tackle qvarttakkel
quarter rudder ror
quay dues rortold
quarter bill rulle
quarter wind rum
quartering wind rum
quartering the wind sejle
quarter piece sidebue
quarter boat sidefartøj
quarter deck skanse
quarterdeck skanse
quarter-clothes skanseklædning
quarter-netting skansenet
quarter-deck port skanseport
quarterdeck ladder skansetrappe
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quarter of the ship skib
quick-work of the ship skib
quick work skib
quay skibsbro
quarter bill skytsrulle
quadrant with reflection spejlkvadrant
quarter-piece spejlstøtte
quarter-deck netting splinternet
quoin stilkule
quoin stillekile
quarter-ladder stormlejder
quoin støtte
quite up top
quarter-gunner underkanoner
quick work underskib
quick-work undervandsskrog