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Restoration abe
rear admiral admiral
ride out a gale af
refraction afbøjning
refuse affald
rubbish affald
ready for sea afgang
ready to sail afgang
race afgrund
reduce afkorte
ration afkorte
refrigerate afkøle
refrigerator afkøler
relief valve aflastningsventil
return aflevere
read aflæse
reading error of observation aflæsningsfejl
run off afløbe
relieve afløse
relieving watch afløservagt
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relief afløsning
relief master afløsningsfører
relieve afskedige
relieve an officer of his duty or command afskedige
roll off a mast afslingre
roll away a mast afslingre
range: a limiting distance or a distance which has been measured directly afstand
rhumb line distance afstand
range finder afstandsmåler
range ring afstandsring
range scale afstandsskala
remove afstokke
rule afstrege
refloating aftagning
refloating aftræk, aftrækning
raised quarterdeck agterdæk
raised quarterdeck with trunk agterdæk
rear-ship agtermand
rake of the stern agterstævn
rake of the stern agterstævnsfald
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rigidity of the spinner akselstivhed
rigidity of the axis akselstivhed
rudder indicator aksiometer
raise the alarm alarm
resin paint alkydmaling
Rogers, Admiralty ankerflig
riding light ankerlanterne
roadstead ankerplads
ring ankerring
rounding ankertovsinspektion
radial period anomali
run foul of ansejle
rigging thimble ansætningskovs
rigging screw ansætningsskrue
ram home ansætte
ram ansætte
rammer ansætter
Receive your cheque for the amount of anvisning
rectified altitude apparente højde
rowlock åregang
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rowlock - a U-shaped fitting with shank or socket attachment to the gunwale of a boat. They are used as a fulcrum for oars in rowing, sculling and steering åregang
row-lock åretollegang
row-pind åretollepind
rear-squadron. arriergarde
ratio aspekt
row-pin båd
row-lock båd
reef-knot bådsmandsknob
ring in keel bådsmandspibe
reeve a boat fall bådtalje
rear / upper beacon - in a series of leading beacons bagbåke
ride for the port anchor bagbord
rear light bagfyr
reverse knot baghåndsknob
rear mark bagpunkt
rear point bagpunkt
rear side weather bagsidevejr
rebound of sea bagslag
runner bagstag
rear beacon båke
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range båkelinje
reverse bakgang
reverse engines bakke
ring the engine(s) astern bakke
reverse the engine(s) bakke
reverse manoeuvre bakmanøvre
rack for the mess kits baksbræt
ramrod bakseredskab
racer baksningsskinne
reversing turbine bakturbine
ribbon grass båndgræs
run bane
race course signal banesignal
ram barde
runner pendant bardun
running backstay bardun
runner bardun
recording barometer barograf
read the barometer barometer
rain barometri
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ropes of junk bastetoug
restricted area beboelse
riding bitts bedding
riding-bitts bedding
rouse and bitt = rise and shine bedding
reservoir beholder
receptacle beholder
rising of the ship's floor afore and abaft beløb
roule of complement bemandingsregel
reduced length beregningslængde
rake a ship beskyde
right ascension Besselsk år
regulation bestemmelse
report on the ship's reckoning at noon bestikseddel, bestikregningsseddel
reduced crew besætning
relative movement bevægelse
roll bevægelse
roll bevægelse
ride - the vessel gives easily to the motion of wind and sea bevægelse
round in bidevindsejlads
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round turn, then back around and end with a slip hitch = stopper knot bidevindstik
round up of the beam bjælkebugt
round beam bjælkebugt
round of beam bjælkebugt
rescue bjærge
recover bjærge
rescue bjærgning
rescue operation bjærgningsoperation
rudder trunk bjørn
reed contact bladkontakt
roller bearing blok
running block blok
reeve blok
run a blockade blokade
raise a blockade blokade
Ratio of the volume of displacement to the volume of a rectangular section of the same length, breadth and draught as the ship. blokkoefficient
red lead blymønje
reef-band bolt
roller-bolt bolt
rag-pointed bolt bolt
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rag-bolt bolt
ring-bolt bolt
raise the derrick bom
ring-tail boom bom
rolling on the beam bomning
ringtail sail bomsejl
rigged with boom sail bomsejler
resin = rosin boottop
run alongside borde
raft bordflåde
remove bortskaffe
reach bout
royal sail bovenbovenbramsejl
royal mast stay bovenbrambardun
royal stay bovenbrambardun
royal brace bovenbrambras
royal tye bovenbramdrejereb
royal yardrope bovenbramfald
royal halliard bovenbramfald
royal halyard bovenbramfald
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royal clewline bovenbramgivtov
royal top-mast rope bovenbramjolle
royal studding sail bovenbramlæsejl
royal yard bovenbramrå
royal parral rope bovenbramrakke
royal cross-tree bovenbramsaling
royal sail bovenbramsejl
royal sheet bovenbramskøde
royal stay bovenbramstag
royal topmast bovenbramstang
royal lift bovenbramtoplent
royal shrouds bovenbramvant
royal cap bovenbramæselhoved
royal rigging bovengods
royal tackle bovenjolle
royal yard bovenrå
royal mast bovenstang
rack bovsprydsvuling
royal mast bramsejlstop
rombowline brandgods
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resisting brandhæmmende
round in the weather braces brase
round in the weather braces brase
registered breadth bredde
releasing tackle bremsewire
ring clew iron briller
refloat bringe
rolling wave of the sea brodsø
rudder-coat brog
rudder coat brog
ramp broklap
requin sharks brunhaj
red ocher brunrødt
refraction brydning
refraction exponent brydningseksponent
rippling the water brænding
rippling in the water brænding
roaring forties brølende fyrrer
rudder trunk brønd
retaining pin brøndstopper
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run up the bowline bugline
range of cable bugt
ramming down piles bukke
ram down poles bukke
raffee bukser
ringbolt bukshorn
recoil had to be restrained bukshorn
rough sea bule
rise of floor bundrejsning
rising floor-timber bundstok
rising-line bundstoklinje
rivulet bæk
runnel bæk
river trout bækørred
round seizing bændsel
racking seizing bændsel
remain afloat bære
repair bøde
ring bøjle
rough sea bølgegang
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rope-yarn Cabelgarn
roller of the voyal Cabellar-Rulle
round house Cahyt
Rigil Kentaurus Centaurus
ribband between the floor ribband and the keel rabbit center
rising-line center
ribbands from foremost frame to stem center
rower of a boat chaluproer
release gear Christensens slippeapparat
reflecting circle Cirkel
rudder stopper cirkel-line
rudder rope cirkel-line
rhombe-lines Compas
rocket Congreve
reefer container container
recessed double breech base deck socket containerbeslag
retreat contramarch
rear admiral Contre-Admiral
rhumb course Cours
radio logbook dagbog
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Radio navigation system Decca
raise by topping lift dirke
range distance
rhumbline distance distance
riding a try. Said of a vessel lying-to under bare poles in very bad weather dreje
rate of turn indicator drejehastighedsindikator
runner drejereb
royal halliard tye drejereb
run foul of another ship drive
room to drive drive
ring-tail driver
ring-tail boom driverbom
ring-tail driversejl
room to drive driverum
Red Ensign duster
rotation about the transverse axis; named positive if it appears clockwise when viewed in the direction of this axis; pitching down: negative pitch, i.e. bows or nose moving downwards; pitching up: positive pitch, i.e. bows or nose moving upwards duve
roll duve
run in for land duve
ride lower in the water dyb
registered depth dybde
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register depth is taken from the underside of the tonnage deck plank, midship, to the ceiling in the hold, average thickness at the side of the keelson, in a direction perpendicular to the keel, which may be done by a square placed upon the upper side of the keelson. If the vessel has a third deck, then the height from the top of the tonnage deck plank to the underside of the upper deck plank shall be accounted as the height under the spar deck dybde
read the draught dybgang
round up beam dæk
raised-deck dæk
raised part of deck dæk
ratings dæksbesætning
rounding of the beams dæksbjælke
round beam dæksbue, dæksbugt
round the clock døgndrift
round up dørhale
round in dørhale
retrograd motion egenbevægelse
register tonnage minus deductable non-earning rooms for e.g. propelling machinery, accommodation, wheel house egetrum
rain clutter ekkostyrke
reconnaissance and reporting service eklaireringstjeneste
reference ellipsoid ellipsoide
river elv
rope ende
rope end ende
running rope ende
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replacement tonnage erstatningstonnage
royal halyard fald
royal staysail halyard fald
rake of the stem fald
rake of the stern-post fald
rack fangebjælke
reeve fare
run or go through a block fare
risk fare
rate of motion fart
rate fart
reduce the speed fart
run the way off the ship fart
revolutions per minute fart
relative speed fart
regular trade fart
run fart
record of service fartsoplysning
rowers fartøj
Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography farvandsdirektorat
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Royal Danish Administration of Navigation and Hydrography Farvandsvæsenet
random error fejl
rubbing list fenderliste
rendezvous findested
rough tree rails finkenetsliste
raft flåde
raft flåde
raft flåde
reflagging flage
ring-tail flagspil
river flod
river tonnage dues flodafgift
rise of the tide flode
rising water flode
river sailing flodgående
river trading flodgående
river port flodhavn
range of tide flodhøjde
river ice flodis
river barge flodpram
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river boat flodskib
river ship flodskib
river tankship flodtanker
river channel flodvej
refloating damage flotbringelsesskade
refloating flotbringning
refloat flottagning
Rescue Coordination Centre Flyvevåbnets Redningstjeneste
register folkeliste
roll folkeliste
right ahead for
run before the wind fordevind
refreshment forfriskning
rear light forfyr
range forhåndsbugt
regulation forskrift
rake of the stem forstævn
rake of the stem forstævn
run ahead of the reckoning forud
right ahead forude
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recreation area fredningsområde
re-charter frembefragtning
resistence to propulsion fremdriftssmodstand
resistance to propulsion fremdrivningsmodstand
recreation room fritidsrum
refrigerated hold fryselast
refrigerator ship fryseskib
rabbet fuge
relative humidity fugtighed
relative humidity fugtighedsgrad
riprap. Stay clear of the protective riprap surrounding navigation lights fundament
rig fure
rug out fure
raw hide fyrklæde
remote position system følgesystem
run out a warp føre
run aground gå på, gå på grund
rigged as galeass galease
row galley galej
rail of the head galionsribbe
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rails of the head galionsræling
rack galje
rail of the quartergallery galleriliste
rate of a watch or chronometre gang
reversing gangskifte
rope yarn garn
rope-yarn to worm garn
roping twine garn
rope yarns garn
rail gelænder
reciprocal position gensidig
reflection light genskinsfyr
reduced latitude geocentrisk
roach gilling
rotation about the normal axis and named positive when it appears clockwise if viewed in the direction of this axis: yawing left or port; yawing right or starboard gire
rigging gods
running rigging gods
runner pendant godsring
robbin godtegarn
rocks grund
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run on the ground grund
run aground grund
run a ship aground grund
refloat grund
run aground grund
run aground grundstøde
run aground grundsætte
relieving tackle grundtalje
ruddet tackle grundtalje
relieving rope grundtov
religious service flag gudstjenesteflag
rubber boat gummibåd
Ring laser gyro gyro
rig the capstan gøre
rig the capstern gøre
rave-hook hage
ripping iron hage
rag bolt hakkebolt
round up hale
round in hale
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round in hale
rowsing in hale
rounding in hale
running part hale
raise the tack hals
remanent magnetism halvfast
reverse half-hitch halvstik
Red Ensign handelsflag
roller håndspil
rigged in union purchase hanefod
resin harpiks
rossin harpiks
resinous paint harpiks
reach port havn
rowsing the hawsers up from between decks helle
round-seizing helling
rectascension of a celestial body himmellegeme
repatriation right hjemrejseret
run large holde
rational horizon horisont
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
roach huling
roach huling
ropemaker's end hundeende
revolving storm hvirvelstorm
retention of wages hyretilbageholdelse
raking stern hækbygget
rake hælde
rudder-shaft bearing pintle hælleje
rudder-shaft bearing pintle hælløkke
rack hængeslingrebræt
rave-hook høgenæb
reading of the barometer højde
range of tide højdeforskel
right handed højreskåret
right-hand laid højreslået
right-handed laid højreslået
ridge of high pressure højtryksryg
running fix ikke-samtidig
rescuing indbjærgning
relieving tackle Indhalertalje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
recorder indikator
report at the customs House indklarere
running into port indløbe
reeve indskære
ribs of a ship indtømmer
ribs of a ship indtømmer
rummaging inkvirering
radio regulation Instruks
rotten ice is
rafted ice isflage
reeve a rope iskære
railway ferry jernbanefærge
reaching strut jockeystage
rigid dinghy jolle
rigid inflatable boat jolle
rigid inflatable dinghy jolle
rower of the boat jolleroer
radius of the earth jordradius
record keeping journalføring
roller for the voyal kabelarrulle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
roller for the messenger kabelarrulle
rope-yarn kabelgarn
rope-yarn kabelgarn
round house kahyt
run over the seams kalfatring
rack kam
rack on the bowsprit kam
room kammer
reinforce kanon
recoil of the gun kanon
run out your gun kanonekcersits
ram home kanonekcersits
round-shot kanonkugle
range of a gun kanonskud
rail kant
roach of a sail kappe
round of a sail kappe
race course kapsejladsbane
run a ship a-shore, or a-ground kaste
reel for spun-yarn kastevinde
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rider katspor, kattespor
rider katspor, kattespor
ring up an anchor katte et anker
rusk kavring
reconnoitring signal kendingssignal
richochet-fire kerneskud
rational horizon kiming, kimming
radio horizon kiming, kimming
rung kiming, kimming
rung-heads kiming, kimming
rung-head kiming, kimming
rung-heads kiming, kimming
rolling-chock kimingskøl
rising line of the floor timbers kimingsrejsning
rubbing strake kjælgang
rubbing strake kjælgang
rough logbook kladdejournal
round and hollow cleats klampe
range cleats klampe
row-lock klampe
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ride with a clear hawse klar
ready klar
ready fore and aft klar
ready for sea klar
ready about klar
ready about klar
ready-to-use (mixture) klar
ready for sailing klar
rove klinkeplade, klinkplade
rivet klinknagle
rock klippe
rocks and shelves klippe
rocks and vigies in the ocean klippe
rocky ground klippegrund
rocky coast klippekyst
range of dunes klitrække
ride with a clear hawse klys
ride hawse full klys
rip off the planks of a ship klæde
rounding klædningsgods
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riveting snap knapmager
runs 12 knots an hour knob
reef knot knob
reef-point knyttelse
Reef-lacing line knyttelse
rakking knee knæ
raking-knees knæ
rider-bolt knæbolt
rugged or rocky seabed knøs
running in heaps koble
running very rough koble
ranges in the shrouds in which belaying pins are fixed kofilnaglebænk
risk of collision kollisionsfare
raise a ship komme
run aground komme
raise a ship komme
rhumb track kompaskurs
rhumb line kompaslinje
Royal Danish Yacht Club Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub
royal yacht kongeskib
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Royal Navy construction committee konstruktionskommission
reversed frame kontraspant
reverse frame kontravinkel
rear admiral kontreadmiral
rudder head kop
rope with a damaged strand kordelsprunget
racing knife krabpasser
reparations krigsskadeerstatning
red flag krudtflag
ripple on the water krusning
racking krydsbændsel, krydsbindsel
rigging of the mizen top-mast krydsgods
range krydsholt
round shot kugle
ricochet of the ball kugle
range of the ball kugle
reverse course - especially in search and rescue operations kurs
relative course kurs
rudder chain kæde
rogue wave kæmpebølge
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runningknot kærligehdsknob
rubber fender kødben
rider keelson køl
refrigeration plant køleanlæg
refrigeration unit køleanlæg
reefer boat kølebåd
refrigerator ship kølebåd
refrigerating container kølecontainer
refrigerator ship køleskib
reefer ship køleskib
reeferplug køletilslutning
rabbet of the keel kølspunning
rider keelson kølsvinspålæg
ride Køre på vandet
roller kørehjul
raft-port ladeport
ramrod ladestok
run aground landsætte
run a-shore landsætte
ribband langsenter
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rabbeting laskning
ready to load lasteklar
raft-port lastport, ladeport
range light (front and rear light) ledefyr
range ledefyrlinje
range line ledelinje
range mark ledemærke
rail of the netting lending
rubber levang, levanger
ride at anchor ligge
ride hard ligge
ride between wind and tide ligge
ride betwixt wind and stream ligge
ride at anchor ligge
riding a portoise ligge
riding a peak ligge
ride a portoise ligge
ride a-port-last ligge
riding a-thwart ligge
ride out a gale ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ride wind-road ligge
remain riding at anchor ligge ankret = ligge opankret
ride to a single anchor ligge for et anker
ride easy ligge roligt til ankers
ride betwixt wind and tide ligge til ankers
ride athwart ligge til ankers
ride apeek ligge til ankers med kajede ræer
ride a portoise ligge til ankers med strøgne stænger
reinforcement bracket ligger
roping ligning
ratting line
rule or square with a turning joint lineal
ribband line linje, linie
rising half-breadth line linje, linie
rising-line linje, linie
ribbands liste
rails of the stern liste
rails of the quarter-gallery liste
rails outside liste
roll liste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rising livholt
right up and down lodret
rigging loft loft, loft
receiving ship logiskib
runner head block lossehjul
runner losseløber
runner and tackle lossemantel
rule of luff lufferegel
rough cargo plan per hatch lugeliste
rings and starts for the hatches lugering
reverse stringer angle lugvinkel
ring the bell lyde
reflection of light lysrefleks
Radio Medical advice lægeråd
ready to get lading lægge
right the helm lægge
reduce the longitude længde
registered length længde
run lænse
run with the wind lænse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
run before the sea lænse
run under bare poles lænse
run before the wind lænse
royal studding sail læsejl
rutters læsekort
reach løb
run løbe
run before the sea løbe
run in løbe
run x knots løbe
run on the cable løbe
round to løbe
run up on the same tack løbe
run foul of a ship løbe
run aground løbe
run on the lead løbe
run along-side of a ship løbe
run ashore løbe
running part løbe
running rigging løbe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
running knot løbeknob
runner løber
running eye løbeøje
raising pontoon løftefartøj
rough-tree rail lønning
relieve løse
remanent magnetism magnetisk, magnetisme
rule of measurement målingsregel
rigging screw sleeve manchet
rig a rope mane
rig the voyal mane
rig a rope mane
resign måned
regression of the nodes måneknude
revolution of the moon måneomløb
runner and tackle mantel
runner mantel
runner block mantelblok
runner and tackle manteltalje
rake of the masts mast
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rake of a mast mastehældning
rigging sheers mastekran
rough mast-tree mastetræ
rapper matrosed
reporting line meldelinje
reporting service meldetjeneste
reporting telegram meldingstelegram
rating menig
right the helm midtskibs
reduce speed to slow mindske
radio direction finder using minimum power for obtaining bearings minimumspejler
repugnant modbydeligt virkende
resistamce welding modstandssvejsning
reversing current modstrøm
reception facility modtageanlæg
receiving aerial modtageantenne
reception facility modtagefacilitet
received-for-shipment Bill of Lading modtagelseskonnossement
receiving oscillator modtageoscillator
receiving transducer modtagetransducer
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
receiving indicator modtageur
receiving meter modtageur
rightening moment moment
reparation man motormand
rounding mark mærke
rogus yarn mærkegarn
ripping iron mærkejern
round top mærs
rim mærserand
rimb mærserand
Rules for Manning and Certification of British seafarers are incorporated in the Merchant Shipping Act mønstringslov
register of the ship's company mønstringsrulle
round seam nåd
rack naglebænk
rack of the quarter-deck naglebænk
reck for belaying pins naglebænk
reed horn nautofon
radio navigation navigation
raingauge nedbørsmåler
rig down nedrigge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
reduce speed nedsætte
rivet netnagle
riveting plate netplade
rivet nitnagle, netnagle
riveting nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
riveting nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
raise a land nærme
refuge harbour nødhavn
repeatable accuracy nøjagtighed
relational or relative accuracy nøjagtighed
race course OL-bane
rapid response vessels olieforurening
running foul of another ship omborddragning
revolution / rotation omdrejning
rotation of the earth omdrejning
revolutions per minute / number of revolutions omdrejningstal
re-register omflage
rotation omløbstid
revolution omløbstid
reversing. "The engine is reversed by means of handle bringing the starting cams in the desired position for AHEAD or ASTERN. Simultaneously with the starting of the main engine the fuel and exhaust cams are automatically turned into the corresponding position by means of a special claw coupling in connection with the camshaft drive omstyring
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reduction of buoyancy opdriftreduktion
right the ship opgå
recoil in the capstan opgå
rise opgang
relieving-tackle on the mast of a hulk ophal, ophaler
ramp ophalerbedding
rip up an old vessel ophugge
reduce the number of mooring lines opkorte
resolution opløsning
rig up a grain bulkhead oprigge
rough-tree timbers opstående
rising opstigende
raise the tack opstikke
rake of the stem overfald
refit the rigging overhale
rolling overhaling
rolling overhaling
rough : rough weather overhandig
roll / lurch overkrængning
row a long stroke overlang
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
raised quarterdeck ship overløbsskude
run foul of one another oversejle
run down oversejle
round turn of the gammoning overslag
rudder boards pålæg
rose lashing pandekagebændsel
ringtail mast papegøje
ring-tail papegøjesejl
ring-tail sail papegøjesejl
running part part
run into påsejle
Right of passage passagerettighed
residual stability as a result of flooding in passenger ships passagerskibslækstabilitet
round a point passere
run peak
radio direction finder pejleapparat
radio direction finder pejlemodtager
reciprocal bearings pejling
radar bearing pejling
radio bearing pejling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
relative bearing pejling
rope net floor persontransportkurv
rip off a plank planke
run dead before the wind plat
round sennit platting
rope-sandals plattingsko
relative plot plot
raft port port
raft-port port
row port port
rhumb charts portolankort
Register of barges pramfortegnelse
rubber pren
rose pumpekurv
rouse purre
Roger R
R - as a single-letter signal, it means 'I have received your last signal'. A holdover from the phonetic alphabet used in the 1940s and 1950s, it is still used extensively R
ring-tail boom
ropeband råbånd
reef knot råbåndsknob
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
reef bow with slip råbåndsknob
radar racon
radar beacon racon
racon buoy raconbøje
racon echo raconekko
Racon lane raconlane
racon signal raconsignal
row of oars rad
radio detection and ranging radar
radar radar
radar distance radarafstand
radar scanner radarantenne
radar set radarapparat
radar wave radarbølge
radar detection radardetektering
radar dome radardome
radar beacon radarfyr
racon radarfyr
radar pulse radarimpuls
radar horizon radarkiming
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
radar horizon distance radarkimingsafstand
radar collision radarkollision
radar assisted collision radarkollision
radar collision avoidance systems radarkollision
radar contact radarkontakt
radar mast radarmast
radar navigation radarnavigering
radar surveillance system radarovervågningssystem
radar bearing radarpejling
radar plotting radarplotning
radar principle radarprincip
radar reflector radarreflektor
radar shadow radarskygge
radar screen radarskærm
radar station radarstation
Racon radarsvarefyr
radar survey radarsyn
radar visual range radarsynsvidde
radar transponder radartransponder
radial davit / quadrantal davit "This type of davit is no longer used in the Royal Navy. They are hinged at their heels so that they can be canted outboard to the lowering position or inboard to the stowage position radialdavid
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
radio radio
Radio Medical Radio Medical
radio receiving and transmitting installation radioanlæg
radio letter radiobrev
radio logbook radiodagbog
radio operator radioekspedient
radio beacon radiofyr
radio beacon circular radiofyr
rotating radio beacon radiofyr
radio logbook radiojournal
radio compass radiokompas
radio mast radiomast
radio tower radiomast
radio reporting service radiomeldetjeneste
radio receiver radiomodtager
radio navigation radionavigation
radio operator radioofficer
radio officer radioofficer
radio direction finder radiopejler
radio directing finder aerial radiopejler
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
radio direction finding station radiopejler
radio direction finding radiopejling
radio regulations radioreglement
radio room radiorum
radio shack radiorum
radio transmitter radiosender
radio navigation position-fixing radiostedsbestemmelse
radio-position line radiostedsbestemmelse
radio survey radiosyn
radio fog signal radiotågesignal
radio fog signal station radiotågesignal
radio silence radiotavshed
radio telephony radiotelefoni
radio telephone station radiotelefonianlæg
radio telephony station radiotelefonianlæg
radiotelegraphy radiotelegrafi
radiotelegraphy station radiotelegrafi
radiotelegraph station radiotelegrafianlæg
radio telegram radiotelegram
radio telex radiotelex
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
radio service payment radiotillæg
radio clock radiour, radiostationsur
radio station clock radiour, radiostationsur
radio watch radiovagt
raft raft
run aground rage
running foul of a ground ragning
raw hide råhud
raider raider
rocket raket
rocket parachute signal raketfaldskærmsblus
rocket line raketline
rocket apparatus raketredningsapparat
rocket station raketredningsstation, raketstation
rocket ship raketskib
rib of a parrel rakkeslæde
rake-sterned rakstævnet
ramming warship ram
ram-head rambuk
ram rambuk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ramp rampe
ram ramslag
rammer bedding ramslæde
rubbing piece randjord
rim mat randmatte
rate rang
rank rangere
Rangoon ventilator rangoon-ventilator
Rankine's increased wet surface Rankines våde overflade
ransom ranzon
rings of the yard råring
rate rate
rating rating
Rescue Coordination Centre RCC
radio direction finder RDF
Rotation Directive Transmission RDT
reacher reacher
reef reb
reef in reb
rope reb
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
reef-line rebbånd
reef rebbånd
reef-band rebbolt
reef rebe
reef in rebe
reefed sail rebe
reef-up a sail rebe
reef a sail rebe
reefing gear rebeapparat
reefing machine rebeapparat
reef rebebånd, rebningsbånd
rope-house reberbane
ropery reberbane
ropeyard reberbane
reef-hole rebhul
reeef tackle rebjolle
reef earing rebknyttelse
reef gasket rebknyttelse
reef thimble rebkovs
reef-cringle rebløjert
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
reef-line rebsejsing
reef-line point rebsejsing
reef-line rebsejsing
reef-tackle tye rebskinkel
reef-pendant rebskinkel
reef-pendant to the spanker rebskinkel
ropemaker rebslager
roper rebslager
rope-walk rebslagerbane
reef-band rebstreg
reef-tackle rebtalje
reef-pendant tackle rebtalje
recess recess
restrictive bill of lading rectakonnossement
right ascension circle-line rectascensionscirkellinje
road red
road-stead red
roader red
Redn Ensign Red Ensign
rescue operation redningsaktion
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rescue work redningsarbejde
rescue operation redningsarbejde
rescue station redningsbådsstation
rescue suit redningsdragt
rescue diving bell redningsdykkerklokke
rescue boat redningsfartøj
rubber life raft redningsflåde
rescue capsule redningsklokke
rescue line redningsline
rescuer redningsmand
rescue mortar redningsmorter
rescue operation redningsoperation
rescue organisation redningsorganisation
rescue pontoon-raft redningspontonflåde
rescue quoit redningsring
rescue signal template redningssignaltavle
rescue schuit redningsskøjte
rescue sling redningsslynge
rescue station redningsstation
Royal National Life-boat Institution, RNLI Redningsvæsenet
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rigging redskab
running rigging redskab
reduce reducere
reefer reefer
reefer plug reefer plug
reefer-trade reeferfart
reefer hold reeferlastrum
reefer ship reeferskib
reefer plug reeferstik
reference electrode referenceelektrode
reflecting tape refleksbånd
reflection refleksion
reflector reflektor
reflector antenna reflektorantenne
reflector compass reflektorkompas
refraction refraktion
regional pilotage regionallodsning
register register
register register
register-ship registerskib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
register ton registerton
register tonange registertonnage
registry registrering
registry record registreringsblad
registration book registreringsbog
registration office registreringsbureau
registration certificate registreringspapir
regulation reglement
rain. Precipitation of drops of water which falls from a cloud regn
rainbow regnbue
rain awning regnsejl
rainy mist regntåge
Regulus Regulus
raise the stern-frame rejse
raise a shore or a ship rejse
raise the land rejse
rise easily upon the seas rejse
round charter rejsebefragtning
run charter rejsebefragtning
rigging rejsning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
running rigging rejsning
rising of the timbers rejsning
raising rejsning
right ascension rektascension
relative motion, means the combination of relative course and relative speed relativ
relative speed relativ
relative course, means the direction of motion of a target relative to own ship's position expressed as an angular displacement from north. It is deducted from a number of measurements of target range and bearing on own ship's radar relativ
relative bearing, means the direction of a target from own ship expressed as an angular displacement from own ship's heading relativ
relet relet
remanence remanens
run up into the wind rende
rendezvous rendezvous
reapir reparation
rebuild reparation
repair thoroughly reparation
rebuild a ship reparation
refitting reparation
repair dockyard reparationsværft
repeating compass repeaterkompas
repeat signals repetere
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
repeating flag repeterflag
repeater repetiteur
repeater repetitør
return the salute resalutere
rescue basket rescue basket
rescueboat rescueboat
reserve buoyancy reservebæreevne
residuary buoyancy reservebæreevne
reserve displacement reservedeplacement
reserve buoyancy, the watertight volume above water level... It may be defined as a percentage of a vessel's total volume or the remaining force of buoyancy equal to vessel's freeboard in inches times the tons per inch immersion at load draught reserveopdrift
resonant frequency resonansfrekvens
resonance cavity resonanskavitet
residuary stability reststabilitet
residuary stability lever reststabilitet
right so ret
retardation retardation
retention capability retentionsevne
rectilinear retlinet
radio direction finder retningsfinder
retrograde movement retrograd bevægelse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
retro reflexive materials retrorefleksivt
righthanded rope retslået
return to the upright position rette
righted herself rette
reef rev
reef rev
ridge rev
reef rev
reef. An area of rocks and coral, detached or not, the depth over which constitutes a danger to surface navigation.
Offshore bar of sand along a coast. An offshore consolidated rock hazard to navigation with depth of 30 m or less over it.
A term for a low rocky or coral area some of which is above water
retaliate revanchere
reef effect reveffekt
rotating reflector lamp reverber
river reverset
river revier
rotate revolvere
rhumbline rhombelinie
rulestaff ri
rigid inflatable boat rib
ribb ribbe
rail of the head ribbe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rib-framed ribbebygget
ride out a gale ride
ride hard ride
ride exceedingly hard ride
ride hawsefull ride
riding easy ride
riding a portoise ride
ride for the anchor ride
ride at anchor ride
ride ride
riding hard ride
ride under water, and sink in a tempest at anchor ride
riding down ride
running rig rig
Rigel Rigel
Rigel Kent Rigel Kentaurus
rig the head pump rigge
rig rigge
rigger rigger
rig chain rigkæde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rig rigning
rigging screw rigningsskrue
rigging plan rigningstegning
rig wire rigningswire
ribband rii
ring ring
ring bolt ringbolt
ring deck ringdæk
ring magnet ringmagnet
ring brush ringpensel
rice channel ris
risk assessment risk assessment
row ro
row flat ro
row all at once ro
row a long stroke ro
row a long stroke ro
row standing ro
row dry and not heave water in the boat ro
row dry ro
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
row against anything ro
roll-on roll-off - passenger ship ro-pax
ro/ro-cargo space ro/ro-lastrum
roll on/roll off vessel ro/ro-skib
ro-ro vessel ro/ro-skib
Ro-Pax = ro-ro and passengership ro/ro-skib
Ro-Con = ro-ro and container vessel ro/ro-skib
row-boat robåd
Rodgers' patent small-palmed anchor Rodgers smalbladede patentanker
rod rig rodrig
rod wire rodwire
rower roer
rower of a boat roer
rower of a barge roer
rowing boat rofartøj
rowing flotilla roflotille
Rohde's signalling system Rohdes signalsystem
rowing team rohold
rowing command rokommando
roll on/roll off roll on
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
roll on/off - - lift on/off ROLO
rowing roning
rowing guard ropatrulje
row port roport
rudder ror
rudder ror
rudder head ror
rudder boss ror
rudder heel ror
rudder blade ror
rudder coupling ror
rudderpost ror
rudderstock ror
right the helm ror
rigth the helm ror
right the helm ror
rudderpost roraksel
rudderstock roraksel
rudder arm rorarm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rudder stop rorbegrænsning
rudder movement rorbevægelse
rudder coat rorbroge, rorbrog
rudder trunk rorbrønd
rudder well rorbrønd
RORC Rule RORC -regel
rudder blade rorflade
rudder hole rorgat
rudder pintle rorhage
rudder pendamt rorhanger
rudder head rorhovede
rudder indicator rorindikator
rudder calibration rorkalibrering
rudder adjustment rorkalibrering
rudder-trunk rorkiste
rudder coupling rorkobling
rudder-head rorkop
rudder-house rorkop
round-house of the rudder rorkop
rudder quadrant rorkvadrant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rudder quadrant rorkvadrant
rudder chain rorkæde
rod-and-chain steering gear rorledning
rudder hoist rorløftetalje
rudder brace rorløkke
ruuder bearing rorpande
rudder position indicator rorpositionsindikator
rowing boat rorsjolle
rudder mould rorskabelon
rower rorskarl
rudder pendant rorskinkel
rudder pendant with their chains rorskinkel
rudder stock rorstamme
rudder post rorstævn
rudder pendant rortalje
rudder tackle rortalje
rudder chain. "One or two chains secured to the rudder horn and leading to each quarter of the vessel. In case of break-down of the steering gear they were used for keeping the rudder under control. They are nowadays replaced by the rudder brake." rortalje
rudder pintle rortap
rudder telegraph rortelegraf
rudder rope rortov
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rudder line rortov
rudder angle rorvinkel
rudder angle indicator rorvinkel
rudder angle command rorvinkel
rudder angle amplitude rorvinkel
rudder indicator rorviser
rudder indicator rorviser
rudder yoke roryoke
rose lashing rosenkrydsning
rowing rosport
rowing sport rosport
rostrum rostrum
rat rotte
Rotterdam patch Rotterdamlap
ratguard rotteskærm
rat guard rotteskærm
Round Robin round robin
routier routier
remote operated vehicle ROV
rowing practice roøvelse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rowing exercise roøvelse
Recognized Security Organization RSO
Refrigerated Sea Water tank RSW-tank
rub a seam rubbe
rubber rubber
round house ruf
roof ruf
round-house ruf
rye bread rugbrød
roll rulle
roller rulle
roller rulle
rollar rulle
roll rulle
rotation about the longitudinal axis and named positive when it appears clockwise if viewed in the direction of this axis; negative roll i.e. anti-clockwise looking ahead; positive roll, i.e. clockwise looking ahead rulle
roll the gunnels in the water rulle
roller conveyor rullebane
rolling stocks rullebedding
rolling slipway rullebedding
roller boom rullebom
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rolling foresail rullefok
rolling foresail rulleforsejl
rolling fore stay rulleforstag
rolling genua jib rullegenua
roll bascule bridge rulleklapbro
roller fairlead rulleklys
rolling hatch rulleluge
roll period rulleperiode
roll test rulleprøve
roll reef rullereb
roll recorder rullerecorder
rolling hatch beam rulleskærstok
rolling stay rullestag
rolling hitch rullestik
roll-on roll-off tonnage rulletonnage
rolling rulning
rolling axis rulningsakse
rolling test rulningsforsøg
rolling speed rulningshastighed
rolling speed rulningsperiode
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rolling adjustment ring rulningsring
round a mark runde
row rounds rundere
round sterned ship rundgattet
rough-trees rundholt
rough-tree fender rundholt
round voyage rundrejse
round-sling rundsling
round seam rundsøm
round-turn rundtørn
round turn and two half hitches rundtørn
round turn and preventer hitch rundtørn
round turn and half hitch with round turn rundtørn
round turn and half hitch rundtørn
Rung's Universal Bathometer Rungs Universal Bathometer
runner runner
run agreement. "In the case of a run agreement the voyage clause simply says: The employment shall be in respect of a voyage from ... to .. runsejlads
rouse russe ind, ruse ind
rouse in russe ind, ruse ind
rust chipping / scaling rustbankning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
regular service rutefart
Ruthwen's Patent Ruthwens patent
Royal Yachting Association RYA
ridge ryg
rails of the head ræling
rough tree rail rælingsliste
Red Cross letter Røde Kors-brev
royal røjl
rigged with a royal mast røjlrigget
rock røn
rocky ledge røn
remain sakke
rail ferry berth sakseleje
return a salute salut
rally the fleet samle
rendez vous samlingsplads
rip saw sav
rolling lift bridge scherzerbro
rolling bascule bridge. scherzerbro
rear admiral schoubynacht
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
reef band sejl - 1.
reef points sejl - 1.
reef of the sail sejl - 1.
rope lashings sejl - 1.
roach sejl - 1.
roach sejl - 1.
royal studding-sail sejl - 1.
ring-tail sejl - 1.
ringtail sejl - 1.
run under easy sails sejl - 1.
reef sail sejl - 1.
rigging of a ship sejl - 1.
route planning sejladsplanlægning
ready for sea sejle
run right into a port sejle
run down sejle
run between a and b sejle
run up or sail up a river sejle
run up in the latitude of a place sejle
run before the wind sejle
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
run down the longitude sejle
retention of vessel sejlforbud
ready to sail sejlfærdig
ready for sea sejlfærdig
ready for sea sejlklar
route sejlvej
run up the cable sejse
rack sejse
reef-line sejsing
reef line sejsing
racking sejsing
reading of a sextant sekstant
ribband sent, senter
ribband sent, senter
rail sent, senter
rising line sent, senter
ribbands between the floor-ribband and the extreme breadth ribband sent, senter
ribband plan senteplan, senterplan
ribband sheer sentespring
rounding of the side side
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rudder sideror
return a salut signal
reconnoitring signal signal
Record of Equipment for the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate sikkerhedscertifikat
roach fishing boat skallefisker
round-shot skarp
rising of the ship's floor afore and abaft skarp
run of the ship skarp
Regiment for the Sea skatkammer
restricted in its ability to manoeuvre skib
roaders skib
run of the ship skib
refit skibmande
resistance skibsmodstand
registrar of shipping skibsregistrator
red watch, blue watch and white watch skifte
rudder pendent skinkel
Riga Spoon skipperske
rear admiral skoubynakt, Schoutbynacht
radial paddle wheel skovlhjul
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ratchet block skraldeblok
ratchet stopper skraldestopper
rattle skralle
right handed skrue
right hand propeller skrue
rut of the sea skvalp
ripple skvalpe
range a ship fore and aft skyde
rake on the head skyde
run ahead skyde
run up against the anchor skyde
run ahead skyde
rocks skær
ridge skær
reef skær
ridge of rocks skær
reeve a rope in a tackle skære
run freely through the block skære
ridges skærgård
raster scan screen skærm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rail skøjte
right hand twisted slå
round turn slag
round-turn slag
rider slagstænder
rope lay - the direction in which a rope is twisted up slåning
rounding slapning, slapping
rounding slapning, slapping
reckling slapning, slapping
repeater compass slavekompas
rolling slingerage
roll slingre
roll away the masts slingre
rack for the cabin table slingrebræt
rolling sail slingresejl
rolling-tackle slingretalje
rolling slingring
release device slipapparat, slippeapparat
rescue ramp sliske
ready-made clothing; in the British Navy, the clothes and bedding of the men, which are supplied by the Government at about cost price; usually in the plural (slops) slopkiste
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
rower slup
rower in a sloop sluproer
rescue sling slynge
rov slæbefisk
remote operating underwater vehicle or floating apparatus slæbefisk
ramp slæbested
rib of a parrel slæde
running before the wind sløring
relieving-rope smaktov
running eye snurrepibe
ring-net fishing snurrevodsfiskeri
rising of the sun sol, solen
reflected image of the sun solbillede
Royal marines detachment soldateske
rib spant
reverse angle spant
room and space spantedistance
ribband line of the stern spejlsenter
raffe spids
raffee - a triangular sail set above the upper yard in a schooner carrying a square foretopsail spids
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
run the gauntlope spidsrod
run the gauntlet spidsrod
rig the capstan spil
rope drum spilkop
rigger's screw splejseskrue
rake of the stem spring
rudder stopper springline
rudder-pendant springline
rabbet spunding, spunning
rabbit cut in the keel, stem and stern posts spunding, spunning
rabit spunding, spunning
rebate spunding, spunning
rabbet line spundingslinje
rabbet plank spundingsplanke
rabbet spunning
righting moment stabilitetsarm
residuary stability lever stabilitetsgrundlag
righting moment stabilitetsmoment
residuary stability stabilitetsreserve
rail moulding stålemne
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
runner down or down-haul of a tye stander
row badly stange
receiver station station
relative position sted
Register of Machinery, Chains etc. and Wire Ropes stemplingsliste
Register of Machinery, Chains etc. and Wire Ropes stemplingsliste
revetment stenglacis
reef stenrev, stenrevle
ridge stenrev, stenrevle
rocky point stenrøse
rising water stige
riser pipe stigrør
running knot stik
racking-hitch stik
racking hitch stik
running knot stik
rolling-hitch stik
reef earing stikbovt, stikbolt
reef-earings stikbovt, stikbolt
rig a sail stikke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
raise the tacks stikke
raise tacks and sheets stikke
raise the ma intack stikke
recess bunk stikkøje
rank stilling
rating stilling
Rude's star finder portrays graphically the approximate altitude and azimuth of the 57 stars listed in Nautical Almanacs stjernefinder
ring-ropes stopper
ring stopper stopper
ring-rope with an iron hook stopper
ring-rope with laniard stopper
ride out a gale storm
rudder-tackle stormtalje
reefer jacket stortrøje
run aground strande
run ashore strande
receiver of wreck strandfoged
rhomb line streg
rope-ladder strikkestige
ride a portoise stryge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
ride the head-rope of a sail strække
ridge of rock strækning
regular current strøm
race strømras, strømrase
rip current - a narrow intense current setting seaward through the surf zone. Rip currents usually occur at all points, groins, jetties etc. caused by a rapid current setting over an irregular bottom strømras, strømrase
rapids. The swift floww of water caused by a steep descent in a river bed. cf. torrent strømsted
rolling-tackle stuttalje
rolling tackle stuttalje
rolling tackle stuvtalje
rudder chain styreledning
rake of the heel styrlastighed
raking stern stævn
run into danger stævne
run ashore støde
run aground støde
rolling tackle støttetalje
rolling tackle støttetalje
rope for securing cargo surreline
reeve the catharpings on a shroud svigte
rate of swing svingning
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rate of turn svingning
rate of turn indicator svingning
ring-rope lanyard svøber
range synge
ready to sink synkefærdig
range of light.
"The range of visibility of lights as given in the Lights Lists and as shown on the charts is the nominal range, which is the maximum distance at which a light may be seen in clear weather expressed in nautical miles.
Luminous range is the maximum distance at which a light may be seen under the existing visibility conditions... Both the nominal and luminous ranges do not take into account elevation, observer's height of eye, or the curvature of the earth.
Geographic range is a function of only the curvature of the earth and is determined solely from the heights above sea level of the light and the observer's eye
reaming-iron sætjern
run aground sætte
run on shore sætte
run down on the lattitude sætte
rough sea
run before the sea
reconnoitre søge
round seam søm
round-headed nails søm
restricted sea area søområde
right of enforcing maritime lien søpanteret
restaurant keeper sørestauratør
rover sørøver
rules of the road søvejsregel
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roof tagbue
reef tage
reconnoitre a shore or coast tage
reef tage
race tage
run under bare poles takkel
running rigging takkelage
rigging takkelage
rigging barge takkelagepram
rigging plan takkelagetegning
rigging model takkelbræt
roping twine takkelgarn
rigging hook takkelhage
rigging house takkelloft
rigging loft takkelloft
rigging band takkelskinne
rig takle
rig a yard takle
rig a ship takle
re-rig takle
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rigger takler
relieving tackle talje
reef tackle talje
rolling tackle talje
ridge-tackle talje
rope end tamp
rack tandbane
radio silence period tavshedsperiode
radio room telegrafhus
radio station telegrafhus
radio operator telegrafist
radio officer telegrafist
radio station telegrafrum
radio time signal tidssignal
retention board tilbageholdelsesnævn
representative tillidsmand
rigging tilrigning
rig a ship tiltakle
rig a mast or a yard tiltakle
running hour time
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rank titel
report for service tjeneste
revenue cutter toldkrydser
rowlock tollegang
rowlock tollegang
rule of thumb method tommelfingermetode
rung-head top
royal lift toplent
rolling hitch toplentstik
rope tov
rope tov
relieving rope tov
ride with a clear hawse tov
ring-rope tov
raking a tackle tov
rope made with three strands tov
rope stiffness tovstivhed
rope-spunge tovvisker
rope made with four strands tovværk
running rigging tovværk
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range of the cable tovværksbugt
rope gauge tovværksmål
rope stopper tovværksstopper
rule transportør
ruler transportør
rower of the long boat travaljeroer
rope to worm a cable trensning, trænsning
rope trosse
rope gauge trossemål
rope sewn to the lower edge of a sail trædetov
refloat trække
racking-seizing tusindben
raking tusindbensbændsel
raching tusindbensbændsel
racking (or raching) with round turn tusindbensbændsel
ride athwart the tide tværs
relative motion marker tændstik
raft tømmerflåde
raft-port tømmerluge
raft-port tømmerport
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round tørn
round turn and elbow tørn
raft tørnholt
radiation velocity udbredelseshastighed
rangeport udehavn
raked stern udfaldende
remote island Udholm - Vdholm
remote holm Udholm - Vdholm
release cord udløserline
routing out udpurring
radiation fog udstrålingståge
range of stability udstrækning
rate of discharge udstrømningshastighed
rig udtakle
ram undervandsisfod
rescue undsætte
rough sea urolig
rise easily upon the sea vage
rise easily vage
rise easily upon the seas våge
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relieve the watch vagt
relieve the watch vagt
relief of the watch. vagtafløsning
roster vagtrulle, vagtsrulle
relieving the watch vagtskifte
rapids vandfald
resistance of the water vandmodstand
run vandre
royal shroud vant
rigging screw vantskrue
rigging screw vantskrue
road-ferry vejfærge
roller fairlead vejviserrulle
rowed off all vel
ready about vende
ready about vende
refuse stay vende
refuse to tack vende
reversing thermometer vendetermometer
ratline vevling
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run up into the wind vind
reigning vind
rocking centre vippecenter
reeve a rope vise
rope spunge visker
rising tide voksende
receiver of wreck vraginspektør
ram ship vædderskib
ram - bronze or iron-shod stem or projecting forefoot on ancient warships, used for ramming enemy vessels vædderstævn, vædringsstævn
rave hook værkekrog
ripping-iron værkekrog
repair ship værkstedsskib
rattle down vævle
ratling vævling
ratline, short lenght of ratline stuff secured to the shrouds horisontally and serving as ladder rungs for the crew to ascend or descend vævling
ratling seizing vævlingbændsel
ratline vævlinggods
Robert Whitehead Whitehead, Robert