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The Great Lakes Register ABS
they came by the river ad
towards the sea ad
title deed adkomstdokument
the Lord High Admiral admiral
the Admiral of the Fleet admiral
the Fleet Admiral admiral
the Admiralty admiralitet
the Lord High Admiral admiralitet
the Admiralty Board admiralitet
The Admiralty Board of the Defence Council admiralitet
take down adskille
total advance advance
the storm blows out af
trash affald
tricing line affiringstov
tricing lines affiringstov
trice affiringstov
tricing line affiringstov
the ship is underway afgå
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the departure is postponed afgang
To bear down afholde
take off the service afklæde
To take a drawing off is to transfer the lines to the lumber by using a scriber or an awl afkrabbe
travelling track afløbningsbane
traveling track afløbningsbane
take over the watch afløse
trace. afmærke
the buoyage direction changes. The reversal of the direction is indicated on the charts afmærkning
The first international buoyage system was proposed by the International Marine Conference, Washington 1889. In 1936 the League of Nations recommended a uniform system with »red to port«. This system was followed by most countries until 1977 when IALA Buoyage System »A« was implemented, later followed by »B« in USA and Japan waters afmærkning
The master must record in the seaman's discharge book ... the capacity in which employed, date employment began, and date and place of discharge afmønstre
test afprøvning
test routine afprøvningsrutine
trimming afretning
train afrette
to ride out a gale afride
terrace afsats
transmit afsende
transmitting station afsenderstation
term used for a circular plank, edgeways, to work in the bows of the ship afskarpe
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to be relieved afsked
the shipper is technically known as freighter. When a freighter charters a ship, the contract is known as a charter party. afskiber
Tools used: a plane, adze or scraber afslette
timber shoring afsprosse
take care of your berth afstand
timber room afstand
telemeter afstandsmåler
tune afstemme
tides fall aftage
twilight falls aften
to-night aften
towards evening aften
twilight aftendæmring
twilight aftenskumring
top off aftoppe
the aftermost ship agter
tow aft agter
the wind is veering agter
the innermost lenght of cable agterløber
the aftermost man agtermand
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the sternmost ship agtermand
the run of a ship agterskarp
the after body agterspant
timbers including stern-post, transom and fashion pieces agterspant
The earlier vessels had what is called a square tuck - a flat stern with a sharp edge where the bottom planks joined it agterstævn
The stern - The lowest part of the stern is fined down somewhat more than the forepart so that the water can reach the propeller more easily, and the narrow floor plates extend right up beyond the stern tube, through which the propeller shaft extends out to the propeller. Above this there are stringers and tiers of beams as in the forepeak. In the uppermost broad part of the stern is space for accommodation and steering engine.
The stern frame itself forma s clear-cut stop for the hull... The lowest part of the stern frame extends a few frame spaces forward to provide a good connection to the hull, and it often extends below the propeller to the lower edge of the rudder, giving it support.
Higher up on the stern post is the boss carrying the stern tube with the propeller shaft. The upper part bends aft and extends into the lower part of the stern, so that stern post and stern support each other. The rudder stock passes through here so that there is a connection from the steering engine to the rudder
tern-sheets agtersæde
the Bull's Eye Aldebaran
the moon's age alder
Table of Amalphi Amalfikoden
transatlantic liner amerikabåd
tonnage mark amningstal
tighten andreje
transit mark anduvningsmærke
there is a cat's paw ane
tally the sheet anhale
take a turn anhold
tripping arms ankerarm
The riding bitts are heavy bitts on the main or gun deck for securing the anchor cables ankerbedding
the anchor is at the cat head ankeret er for kranen
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the anchor is a-cockbill ankeret er for kranen
the anchor turns on the ground ankeret er kæntret
The anchor is apeak ankeret er ret op og ned
the >anchor is under foot ankeret er ret op og ned
the anchor stands on its crown ankeret er ret op og ned
the anchor is up and down ankeret er ret op og ned
the anchor is at a long peek ankeret er ret op og ned
the cable grows ankeret viser
throat ankerhals
trend ankerhals
throat ankerkryds
the throat of the arms is the rounded angular point where the arm is joined to the shank ankerkryds
the clutching of the arms, the trent of an anchor ankerlæg
the stopper chain ankerslipapparat
the shank painter ankerslipapparat
tumblers ankerslipapparat
the ship has cleared the cables swinging the right way ankertov
the cable has a kink ankertov
To buoy up the cable ankertov
the cable grows exceedingly ankertov
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to drag a cable in the ship's wake ankertov
to stopper the cable ankertov
the bitter ankertov
to flake ankertov
time of arrival ankomsttidspunkt
to anchor ankre op
to spring the luff anluve
touch anløbe
tarnish anløbe
temper anløbe
turnbuckle ansætningsskrue
tropical year år
task arbejde
toil arbejde
the ship pounds on the bottom arbejde
the ships labours violently arbejde
traffic frequency arbejdsfrekvens
thole pin åretold, åretolle
thole åretollepind
the Arch Sea arkipelag
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the Arches arkipelag
tender armeret skib
the space underneath the grate bars in a furnace which has the double function of receiving ashes and providing air space for combustion of the fuel askegrav
The Atlantic Ocean Atlanten
transatlantic liner atlanterhavsdamper
The arc of the horizon intercepted between the north or south point and the foot of the vertical circle passing through the body azimuth
take a compass azimuth azimuth
theodolite azimuthalcirkel
The first ship to enter service with Azipods will be the 70,000 gt approximately, Elation, for Carnival Cruises. The Azipod syste has been created by Kvaerner-Masa-Azipod of Helsinki, Finland ... The system does away with the need for a rudder, long shafts and stern thrusters. All those items are housed in the swivelling pod which has the propeller mounted on the forward end of the pod. azipod-propeller
trireme båd
trim the boat båd
the thwartship board immediately forward of the coxswain's box, placed across the stern sheets of the boat to support the backs of the occupants båd
thwart båd
thole båd
The longshoremen usually perform the serviceof tending mooring lines, docking and undocking, at a cost of approximately $ 100.00 per service bådmand
tow cable bådslæb
tow wire bådslæb
the sailors belonging to the boatswain bådsmandsgast
turn to port bagbord
to be on larbord tack bagbord
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ten degrees on the port bow bagbord
three points on the port bow bagbord
the wind on the port side bagbord
to port bagbord
take the wrong side of a point bagsejle
the receding movement of a wave bagsø
The Antilles Current Bahamasstrømmen
topgallant forecastle bak
Topgallant forecastle bak
topgallant bak
tray bak
tray bak
taken a-back bakke
to be taken aback = laid aback = to lie by the lee = to chapel bakke
to lay all flat aback bakke
to bag-pipe bakke
traverse a cannon bakse
To travas [traverse] a peece [gun] is to turn her which way you will upon her platform bakse
train = horizontal movement, the vertical movement = point bakse
training tackle baksetalje
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tell-tale apparatus bakviser
tub balje
top-sail halyard tub balje
the ballast is garnished with mats ballast
the ballast shoots ballast
the ballast shoots ballast
the ballast shifts ballast
take in ballast ballast
trim the ballast ballast
trim the ballast ballast
tier of ballast-boards ballastkiste
The Baltic Current Baltiske Strøm, Den
track bane
travelling backstay bardun
top gallant mast's backstay bardun
turnbuckles bardunstrammer
The cargo was barged on board barge
The great boat crew barkasse
the long boat crew barkasse
tan barke
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tanned sail barke
tanning pot barkegryde
tanning vessel barkegryde
topsail schooner barkentine
topsail schooner barkentine
The wales ... The term is seldom used by shipbuilders of the new school... The wale strakes located where channel fastenings are, were named channel wales. The planks below were named the main wales, and below these again were the diminishing strakes, so called because it was here the planks began to be diminished in thickness and merge into bottom planks ... The present day method of planking ... all planks between sheer and garboard strakes are alike in thickness and method of fastening, the old distinguishing names...­ have become obsolete barkholt
The uppermost strake of a vessel is stronger than the rest, and is called the wale. In an open boat it is the saxboard. The wale of a boat is the strake running beneath and supporting the outer edge of the gunwale. It is sometimes called the board or the rubbing piece. barkholt
top wale, middle wale barkholt
The frames which would carry the hull up to the gunwales were then put in place, and the hull was completed by bolting four wales to the upper frames and filling in the spaces between them with planks nailed to the frames without any mortise or tenon joints barkholt
tanning barkning
tack corner barm
throat corner barm
tack corner barm
the barometer is steady barometer
the barometer is falling barometer
the barometer is rising barometer
the barometer stands low barometer
tendency of the barometer barometertendens
temperature error barometri
topgallant bulwark bastingage
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to carry the ports too near the surface of the water batteri
the gundeck = the main deck = the upper deck batteridæk
The Baumé hydrometer sinks to 0° in water and 10° to which it sinks in a 10% solution sodium chloride at 12,5° C Baumé
the wind has becalmed bedare
towing-bitts bedding
topsail-sheet-bits and the like bedding
to unbitt bedding
to bitt (the cable). »... the chain is passed through ... and bitted bedding
Two ships are hauled out of the water on John C's slip bedding
turn around the bitts beddingsslag
turn about the bitts beddingsslag
take a turn round the bitt beddingsslag
Two stops called dogshores held everything back until the last minute, when they were knocked out beddingsstiver
trade on a place befare
trade between places befare
to ply is to make progress against the wind befare
to be a good pilot for a certain place. To be acquainted with the bearings and soundings, settings of the tides &c. of any particular shore befare
the merchant who loads a ship or freights her, to convey a cargo to some distant place befragter
tars beg
thick-headed or stupid person begkugle
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tar begsnude
track made good beholden
tank beholder
trimming a rough tree behugge
top bekaje
to cross a yard bekaje
to top a yard is to draw one of the extremities of it higher than the other, by slacking one lift, and pulling upon the opposite to place the yard at a greater or less obliquity with the mast bekaje
topping lift bekajer, kajereb
tripping line bekajer, kajereb
The rope got nipped in the gap beknebsklampe
the cable runs foul upon the windlass, or the cable is pressed between the utmost bight and the carrick bit beknibe
to mould a piece of timber bemalle
table of complement of a ship bemandingsregel
trysail bentingssejl
trysail. "Sail of reduced size used by small craft in place of the mainsail during a storm. Alternatively, a fore-and-aft sail set on the mast of a squarerigged ship" bentingssejl
test trial besejle
to work a slip besejle
trial trip besejling
trial test besejling
trial test besejlingsprøve
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to hull a ship beskyde
to play on the quarter of a ship beskyde
thermal protective aid beskyttelsesmiddel
TPA beskyttelsesmiddel
truss-hoop beslag
the calculation of position or course from track or ground speed or, in the instance of waterborne craft, from a past knowledge of course made good and water speed bestik
traverse table bestiktabel
traverse board has holes for pegs and shows courses and speed made good. A traverse table is a trigonometrical table showing the sides of any right-angled triangle and from which can be deducted the difference of lattitude and departure i.e. difference in longitude measured in nautical miles bestiktavle
the art of conducting or steering a ship bestyrelse
The Ship's Register is the roster or list of crew and passengers besætningsliste
to fasten, or to belay the end of a lashing or seizing besætte
true movement bevægelse
the ship moves rough bevægelse
the ship moves stiff bevægelse
the ship moves heavy bevægelse
the ship has rough movements bevægelse
to bi
try bi
Trying is to have ... but the mainsail, the tack aboard, the bowline set up, the sheet chore aft, and the helm tied down bi
try bi
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try under a fore-course bi
try under bare poles bi
try a-hull bi
trim sharp bidevindsejlads
tributary biflod
thimble bigat
tire casing fender bildæksfender
The Danish Car Ferry Association Bilfærgernes Rederiforening
tye to bilægge
try bilægge
trying ship bilægger
two posts with a topbridge bipodmast
to the bitter end bitre ende, til den
transom bjælke
to be laid on the beam ends.
A ship heeled over so far that the deck beams are nearly vertical
thick stuff bjælkevæger
take in sails bjærge
take in net bjærge
the ship is seaworthy bjærge
The apron is the forward continuation of the deadwood up behind the upper stem bjørn
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The Atlantic Blue Ribbon Blå Bånd, Det
top gallant sprit yard blinderå
top sprit rig blinderejsning
the lee timoneer blindmand
trolling blinkfiskeri
tackle-hook blok
turned pin blok
the channel or vacant place in a block, which contains the sheave blok
tie block blok
tye block blok
thick and thin block blok
tye block blok
tackle-pendents-block blok
top block blok
tie block blok
top sheet block blok
top-sail-sheet block blok
tail block blok
top block blok
triple block blok
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trebble block blok
threefold block blok
two blocks blok
the blocks of a ship blokværk
there is a strong wind blæse
the wind is rising blæse
the wind blows hard blæse
The New BOE International Code System BOE International Code System
tabling bolt
the tabling of the sails at the edges or bolt-ropes bolt
tabling bolt
transom bolt bolt
the bolts of the lower links of the chains bolt
toggle-bolt bolt
trennel bolt
topping lift bom
the derrick is a-top bom
the bar of a harbour bom
topping lift bomdirk
topping lift for boom bomhanger
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throat of a boom bomklo
topping guy bomløfter
topping lift bomløfter
test of derrick / test of boom bomprøve
topping-lift bomreb
twine bomuldsgarn
tabling bonnet
to unlace the bonnet, to shake of the bonnet bonnet
tallow boottop
take off bord
take off bord
the crew was taken off the ship bord
throw overboard bord
the main mast is shot by the board bord
tablemoney bordducør
the ship was boarded borde
track bordée
top-and-butt system bordlægning
table money bordpenge
table money bordpenge
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teredo boremusling
teredo boreorm
throat brail borggivtov
transport bortskibe
the central part of the propeller connected to the shaft boss
the bottom structure, boss frame, and plating, boss plate, supporting the shaft boss
turbot botter
tack bout
topgallant hand bovenbramsejlsgast
topgallant rigging bovengods
topmast tackle bovenjolle
topgallant tackle bovenjolle
tackle for hoisting the mizzen topgallant mast bovenkrydsjolle
top-hamper bovenvægt
top-heavy bovenvægtig
the bowsprit steeps too upright bovspryd
the bowsprit stands too upright bovspryd
tack bovt
tack bovte
turn to windward bovte
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The American Practical Navigator Bowditch
tow boxere
topgallant bram
topgallant backstay brambardun
topgallant brace brambras
topgallant brace pendant brambrasskinkel
topgallant buntline brambuggårding
topgallant bowline brambugline
topgallant yard tye bramdrejereb
topgallant-tye bramdrejereb
topgallant halyard bramfald
topgallant halyards and clewlines bramfald
topgallant buntline bramgårding
topgallant clewline bramgivtov
topgallant buntline bramgivtov
topgallant rigging bramgods
top-rope bramjolle
topgallant studdingsail bramlæsejl
topgallant scuddingsail bramlæsejl
topgallant studdingsail halyard bramlæsejlsfald
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topgallant studdingsail downhaul bramlæsejlsnedhaler
topgallant studdingsail yard bramlæsejlsrå
topgallant studdingsail spar bramlæsejlsrå
topgallant studdingsail sheet bramlæsejlsskøde
topgallant futtock shrouds brampyttingvant
topgallant yard bramrå
topgallant parrel rope bramrakke
topgallant cross-tree bramsaling
topgallant sail bramsejl
topgallant hand bramsejlsgast
topgallant gale bramsejlskuling
topgallant gale bramsejlskuling
topgallant yard schooner bramsejlsskonnert
two top-sail schooner bramsejlsskonnert
topgallant sheet bramskøde
topgallant stay bramstag
topmast stay bramstag
topgallant staysail bramstagssejl
topgallant mast bramstang
topgallant lift bramtoplent
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topgallant rigging bramvant
topgallant shrouds bramvant
trim sharp brase
to shiver the sails in the wind brase
trimming all sharp brase
tonnage breadth bredde
top-timber breadth bredde
true brigantine brig
trysail gaff briggaffel
Trysail brigsejl
the hole of the privy brilgat
timber bridge bro
timber bridge with iron girder bro
transporter bridge bro
the helm port transom brog
the helm port brog
throat-brail of the mizzen brog
tensile strength brudstyrke
tensile strain brudstyrke
the sea roars bruse
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the sea breaks bryde
transom of a carriage bryst
turret brystværntårn
The expression simply means to start the discharge brække
trip the anchor brække
trip the anchor brække ankeret
thermal value brændstof
The lateen rigged bonaventure mizzen was in use by the late 1470s buenaventuramast
the Poulsen arc transmitter buesender
the foot of a sail, also the belly of a sail bug
towing assistance bugserassistance
tug bugserbåd
tugboat bugserbåd
towboat bugserbåd
tow bugsere
tug bugsere
tow by means of a tug bugsere
towing speed bugserfart
tug bugserfartøj
tugboat bugserfartøj
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towboat bugserfartøj
towing power bugserhestekraft
To make sure that the expression of bollard pull is based on a uniform set of criteria, The DNV ... has formulated a test that will give the best possible indication of a tug's true towing power. This test stipulates that a continuous bollard pull be maintained for at least 10 to 15 minutes in order to arrive at an indication of a tug's true pulling power.
[Specifications in Appendix II:]
Engines shall be run at the manufacturer's recommended maximum continuous output.
The propellers fitted shall be the proppellers used in normal operations.
The length of the tow wire shall not be less than 300 m, measured between the stern of the vessel and the shoreline.
The water depth at the test location shall not be less than 20 m within a radius of 100 m of the vessel.
The vessel shall be able to maintain a fixed course for not less than five minutes.
tow assistance bugserhjælp
towing bugsering
towage bugsering
tow hook bugserkrog
towing hook bugserkrog
tow line bugserline
towing resistance bugsermodstand
towing bitts bugserpullert
towing service bugsertjeneste
tug service bugsertjeneste
tow bugsertov
towing wire bugsertov
tow bugsertrosse
towing wire bugsertrosse
tier of the cable bugt
trestle buk
touch bottom bunde
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the angle which the straight portion of the bottom of the floor of the midship section makes with the base line. It is expressed by the number of inches rise above the base line in the half-beam of the vessel bundrejsning
third futtock bundstok
the floor-timber amidship bundstok
top-timber bundstok
tow a ship by a boat buxere
truss tackle byfogden
template frame byggespant
The bearing is the widest part of a vessel below the plank-shear bælg
throat-seizing bændsel
the benches or seats in the stern sheets of a boat bænk
The boat is capable of supporting all men bære
the wind is carrying off bære
tricing bærestrop
topmark buoy bøje
tuns bøje
the Lord High Admiral who could levy 'buoyage' as well as 'beaconage' bøjepenge
trochoidal wave bølge
the running of the waves against the ship bølge
trochoidal wave bølge
trochoidal wave bølge
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transverse wave bølge
transverse wave bølge
trough of the wave bølgedal
through of the sea bølgedal
the captain of a small vessel which is obliged to go every 14 days from Amsterdam or Bremen to Hamburg børtskipper
Tropic of Cancer Cancer
trunnions Canon
tail-tackles Caution
toptimber ribbands center
true altitude centrale højde
the barge chalup
tank cisterne
tank boat cisterne
tiller clavus gubernaculi
to wind a call Commando
total loss Condemnere
twenty foot equivalent unit container
tank container container
twist lock containerbeslag
twist lock stacker containerbeslag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
twist lock containerlås
the point the ship really sails upon Cours
true course Cours
true course Cours
traverse-course Cours
third flag carrier cross-trader
tropical revolving stor cyklon
today dag
the days are getting longer dag
the light of the day dag
the ships of today dag
the ships of the day dag
The main anchors, from the heaviest to the smallest, are the sheet [anchor], best bower, small bower, and spare anchor dagliganker
twilight dagskær
turbine-steamer dampskib
the term steamer includes all ships having sufficient means for mechanical propulsion, except where provided with sufficient sail area for navigation under sails alone. dampskib
The General Danish Shipmasters' Association founded 1874- Danmarks Skibsførerforening
The Ship Credit Fund of Denmark Danmarks Skibskreditfond
The Danish Church Abroad - Danish Seamen's Church Dansk Sømandskirke i fremmede Havne
turning davit david, devis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the spirit of the sea. The sea spirit presides over all the evil spirits of the oceans Davy Jones
The Seven Seas De syv Have
the angle by which the apparent path of a photon is altered from a straight line by the gravitational field of the sun. The path is deflected radially away from the Sun by up to 1,75 sec. at the Sun's limb defleksion
top-sail inner leech line demgording
training wall. "Training wall, is a mound - often of rubble or stones - along a channel to direct the tidal stream through the channel in order to keeping it free of silt. A training wall is often submerged or partly submerged." dige
top of a dike digekam
to caulk the seams digte
toicharchos diopos
topping lift dirk
topping lift on the mizen-yard dirk
top a boom dirke
treble horn (contra bass horn) diskantsirene
telemeter distancemåler
the bottom shell plating in a doublebottom ship dobbeltbund
tandem crane method dobbeltkranmetode
twin propeller dobbeltpropeller
twin screws dobbeltpropeller
twin-screw dobbeltskruet
topping dopper
turn drej
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
turn dreje
turn to port dreje
turn dreje
the wages count dreje
twist a cordage the wrong way dreje
take a sheer away (from ...) dreje
twist the strands of a rope dreje
try (vb) to lie-to in heavy weather, with reduced sail or, sometimes, under bare poles dreje
turning circle.
"The path aproaching the form of a circle described by a vessel with the rudder at its maximum angle turning 360° at full speed
turning effect drejeeffekt
turning speed drejehastighed
turning tral drejeprøve
turning point drejepunkt
turning radius drejeradius
tye drejereb
topsail tye drejereb
tye of the topsails haliard drejereb
top-gallant haliard drejereb
top-tackle drejereb
tye block drejerebsblok
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tye block drejerebsgie
turning signal drejesignal
turning drejning
turning circle drejningscirkel
turning diameter drejningsdiameter
turning effect drejningseffekt
The sea anchor is streamed in the towing line and pulled back by the tripping line drivanker
tide it up a river drive
to fall over the anchor drive for ankeret
thrust of propeller drivtryk
tonnage drægtighed
tonnage drægtighed
tar new rope drøge
tar boiling pot drøge
tar boiling place drøge
The Red Duster duster
time signals DUT1
tonnage depth dybde
the draught is the vertical distance from the top of the keel amidships to the subdivision loadline in question dybgående, dybtgående
the draught of a vessel is the vertical distance between the waterline and the keel." The draught marks are cut into each side of the stem and stern and painted in a contrasting colour of the hull. The marks can be in English unit on the one side and metric on the other side. Metric measures are one decimeter high and only the even figures are marked. The figures for English feet are six inches and are cut for every foot. Reading the bottom of the figures gives the draught in feet and reading the top of the figures gives the draught in feet and six inches dybgang
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tilting on the water dystløb
turret deck dæk
trunk deck dæk
tween-deck dæk
the poop dæk
the upper deck of a ship with two decks or the middle deck of a ship with three deck dæk
tweendeck dæk
tonnage-deck dæk
turtle-back dæk
turtle-deck dæk
trunk-deck dæk
turret-deck dæk
Transverse beam which supports the deck plating and is part of the ship's structure dæksbjælke
the deck line is a horizontal line twelve inches in length and one inch in breadth. It is to be marked amidships on each side of the ship, and its upper edge is to pass through the point where the continuation outwards of the upper surface of the freeboard deck intersects the outer surface of the shell. dækslinje
top-sail inner leech line dæmpegårding
twilight factor dæmringstal
the compass hangs død
there is a swell dønning
taught dør
the reflux of the tide ebbe
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The period between high and low water is the ebb tide ebbe
the tide goes out ebbe
the tide ebbs ebbe
the water falls ebbe
tide begins to fall ebbe
tide begins to go out ebbe
Tabulated data from which the location of a satellite relative to the earth may be determined for any time within a specific time interval efemeride
turn end for end endevende
the capacity to do work, wheteher mechanical, electrical or thermal; expressed in joules energi
the principle of conservation of energy energi
the MEPC maintained momentum on the issue and made substantive progress in developing technical and operational measures to address such emissions, including the development of an energy efficiency design index for new ships and an energy efficiency operational index, with associated guidelines for both; an efficiency management plan suitable for all ships; and a voluntary code on best practice in energy efficient ship operations energiindeks
topman entregast, emtregast
the eye bolts in the cap eselørn
tholes stringer essing
the run of a ship for twenty four hours etmål
the movements of a fleet in forming the line of battle, or the orders of retreat or sailing evolution
Telegraphy using frequency modulation, narrow band direct printing (Telex) F-forkortelser
Telegraphy using frequency modulation, with a single channel containing quantized or digital information with the use of a modulating sub-carier, for automatic reception F-forkortelser
Telegraphy using frequency modulation, with a single channel containing quantized or digital information with the use of a modulating sub-carier F-forkortelser
Telephony using frequency modulation F-forkortelser
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the water and provision casks of a ship fadeværk
tun buoy fadtønde
timber and room or room and space fag
topgallant halyard fald
throat halyard fald
throat halyard fald
topsail halyard fald
tye halyard fald
topmast staysail halyard fald
to fall off falde
turn falde
to make lee-way falde
to drive or fall to leeward falde
the ship crafts the wrong way falde
the water falls out falde
the removable part of the ships bulwark through which persons enter the ship faldereb, faldreb
the upper corner of a saty-sail, where the halyards are fitted faldhorn
trap door faldlem
to chapel a ship fange
to build a chapel fange
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thumb-cleat fangeklampe
travel by sea fare
travel to sea fare
trade fare
the speed is 20 knots fart
the ship has no way on her fart
the way is off the ship fart
take the way off the ship fart
trade fart
trading on fart
tramp fart
time table fartplan
trading certificate fartscertifikat
trading certificate fartsområde
trade area fartsområde
trading permit fartstilladelse
territorial waters farvand
transit pilot farvandslods
transit pilot station farvandslodseri
transit pilot service farvandslodsning
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traffic safety precautions farvandssikring
topmast fast
topmast fast
topmast backstay fastebardun
to fathom / sound favn
tallow-horn fedthorn
the fresh water load line in Summer is indicated by the upper edge of a line marked F. The difference between the Fresh Water Load line in summer and the Summer load line is the allowance to be made for loading in Fresh Water at the other load lines. ferskvandslastelinje
top armour finkenetsklæde
topgallant rail finkenetslønning
the wind veers fire
tenon firkant
truss tackle firløber
twofold purchase, a purchase in which two double blocks are used firskåret
trice up the bunt of a sail fiske
trawling net fiskenet
Trawling is used to about 350 fths and dredging is also used on the seabed when it is shallower water down to around 50 fths. Mid-water trawling is also used from the surface to a point clear of the bottom.
Encircling gear is used to scoop up quantities of fish as in purse seining down to about 50 fths and seine netting on the seabed down to 350 fths.
Static fishing gear includes gillnets and setnets used from the surface down to where the bottom is up to 50 fths deep, long lining from the surface down to the seabed at about 150 fths and pots used on the seabed down to 400 fths to catch the crustaceans.
A side trawler sets and hauls the trawling gear over the side and, as the name implies, the stern trawler does the same over the stern
Technological Laboratory of the Ministry of Fisheries Fiskeriministeriets Forsøgslaboratorium
The Fish Inspection Service of the Ministry of Fisheries Fiskeriministeriets Industritilsyn
The Ministry of Fisheries fiskeriministerium
torpedo fisketorpedo
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trawler fisketrawler
touch up fjolse
the admiral's clerk flådeskriver
the red ensign flag
truck of the flag staff flagknap
truck flagknop
the bottom of a ship from keel to bilge flak
tight flak
the planks of the bottom or floor flak, flakvand
the shrouds and other rigging at the mast-head flegting
torrent; "a profuse and violent outpouring of water flod
the tide flows flod
tidal wave flodbølge
tidal bulge of water flodellipsoide
tide-generating force flodfrembringende kraft
tidal range flodhøjde
tide-gauge flodmåler
tidal range flodskifte
tier flore
to float flot
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top-gallant sail of a Dutch smack flueklap
to be floating flyde
to be water born flyde
the tide flows flyde
to stand away from flygte
to fly flygte
The Flying Dutchman Flyvende Hollænder
truck of a vane fløjknap
tally or haul the sheets of the fore-sail flat aft fok
trinquet or fore sail in a lateen vessel fok
trinket fok
two rope-yarns twisted together foks, fox
trade winds so vessels could be running before the wind fordevindpassaterne
tabling fordobling
temporary correction foreløbig rettelse
there are 8 fathoms chain-cable between anchor and hawser forfang
the sheer given to the keel downward on the stocks forgynget
tow forhale
track or tow a ship by a rope with a single block forhale
tow forhale
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The dues payable for movages are as follows: within the main harbour, vessels not over 3,000 tons - $ 14.30... The dues payable for the pilotage or movage of a dead ship are one and one-half times the charges prescribed in Sections 1 and 3..." forhaling
take shipping forhyre
terms of engagement forhyringsbetingelse
the thick stuff and ceiling placed next to the keel over all the floor-timbers foring
total loss forlise
tide ebbs forløbe
the water falls forløbe
to support the connection of the timbers and planks, the joinings in one set will be opposite to the third or middle of the pieces in the other forløbe
take forløbe
the headmost ship in a fleet, drawing into a line formand
The obscuration of a celestial body caused by its passage through the shadow cast by another body formørkelse
total eclipse formørkelse
the ship was down by the head forover
the after-sails becalm the fore-sails forsejl
transfer forskyde
the rake of the stem forstævn
to prop the hold forstøtte
to shore the hold forstøtte
the view fortoning
the prospect of any thing fortoning
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The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations Ltd. FOSFA
two rope-yarns twisted together fox, foks
trade fragtfart
The minimum freeboard of a vessel is the vertical distance from the freeboard-deck to the loadlines, indicating the maximum permissable draught, measured at the middle of the ship's length. The freeboard deck is the uppermost continuous deck equipped with permanent means of closing all openings which are exposed to the elements fribord
the freeboard assigned is the distance measured vertically downwards at the side of the ship amidships from the upper edge of the deck line to the upper edge of the load line mark. fribord
The freeboard deck is the deck from which the freeboard is measured, and is the uppermost complete deck having permanent means of closing all openings in weather portions of the deck in accordance with Rules ... fribordsdæk
to freshen the hawsers in the holes or to freshen the cables friske
The 2nd officer then went to check the ships lifeboat, which was a stern launched, free fall arrangement to see if it could be launched, this was not possible due to the damaged funnel and wheelhouse being in the way fritfaldsredningsbåd
the groove in which the port-lids are inserted fuge
transportable moisture limit fugtighedsindhold
taut sails fuld
trail-board fyldningsplanke
the light was obscured by fyr
toppion fængrør
traffic obstacle færdselshindring
the whole company of water-men færgelaug, færgelav
thickness førlighed
transport førselsskib
troopship førselsskib
the watch from eight o'clock in the evening to midnight førstevagt
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trade between
take shipping
take shipping
throat halyard gaffelfald
try sail gaffelsejl
try-sail gaffelsejl
trysail gaffelsejl
trysail gaff gaffelsejlsgaffel
timbers of the head galionsknæ
tack gang
The spaces above and below the lines of gunports were painted black, as were the gunport lids, and the spaces between them were coloured yellow. The style was soon copied by the captains under Nelson's immediate command, then by the rest af the British fleeet, and before the Napoleonic wars were at an end, by many ships in foreign navies. By 1815 white had replaced yellow for the spaces between the ports on many ships, and this soon became established as the traditional style of the British warship, and was copied even by merchant ships gang
the barrel gangspil
trundle-head gangspil
the step in a standard gangspil
the saucer gangspil
test engineer garantimester
topgallant sail buntline gårding, gording
teech line gårding, gording
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topsail buntline gårding, gording
twine garn
thread garn
twine garn
twine garn
tarred twine garn
tarred rope yarn garn
thick stuff garnere
The Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk, 1983 edition gaskode
The Code for Existing Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk, IMO 1976 gaskode
the hind part of a ship gat
the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Geneve GATT
transit ocean gennemgangshav
transit port gennemgangshavn
through bill of lading gennemgangskonnossement
transhipment gennemgangstransport
transit passage route gennemsejlingsåbning
transit passage channel gennemsejlingsåbning
transit fairway gennemsejlingsåbning
transit waters gennemsejlingsfarvand, transitrute
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transit route gennemsejlingsfarvand, transitrute
transiting the canal gennemsejlingsfarvand, transitrute
transit pilotage gennemsejlingslodsning
transparency of the air gennemsigtighed
The genoa or jenny was originally referred to as the 'overlapping jib' or the Genoa jib genua, genoa
the latitude and longitude of a point on the Earth's surface relative to the centre of the Earth; also celestial coordinates given with respect to the centre of the Earth geocentrisk
topographical latitude geodætisk
true latitude geografisk
The lower guy blocks are shackled to convenient ringbolts on deck on either side near the bulwarks gerdbeslag
tackle gie
threefold purchase gie
tackle fall gieløber
the arched or vaulted end of the drifts gilling
the cove gilling
the upper counter gilling
the second counter gilling
the lower-counter gillingsknæ
the ship yaws larboard gire
the ship rides ensy gire for sit anker
the steersman has floggeed or cheated the glass glas
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The idea of constructing a large model of the terrestrial globe to show the relationship of land and sea correctly was put forward by the Greek scholar Crates before the Christian Era globus
The Danish Maritime Authority's List of approved materials and equipment godkendelsesbog
The Gulf Stream Golfstrømmen
tables of the sun's declination gradbog
take the ground grund
the ship foundered grund
take the ground grund
the water shallows grund
the water is shoaling grund
the hemispheres gyrohus
The Hague-Visby Rules Haag-Visbyreglerne
The Hague Rules, recommended by the International Law Association for international adoption in 1921 after several discussions between all parties interested, were finally approved after making some amendments in 1924. These rules define the minimum responsibilities and liabilities as well as the maximum rights and immunities of ocean carriers Haagreglerne
taffrail - the rail around the top of the bulwark or rail stanchions on the after end of the weather deck, whether upper, main, raised, quarter or poop hakkebræt
taffarel (gl) hakkebræt
tafferel of a ship hakkebræt
taffrail hakkebræt
the train hale
together hale
tally, or haul aft the sheets of any sail hale
the top-sail sheets are home hale
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to bring the broad-side of a ship to bear hale
tallying the main-sheet or fore-sheet hale
tally hale
to quit the mooring in the dock-yard and laying a ship out in the road to be ready for sailing hale
transporting chock halegat
the improved model: Hall's stockless anchor improved by Joseph Wright & Co. Hall's anker
tack hals
tack hals
tack hals
throat hals
tack halsbarm
tack-piece halsbolt
tack-seizing halsbændsel
tack halse
the main tack's hole in the side halsgat
tack knot halsknob
tack-cringle halsløjert
tack tricing-line halsophaler
tack-stopper halsstopper
tack stretcher ? halsstrækker
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tack tackle halstalje
topsails half mast up halv
to pull hand over hand hånd
trading vessel handelsskib
that the navy did not pay as well as merchantmen…. Ned spent the greater number of his years in merchant sail handelsskib
topping lift hanger
tackle pendant hanger
the tye-blocks on a top-mast head hanger
tye block hangerblok
topping lift winch hangerspil
The Harmattan Harmattan
tight as a harp string harpestiv
There is a general average act when, any extra ordinary sacrifice is intentionally [done] for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure havari
the harbour is crowded with shipping havn
touch at a port havn
touch at a port havn
trip the top-sails hejse
the hoist hejse
telescop funnel hejseskorsten
telescopic funnel hejseskorsten
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time chartering helbefragtning
throat and end seizing hellebændsel
temporary bend helling
the projection onto the celestial sphere of the earth's equator himmelækvator
to cant hive
the ship is registered in X hjemmehørende
throat seizing hjertebændsel
throat-seizing hjertebændsel
The Hjortspring Boat hjortspringbåden
truck of a carriage hjul
The International Convention on Liability and Compensation for Damage in Connection with the Carriage of Hazardous and Noxious Substances by Sea HNS-konventionen
the anchor has taken ground hold
the anchor bits holde
to lye on the course holde
The Royal Dockyard Holmen
top side tank hoppersidetank
the plane at right angles to the direction of gravity modified by the acceleration set up by the rotation of the planet horisontal
telescope bar horisontalalidade
to sway up hov, sætte om hov
the main top-mast is on end hov, sætte om hov
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tonnage breadth hoveddimension
tonnage depth hoveddimension
tonnage length hoveddimension
to sheat hud
touch ground hugge
take the ground hugge
touch the bottom hugge
the ornamental figure on the counter timber hukmand
The foot has considerable round or roach and, as it flows freely away from the boom, ... has more power for a given area than the laced-footed sail huling
Taking the jib as the first example, it will be seen that the luff has an outward curve, or roach as it is called, and that the maximum roach is directly opposite the clew huling
topmast head hummer
tye hole hummergat
the sheaves in the notch of a top mast or top gallant mast hummergat
the watch from twelve o'clock at night to four o'clock in the morning hundevagt
To prevent turns forming in the cables as the ship swings with the wind and tide, a mooring swivel is inserted between the cables and then veered outboard hvirvelbøjle
tornado hvirvelstorm
topgallant poop hytte
tight and shong hægt og tæt
transom hækbjælke
the lower transom hækbjælke
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transom plate hækbundstok
transom knee hækknæ
transom knee is a curved timber or iron which joins the ship's quarter to the transom. It is bolted to the transom and to the after timbers hækknæ
top-timbers of the fashion piece hækstøtte
top timbers of the fashion-piece hækstøtte
trimmed by the stern hæl
tell tale compass hængekompas
toe-strap hængestrop
taunt-masted høj
The angular distance of a celestial body above or below the horizon measured along the great circle passing through the body and the zenith. Altitude is 90 deg. minus zenith distance højde
true altitude højde
time of high water højvandsklokkeslæt
Time differences high water højvandskonstant
time differences low water højvandskonstant
time of high water højvandstid
transferred position line ikke-samtidig
take off a ship ilandsætte
the margin line is a line drawn parallel to the bulkhead deck at side and 3 inches below the upper surface of that deck at side immersionslinje
The International Mercantile Marine Officers' Association IMMOA
tanktop inderbund
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tumbling home of the top-timbers or housing in indfald
tumble-home side indfaldende
tumbling home side indfaldende
transfer of a ship to a national register indflage
take in ballast indhive
to take a ship through the ice into port indisning
togglede indknevlet
tumbling home indknibning
to put any rope in the beckets or fasten it by means of a wooden roller indknæve
to fill up a mortise with its tenon indknæve
take in indlade
take in indlaste
the offing indløb
touch, to call at any port, to put into harbour indløbe
tuck indstik
tuck a strand under another strand indstik
take in a sail indtage
tenanting indtappe
the plate has been set in indtrykning
The resistance of a body to being set in motion or, if it is already in motion, to resist any alteration in the direction or speed of that motion. The force of inertia increases with the mass of the body and with the speed of the motion applied." - inertia inerti
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The resistance of a body to being rotated; equal to the sum of the products of the mass of the particles that make up the body and the square of its perpendicular distance from the axis about which the body turns.
moment of inertia
The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea = ICES International Havforskningsråd, Det
the ice begins to break is
the ice-breaker service isbrydningstjeneste
the state ice-breaker service isbrydningstjeneste
tow-line jagertrosse, jagetrosse
tow-rope jagertrosse, jagetrosse
the Janus Configuration employs two Sonar beams - one aligned ahead and one aft janus konfiguration
the Black Stream Japanstrømmen
traverse horse of a yard jern
The Governing Body of the International Labour Office, at its 303rd Session (November 2008), decided to convene a meeting of the Subcommittee on Wages of Seafarers of the Joint Maritime Commission from 12 to 13 February 2009 to update the ILO minimum basic wage of able seafarers JMC
top-rope jolle
topgallant rope jolle
the earth jorden
the hawse-pieces which are nearest the stem judasøre
turbulent motion of the sea kabbel
the sea running in heaps kabbel
telegraph cable beacon kabelbåke
tow rope kabeltov
towing cable kabeltov
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textbook for cadets kadetlærebog
top kaje
test alongside quay kajprøve
top-gallant poop kammer
touch-hole kanon
the mouth kanon
the trunnions kanon
the gun hangs fire kanon
the gun is elevated kanon
the gun is depressed kanon
the gun is leveled horizontal kanon
the gun is housed kanon
the gun is housed fore and aft kanon
the gun is housed athwart kanon
the guns housed kanon
take aim kanon
to house a gun fore and aft kanon
take out your tompion kanonekcersits
tompion kanonspejl
the northern shore kant
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trim a sail kanthale
trim a sail kantsætte
The Cape Horn Current Kap Horn Strøm
tank capacity kapacitet
the capacity plan shows a longitudinal and transverse profile of the vessel and particulars such as:
gross register tonnage - gross tonnage
net register tonnage - net tonnage
deadweight capacity on the different loadlines
displacement scale for varying draught
loadlines for summer, winter etc.
tank, bale and grain capacities
try rowing kapro
try sailing kapsejlads
to perform quaranteine karantæne
The master of any vessel arriving from a place outside X must send by radio to 'Quarantine Y' ... a signal requesting permission to enter harbour, i.e. requesting -practique-... Should the master fail to request practique the pilot may bring the vessel alongside but no person may leave the ship until Quarantine Clearance has been granted by the Quarantine Officer karantæne
The Great Bear Karlsvognen
The Dipper Karlsvognen
throw clear kaste
throw over board kaste
the end is stopped round the timber head kaste
the wind is chopping about kaste
the anchor is hooked kat
Terra Japonica kateku
the act of catting- katning
There is a great temptation therefore for labour to use cargo hooks to manhandle these [bags] into and out of their stowage positions in holds, containers etc katteklør
the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code kemikaliekode
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the breadth of the ship is the extreme width from outside of frame to outside of frame at or below the deepest subdivision loadline kendingsmål
These are made of non-corrosive nickel steel and are in four parts, one of which is the stud or chock. The link is secured by means of a metal spile pin and lead pellet, the pin being driven diagonally through the two sides of the link and the stud kentersjækkel
telescope kikkert
twilight factor kikkert
ticklish kilden
terrestrial visible horizon kiming, kimming
the visible horizon is hazy kiming, kimming
the bilge kiming, kimming
the bulge kiming, kimming
turn of the bilge kimingsrunding
thick stuff of the floor-heads kimingsvæger
the thick stuff and ceiling placed about the floor-heads kimingsvæger
two-shift watch kinesertørn
top the anchor kippe et anker
the glad tidings of an Ark for sailors to be launched on the Thames... Chapel preaching and consultations kirkeskib
trench kiste
trench the ballast kiste
truck klåde
truck klåde
truck of the parrels klåde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
truck of the shrouds klåde
They built by eye and by experience and were not hampered by Admiralty Rules and Regulations as to measurement and design, material, etc klamp
transmitted from one generation to the next orally and by example in the workplace klamp
The newer building techniques were, in some respects, cruder in manufacture, but they were more sophisticated in concept. They required the shipwright to visualise and predict accurately the lines of the hull before construction. It was no longer a simple matter to follow the lines by eye as the hull developed. This neccessity to predict lines before construction is fundamental to the idea of design klamp
the steps which are nailed on the gangway klampe
tumb-cleat klampe
top mast tackle klapløber
to clear the land or a bank when a ship is embayed klar
the fog breaks klare
The ship's character of clasification symbols - e.g. +100A1 - and appended class notation for hull - e.g. *IWS - are recorded on its certificate of class klassebetegnelse
throat klo
throat halyard klofald
The Bell Rope Cord Design shown here is begun at the base. It starts with six double strands, which are used for the double Nelson Braid. Next, a double Wall Knot is formed, which is followed by a Twelve-Strand Star Knot after splitting the strands klokketov
throat-downhauler klonedhaler
toilet room klosetrum
That part of the bow where the hawsepipes are located klys
the lining or ceiling of the inside of a ship klædning
The purpose of Cross Curves - known as KN Curves - is to enable statical stability curves to be drawn for any sailing condition, on the basis that KN minus KG x sin angle or inclination, equals GZ, the righting lever. I.e. GZ = KN − KG sin Θ KN-kurve
truck knap
truck of a flag-staff knap
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
truck of the mast-head knap
turn to windward knibe
to rally the land knibe
to haul-up under the land knibe
the iron stirrups which keeps the tiller fast to the rudder head kniber
throat knæ
the standard which fastens the cutwater to the stem knæ
transom knee knæ
topsail sheet bitt knægt
timber-head with sheave knægt
toggle-bolt knævle
toggle knævle
turbulent sea koble
traverse board koblebræt
traverse-table kobletabel
turned pins to belay ropes kofilnagle, kufnagle
tug boat kogge
trunk kogger
the cook's shifter koksmath
the act of ships striking together kollision
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take over the command kommando
the wind comes in staboard or port komme
trading company's apprentice kompanidreng
the compass card and magnet system rests on a spindle in a bowl filled with spirit to steady its movements which otherwise would be too wild kompas
tell-tale compass kompas
The dues payable for compass adjusting and trial trips are as follows: during compass adjustment - $ 14.30; during combined compass adjustment and trial trips - $ 21.45 kompasretning
The phenomenon in which two bodies have the same apparent celestial longitude as viewed from a third body. Conjuntions are usually tabulated as geocentric phenomena. For Mercury and Venus, geocentric inferior conjunction occurs when the planet is between the Earth and Sun, and superior conjunction occurs when the Sun is between the planet and Earth. konjunktion
trimmed moulded condition- konstruktionstrimmet
The Committee for Danish Maritime History and Anthropology - National Commission of the International Commission for Maritime History Kontaktudvalget for dansk maritim historie- og samfundsforskning
toggel kop
turned pin kop
The Copernican System kopernianske system
tye kordel
the gears kordel
table of chords kordeskala
The main frame, one edge of which is the arc korpus
thimble kovs
thimble for ring-bolt kovsering
tail of the cat-head kranbjælke
traveller krans
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the sea was choppy krap
there was a chop on the sea krap
timberscribe krappejern
the poulterer kreaturoppasser
the poulter kreaturoppasser
tell-tale compas kronekompas
transport case kronometer
turn kryds
turn to windward krydse
turning to windward krydse
tack krydse
Tack to and from krydse
tacking mark krydsmærke
take a list krænge
the cable kinks or grinds krænge
tying along krængning
turn topsy-turvy kuldsejle
top-gallant gale kulingsvejr, kuling
time of culmination kulminationsklokkeslæt
track kurs
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
track kurs
the course kurs
track made good kurs
track over the ground kurs
true course kurs
track through the water kurs
track made good kurs
traverse sailing. A method of determining the equivalent course and distance made good by a craft following a track consisting of a series of rhumb lines. The solution is usually made by means of traverse tables." kurskoble
track line kurslinje
turning davit. "They [the davits] are hinged at their heels so that they can be canted outboard to the lowering position or inboard to the stowage position kvadrantdavid
tar brush kvast
throat kværk
the coast bears north kyst
to coast kyst
the chain is tight kæde
top chain kæde
The individual links of chain cable were strengthened with studs, earlier variously known as stays, crosspins, or spreaders. Not only did these prevent the kinking to which open-link or crane-chain was subject, but they prevented the links stretching and narrowing, when under strain kædeled
turn over kæntre
turn topsy-turvy kæntre
true lover knot kærligehdsknob
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
take down the hammocks køje
turn out the hammocks køje
turned in køjs
top of the keel køl
to be upright køl
to heave down a ship keel-out kølhale
track of a ship kølvand
taxi Køre på vandet
travelling crane kørekran
tar labsalve, lapsalve
taring labsalving
the rammer laderedskab
the rope rammer and spunge laderedskab
the spunge laderedskab
the worm laderedskab
The goods or merchandise carried on board a ship for payment of freight ladning
the cargo has shifted ladning
trim of the hold ladning
temperature of the cargo ladningstemperatur
type of cargo ladningstype
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the broad-side lag, laug
tier lag, laug
top block lammefjerdingsblok
the land is laid land
the land falls land
the edges of the planks which overlay each other land
tongue of land landtunge
traffic lane lane
the foremost shroud langrem
trestle tree langsaling
top lanthorn lanterne
The wind was what is called at sea a soldier's wind, that is, blowing so that the ships could lie either way, so as to run out or into the harbour. låringskuling
To scarph is to unite any two pieces of timber together by the extremeties, so that the end of one goes over the end of the other, being tapered that the one may be let into the other and become even, as the keel-pieces, clamps, &c. But when the end of the two pieces are cut square and put together, they are said to butt to one another; and when another piece is laid on and fastened to both, as is the case in all the frame-timbers, this is called scarphing the timbers; and half the piece which fastens the two timbers together, is reckoned the length of the scarph lask
the ballast is well stowed last
the ballast shoots last
the ballast shifts last
the space between the windlass and the main mast upon a deck flush fore and aft last
to take in cargo laste
timber load line lastelinje
the load line disc is twelve inches in diameter and is intersected by a horizontal line eight inches in length and one inch in breadth, the upper edge of which passes through the centre of the disc. The disc is to be marked amidships below the deck line. lastelinjecirkelring
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tonnage mark lastelinjemærke
tropical load line lastelinjemærke
tropical fresh water load line lastelinjemærke
timber-carrying load lines lastelinjemærke
ton lastetønde
the ceiling consists of wooden planks laid longitudinally on top of the tanktop. lastrumsbund
temperate depression lavtryk
tropical depression lavtryk
trough of low pressure lavtryksrende
time of low water lavvandsklokkeslæt
There are three sets of ranges leading into the harbour, as well as 42 light and sound or plain lighted buoys, with numerous small unlit buoys, marking the harbour and approaches ledefyr
training wall ledeværk
training wall. A mound often of rubble, frequently submerged, built alongside the channel of an estuary or river to direct the tidal stream through the channel so that they may assist in keeping it clear of silt ledeværk
training ship for pupils lejrskoleskib
trimming job lempearbejde
trimming manhole lempeluge
trimming hatch lempeluge
trimming shovel lempeskuffe, læmpeskuffe
trimming tank lempetank
trimming lempning
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The Lion Leo
the ship is light let
the ship is underway let
the fog lifted lette
the fog cleared lette
take up the anchor lette anker
trip an anchor lette anker
touch leve, levende
touching sail leve, levende
The Scales Libra
The Balance Libra
tie lidse
the bolt-rope splits from a sail lig
twine liggarn
trying ligge
trying under a balanced mizzen ligge
trying under a reefed main-sail ligge
trying under a try-sail ligge
try a-hull or under bare poles ligge
trying a hull ligge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
to be berthed in … dock ligge
tye to ligge
tye by ligge
to be down by the stern ligge
tye in the trough of the sea ligge
the port stands on the river ligge
The expression laydays relates to the number of days allowed in a charter-party for the loading and discharging of the cargo...
The master must advise charterers in writing as soon as the vessel is ready to load or discharge.
The written advise is called Note of Readiness
the arc of the frame with a scale limbe
the arc on the end of the index bar limbus
truss line
tiller rope line
twine line
two-yarn spun yarn line
tarred line line
twine linegods
tarred line linegods
the rear linje, linie
the van linje, linie
the van to pass and form the rear linje, linie
the center linje, linie
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tack together linje, linie
the Line linje, linie
taffrail fiferail liste
the drop liste
thick-stuff livholt
tie plate livplade
The Committee of Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping Lloyd's
throw the lead lodde
The leadsman stands on a small platform amidships which projects over the side about 2 feet. This platform is known as the - chains - It is fitted with a canvas apron, against which the leadsman leans while heaving the lead and which protects his legs from the wet line lodderepos
Trinity House pilot service lodsvæsen
The acoustic correlation log - utilises acoustic pulses reflected from the seabed or a water mass if the seabed returns are weak or the depth exceeds 200 metres. log, loggeapparat
The doppler log relies on the fact that a moving transmitter which transmits at a consequent frequency will appear to the receiver to change frequency as the transmitter changes position. The change in frequency is dependant upon transmitted frequency, speed of propagation of radio wave, rate of change of position of transmitter (speed) log, loggeapparat
try the current logge
the main hatchway luge
the steward's hatchway luge
the magazine hatchway luge
the gunner's hatchway luge
transverse hatch beam lugeendebjælke
tarpaulin lugekappe
The hatchways are the rectangular openings in the ship's decks giving access to the cargo holds. The vertical plating around the hatchways is called hatchway coaming lugekarm
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the fore-and-aft framing in hatchways and scuttles. Coamings prevent water ffrom running below, and strengthen the deck around the hatches. The athwartship pieces are called headledges lugekarm
The cargo plan is formulated usually from the workbooks of the deck officers lugeliste
the weather bow luv
to windward luv
to weather luvart
to windward luvart
The Windward Islands Luvartøerne
to bring or fall by the lee: to leeward:
† to bring or lay or lie upon the lee: with sails aback:
Man of War ... whom she fought very bravely, and at last brought by the Lee, but had not Men enough to board her (1666)
to leeward
to leeward of
the helm is a-lee
take shelter
thumb cleat læbeklampe
the cables shall be ranged in the dock lægge
to quadrate the guns lægge
trim the hold lægge
tye along lægge
the sea abates lægge
the sea goes down lægge
transfer lægtring, lægtning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the cask is leaky læk
the ship is leaky læk
the vessel has sprung a leak læk
the cask leaks lække
the longitude is the angle between the prime meridian and the meridian of the place measured from 0 to 180° E or W from længde
true longitude længde
tonnage length længde
tight ship læns
top studding sail læsejl
top-gallant studding-sail læsejl
tun læst
tonnage læstedrægtighed
the run of a ship løb
touch at a port løbe
the fore and aft bridge or catwalk is a typical feature of tankers. When loaded a tanker has a very low freeboard and seas are easily shipped over the deck. The catwalk rising above the deck affords a safe connection between fore and aft løbebro
travelling block løberblok
top block løberblok
take up the anchor løfte et anker
traveller løjgang
the seaman relieved the helm løse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
transversal magnet magnet
transient magnetism magnetisk, magnetisme
tons burden måleregel
tonnage measurement rule måleregel
tonnage certificate målingsbevis
tonnage deck målingsdæk
tonnage measurement obligation målingspligt
technical management management
turnbuckle sleeve manchet
tell-tale of the tiller mandhoved, mandehoved
trim of a boat mandskab
The only satellite of the Earth måne
the moon is waning måne
the moon is waxing måne
the moon is up måne
the moon sets måne
the moon goes down måne
the moon rises måne
the apparent orbit of the moon månebane
tropical month måned
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tidal day månedag
time charter månedsbefragtning
temporary officer månedsløjtnant
temporary officer månedsløjtnant
tidal day månedøgn
the moon changes månefase
terminator månefase
total eclipse of the moon måneformørkelse
total lunar eclipse måneformørkelse
tye mantel
tye mantelstag
tackle with a tye manteltakkel
town dab mareflynder
The MARPOL 73/78 requirements include oily waste discharge limitations, oily-water separating equipment, monitoring and alarm systems for discharges from cargo areas, cargo pump rooms and machinery space bilges MARPOL
The Universal Code of Signals for the Mercantile Marine of All Nations Marryatske signalsystem
the meshes maske
try-sail mast mast
the ship is masted mast
take out a mast mast
To be brought up to the mast, is equivalent to being presented before the grand-jury mast
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
The mainmast is the tribunal of justice on board a man-of-war, and a man at the mast must be attended to mast
truck masteknap
tabernacle mastekogger
the mast step in a boat mastespor
top of a mast mastetop
tar matros
trousers matrosbukser
thrummed mat matte
those parts of a matting or pointing interwoven with the rest in an irregular manner, so as to spoil the uniformity matte
The Raft of Medusa Medusa
tween-deck mellemdæk
the gun-room messelukaf
the ward room messelukaf
the ward room messelukaf
the cockpit messelukaf
the quarter deck messelukaf
the steerage messelukaf
The steerage messelukaf
the great cabin messelukaf
the round house messelukaf
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the master messelukaf
the coach messelukaf
the streerage messelukaf
transverse metacentric height metacenterhøjde
the difference in height between mean high water andmean low water middelflodhøjde
time based upon the rotation of the earth relative to the mean sun middelklokkeslæt
the duration of one rotation of the earth on its axis with respect to the mean sun middelsoldag
the midship section of a ship throughout the length of which a constant shape of cross section is maintained middelspant
Temporary correction midlertidig
the helm is amidship midtskibs
transverse resistance moment modstandsmoment
The Moorsom System Moorsoms System
the sea sparkles morild
to moor moring
the ship drags in the mud mudre, mudre op
top mærs
the ring mærs
the lubbershole mærs
the linning mærs
top brace mærsebras
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
top-sail brace mærsebras
top-sail buntline mærsebuggårding
top-bowline mærsebugline
top-sail bowline mærsebugline
top-sail tye mærsedrejereb
tricing line mærsedrejereb
top-sail spilling line mærsedæmpgårding
top sail halyard mærsefald
topsail halyard rack mærsefaldsbalje
topsail's haliard block mærsefaldsblok
top armour mærsefinkenet
top armour cloth mærsefinkenet
top-man mærsegast
topmast hole mærsegat
top-sail clue-line mærsegivtov
top-rope mærsejolle
top whip mærsejolle
timbers of a top mærseklampe
top-armour mærseklæde
top lanthorn mærselanterne
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
top-rail mærselønning
top-brim mærsematte
topmast downhaul mærsenedhaler
top-netting mærsenet
top yard mærserå
top-sail yard mærserå
top-sail parral mærserakke
top-sail parral-rope mærserakke
top rim mærserand
top brim mærserand
top-gunwale mærserand
top-sail reef tackle pendant mærserebsskinkel
top-sail reef-tackle mærserebtalje
top-stanchion mærsescepter
top-castle ship mærseskib, mærsskib
top-sail sheet mærseskøde
top-stay mærsestag
top-outrigger mærsestræber
top-outrigger mærsestøttalje
top-sail topping lift mærsetoplent
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
topsail lift mærsetoplent
top-shroud mærsevant
top-sail mærssejl
top-sail a-trip mærssejl
top-sail on-cap mærssejl
top-sail upon the cap mærssejl
top-sail canvass mærssejlsdug
top-sail sail-cloth mærssejlsdug
topsail breeze mærssejlskuling
topmast mærsstang
tree nail nagle
trunnel nagle
tree-nail nagle
to bend on a flag naje
terrestrial navigation navigation
the sun setting or West nedgående
time of setting.
Theoretical rising and setting occurs when the centre of the heavenly body is on the obeserver's celestial horizon, east or west of his meridian. At these times the true zenith distance is 90°.
Visible rising and setting. These phenomena occur when the upper limb of the heavenly body is just appearing or disappearing below the observer's visible horizon
turn in the hammocks nedtage
Tonnes per centimetre immersion nedtrykningsvægt
TPC nedtrykningsvægt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
The TPC is the mass which must be loaded or discharged to change the ship's mean draft by 1 cm. When the ship is floating in salt water it is found by using the formula: (1.025 x A) : 100, where A is the area of the water-plane in square metres nedtrykningsvægt
The measure of the useful capacity of a ship: net tonnage nettotonnage
treble riveting with the rivets in zigzag nitning, kædenitning, nitnagle
turn nordi
the Winter North Atlantic load line is indicated by the upper edge of a line marked WNA Nordlige Atlanterhavs vinterlastelinje
true north nordretning
the marks are said to be open when the two marks are not in line, and the observer is outside the track. The marks open up to left, when the observer sees the mentioned mark to the right of the other mark nordskel
The Nydam Boat nydambåden
trim by the head næse
The exit from every main compartment occupied by passengers or crew shall be contiunously lighted by an emergency lamp nødlanterne
temporary rig created from materials to hand, used as a replacement in an emergency caused by e.g. weather damage nødrig
tackle on the sides of the rudder nødtalje
two small tackles placed on the tiller in the gun-room of a ship of war, to support the tiller-rope, when it blows hard nødtalje
trans-oceanic sailing oceansejlads
tongue of land odde
take on board / load ombordtage
those on board ombordværende
transhipment omladning
the wind shifts omløbe
tropical revolution omløbstid
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tranship omskibe
tussel a rope omslå
twice laid cordage omslået tov
twice laid stuff omslået tov
The geometric centre of gravity of the immersed volume of the displacement or of the displaced water. It is determined solely by the shape of the underwater body of the ship and has nothing to do with the centre of gravity of the ship opdriftscenter
the rising of the head in the swell of the sea opduve
tracing line ophal, ophaler
tricing line ophalertov
the ship's stay ophold
the single up manoeuvre opkortning
twist knot opkortningsknob
third futtock oplænger
toprider oplænger
the approach course opløbskurs
take in opstikke
tend opsvaje
tide-rode opsvaje
to swing or tend against the wind, or by the current opsvaje
time of earning the off-duty time / overtime / sailing days etc. optjeningstidspunkt
top a yard optoppe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the order of sailing into three columns order de march i tre kolonner
the order of sailing into a line a breast order de march på perpendikulæren
the master overbådsmand
throw overboard overbordkaste
The superstructures are those parts of the ship placed above the uppermost complete deck. Like the rest of the hull, the superstructures have frames, deck and plating, but the dimensions of frames, plates etc. may be smaller then for the rest of the ship overbygning
the marks are on overet
transit line overetlinje
traverse board overfartsbræt
The amount of sinkage will depend upon whether the whole or part of the compartment is available for the entry of water and in determining the floodable length or maximum length of the ship that can be flooded with safety, consideration has to be given to the probable amount of space available in a compartment for water.
This is known as the permeability of the compartment
The ... digital water surface seeker is a self-powered and portable level sensing device."
water surface seeker
take a list overhale
thumb knot overhåndsknob
topmast-studding sail overlæsejl
topmast-studding-sail halyard overlæsejlsfald
tack overstag
This Bill of Lading shall have effect subject to the provisions of the carriage of Goods by Sea Act of the United States, approved April 16, 1936, which shall be deemed to be, incorporated herein, and nothing herein contained shall be deemed a surrender by the carrier of any of its rights or immunities under said act paramountklausul
transit passage
transit instrument passageinstrument
time of passing passagetidspunkt
trade passat
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
trade wind passat
the NE trades passat
trade wind passat
trade wind passat
trade wind belt passatbælte
trade wind passatdrift
trade wind clothes i.e. clothes for fair weather passattøj
trade wind passatvind
top quality polished brass with tipped points passer
traverse passere
tit patte
Turkish toilet pedallokum
take a bearing pejle
take an azimuth pejle
the point bears 120° pejle
the direction of one object from another measured in the horizontal plane either in true, grid, magnetic or relative directions and suffixed T, G, M or R accordingly pejling
the bearing is xxx degrees (true) pejling
the bearing draws forward pejling
the bearing draws aft pejling
true bearing pejling
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
take a bearing pejling
The periagua is known for three distinct features: a flat-bottomed hull with a generous cargo capacity, a modified schooner rig, and two egg-shaped leeboards for lateral resistance when tacking.
Local tradition has long credited the Dutch with introducing the periagua... the simplest [origin] is that it simply is a Dutch spelling of pirogue."
the point at which a body in orbit around the Earth most closely approaches the Earth perigæum
time charter periodebefragtning
tow line pertline
tumble home PHF
The Philadelphia Catechism Philadelphia katekismus
tiller pind
traverse board pindekompas
the old fashion stem was a steel bar connected to the keel and riveted to the shell plating pladestævn
tye block platblok
the dog-watch platfodsvagt
top rim platrand
thrummed sennit platting
the Plimsoll mark indicates the limit to which a ship may be loaded. The name relates to Samuel Plimsoll who advocated fixed rules to be introduced for the maximum loading of ships. In 1876 the Merchant Shipping Act was amended accordingly and the rules spread to other countries plimsollmærke
true plot plot
tracking, means the computer process of observing the sequential changes in the position of a target in order to establish its motion plotning
The plough ploven
the intercept line pollinje
the intercept on a line of bearing pollinje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tarpaulin presenning
tarpaulin presenning
tips primgjelder
the swabber profos
true distance projektion
true area chart projektion
The term conformal was applied to map projections by Gauss in 1825, and eventually supplanted the alternative terms "orthomorphic" (Lee 1944; Snyder 1987, p. 4) and "autogonal" (Tissot 1881, Lee 1944).
No projection can be both equal-area and conform, and projections which are neither equal-area nor conformal are sometimes called aphylactic (Lee 1944; Snyder 1987, p. 4)
tompion prop
tompion prop
twin propeller propel
tree-plug iron proppejern
take in supplies proviantere
testing tank prøvetank
trial trip prøvetur
trial speed prøvetursfart
the for poppet cradle consists of two or three baulks of vertical timber, the tops of which fit under a for and aftplate fixed to the ship's side by means of angle bars and brackets. pudestøtte
timber head pullert
timber head next to the cathead pullert
the wooden tube pumpe
the chamber pumpe
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the pump spear pumpe
the upper box pumpe
the brake pumpe
the pump hose pumpe
the hole in the side of the pump pumpe
the lower pump box pumpe
the fulcrum or cheeks of a common pump pumpe
the pump sucks pumpe
the pump is foul pumpe
the pump fetches the water pumpe
the pump blows pumpe
the pump looses the water pumpe
the pump is fetched pumpe
trunk or thin covering which cases the ship's pump in order to preserve it pumpekogger
the coat round the pump pumpekrave
turn out purre
the iron bound dead-eyes in the top pyttingsjomfru
The increased bollard-pull achieved using the AHT nozzle is not only a result of the optimised nozzle profile pæletræk
tar bucket pøs
The way is off my ship. You may feel your way past me R
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
trumpet råber
the skeleton of a ship radden
thin leather råhud
top-gallant parrel rakke
truss-parrel with tackle and pendants rakke
top parrel rakke
truss-parrel rakke
truss-parrel rakke
tub parrel rakke
truck of a parrel rakkeklåde
truss-pendant rakkeskinkel
truss tackle rakketalje
truss rakketov
top-chain råkæde
top chains to sling the lower yards in, when a ship goes to action råkæde
toptimber of the fashion piece rançonholt
third rate rang
tender ship rank
transom frame ransonholt
transom rappert
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
transom rappert
trucks rappert
trunnion hole rappert
the barrel rat
the wheels rat
tiller rope ratline
tiller rope ratline
top sail råtopsejl
tell-tale ratviser
take in a reef reb
take in a reef rebe
take in a reef rebe
tie a reef in rebe
the equipment or fitting out of a merchantman rederi
throw-overboard life raft redningsflåde
the rails or drift-rails redningsliste
the state or register of every thing belonging to a ship's equipment or fitting out reglement
The Doldrums regnhullet
two days out from rejse
the waves increase rejse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the sea grows rejse
to peak up the gaff rejse
toss the oars up rejse
trip charter rejsebefragtning
taunt masted ship rejsning
throughfare rende
thorofare rende
thorough repair reparation
thus ret
trim the sails rette
trim a ship or right a ship after she has heeled over rette
to right rette
true course retvisende
to beat a reveille on the drum, as at day-break reveille
to heave and set ride
the ship rides hard, is a bad roader, she heaves and set ride for et anker
top-hoop ring
traveller ring
train-bolt ringbolt
toichoi robænk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
transtra robænk
thranit roer
thalamit roer
take of some of the helm ror
the rudder makes foul water ror
the helm a-lee ror
the helm a-weather ror
the ship answers the helm or steers well ror
the ship steers well ror
the ship answers the helm readily ror
Twist-flow-rudder ror
thwart rorbænk
timoneer rorgænger
The steering engine connecting device transmits the movement of the wheel to the steering engine. On many of the older type and smaller vessels this is accomplished by shafting or rope rove through guides and fairleads rorledning
tiller rorpind
tiller rorpind
tiller extension rorpindforlænger
tiller cheater rorpindforlænger
trick at the wheel rortjeneste
The action of the water on the rudder forces the stern of the vessel sideways, and the vessel changes course rortryk
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
trick at the wheel rortørn
tell-tale of the rudder rorviser
the card or face of a sea compass rose
tholepin rotold
tallow the tompion of a gun rude Kanoner
traverse tables rudetabel
the sea rolls rulle
the offing rum
the main sea rum
take sea room rum
the officer appointed to row rounds runden
the girth rundholt
the ship is iron-sick rust
the uppermost bow-ribband rækkesenter
taffrail log rælingslog
toppin røding
top-gallant-sail of a sloop røghat
try the winch røre
tubular mizzen mast rørmesan
toe-link røstkæde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tail sab, sap, zap
trestle tree and cross tree saling, sahling
trestle tree saling, sahling
trestle-tree saling, sahling
tandem lifting system samløftsystem
traverse table calculation sammenkobling
tabling of the mast sammenlåsning
Traverse sailing is the term given to the combination of plane sailing solutions when there are more than two courses. The various legs of the ship's track are the hypotenuses of a series of plane sailing triangles sammenpinding
tie two ropes together sammenstikke
true direction sand
the great circle from a point joining it to the true-north pole sand
true motion, means the combination of true course and true speed sand
true speed sand
true speed, means the speed of a target obtained by a vector combination of target relative motion and own ship's true motion sand
true motion sand
true course sand
true course, means the true direction of motion of a target expressed as an angular displacement from norrth. It is obtained by a vector combination of target relative motion and own ship's true motion sand
true noon sand
true midnight sand
true bearing, means the direction of a target from own ship or from another target expressed as an angular displacement from north sand
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
timber board sandbor, sandbord
true time sandklokke
the Chair of St Peter Sankt Peders Stol
taughten sanse
the gammoning of the bowsprit santerning, santærning, sandterning
two hand saw to saw planks sav
tenant-saw sav
two-hand-saw sav
two hand saw to saw planks sav
two hand frame saw sav
twohand saw sav
tabling sejl - 1.
tabling in the bunt of a sail sejl - 1.
twine sejl - 1.
tack sejl - 1.
the courses sejl - 1.
top sails and topgallant-sails sejl - 1.
triangular mizzen sejl - 1.
the bonnet sejl - 1.
tack sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
throat sejl - 1.
tack sejl - 1.
topmast studding-sail sejl - 1.
topgallant studding-sail sejl - 1.
top-mast studding-sail sejl - 1.
top-sail sejl - 1.
try-sail sejl - 1.
top-sails sejl - 1.
take in sail sejl - 1.
take off sail sejl - 1.
take in a sail sejl - 1.
taught sail sejl - 1.
trim a sail sejl - 1.
the sail is in sejl - 1.
the sail is full sejl - 1.
the sail is set sejl - 1.
the sail is all in the wind sejl - 1.
the sail draws sejl - 1.
the sail is flat aft sejl - 1.
trim a sail sejl - 1.
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
trim the sails sejl - 1.
trip sejlads
traffic regulation sejladsbestemmelse
traffic condition sejladsforhold
traffic regulation sejladsforskrift
traffic obstruction sejladshindring
traffic obstacle sejladshindring
traffic possibility sejladsmulighed
traffic optimizing sejladsoptimering
tuft of canvas sejldugsdopper
to outsail a ship sejle
the wind on the beam sejle
twine sejlgarn
thumb-stall sejlmagersyring
the term sailing ship includes all ships provided with sufficient sail area for navigation under sail alone whether or not fitted with mechanical means of propulsion. sejlskib
topgallant schooner sejlskib
topsail schooner sejlskib
time of sailing sejltid
tickler sejltrim
take the nippers off sejse
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threefold purchase seksskåren
the calker's saddle in a time of battle sele
The traveller is a track running from one side of the boat to the other upon which sits a car to which the other end of the sheet is attached. Moving the car from side to side alters the angle of the foresail to the centreline of the boat selvvende
transmitting antenna sendeantenne
transmitting oscillator sendeoscillator
tranmitter unit sender
transmitting station sendestation
transmitting transducer sendetransducer
the shanty man shanty
The Commercial Code of Signals for use of all Nations signalbog
transparency sigtdybde
take aim sigte
There must be a self-contained source capable of supplying, when necessary, this safety lightingsystem sikkerhedsbelysning
to gut and salt herrings in order to barrel them sild
the lower futtock-riders sitters
thick stuff of the lower futtocks sittersvæger
trebble wall knot sjoverknob
template frame skabelonspant
the wind shift skafile
the place before the quarterdeck before the waist ladder skafot
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tack to opposite bow together - order of the fleet is reversed skak
tack to opposite bow in line after the foreman - order of the fleet is maintained skak
to batten down a hatch skalke
the wind hauls forward or veers aft skamfile
top-man skamfilingsgast
the quarter deck clothes skanseklædning
the foremost part of a ship between the stem and the fore-castle skaphok
trim tank skarptank
the fore-peak skarptank
to hold its own skib
the ship carries a slak helm skib
the ship carries a weatherly helm skib
the ship is about skib
the chaser skib
the chase skib
trader skib
the ship cuts a feather skib
taunt-masted ship / tunnel-masted ship skib
the ship is a-float skib
the ship is in driving skib
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the ship is in sailing trim skib
the ship gripes skib
the ship is a-ground skib
the ship is crank skib
the ship is stiff skib
the ship has a bad run skib
the ship heels to port skib
the ship is on the starboard tack skib
the ship rights skib
the ship brought up skib
the tuck of the ship skib
trim of a ship skib
technical school for shipwrights skibbygningsskole
the petty officer who has the hold of a ship in his charge skibmand
the petty officer or midshipman who has the charge of the cables and cable stage skibmand
timenoguy = a rope used on ship to prevent other lines and riggings tangling with each other skibmand
to work old junk out in spun-yarn, ropebands, nippers, serving-mats etc skibmande
the lashing together of the eyes of the viyal skibmandskunt
the quarter master of the hold or of the cable-stage skibmandsmath
total loss skibsforlis
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
The Ship Credit fund of Denmark skibskreditfond
the act of gauging skibsmåling
The agency fee is the shipowners payment to the agents for their service delivered by attending to the ship's business during her stay at their port. skibsmæglerprovision
The general organization is similar for ships of all nations. A ship is usually divided into three main departments: A deck department, an engine department and a catering department. The team leaders are the chief officer, the chief engineer and the chief steward, and all are responsible to the captain skibsorganisation
the person who bargains with a shipwright to build a ship called the contractor or ships husband skibsreder
The sides of the ship consist of the frames and the shell plates skibsside
testing tank Skibsteknisk Laboratoriums Prøvetank
timber fit for shipbuilding skibstømmer
the practical art of shipbuilding skibstømmermandskunst
transfer skiftning
the upper piece of the cheeks of the windlass skilbanke
turtle-back - turtle deck. Term given to the roof of a wheelhouse, a forecastle-deck, etc., having the form of a turtle's back skildpaddedæk
topping lift pendant skinkel
towing hawse with spliced eyes, thimble and shackle skinkel
the light was obscured skjul
training ship skolefartøj
training ship skoleskib
training ship duty skoleskibsafgift
the bulkhead deck is the uppermost deck up to which the transverse watertight bulkheads are carried skotdæk
tam-o-shanter skottehue
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
three-edged scraper skraber
two-edged scraper skraber
tompion skråsæk
trestle skrave
Trestle, in rope-making, a frame with four legs, braced together with stout pins, and used at the upper end of a rope, or put under ropes of a short length, when the strands cannot be put on the stake-heads skrave
The vessel is constructed on the transverse frame system with in and out strakes of shell plating. The bottom is of the open bilge type with centre keelson and one side keelson at each side. The hold is wood ceiled throughout skrog
trailing edge skrue
twin-screw skrue
trim the stowage in the hold skrue
thrust block skrueaksel
top side tank skuldertank
twilight skumring
top-sail schooner skværtopsejlskonnert
throw out a ship's ballast skyde
to sway up skyde
target boat skydeskive
twilight compass skykompas
triangular sail set above the skysail. A sail set above the moonsail is called a stargrazer skyskraber
tallow plug skytprop
the lowest part of a ship's cut-water skæg
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
take water in skæppe
take a sheer skære
the extreme breadth ribband skærgang
type of early gun skærmbrækker
trim sharp skærpe
trim a sail close-hauled, or to trim a sail sharp skærpe
trim skærpe
trim sharp afore skærpe
thick stuff on the deck skærstok
thick-stuff skærstok
The Nielsen Hatchway Arrangement skærstok
thick-stuff in the deck skærstok
topgallant-sail sheet skøde
tally the sheets flat aft skøde
topsail sheet skøde
tally a sheet skøde
tally skøde
the hole in a ship's side wherein the main and fore sheets are reeved skødegat
track-scout skøjte
the sail is split skøre
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the foretopsail, which had been double reefed, split in two skøre
the royal must come in or be cut off ... or the mast would be snapped short off skøre
the tiller shakes slå
tell-tale compass sladrekompas
ticklers sladresnor
tell tale sladresnor
turn slag
tack slag
trip slag
the lee-side of a ship under the fore-channels slag
the engines were given a kick ahead slag
tack slagbov
take a heavy list slagside
This term is used to describe a vessel which has listed as the result of shifting of cargo or solid ballast to such an extent that her railing is submerged and her righting power is insufficient to restore the original position slagside
to keckle slapning, slapping
to smooth the outside of the timbers of a ship in building, before she is to be planked slette
to slew = to yaw from side to side while at anchor or being towes slewing rampe
the lurching of the ship slingre
the middle lashing of a bonnet slot
tail of a rivet sluthoved
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
to snake to ropes together slyngning
tow a ship slæb
tow a ship slæbe
tug slæbebåd
tugboat slæbebåd
towboat slæbebåd
tugboat assistance slæbebådsassistance
tug assistance slæbebådsassistance
Towage. Tugs are advisable for docking and undocking and two tugs are recommended in and out. Rates for each tug for service to vessels over 1000 gross tons: docking or undocking. waterfront ... to Sugar Refinery Wharf - $ 180.00 slæbebådsassistance
tow rail slæbebom, slæberbom
towing light slæbelys
towing resistance slæbemodstand
towrope slæberende
towing winch slæbespil
trailing suction dredge slæbesuger
tow-cable slæbetov
tow-rope slæbetov
tow slæbetov
towing line slæbetrosse
tow line slæbetrosse
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tow rope slæbetrosse
tow wire slæbewire
towing wire slæbewire
the ways, or bilge ways slæde
the ways or cradles slæde
tide is slack slæk
take in the slack slæk
thawing hole smeltehul
thawhole smeltehul
thin smækker
tallow smørelse
try-sail mast snovmast
the sun falls sol, solen
the sun rises sol, solen
the sun stands still sol, solen
the sun at noon-day sol, solen
tidal wave owing to the sun's attraction solflodbølge
total solar eclipse solformørkelse
tilt solsejl
the Summer load line is indicated by the upper edge of the line which passes through the centre of the disc and also by a line marked S. sommerlastelinje
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The Spanish Sea Spanske Sø, Den
the after-body spant
the fore-body spant
transversal section spanteplan
transversal section spantesnit
the lower transom spejl
transom spejl
transom spejl
the top timbers of the fashion piece spejl
taffarel spejl
tuck spejl
tampion of the gun spejl
take out the tampion of a gun spejl
transom spejlbjælke
transom stern spejlgattet
the tafarel rail spejlliste
the wing transom spejlliste
the stern gallery rails spejlliste
tampion-screw spejlskrue
top-timbers of the fashion piese spejlstøtte
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
transom-knee spejlstøtte
triangular royal sail spidsrøjl
ten penny nail spiger
turtle spilerpose
the step of a capstan spilspor
tapered cable-splice splejsning
taperel splice splejsning
tramcar driver's seat sporvognssaddel
trivet spredholt
trivet spredholt
the sheer of a ship's deck spring
the sheer of a vessel is the longitudinal curvature of the foredeck and afterdeck from the lowest point on deck amidships. The average sheer of a cargo vessel is about 1 % of the ship's length spring
the longitudinal curve of a vessel's rails, deck, etc., the usual reference being to the ship's side, however, in the case of a deck having a camber, its centerline may also have a sheer spring
The amount by which the height of the weather deck at the after or forward perpendicular exceeds that at the mid perpendicular spring
the wind shifts springe
tank washing hole spuleåbning
tank washing opening spuleåbning
tank washing hole spulehul
tank washing opening spulehul
thrum a mat spække
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
thrummed mat spække
the stocks or rather slips for shipbuilding stabel
the iron pintles and gudgeons of the port stabel
top-gallant-mast-stay stag
tack stag
the ship will not stay stag
top-mast-stay stag
tack stagvende
tacking stagvending
tee-bulb stålemne
tee-iron stålemne
Triangular or swallow-tailed pennant, bearing either the name of the vessel or the device of the company owning or operating the vessel stander
traverse horse stander
tack standerlig
top mast stang
top-mast stang
top-mast stang
The process of deriving from a celestial observation the information neede for establishing a line of position is called sight reduction stedlinjemetode
the butts of the plates can be efficiently caulked before the angle-iron is secured to the bottom stemning
The piston to be in two sections of an extremely strong design. The upper part, the piston head, is of special molybdenum steel, whereas the lower part is of a cast iron alloy particularly suitable for working together with the cylinder liner. Each piston is provided with a suitable number of piston rings of B&W special design. The piston is oil-cooled stempel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the ship carries 20 keels stenkulspram
trail sti
track sti
tie rope knot stik
timber hitch stik
timber hitch stik
timber-hitch stik
transom stikbjælke
the ship draws stikke
to veer-out a cable from a ship, and let the end go with a buoy on stikke
turn to windward stikke
to point a sail stikke
the scope stikke ud på et anker
the sea was calm stille
the doldrums stillebælte
the directive force acting on a magnetic compass is the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic field plus the force caused by the ship's magnetic field stillingskraft
taught stiv
three-strand star shroud stjerneknob
tail stjert
tail block stjerteblok
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tail tackle or a small working tackle or burton stjertetalje
tail stjertetov
touch a port stoppe
touching at stoppe
touch or call at a port stoppe
to stopper the cable stopper
take off the stoppers stopper
the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere defined as the intersection of the surface with a plane passing through the two points and the centre of the sphere. A planet may be represented as a sphere storcirkel
tempest storm
taken in with a storm storm
try-sail stormgaffelsejl
The National Weather Service displays storm warnings. gale warning. Gale is a wind between a strong breeze and a storm. From 28 to 55 knots stormvarsel
take bearings stråge
The Receiver of Wreck's remit is set down in the Merchant Shipping Act 1995, Part IX, Chapters 1-2. strandingslov
the transverse framing system stringer
tack of a flag strop
tow stry, stryg
transom trees stræber
tie plate strækbånd
tie plate strækplade
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tie band strækskinne
tide strøm
tide strøm
tidal stream condition strømforhold
tide rip strømhvirvel
tide rip strømkobling
tidal stream chart strømkort
the set and drift of the current strømkæntring
tide gate strømras, strømrase
tide race strømras, strømrase
tide rip strømras, strømrase
tide signal strømsignal
turn of the tide strømskifte
tide ribs. Turbulence associated with the flow of strong tidal streams over abrupt changes in depth or with the meeting of tidal streams from different directions strømsø
tabling of the top-sail stutlap,
tabling in the middle of a top-sail stutlap,
top-lining stutlap,
trim stuve
trim the hold stuve
trim stuvning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
train-tackle styktalje
top whip styrejolle
tiller-tackle styretalje
the difference styrlastig
trim of the ship styrlastig
trim styrlastighed
the draught forward exceeds the draught aft styrlastighed
the draught aft exceeds the draught forward styrlastighed
the draughts forward and aft are equal styrlastighed
trim tank styrlastighedstank
the art of navigating and steering a ship over the sea styrmandskab
The Mate's receipt is the document signed by the chief officer, acknowledging the receipt of cargo on board of the ship. If the goods are not in apparent good order and condition a corresponding qualification will be inserted in the Mate's receipt styrmandskvittering
the hindpart in a boat where the tiller goes styrpligt
top-mast back-stay stængebardun
topmast rigging stængegods
topmast futtock shroud stængepyttingsvant
top-mast shroud stængestag
topmast stay stængestag
topmast staysail stængestagsejl
top-mast stay stængevant
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
top-ropes' winding-tackle stængevindegie
top rope tackle stængevindegie
top-mast jear stængevindegie
top-tackle stængevindegie
top-rope stængevindereb
top rope pendant stængevindereb
top-mast rope stængevindereb
topmast cap stængeæselhoved
The bow is the forward part of the ship from where the sides begin to bend inward stævn
touch the ground støde
take the ground støde
top-timber stødholt
top-lining stødlap
top-timber støtholt
the short top-timber støtholt
the props or shores of the stem støtte
the upper box støvle
tie-down attachment surringsbeslag
tend svaje
turn svaje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
to sheer svaje for et anker
to yaw svaje for et anker
tend to windward svaje for et anker
tend to leeward svaje for et anker
to sheer svaje for et anker
the ship swings with the tide svaje for et anker
tack a ship svaje for et anker
Turn on an anchor svaje for et anker
turning basin svajebassin
twostranded cock's-comb svineryg
turn svinge
tending svinge
turning test svingningsprøve
truss-hoop futtock ring svittingsring
tempestuous weather svær
to scour the sea sværme
the gyrosphere itself has freedom to tilt as its suspension is by immersion in an electrolytic liquid within an outer sphere. The electrolyte is distilled water with added glycerine and benzoic acid svømmekugle
twine sygarn
treater of diseases and illnesses sygdomsbehandler
tend synge
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tend the cable synge
to the bottom sænke
the sparketing of the orlop sætgang
the spirketing sætgang
the spirketing sætgang
taughten the weather braces sætte
trim the sails sætte
the tide is setting sætte
the sea is much grown
there is a great swell
there is a swell
travel by sea
to have sea-room
trough of the sea
the ship heads the sea
the sea surged heavy on the land
the surf
the wave over-racked the ship
the sea sets to the southward
the sea is abated
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the sea falls
the sea sparkles
the sea sets to the southerward
transported by sea søbåren
The Navy søetat
The Maritime Joint Council Søfartens Fællesråd
The Stokers' Union Søfyrbødernes Forbund i Danmark
touch at a port søge
the quarter boom-irons were taken off her lower yards søjle
the intelligence of the soundings søkending
The scales of nautical charts range from 1:2,500 to about 1:5,000,000...
sailing charts, scales 1:600,000 and smaller, are for use in fixing theSmariner's position as he approaches the coast from the open ocean, or for sailing between distant coastwise ports...
General charts, scales 1:150,000 to 1:600,000, are for coastwise navigation outside of outlying reefs and shoals.
Coast charts, scales 1:50,000 to 1:150,000 are for inshore navigation leading to bays and harbours of considerable width and for navigating large inland waterways.
Harbor charts, scales larger than 1:50,000, are for herbors, anchorage areas, and the smaller waterways.
Special charts, various scales, cover the Intracoastal waterways and miscellaneous small-craft areas
tabling of the sail søm
two shilling nails søm
twenty penny drawing-nails søm
trim your sail ship shape sømand
The International Sports Committee for Seafarers sømandsidræt
the international nautical mile sømil
The Seamen's Union Sømændenes Forbund
The Lord's Day søndag
territorial waters søområde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
trial run søprøve
the sea foams søskum
the art of forming naval evolution, or managing of ships in a fleet søtaktik
territorial waters søterritorium
time-keeper søur
to India by sea søvej
The international regulations for preventing collisions at sea søvejsregel
T-MAX rudder T-MAX-ror
T-route T-ruten
T2 tankship T2-tanker
tabernacle tabernakel
tack tack
tabular berg / barrier berg taffelisbjerg
take a gun out of her carriage tage
take out a mast of a ship tage
take in the reefs tage
take the ground tage
take an observation tage
take the shots from the guns tage
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tahe a ship in tow tage
take off the service which have being laid on a cable to prevent her to be galled tage
take a towline from a ship tage
take out the tompions of the guns tage
take off the stoppers tage
thick fog tåge
typhoon taifun
typhoon wire taifunwire
tainting tainting
tackle takkel
tackle with a tye takkel
tackle runner takkelløber
tactics taktik
tactical diametre taktisk
tallow talg
tackle talje
two-fold tackle talje
tack tackle talje
truss tackle talje
to frap a tackle talje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tackle talje
to bowse talje
tail tackle talje
tally talje
tackle-block taljeblok
tackle-hook taljehage
tackle winch taljehal
tackle fall taljeløber
tackle rope taljeløber
the tackle-fall is jammed taljeløber
the tackle-fall is clear taljeløber
tackle system taljesystem
tallboy tallboy
tally tally
tally department tallyafdeling
tally-book tallybog
tally firm tallyfirma
tally-list tallyliste
tallyman tallymand, taljemand
tally-note tallyseddel
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
talurit-splice taluritsplejs
the end of a shroud after it has been taken round the dead-eye tamp
trim tampe
tandem anchoring tandemankring
tandem hoist tandemløft
tongue of land tange
tank tank
tank arrangement tankarrangement
tank atmosphere tankatmosfære
tank bottom tankbund
tank charterparty tankcerteparti
tank examination certificate tankcertifikat
tank-compartment tankcompartment
tank-container tankcontainer
tank cover tankdæksel
tank hatch tankdæksel
tank ejector tankejektor
tanker management Tanker Management
tank control system tankkontrolsystem
tank-cargo tankladning
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tank ladder tanklejder
tank hatch tankluge
tank-sounding equipment tankmålingsudstyr
tank barge tankpram
tank-cleaning tankrensning
tank washing machine tankrensningsapparat
tanker seaman tanksejler
tank-section tanksektion
tank side bracket tanksideknæ
tankship tankskib
tanker tankskib
tankship type gas chemical tankskib
tankship-owners tankskibsrederi
tank washing waters tankskyllevand
tank-cleaning tankspuling
tank-table tanktabel
tank allowance tanktillæg
tank-top tanktop
tank top - inner bottom or plating constituting top of double-bottom tank tanktop
trunnion tap
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tenon tap
targa bracket targabøjle
turret-ship tårnskib
Tarshish-ship tarsisskib
tartane tartane
tartan tartane
Taurus Taurus
TBT paint TBT
TC rate TC-rate
timecharter rate TC-rate
time to closest point of approach TCPA
TCPA, stands for closest time of approach limit from own ship as defined by the observer, to give warning of when a tracked target or targets will close to within this limit TCPA
Tons Dead Weight TDW
teak-deck teakdæk
teak teaktræ
telephony telefoni
telegraphy room telegrafhus
telegraphy telegrafi
telegraphy station telegrafrum
telegraphy station telegrafstation
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telegraph column telegrafsøjle
telescopic funnel teleskopskorsten
temperature book temperaturbog
temperature indicator temperaturindikator
temperature compensated temperaturkompenseret
temperature zone temperaturzone
tender tender
tension function tensionfunktion
terminal towage terminalbugsering
terminal tugboat terminalslæber
thermometer termometer
terrestrical element terristrisk
terrestrical navigation terristrisk
territory territorium
toggle ters
Twenty foot Equivalent Unit TEU
tea watch tevagt
tons per foot immersion TFI
The Ancient mariner The Ancient Mariner
Thomson's depth recorder Thomson's dybdemåler
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Thornycroft's rudder Thornycraft's spaderor
thruster thruster
tickler tickler
tide tid
time of highwater at full and change days tid
tide tidevand
tidal prediction tidevand
tial basin tidevandsbassin
tidal wave tidevandsbølge
tidal difference between high and low water or the difference between nip tide and spring tide tidevandsforskel
tidal area tidevandsområde
tidal period tidevandsperiode
tidal fairway tidevandsrende
tide crack tidevandsrevne
Tidal current charts are published by NOS for various localities. These charts depict the direction and velocity of the current for each hour of the tidal cycle tidevandsstrømkort
tidal current vector tidevandsstrømsvektor
Tide Tables tidevandstabel
time charter tidsbefragtning
time chartering tidsbefragtning
time charter-party tidscerteparti
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time charter tidscharter
time difference tidsdifferens
time interval tidsinterval
time ball tidskugle
time ball tidskugle
time measurement units like seconds, minutes and hours tidsmål
time signal tidssignal
time ball tidssignalkugle
tier tier
to windward til
the recoil of a gun tilbageløb
tiller tiller
turn to hour tiltørningstime
time signal timesignal
tinang tinang
Tuesday tirsdag
title titel
tixotropic tixotrop
tar tjære
tar tjære
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tar tjære
tar brush tjærekost
tar-link tjærekost
tarred paper tjærepapir
tar bucket tjærepøs
tarred tjæret
tarred cordage tjæret
tar-barrel tjæretønde
tar ladle tjæreøse
two letter signal tobogstavssignal
thwart of rowers toft
togglers togglers
toilet conditions toiletforhold
tholepin tol
thole told
thoal told
tides-man toldbetjent
thole pin tollegang
thumb-number tommeltal
ton-mile ton
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tonnage tonnage
tonnage opening tonnageåbning
tonnage well tonnagebrønd
tonnage class tonnageklasse
tonnage hatch tonnageluge
tonnage wages tonnageløn
tonnage mark tonnagemærke
tonnage re-distribution tonnageomlægning
tonnage change tonnageomlægning
tonnage congestion tonnageophobning
tonnage tax tonnageskat
top top
the top-sail is a-trip top
top-sail is quite up top
top fitting top fitting
top backstay topbardun
topmark topbetegnelse
top-man topgast, topsgast
top-tackle topgie
top keelson topkølsvin
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topping-lift toplent
top-gallant lift toplent
topmast topmast
top-mark topmærke
topping block topningsblok
top a yard toppe
top a yard toppe
top toppe
top up toppe
topping up toppe
topsail topsejl
top-sail schooner topsejlsskonnert
top sail spar topsejlsstage
top mast topsejlsstang
top-side tank topsidetank
topmast stay topstag
top knot topstik
top wing tank topwingtank
tornado tornado
tornado catamaran tornado
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torpedo torpedo
torpedo boat torpedobåd
torpedo net torpedonet
torpedo rudder torpedoror
torpedo ship torpedoskib
Torremolinos Convention Torremolinoskonventionen
Thursday torsdag
two-masted smack tosmakke
total eclipse of the moon totalformørkelse
total eclipse of the sun totalformørkelse
total freight totalfragt
total intensity totalintensitet
taut tothalet
tight tothalet
tighten totne
tauten totne, totte
tighten totne, totte
twists or strands of a rope totter
towrope tov
tow rope tov
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the rope rides tov
the bitter end tov
the anchor cables tov
two-watch tovagt
two-watch allowance tovagt
Tanker Owners Voluntary Agreement Concerning Liability for Oil Pollution TOVALOP
tugboat tovbåd
tier of cable tovbugt
towing thimble tovkovs
twine tovværk
twine tovværk
towmaster towmaster
track track
trackplotter trackplotter, tracker
tractor tug tractor tug, traktor tug
trade trade
trader type tradertype
traffic trafik
traffic lane system trafik
traffic harbour trafikhavn
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traffic control trafikkontrol
traffic list trafikliste
traffic monitoring trafikovervågning
traffic route trafikrute
traffic separation scheme trafikseparering, trafikseparation
traffic separation area trafikseparering, trafikseparation
traffic separation scheme trafikseparering, trafikseparation
To increase the safety of navigation, particularly in converging areas of high traffic density, routes incorporating traffic separation have been adopted by the IMO in certain areas of the world trafikseparering, trafikseparation
traffic separation round-about trafiksepareringsrundkørsel
traffic signal trafiksignal
traffic separation line trafikskillelinje
trailer deck trailerdæk
trailer ship trailerskib
trailing dredger trailingdredger
tractor tug traktor
tractor pull traktor
Tugs which can move in any direction with equal facility are fitted either with cycloidal propulsion or with rudder-propellers that can be rotated through 360 degrees. The two systems are quite different and there are a number of variations. All these omnidirectional tugs will be referred to in this text as tractor tugs traktor
tractor type traktor-type
trelliswork grating tralværk
tramp tramp
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tramp vessel tramp
tramps do not sail on fixed routes trampbåd
tramping girl trampepige
tramp trade trampfart
trampship operator trampskibsreder
train oil tran
trans-container transcontainer
tranductor transduktor
transient magnetism transient
transit transit
transitgods transitgods
transit liotage transitlodsning
transitroute transitrute
Transit system transitsystem
transit window transitvindue
transom plate transomplade
transom frame - the last transverse frame of a ship's structure. The cant frames, usually normal to the round of the stern, connect to it transomplade
transponder transponder
transporter bridge transportbro
transport fleet transportflåde
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transport contract transportkontrakt
transport ship transportskib
two set squares transportør
tee-square transportør
to rule a straight line transportør
trapez trapez
trapez dinghy trapezjolle
trappaga trappaga
travel crane travel crane
travelling crane travel crane
trawler trawler
three island type vessel is a well-deck vessel with two wells, one forward and one aft the bridge house. Its name comes from the three superstructures: the forecastle, the bridge and the poop tre-ø-type skib
three letter signal code trebogstavssignal
three-decker tredækker
trivet trefod
triple expansion engine tregangsmaskine
triangle block trekantsblok
triangular-quadrant trekantskvadrant
triangle route trekantsrute
triangle trade trekantsrute
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traverse tables trekantstabel
three-masted ship tremaster
treble block treskivet blok
three-stranded rope treslået
three masted smack boat tresmakkejolle
triangulation point triangometrisk station
triangulator triangulator
triangulation triangulator
tricing line tricing line
trigger unit triggerenhed
trim trim
trimmed on the heel trim
trimmed on the nose trim
trim trim
trimaran trimaran
trim flap trimflap
trim correction trimkorrektion
trim line trimline
trimming hatch trimluge, trimmeluge
trim trimme
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trim trimme
trim trimme
trimming light trimmelys
trimming trimning
trim table trimtabel
trim tank trimtank
Trinity Sunday Trinitatis
Trinity House Trinity House
trinket sail trinketsejl, trinquetsejl
trip charter tripcharter
tripoli trippelse
trireme trirem
triaconter trirem
trysail trisail
Triton Triton
troichoidal wave trochoidal
troll trolle
tropical freshwater load line tropeferskvandslastelinje
tropical freeboard tropefribord
the Tropical Load Line is indicated by the upper edge of a line marked T tropelastelinje
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
tropical freeboard tropelastelinje
tropical year: the period of one complete revolution of the mean longitude of the sun with respect to the dynamical equinox. The tropical year is longer than the Besselian year by 0s.148T, where T is centuries from B1900.0 tropisk
tropical cyclone tropisk
tropical zone tropisk
tropopause tropopause
troposphere troposfære
transport troppetransportskib
troopship troppetransportskib
Trotman's anchor Trotmans anker
true motion true motion
trough trug
trough line truglinje
trunk trunk
trunk-deck trunkdæk
trunk-deck ship trunkdæksskib
trunck deck vessel trunkskib
The force exerted on a given surface per unit area, expressed in pascals (Pa); 1 pascal is the constant pressure exerted by a force of 1 newton on a flat surface of 1 square metre. The bar which is equal 10 10i5 Pa and millibar are more generally used in meteorology and for fluids tryk
thrust shaft. " The thrust shaft to be forged of best Siemens-Martin steel, and to be made with thrust ring and flanges for couplings to crankshaft and intermediate shaft trykaksel
thrust bearing trykleje
thrust bearing. "The thrust bearing to be separate and to be provided with two sets of movable thrust pads with white metal for Ahead and Astern trykleje
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tread by the heel træde
timber deck cargo trædækslast
timber sheathing træhud
track-schyt trækfløjte
trail ferry trækfærge
the object draws trække
taggel trækofilnagle
towpath trækvej
timber cargo træladning
timber load line trælastelinje
tracking a ship trælle
trennels / treenails trænagle
tree-nail trænagle
Tsunamis, seismic sea waves are set up by submarine earthquakes. Many such seismic disturbances do not produce sea waves and often those produced are small, but the occasional large waves can be very damaging to shore installations and dangerous to hips in harbors."

"A brief series of long, high undulations on the surface of the sea caused by an earthquake or similar underwater disturbance
tuggerwire tuggerwire
tumble home tumble home
tumble home - the decreasing of a vessel's beam above the waterline as it approaches the rail. Opposite of flare tumble home
tunnel tunnel
trip tur
tour tur
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turbocharged turboladet
turbulence turbulens
turbulent corrosion turbulens
turret turret
turret-deck ship turretdamper
turret deck turretdæk
turret-deck ship turretdækker
turret-deck ship turretdæksskib, turretdækskib
turret deck vessel - merchant vessel constructed with a side having an abrupt round over or tumble home at above the level of the main deck from which point the sides are carried up in a reverse curve to the narrow deck termed the turret deck turretdæksskib, turretdækskib
turret-deck ship turretskib
twilight tusmørke
twilight compass tusmørkekompas
twilight sky compass tusmørkekompas
Twin-hull vessel tvillingskib
twist tvist
transverse wave tværbølge
thwart-rope tværfortøjning
transverse tværgående
transverse traffic tværgående
thwart-ships tværskibs
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tranverse crew quarters tværskibs
transversal magnet tværskibs
transverse bulkhead tværskibs
tweendeck ship tweendeck-skib
tweendecker tweendecker
twistlock twistlock
typhoon tyfon
typhoon tyfon
typhoone cable tyfontrosse
thin ice tyndis
turk's head tyrkerknob
Turkish galley tyrkisk galej
tweendeck tyskendæk
Tyzach's anchor Tyzachs anker
tallow-armoured lead tællelod
threshold factor tærskelfaktor
tight ship tæt
touch the wind tæt
timber tømmer
to race timber with a racing knife, or lay it out by a line tømmer
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timber for ship building tømmer
timber hatch tømmerluge
timber port tømmerluge
the Doldrums tømmermandspassat
timber hitch tømmermandsstik, tømmerstik
timber hitch and a series of killick hitch tømmermandsstik, tømmerstik
timber hitch tømmerstik
tun tønde
tub parrel tønderakke
turn tørn
turn the engine tørne
tend tørne
turn to tørne
turn in tørne
trick at the wheel tørne
turn to tørne
turning wheel and turning gear. "On the crank shaft a turning wheel is fitted, driven by a vertical worm gear on the turning gear. The latter, which is placed on a separate foundation is furthermore provided with a horizontal worm wheel driven through a worm gear from a slip ring electric motor... The vertical worm shaft may also be actuated by hand by means of a ratchet tørnehjul
training ship uddannelsesskib
top-rope of the jib-boom udhaler
tack of the jib udhaler
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the sprit-sail halyard udhalertalje
to keep a look-out udkig, udkik
turn adrift a sailor udsætte
to build a chapel ugle
to chapel a ship ugle
the pump is choaked uklar
the weather is foul uklar
the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea UNCLOS
thick sort of canvas undersejlsdug
the jack is a small union flag Union Flag
The ensign is the signal of nationality. The jack is a flag of smaller size Union Flag
the clock is 10 min. fast on .... ur
the clock loses ur
the clock gains ur
the watch is slow ur
the watch is fast ur
top the sea vage
topmark buoy vager
take over the watch vagt
three-watch system vagt
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
turn the watch-glass vagtglas, vagtsglas
the watchkeeping mate vagthavende
the mate on watch. vagthavende
the watch team rotates vagthold
table serving as a logboard vagtstavle
the pendant wafts clear vaje
the water freshes vand
the water shoals vand
tide vand
to tide vand
tide is slack vand
tide ebbs vand
tide falls vand
tide is falling vand
the water falls vand
the water rises vand
tide is rising vand
touch down vande
the leak is choaked vandgang
the rope renders in the block vandre
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travelling celestial body vandre
travelling book vandrebog
tide gauge vandstandsbræt
tide pole vandstandsmåler
tide level signal vandstandssignal
tide signal vandstandssignal
top-gallant shroud vant
the spreading of shrouds or the extending of the shrouds from the middle line of the ship vant
top-mast shroud vant
turnbuckle vantskrue
tow rope varp
tow varpe
tow line varpegods
towing cable varpegods
tow-line varpegods
tempestuous weather vejr
thick weather vejr
the weather moderate vejr
the weather is fine vejr
the weather is sultry vejr
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The Danish Goverment’s Seamen’s Service velfærdsråd
tack vende
the ship will not tack vende
tack or veer vende
tack vende
tack about vende
turning block vendeblok
turning device for rightening a craft vendeblære
turnable hatchcover wheel vendehjul
tropics vendekreds
Tropic of Cancer vendekreds
Tropic of Capricorn vendekreds
turn back venderejse
tack vending
tacking vending
the earth's axis of rotation verdensakse
The First World War verdenskrig, første
The Great War verdenskrig, første
the roaring forties vestenvind
the zones with prevailing westerly winds vestenvindsdrift
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towards the west vestover
The word 'vet' means to examine something carefully, particularly when establishing if something or somebody is of good quality and able to fulfil a specific purpose. A vetting of a ship is an overall risk assessment of the ship and its owners - operator to determine whether she is operated and maintained in a safe manner adhering to all relevant rules and regulations vetting
trying vind
tack vind
trade wind vind
the ship stays vind
tack vind
the wind is right down vind
the wind is veering (clockwise) vind
the wind is backing (anti clockwise) vind
the wind is quartering vind
the wind has becalmed vind
the wind is abeam vind
the wind shifts vind
the wind freshens vind
the wind is variable vind
the wind slackens vind
the wind veers vind
the wind slackens vind
the wind scants vind
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the wind heads us vind
the wind scants vind
the wind heads us vind
the wind is athwart vind
the clock gains vinde
top-rope vindereb
the wind's eye vindøje
the Winter load line is indicated by the upper edge of a line marked W. vinterlastelinje
to winter vintertid
tipping centre vippecenter
tilting centre vippecenter
tell-tale viser
transom vorp
torsion vridning
thick stuff væger
thick stuff and ceiling placed next to the floor heads væger
thick stuff væger
tarred oakum værk
the plate or its equivalent in a beam or girder, which connects the upper and lower bulbs, or contra angle bar or angle bracket web
top webb webbjælke
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
the ceiling about the floor heads zitters
tropical zone zone
temperate zone zone
the coil øje
tengsel økse
tool having an arching blade set at right angles to the handle. økse
tongue of land øre
training boat øvelsesfartøj