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up the river ad
unload afladning
unload aflosse
unrig afrigge
upward curving in a timber...toward each end of a vessel afskarpe
unship afstokke
unship the rudder aftage
unrig aftakle
unrigged ship aftaklet
USA allowance amerikatillæg
underrun the cable ankertov
under-running the cable ankertovsinspektion
unemployment wages arbejdsløshedshyre
unskilled labourer arbejdsmand
unship the oars åre
unship the oars åre
unballast ballast
unballast ballast
unballast ballast
upper wale barkholt
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upper gundeck = main deck batteridæk
upper battery batteridæk
upper gundeck or second deck batteridæk
unbitt the cable (chain) beddingsslag
upright rounded piece of wood, near the stern of a whale-boat, for catching a turn of the line to begkugle
unbend a sail beslå
unstabilized presentation billede
upper deck's beam bjælke
unruffled blank
unstropped block blok
unreeve blok
union purchase bompar
Uloa's ring Bouguer's halo
upon contrary tack bov
upper topgallant brace bovenbram
upper studding sails bovenlæsejl
uppper sail bovensejl
upper tackle boventalje
upperbridge deck brodæk
ultimate stress brudbelastning
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ultimate load brudbelastning
ultimate stress brudspænding
ultimate stress brudstyrke
ultimate stress table brudstyrketabel
utility craft brugsfartøj
using any kind of gear etc. which is trailed along the sea bed within the safety zones bundslæbende
unload bunke
under the charter-party certeparti
US Department of Commerce Coast and Geodetic Survey
usual dag
unlucky day dag
unemployment benefits dagpenge
under full steam damp
under sail as well as under steam damp
undock dokke
umpire's boat dommerskib
upperside of a gun port drømpel
upperport sill drømpel
UT1 and UTC DUT1
upper deck dæk
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upper-deck dæk
upper-deck dæk
upper-deck dæk
upper deck dæk
upper-deck dæk
upper deck dæk
upper-deck dæk
under deck dæk
upper deck dæk
upper-deck beam dæksbjælke
unberthed passenger dækspassager
uprights dæksstøtte
under way fart
Unlimited Trade Area fartsområde
Unlimited Trading Area fartsområde
UTA fartsområde
Unlimited Trade Area fartsområde
undecked boat fartøj
unexperiences sailor ferskvandsmatros
Union Jack flag
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unless otherwise prescribed by the class rules, forestays and jib tacks shall be fixed approximately in the centre-line of the yacht forsejlshals
upper works, a general name for the quarter deck, poop and forecastle fortynding
unmoor fortøjning
unbend a sail fraslå
unlash a block fraslå
underkeel clearance fri
under-keel clearance frigang
unwatched light fyr
under way gang
upper capstan gangspil
upper deck, 2nd deck, 3rd deck etc. generalarrangement
Universal Time Coordinated GMT
unfurl gøre
unreeve a rope hale
underrun the cable hale
underrun a warp hale
up tacks ! hals
umbra helskygge
uppper edge of a celestial body himmellegeme
undship the oars holde
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up hov, sætte om hov
unhook hugge
unship hugge
up all hammocks hængemat
urgent radio telegram ilradiotelegram
urgency message ilsignal
urgency signal. ilsignal
upper cabin kahyt
upon the poop kampagnedæk
upper sell kanonport
U-formed floating dock kassedok
unmoor kaste
unbit the cable kaste
unship the capstan kaste
unrig the capstan kaste
unmoor kaste
unballast kaste
unbit the cable kaste
unbit the cable kaste anker
unqualified pilot kendtmand
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underrun a tackle klare
unstable compass kompas
unsettled compass kompas
Using a circle, the circumference of which was divided into 360 equal parts, and whose diameter was divided into 120 equal parts, Ptolemy, in the second century A.D., was able to construct a table of chords of all angles from ½° to 180° in steps of half a degree kordeskala
upper culmination kulmination
Up to the 18th Century points of the compass were referred to as "courses" "Lay her two courses to the wind!" [ENK p.109]. Course is also used for the square sail set on the lowest yards of each mast kurs
unstable course kurs
upper tack kværk
upper throat kværk
upper throat clewline kværkgivtov
upper tack clewline kværkgivtov
upset a ship kæntre
up all hammocks køje
underkeel køl
under-keel clearances. - It is becoming increasingly evident that economic pressures are causing mariners to navigate through waters of barely adequate depth, with under-keel clearances being finely assessed from the charted depths, predicted tide levels, and depths recorded by echo sounders køl
under way let
unmoor lette
unlace lidse
upon an even keel ligelastet
Under influence of both wind and tide the ship lay between wind and tide ligge til ankers
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up and down the tide ligge til ankers
untarred line line
upper counter-rail, lower counter-rail and tuck-rail liste
upper finidhing liste
upper finishing-rails liste
upper stool-rail liste
unfurl a sail los
unloading losning
unload losse
unship losse
unballast losse
upper cargo purchase block losseblok
unloading operation losseoperation
unloading operator losseoperatør
under the lee
under the lee
under the lee of the shore
unship the oars lægge
unsock a gun løfte
upper guy block løftedrager
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USS X, with the rigging dressed at the Centennial Naval Parade, 1889 mande
under control manøvredygtig
upper-tree with cheeks mast
unrigged mast mast
undercoating. "Metal primers, red lead, red oxide and yellow chromate are the main priming coats which are applied to a bare surface to give protection against rust and to act as a key for the next coat to be applied. Undercoats are white lead, white zinc and titanium white and are used over the primer before the top coat. Finishing coat, paints in this range are the least porous of all paints and provide a hard cover to the underlying paint mellemstrygning
upper deck messelukaf
upper transit meridian middagsmeridian
upper topsail yard mærserå
upper topsail mærssejl
upper cringle of a sail nokløjert
useful capacity nyttekapacitet
up with the helm op
uphalling rope on the mizen brails ophal, ophaler
upper pole ophøjede pol
upper false keel opklodsning
unload from the tween deck oplosse
unlay opslå
uptake optrække
unstabilized orientering
upper topgallant halyard overbramfald
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upper topgallant buntline overbramgårding
upper topgallant downhaul overbramnedhaler
upper topgallant sheet overbramskøde
upper topgallant lift overbramtoplente
underrun a tackle overløbe
upper topsail halyard overmærsfald
upper topmast studding-sail overmærslæsejl
upper topsail downhaul overmærsnedhaler
upper limb overrand
upper works overskib
upper capstan overspil
upperworks. That part of a ship which rises from the water's surface when the ship is properly trimmed for a voyage overvandsskrog
umbrella anchor paraplyanker
upper box of a pump pumpesko
unrig rasere
Under a voyage charter shipowners undertake to put a vessel at charterers' disposal for the carriage of a full cargo or part cargo from one or more ports to named port / ports of destination or ports within a certain range at rates and conditions mutually agreed in advance rejsebefragtning
upright ret
unship the oars ro
under rowing roning
up with the helm ror
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upper and lower hanks of the rudder rorhage
underwater pipeline rørledning
upper fore-topsail sejl - 1.
upper-sail sejl - 1.
unbend sails sejl - 1.
unfurl a sail sejl - 1.
unbend a sail sejl - 1.
unqualified pilot sjover
unqualified pilot sjoverlods
upper work skib
upper box of a pump sko
unballast skyde
unreeve a rope skære
unbend a sail slå
unlay a cable slå
unbend a sail slå under
upper futtock rider slagstynder
unlit beacon slukke
upper limb of the sun sol, solen
undermanned crew saves wages for the shipowner sparet hyre
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upper rounding of the stern or the quarter-pieces and tafferel of a bark spejlbue
unhang the capstan spil
uphroe spredholt
use a forward quarter spring line to the anchor rode = springing the rode spring
up the tacks stikke
unbend the cable stikke
unbend the cable stikke
up tacks and sheets stikke
unbend the cable stikke ankertovet på
under current strøm
upper current strøm
upper part of the spindle stykke
under the bow(s) stævn
uncover synlig
upon the high seas
uses and customs of the sea søskik
unrig the capstan tage
unship a mast tage
unship stores tage
unship cargo tage
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unrig tage
unload a gun tage
unhang the rudder tage
unship the rudder tage
under bare poles takkel
underrun the rigging takkelage
under sail til
under way til
under bevelling tilhugge
upper piece of the spindle topstykke
under bare poles tov
upper rigging tovværk
U-dock u-dok
unexperienced sailors ubefaren
unattended ubemandet
undock uddokke
unloading udskibning
unreeve a rope udskære
unclassified uklassificeret
unclassified vessel uklassificeret
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unloaded ulastet
ultra large crude carrier ULCC
Ultra Large Container Ship ULCS
ullage ullage
ullage opening ullagehul, ullageåbning
ullage table ullagetabel
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law UNCITRAL
under way under
under sail under
under-run a cable underhale
underrun underhale
under supercargo underkargo
under current understrøm
underwater archaeology undervandsarkæologi
underwater hull form undervandsform
uniform code uniformsreglement
uniform allowance uniformstillæg
unit load system unit load system
unitize unitisere
unitising unitisering
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universal ring universalring
unsounded area uopmålt
unsurveyed area uopmålt
Uranus Uranus
Ursa Major Ursa Major
Ursa Minor Ursa Minor
unsymmetrical placed iron usymmetrisk
unseaworthy usødygtig
Universal Time Coordinated - UTC corresponds exactly in rate with TAI but differs from it by an integral number of seconds. The UTC scale is adjusted by the insertion or deletion of seconds to ensure that departure of UTC from UT1 does not exceed 0.9 seconds. UTC
Uncorrected Universal Time UTC
UT0 corrected for polar variation UTC
UT0 corrected for polar and seasonal variations UTC
untarred utjæret
untarred cordage utjæret
unattended engine room vagtfri
underkeel clearance vanddybde
untwist old ropes værk
upper planet øvre