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water light acetylenblus
warning signal advarselssignal
warning sign advarselsskilt
wastes affald
whirlpool afgrund
wiping afmagnetisere
watermaker afsaltningsapparat
When is the ship due to sail? afsejle
wash the deck afskylle
wash off afspuling
wane aftage
waning moon aftage
westing afvigning
winch agterspil
windlass agterspil
Waste Heat Recovery akselmotor
wandering albatross albatros
whiteness albedo
wave amplitude amplitude
wrist ankerflig
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windlass ankerspil
wildcat ankerspil
worm the cable ankertov
when certain tankers enter a Danish port anløbe
with the land anløbe
watchword anråbningsord
watch tackle ansætningstalje
West Wind Drift Antarktiske Strøm
water chambers antirulletank
water chambers antirulletank
work arbejde
work arbejde
works arbejde
work loose arbejde
work (use of force to achieev movement) arbejde
work boat arbejdsbåd
work(ing) load arbejdsbelastning
work stress arbejdsbelastning
work strain arbejdsbelastning
workboat arbejdsfartøj
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working frequency arbejdsfrekvens
working glove arbejdshandske
working channel arbejdskanal
working sheet arbejdskort
working light arbejdslys
workman arbejdsmand
working environment arbejdsmiljø
Working Environment Health Service Arbejdsmiljørådet
work area arbejdsområde
work place instruction arbejdspladsbrugsanvisning
work place risk assessment arbejdspladsvurdering
working canvas arbejdssejl
work-seizing arbejdssejsing
working stroke arbejdsslag
working voltage arbejdsspænding
watch tackle arbejdstalje
working hours arbejdstid
work time arbejdstid
working day arbejdstid
working pressure arbejdstryk
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work watch arbejdsvagt
wash åre
wash åreblad
West Greenland Current Arktiske Strøm
wing arm
wing pole armstage
white ash ask
wherry båd
wash-board båd
well of the boat båd
weather behind a cold front bagsidevejr
work astern bakke
walk the anchor out bakke et anker ud
walk back an anchor bakke et anker ud
work the cannons bakse
wardroom waiter baksjunge
washing up bakstørn
We furled our mainsail, and ballasted our mizzen ballast
waist-port ballastport
webbing sling båndstrop
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web sling båndstrop
When a ship is off the stocks « bankestok
weather traveller bardun
wale barkholt
waist rail barkholt
wale or sheer-rail of a boat barkholt
waist barkholt
Wale barkholt
wring up barkholt
wales = girdles barkholt
Where the floor timbers joined the futtocks an external wale and an internal stringer were fitted to lock the joints. Another external wale ... were used at the join of the futtocks and upper futtocks barkholt
wing wales barkholt
wale sheer barkholtskrumning
wale strake barkholtsrang
wale barkholtsrang
weather glass barometer
weather bitted beddingsslag
weather beaten sailor befaren
work earnestly beg
wet begyde
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wet the sails begyde
whip belægge
wale berkholt
work a ship besejle
weather beaten goods beskadige
weather-beaten fellow beskadige
work out the reckoning bestikregning
whipping besætning
whip besætte
with the object of ensuring the safety of navigation of large ships passing through Danish waters betrygge
wing transom bjælke
wash blad
washboards under the cheek blasballe
wounded blesseret
wooden-guns blinde kanoner
wheel blok
winding tackle block with two or three sheaves blok
warping block blok
with bluff bows and rounded sterns bluff bows
white-lead blyhvidt
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wrain bolt bolt
wrung bolt bolt
wing bolt bolt
wharf bolværk
windlass bar bom
water sail bonnet
white stuff boottop
wale, sideplanking on a wood ship lying between the bottom and the top-side planking bord
well head borerør
well casing borerør
warrant officers borgerskab
weather bow bov
windlass bradspil
weather brace bras
width bredde
waterboard bredgang
wharf bro
whip of the throat-brail brogtalje
weigh bridge broklap
wind dodger = a canvas wind shield used on a vessel's bridge broklæde
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wharfage bropenge
watch on the bridge brotjeneste
watchkeeping brovagt
watchkeeping on the bridge brovagt
wharf brygge
whole deal bræt
warped board bræt
windsurfing brætsejlads
windsurfer brætsejler
well brønd
well brønd
well deck steamer brønddamper
well-deck steamer brønddækker
well-deck vessel brønddækker
well-decker brønddækker
welldeck type brønddæktype
weather-bowline bugline
weir net bundgarn
white frock busseronde
whisker buttelur
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waterline armour bæltepanser
wear ship bære
whistle buoy bøje
warping buoy bøje
wave bølge
wave drift bølge
wave bølge
wave bølge
wave of translation bølge
wind-generated wave bølge
wave amplitude bølgeamplitude
wave basin bølgebassin
wave generation bølgedannelse
wave data bølgedata
wave dimension bølgedimension
wave subduer bølgedæmper
wave subduing by way of oil discharging bølgedæmpning
wave energy bølgeenergi
wave field bølgefelt
wave height condition bølgeforhold
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wave frequency bølgefrekvens
wave front bølgefront
wave group bølgegruppe
wave train bølgegruppe
wave group speed bølgegruppe
wave velocity bølgehastighed
wave speed bølgehastighed
wave height bølgehøjde
wave height recorder bølgehøjde
wave crest bølgekam
white capping af waves bølgekam
wave chart bølgekort
wave prognostic chart bølgekort
wave power plant bølgekraftværk
wave guide bølgeleder
wave lenght bølgelængde
wave lenght bølgelængde
wave length line bølgelængdelinie
wave model bølgemodel
wave resistance bølgemodstand
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wave meeting period bølgemødeperiode
wave parameter bølgeparameter
wave passage bølgepassage
wave period bølgeperiode
wave period bølgeperiode
wave profile bølgeprofil
wave top bølgeryg
wave crest bølgeryg
wave scale bølgeskala
wave slope bølgeskråning
wash of the waves bølgeslag
wave steepness bølgestejlhed
wave surge bølgesug
wave system bølgesystem
wave train bølgetog
wave top bølgetop
wave crest bølgetop
wave type bølgetype
wave propagation bølgeudbredelse
windbound børfast
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ward room Cahyt
water light calciumkarbidlys
whelp capstan
whitewash cementvask
whitewash with cement cementvask
water boat cisterne
wide body container container
working anchor dagliganker
working anchor dagliganker
working jib dagligklyver
wages by the day dagløn
work days dagtjeneste
welled fishing boat dam
welled fishing vessel dambåd
well boat dambåd
well-deck damdæk
well-deck beam damdæksbjælke
well dinghy damjolle
wellboat damjolle
with all her steam damp
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waste-steam damp
wet steam damp
wheel damphjul
well hatchway damtragt
wet dock dok
wet-dock-basin dokbassin
wet dock dokhavn
wet-dock-basin dokhavn
watersail drabler
wing a mast dreje
wind chops around dreje
wind shifts dreje
wind backs dreje
wind veers dreje
winch drejer
we put on short duck frocks, and ... drejlsjakke
working of the vessel drift
work at the steering wheel drille
well druknehul
well-deck dæk
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waist dæk
weather-deck dæk
wash the deck dæk
weather deck dæk
width of deck dæksbredde
warrant officer dæksofficer
water stop dæmning
weir dæmning
watch alarm dødemandsalarm
watertight door dør
When will the tide begin to go out? ebbe
watch from noon to four o'clock eftermiddagsvagt
whip a rope ende
water cask fad
worm of a canon falkonters
whaler fangstskib
warning signal faremelding
way fart
way of a ship, the ship has fresh way through the water fart
World Sailing Speed Record Council fartsejlads
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WSSRC fartsejlads
waters farvand
waters farvandsområde
wooden splicing fid fid
waist netting finkenet
well of a fishing vessel fiskekiste
what time will the tide flow today flode
water born flot
water line plane flydevandlinje
wing fløj
whistle fløjte
When vessels are in sight of one another, a power-driven vessel underway, ... shall indicate that manoeuvre by the following signals on her whistle fløjtesignal
whistle-buoy fløjtetønde
wages for the crew folkehyre
warp forhale
warping post forhalingspæl
warping winch forhalingsspil
wood-sheathing forhudning
wood-mail forhudningsportlagen
wad forladning
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wreck forlis
wreck forlise
we were cast away on the coast of Britany forlise
watch from eight in the morning to noon formiddagsvagt
would forstærke
white spirit / diluent fortyndingsmiddel
warping bridge - a platform erected at the fore or after end of a vessel for the use of the navigating officers when docking fortøjningsdæk
winch fortøjningsspil
wire clamp frølår
with crowded sails fuld
wherry færge
water-man færgefolk
weigh anchor and leave the roads
weather a ship
wash-boards under the cheeks or doubling of the cut-water, or the planks nailed on the outside of it underneath the cheeks of the head galionsbræt
walking board gangbræt
whelps gangspil
wardrobe garderobe
whip garn
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
white rope yarn garn
When it is necessary to reduce the number of planks for the reasoon just mentioned, the last plank of the strake which does not extend right fore and aft, as the case may be, is termed a stealer ger, geer
winding tackle gie
winding tackle gie
winding-tackle block gieblok
winding-tackle rope gieløber
wet the ship side with a skeet gitre
we have sprung the foremast in her gratings give sig
We fought, yard-arm and yard-arm, in three glasses glas
we poured a broadside in her glat
we shoaled our water grund
whaler grønlandsfarer
woman sponsor gudmoder, gudmor
warping chocks halekæbe
weather clew halsbarm
wear halse
whip halvtalje
wind abreast halvvind
wind abeam halvvind
wind abeam halvvind
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white oakum hamp
well boat handelskvase
whip håndjolle
winch håndspil
weather damage hårdtvejrsskade
wreck havari
weigh the anchor with the ships capstern hive et anker hjem
whale hval
whale boat hvalbåd
whale boat hvalbåd
whaler hvalfanger
whale boat hvalfangerchalup
whale boat hvalfangstbåd
whale hvalfisk
whale factory ship hvalkoger
whelp hvalp
windlass-lining hvalpning
whelp hvalpningsskinne
whaleback ship hvalrygskib
wherry hvarik
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white line hvidlinje
white line control hvidlinjekontrol
whirlwind hvirvelvind
wages hyre
wages run on and from hyre
wages hyremidler
well hyttefad
well of a fishing vessel hyttefad
wing transom hækbjælke
wing-transom hækbjælke
wing transom hækbjælke
weather a cape højde
within-board indenbords
webframes Isherwoodsystem
woof islætgarn
warp jagertrosse, jagetrosse
water jet propulsion jetdrev
whip jolle
whip jolle
whip block jolleblok
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wherry-man jollefører
wherry-man jollegast
wake knot josefineknob
wildcat - a drum on the windlass with faces formed to fit the links of chain of a given size. The faces or projections engage the links of the anchor chain when it is being paid out, also when the anchor is hove in kabelarhjul
ward room kahyt
ward room kahyt
ward-room kahyt
wharfage kajafgift
wharfage kajafgift
wharf kajindfatning
wharfinger kajmester
wharfage kajpenge
worm and sponge your gun kanonekcersits
well trimmed sail kant
warrant kaperbrev
washing brush kardætske, kartæske
warp kaste
winch kastevinde
work like a lubber kathalse
woven point katning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
whip a rope katte
wedge kile
wedge kile
wedge socket kilewirelås
wooden thimble klåde
wooden thimble klåde
wooden traveller klåde
wedge klampe
whelp of a capstan klampe
wings of the accommodation ladder klap
weigh bridge klapbro
whip klapløber
wooden buoy klodsbøje
weight klump
winding-butt of the planks klædningsplanke
wall-knot knob
waist kobrygge, kobryg
weather waist kobrygge, kobryg
waterline coefficient koefficient
wooden pipe kogger
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
whipstaff kolterstok
wheel house kommandobro
word of command kommandoråb
wooden mallet kongeslag
wear ship kovende
weer kovende
winchman kranfører
war krig
war steamship krigsdampskib
war loss krigsforlis
war risk insurance krigsforsikring
war risk allowance krigsrisikotillæg
war sailor krigssejler
war indemnity krigsskadeerstatning
warship krigsskib
war bonus krigstillæg
war risk allowance krigstillæg
war zone krigszone
wind keeps pace against the sun krimpe
web plate of the keelson kropplade
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
windward sailing foresail krydsfok
windlass krydsvinde
winch krøbbelspil
winch-bitts krøbbelspilbedding
windsail kuldsejl, kulsejl
wind-sail kuldsejl, kulsejl
windsail whip kuldsejlsjolle
waist kule
waister kulegast
waist-ladder kuletrappe, kulstrappe
wake course - by yachtsmen [NIC1 p.300] kurs
water track. Water track + set = track over the ground kurs
winding course kurs
watch kvarter
well smack kvase
well smack skipper kvaseskipper
wildcat kædehjul
winding tackle for heaving down a ship kølhalingsgie
wake kølvand
wake kølvand
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woodlock lås
waist last
winter load line lastelinjemærke
winter North Atlantic load line lastelinjemærke
waist-port lastport, ladeport
war leding
war articles ledingsordning
war legislation ledingsordning
water course lemmergat
who draws little water letgående
weighing letning
weight saving hole letningshul
weigh lette
weigh the anchor lette
weigh an anchor lette
weigh an anchor by the buoy-rope lette
weigh lette
weigh anchor lette anker
Walk back the anchor lette anker
weigh the anchor by means of the buoy-rope lette anker
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
weigh the anchor by the hair lette anker
When the vessel is swung by the wind with its head to the wind, it is windrode, by the tide, it is tiderode.
With the wind and the tide in same direction it is riding lee tide, and when in opposite directions, it is riding weather tide or windward tide
ligge til ankers
when a plane cuts a sphere but does not pass through its centre, its intersection with the spherical surface is called a small circle lillecirkel
white line line
white line line
white-line linegods
water line linje, linie
water-lines linje, linie
waist-rail liste
waterway of a ship's deck livholt
waterways, the marginal plank on wood ships running along the edges of the decks adjacent to the inside faces of the frames livholt
Waggoner lodsbog
wharf losseplads
winch lossespil
windsail luftsejl
wire lashings fastened with stretching screws lugedæksel
windward luv
weather gage luv
weather side luv
weather braces luv
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
weather shore luv
weather side luv
weather quarter-deck luv
weather sheet luv
weather shore luv
weather gage luv
weather anchor luv anker
windward luvart
weatherly luvart
weather a ship luvart
weather gage of a ship luvart
windward port luvarthavn
Windward Islands Luvartøerne
weather-side luvsiden
weather-gauge luvsiden
weather a point lægge
weather the helm lægge
wind and sea has becalmed lægge
water cask læggers
wash port lænseport
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
water port lænseport
windshield læsejl
wind screen læsejl
weather a ship løbe
weigh anchor løfte et anker
woolpack cloud makrel
weight goods and measurement goods målgods
whirlpool malstrøm
whirl pool malstrøm
working of a ship manøvre
working of a ship manøvre
work a ship manøvrere
What is your course ? maritime standardudtryk
What is your position maritime standardudtryk
Wright's Improved Francis Martin's Patent Self-Canting anchor Martins anker
wing engine maskine
watchkeeping engineer maskinmester
What happened to him the next morning when he was brought to the mast can be imagined mast
wedge of the mast mastekile
warrant-officer materialeregnskabsfører
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
wrought mat. matte
weaved mat. matte
wave generated by dragged water along ship's sides and bottom medslæb
water dragged along with the ship medslæb
wake area medstrømsfelt
wardroom messe
whipstaff messelukaf
wreck marking ship mærkeskib
windmill catamaran møllekat
wind driven pump møllepumpe
wooden sheathing naglehud
wooden-nail lineline naglelinje
wet natte
water a ship's deck in hot weather natte
wheelhouse navigeringsrum
When two objects appear directly in line, one behind the other, they are said to be in range and together they constitute a range... A vessel proceeding along the channel has only to keep the beacons in range to remain in the center of the channel. If the farther beacon - customarily the higher one - appears to open out - move - to the right of the forward - lower - beacon, one knows that he is to the right of his desired track nordskel
west variation nordvestring - nordøstring
world wide trading oceansejlads
weather a cape omsejle
wave ondulere
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
Wednesday onsdag
windbound ophold
wind keeps pace against the sun opkrimpe
warehouse receipt oplagsbevis
washed up distance on a coast opskylshøjde
wind optrække
war orlog
warship orlogsfartøj
worm orm
worm line ormline
water spout ose
well overdæk, fuldstændigt
well overdæk, fuldstændigt
wet surface overflade
work overtime overtid
water shipped overvand
wintering place overvintringshavn
warehouse pakhus
warehouse-keeper pakhusforvalter
warren park
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
watch-word parole
Weston purchase patenttalje
warp pertline
wind a call pibe
whistle of the call pibe
wind a call pibe
Whit Sunday Pinse
Whit Sunday Pinse
Whit Monday Pinse
Whitsuntide Pinse
web frame pladeramme, pladespant
warped planks planke
with the wind astern plat
wood-mell portlagen
wood-mail portlagen
within hail praje
within hailing distance prajehold
was covered with her loose canvas prange
wad prop
watertight provision case proviantbeholder
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
work a pump pumpe
wheel - lower and upper pumpehjul
well of the pump pumpekurv
wake up bell purreglas
weather the point pynt
wooden bridge pælebro
watch qvarter
woolder rakkespil
wales rang
wale, the side planking on a wood-ship lying between the bottom and the top-side planking rang
walt ship rank
weak, a ship which does not carry her sail well, or a walt ship rank
wheel rat
wheel of the helm rat
wheel axle rataksel
wheel house rathus
wheel rope ratline
wheel rope ratline
wheel mark ratmærke
wheel pedestal ratpiedestal
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
we lay to for a balanced mizzen rebe
work regere
work a ship regering
wake up call rejse
waste of cargo rejsesvind
warp rendegarn
washings rensevand
whitetiip reef shark revhaj
wheel ror
whipstaff rorpind
wharfage rortold
water pressure on the rudder rortryk
working bill rulle
watch bill rulle
wing of the hold rum
well wing rum
wind veers aft rumme
with flowing sheets rumskøds
with a large wind rumskøds
weather routeing rutevejledning
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
waist ræling
waist anchors røstanker
woolding sandtærning
woolding santerning, santærning, sandterning
wooldings of the masts santerning, santærning, sandterning
woold santerning, santærning, sandterning
wooldings of the anchor-stock santerning, santærning, sandterning
World Geodetic Survey 1984 satellitnavigation
whip-saw sav
whip saw sav
whip-saw sav
winter topgallant-sails sejl - 1.
water sails sejl - 1.
wind sail sejl - 1.
water sail sejl - 1.
watersails sejl - 1.
watersail sejl - 1.
well trimmed sails sejl - 1.
were two sails coming round the point and leaning over from the strong NW-wind sejl - 2.
waters capable of being navigated sejlbar
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
well smack sailing vessel sejlkvase
working the sails sejlmanøvre
windship sejlskib
washstand servante
wall-sided side
wall-reared side
winding tackle sidetakkel
wing tank sidetank
waft sjov
work onboard a ship at day's journey sjove
waist cloth skanseklædning
waist-clothes skanseklædning
waist-cloth skanseklædning
whole moulding skelet-først
waterlodged ship skib
water-logged ship skib
wall-sided ship skib
wranking skibbrud
wharf skibbyggerværft
within-board skibsborde
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
www.jmarcussen.dk/maritim/skibsliste/side.php?id=13507">ID=13507) represents an important step in sailing ship evolution. During the nineteenth century, three-masted sailing ships of wood, hemp and manila, around 100 ft long, evolved into steel vessels more than 300 ft long with four and five steel masts with wire rigging. Few clippers of 1849 were larger than 500 tons, but rapid expansion of international competition, pressed by repeal of the British Navigation Acts and the discovery of California gold, created demand for larger, faster ships. Ship size soon doubled and tripled.

Experiments with iron construction began early. GOLAITH, an 1836 77-ton ketch, was the first iron vessel registered by Lloyd's Register. The first iron-hulled, full-rigged ship was IRONSIDES, built 1838 in Liverpool (MacGregor 1984:148).

Early vessels demonstrated iron hull viability. Iron turned out to be a desirable hull construction material for commercial vessels, and it was rapidly employed, particularly in Great Britain; advantages of iron hulls were being touted by the 1850s.

Iron hulls could be built cheaper, had greater capacity than a wooden vessel of the same dimensions, were more durable and had less upkeep (MacGregor 1988:130-131). Early experiments showed riveted iron-hull construction stronger than the best oak hulls (e.g., Fairbain 1865:91). For a ship of 1,000 tons, an iron ship, because of its thinner frames and sides, carried 7.5 percent more cargo than an oak hull and 21.46 percent more than a fir hull of the same registered dimensions. Each of these attributes contributed to higher profits and increased merchant interests in iron h
wharf skibsværft
watch. The division of the crew into watches skifte
water board skjold
weather board skjold
while sheeting home skodde
watertight bulkhead skot
watertight bulkhead skot
wind scants skralle
weather damage reduction system skrogovervågningssystem
weight of hull skrogvægt
whip upon whip skræddertalje
wash plate skvalpeplade
wash board skvætbord, skvætgang
wash-strake skvætbord, skvætgang
wheel up the ropes by clearing the deck or to coil a rope skyde
waterspout skypumpe
weather sheet skøde
water coach skøjte
wing of a hold slag
Sorter efter engelskEngelsk Sorter efter dansk stikordStikord
water hose slange
wing of the hold slav i lasten
wearing timber slidtræ
ways on the launching-planks sliske
wide baggy breeches or hose, of the kind commonly worn in the 16th and early 17th centuries; loose trouseres, especially those worn by sailors slopkiste
way slæde
whipping smerting
worm wheel ?? sneglelosser
worm of the sponge snirkel
when the wind regularly blows from the land during the night and from the sea in the day solgangsvejr
wing transom spejl
wood-sheeting spigerhud
whelp spil
windlass spil
windlass spindle spilaksel
waste oil spildolie
Waste Heat Recovery spildvarme
Waste Heat Recovery spildvarme
whisker pole spilerstage
winch house spilhus
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whelp spilhvalp
whelps spilklampe
windlass chocks spilklampe
winch controller spilkontroller
warping-end spilkop
warping head / end spilkop
winchman spilmand
winchdriver spilmand
windage spilrum
windage of the partners for the play of the masts spilrum
wet compass spirituskompas
west coast splice splejs
wash spule
washing uit spuleaggregat, spuleapparat, spulemaskine
washing line spuleledning
washing system spulesystem
wash-water spulevand
washing spuling
wooding spunds
well trimmed stå
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well rigged ship stå
wire ståltovværk
wire rope ståltovværk
wire ståltrådstrosse
whip aerial stavantenne
Waterrounded cobbles sten
wind begins to blow stige
wind in the teeth stik
wing transom stikbjælke
wedge stilkule
wandering star stjerne
weather a storm storm
wind-swept stormomsust, stormomsuset
we were embayed on the lee shore with the hard wind strand
wreck master strandfoged
wreck and rescue commission agent strandingskommissionær
wreck commissioner in UK is a civil servant strandingskommissionær
windward tide strøm
weather tide strøm
whirvel strømras, strømrase
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winding-tackle stykgie
wheel house styrehus
wheel house styrehytte
whip for hoisting of the top styrejolle
wheelhouse styrerum
wedge støtte
woold surre
woolding surring
woolding surring
woold surring
wind a ship svaje
we are swinging svaje
welding seam svejsesøm
welding joint svejsesøm
wind a ship or boat svinge
when running out for a south-easter sydoster
wages during leave due to illness or after discharge on account of illness sygehyre
water-lodged ship synkefærdig
wash board sætbord
wash boards in the gunports sætbord
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wash-board sætgang
wave dashed against the ship's side
wreck or whatever is found floating at sea sødrift
wave clutter søglitter
whirlpool søhvirvel
well exercised in sea duty søvant
winding tackle takkel
whipping twine takkelgarn
whipping twine takkelgarn
work the rigging of a ship takle
whip the end of a rope takle
whip a rope takle
whipping of a rope takling
whip takling
whip with cross turns takling
whipping turn taklingsslag
whip talje
watch tackle talje
washings tankrensningsvand
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wireless operator telegrafist
wireless officer telegrafist
wooden roller ters
wrought timber tilhugge
wrecked tilsætte
wax tiltage
waxing moon tiltage
whip topjolle
with four strands tov
whale oil tran
web beam transversal
worm a cordage trense, trendse, trænse
worm a shroud trense, trendse, trænse
worming trensning, trænsning
worms between two stays trensning, trænsning
warping boat trossebåd
wooden pier træbro
wooden hatch coaming trækarm
work up junk trække
wooden hatch cover træluge
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wooden ship træskib
wood ship træskib
wing-bolt tvingebolt
wrain-bolt tvingebolt
wing-staff tvingebom
wrain-staff tvingebom
wind on the beam tværsvind, tværvind
winding timber tømmer
week uge
wheelhouse underbro
warrent-officer underofficer
wreck undervandshindring
wind the watch ur
white utjæret
white cordage utjæret
way cut in the ice våge
wind vane vager
watch vagt
watch-and-watch vagt
watch-and-watch vagt
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watch alarm vagtalarm
watch alarm vagtalarm
watchmen vagtfolk
watchgoing crew. vagtgående
watch-glass vagtglas, vagtsglas
watch team vagthold
watchkeeping personnel vagthold
watchman vagtmand
watch bill vagtrulle, vagtsrulle
watch-bench vagtsbænk
watch-glass vagtsglas
watch vagtskifte
watch-gun shot vagtskud
watch shot vagtskud
watchman vagtsmand
watchkeeping personnel vagtsmandskab
watch receiver vagtsmodtager
watch arrangement vagtsordning
watch tower vagttårn
waft vaje
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water vand
we deepened our water vand
water vand
water a ship vand
water vand
water boat vandbåd
water barge vandbåd
water ballast vandballast
water ballast bag vandballastpose
water ballast tank vandballasttank
water-eject propulsion system vandblæsning
water boat vandcisterne
water logged vanddrukken
water the cables vande
water cask vandfad
waterfall vandfald
water supply vandfyldning
watering place vandfyldningsplads
water line vandgang
water streak vandgang
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water line vandgang
water streak vandgang
water generator vandgenerator
water sky vandhimmel
water filling place vandkam
water tank vandkasse
water glass vandkikkert
wegde vandkile
water wedge vandkile
waterline armour vandliniepanser
waterline vandlinje
waterline length vandlinje
waterline vandlinje
waterline drawing vandlinje
water line plan vandlinje
water plane area vandlinje
waterline plan vandlinjetegning, vandlinjeplan
waterline draught vandlinjetegning, vandlinjeplan
watercourse vandløb
water-man vandmand
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water mass vandmasse
water resistance vandmodstand
water mill vandmølle
water nymph vandnymfe
water channel vandrende
water hose vandslange
water level vandspejl
water surface vandspejl
water level change vandstandsforandring
water level vandstandsforhold
water condition vandstandsforhold
water gauge vandstandsglas
water level recorder vandstandsmåler
water-tight vandtæt
water replacement vandudskiftning
waterway vandvej
warp of shrouds vant
warm sector varmesektor, varmsektor
warp varp
warp varpe
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warps varpegods
warp varpegods
warping end varpenok
warping head varpenok
warping buoy varpetønde
warping wire varpewire
warping varpning
warning light varselfyr
warning message varselsmelding
warn varsko
washing machine vaskemaskine
waterway vaterbord
water board plate vaterbordsplade
water-rope vaterline
water sail vatersejl
water-bailiff vaterskout
waypoint vejpunkt
weather vejr
wild weather vejr
weather deck vejrdæk
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weather deck hatch vejrdæksluge
weather chart vejrkort
weather chart receiver vejrkortmodtager
weather vejrlig
weather broadcast vejrmelding
weather forecast. "The station provides continuous marine weather broadcasts vejrmelding
weather observation vejrobservation
weathertight vejrtæt
weather omen vejrvarsel
welfare charge velfærdsafgift
welfare facility velfærdsforanstaltning
wear vende
wore or ware vende
waiting quay ventekaj
waiting time payment ventetidsbetaling
world tonnage verdenstonnage
west vest
westerly fresh gale vestenvind
west bottle in a gyro compass vestflaske
west bound current vestgående
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West Greenland current Vestgrønlandske Strøm
westwards vesthen
Westindiaman vestindiefarer
west latitude vestlig
western hemisphere vestlig
west longitude vestlig
westernmost vestlig
westerly vestlig
westwards vestover
westwards vestpå
wind vind
whirl wind vind
with the wind abeam vind
wind keeps pace with the sun vind
wind from ahead vind
wind upon the beam vind
work to windward vind
wind track vindbane
wind movement vindbevægelse
wreck tossed by the winds vinddriver
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winch vinde
windlass vinde
wind about in a capstan vinde
windscreen vindfang
wind catcher vindfang
wind vane vindfløj
wind fetch vindgreb
wind fetch area vindgrebsområde
wind speed vindhastighed
wind velocity vindhastighed
wind speed and direction transmitter and indicator vindmåler
wind direction vane instrument vindmåler
windmill ship vindmølleskib
wind influence vindpåvirkning
wind effect vindpåvirkning
wind direction vindretning
windlass vindse
wind ship vindskib
windshaddow vindskygge
wind shield vindskærm
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wind-shift vindspring
wind force vindstyrke
wind duration vindvarighed
windward tide vindværts
wind's eye vindøje
wing vinge
wing vinge
wheelhouse wing vinge
wing tank vingetank
winter buoyage vinterafmærkning
winter fast ice vinterfastis
winter freeboard vinterfribord
wintering place vinterhavn
winter harbour vinterhavn
winter-ice vinteris
winter harbour vinterleje
winter rigging vinterrig
winter solstice vintersolhverv
winter buoy vintersømærke
winter time vintertid
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winter zone for load lines vinterzone
whip vippe
whip fall vippetov
wave virre
wainscot vognskudblad, vognskudsblad
wreck vrag
wrecked ship vrag
wreck removing vrag
wreck buoy vragbøje
Wreck buoys in the open sea or in the approaches to a harbour or estuary, shall be coloured green, with the word Wreck painted in white letters on them vragbøje
wreck marking vessel vragfyrskib
wreckage vraggods
wreck (cutting away wreck) vraggods
wreck chart vragkort
wrecker vragplyndrer
windlass activated through a pumping movement vrikkespil
woold vule
woolding of a lateen yard vuling
weight. The force exerted on a mass by acceleration due to gravity. Weight is expressed in Newton. Earlier it was expressed in kg vægt
weight tonnage vægttonnage
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wake up vække
workshop værksted
workhouse værksted
weaver's knot væverknob
Wardell stopper wardell stopper
Wardill's stopper Wardills kædestopper
washprimer washprimer
watch-one-ship watch-one-skib
water-boards or weather-boards, used when a ship is to be laid on a careen waterbord
waterclerk waterclerk
water jet waterjet
watersail or spritsail i.e. bowsprit sail, a small square sail set on a yard beneath the bowsprit watersail
watersail watersail
water stay waterstag
wave piercer catamaran wave piercer catamaran
waybill waybill
waypoint waypoint
web web
Weber weber
web frame webspant
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web stay webstag
weather damage reduction WEDAR
Welin's quadrantal davit Welins kvadrantdavid
well-deck welldæk
West European Confederation of Maritime Technology Societies WEMT
World Geodetic System WGS
wherry wherry
Whessoes automatic tank gauge Whessoes
whipcheck wire whipcheck wire
whiskers whiskers
Whitbread Round The World Race Whitbread-race
wichard shackle wichardsjækkel
wide body container wide body container
Williamson turn Williamson turn
williwaw williwaw
willy-willys willy-willys
winch block winchblok
winch point winchpoint
wind shear wind shear
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windex windex
windjammer windjammer
wire wire
wirecutter wirecutter
wire rope grib wireklemme
wire clip wireklemme
wire-rope clips secure wire ropes in lieu of a splice. It differs from a clamp in that the section used in drawing the ropes together is U shaped, whereas both sections of a clamp are flet wireklemme
wire stopper wirekniber
wire runner wireløber
wire reel wirerulle
wire rope cutter wiresaks
wire sling wiresling
wirw splice wiresplejs
wire spring wirespring
wire stay wirestag
wire stopper wirestopper
wire rope lashing wiresurring
wire reel, a drum shaped reel with raised or framed ends for stowing a wire rope. It is turned by a hand-crank in winding in and often fitted with brake for controlling speed when paying out wire wiretromle
wire shroud wirevant
wishbone rig wishbone rig
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wishbone boom wishbone-bom
World Maritime University WMU
world scale worldscale
warm zone zone
well-room øserum