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yoke åg
yard antenne
year. A period of time based on the revolution of the earth around the Sun. The calendar year is an approximation to the tropical year. The anomalistic year is the interval between successive passages of the earth through perihelion. The sidereal year is the mean period of revolution with respect to the background stars år
year of the seasons år
yearbook årbog
yawl båd
yeoman of the boatswain bådsmand
yard arm gasket beslagsejsing
You're always hanging out the blue lights blålys
yard-band bolt
yardhead sling borgstrop
yes C
youngsters cadet
yawl chalup
yardarm cornu
you are running into danger fare
you steer a dangerous course fare
yawl fiskejolle
yacht flag flag
yoke flynder
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yarn garn
yaw gire
yaw to the luff gire
yaw giring
yeoman of the powder room hulgast
young ice is
yacht jagt
yacht galeas jagtgalease
yacht rigged jagtrigget
yacht stem jagtstævn
yacht forepost jagtstævn
yard of the jigger mast jiggerrå
yoke joke
yoke line jokline
yawl jolle
yawl jolle
yoke juk
yoke and tiller-ropes jukline
yard-arm cleat klampe
yacht belonging to the state but not necessarily royal kongejagt
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You should stop your vessel instantly L
yew to the luff luggerrig
yew to the luff luv
yachting harbour lystbådehavn
yacht lystfartøj
yacht lystyacht
yard sling længe
younker lærling
yoke løftedrager
yacht harbour marina
yard arm nok
yard arm fittings nokbeslag
yard arm horse nokpert
yard tackle noktakkel, noktalje
yard-arm tackle noktakkel, noktalje
yard tackle inner tracing line ophal, ophaler
yard tackle outer tracing line ophal, ophaler
younkers opløber
young-man opløber
yellow pine oregon pine
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yards placed obliquely pik
yard-chain råkæde
yard sling rålænge
yard-arm rånok
yard-hoop ring
yoke rorpind
yard rude
yard rue
yacht club sejlklub
yawl sejlskib
yachting sejlsport
yarn-reel skibmandsmølle
yarn-reel skibmandsvifte
yawl skibsjolle
yawl slup
yawl slup
yeoman of the store-room smørstikker
yardarm-guy stuttalje
yardarm-guy stuvtalje
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yoke-line styreline
young-man søvant
yard tackle takkel
you are running into danger U
yard-arm pieces vare, varegods
yacht yacht
yacht flag yachtflag
yacht master yachtskipper
yacht captain yachtskipper
yacht ton yachtton
yard yard
yatzy rig yatzyrig
yawl yawl
yellow metal yellowmetal
yellow or Muntz metal is an alloy of copper, zinc and lead patented by the Englishman G.F. Muntz about 1832. When rolled and annealed it becomes strong and, malleable with a tensile strength of 25-30 tons pr kvadrattomme yellowmetal
yacht flag YF-flag
yoke yoke
yoke rope yoketov
yoke liine yoketov
York-Antwerp Rules York-Antwerp Rules
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Yorkshire cobble Yorkshire cobble