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Stikord Beskrivelse
(vb): Skibets sideværts bevægelser i søen. Dss. slingre.
roll // the sea rolls // pendulum-like thwartship movement of a vessel from the perpendicular to each side in a heavy sea or swell.
[KOF, Röding, CLF 12.06]
rotation about the longitudinal axis and named positive when it appears clockwise if viewed in the direction of this axis; negative roll i.e. anti-clockwise looking ahead; positive roll, i.e. clockwise looking ahead.
[JoNav, vol. 22, no. 2, Apr. 1969, p.261]
Om andre former for skibets bevægelse: Se bevægelser.

rulle rælingen i vandet, dvs. kraftig rulning.
roll the gunnels in the water.
Rulle tungt i søen.
[TfRedn. 5/1989]  Kilder