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(-et, -er): Trawling is used to about 350 fths and dredging is also used on the seabed when it is shallower water down to around 50 fths. Mid-water trawling is also used from the surface to a point clear of the bottom.
Encircling gear is used to scoop up quantities of fish as in purse seining down to about 50 fths and seine netting on the seabed down to 350 fths.
Static fishing gear includes gillnets and setnets used from the surface down to where the bottom is up to 50 fths deep, long lining from the surface down to the seabed at about 150 fths and pots used on the seabed down to 400 fths to catch the crustaceans.
A side trawler sets and hauls the trawling gear over the side and, as the name implies, the stern trawler does the same over the stern
fishing gear // fishing tackle.
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