Fritekst søgning :

Stikord Beskrivelse
(-n, -r): 1.
I forbindelse med fyrperioder.
[KortA, NAV1 p.184]

I forbindelse med himmellegemer.
The obscuration of a celestial body caused by its passage through the shadow cast by another body.
an eclipse in which the moon passes through the shadow cast by the earth. The eclipse may be total, i.e. the moon passing completely through the earth's umbra; partial, i.e. the moon passing partially through the earth's umbra at maximum eclipse; or penumbral, i.e. the moon passing only through the earth's penumbra.
ringformet formørkelse.
a solar eclipse in which the solar disk is never completely covered but is seen as an annus or ring at maximum eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs when the apparent disk of the moon is smaller than that of the sun.
partiel formørkelse.
partial eclipse.
central formørkelse = total formørkelse.
total eclipse.
[ASAL, NAV1 p.184]  Kilder